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How can we listen?

Over the weekend, I got an e-mail from a LiP reader named Kerry. Kerry seemed quite concerned in regards to the podcasts that I have been doing.  His e-mail made me think that in addition to him, there may be others who don't know how to listen to a Podcast.  If that is so, I apologize.  I guess I really should have already posted a sort of Podcast tutorial so that all … [Read More...]


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S & R

It was a Wednesday a week ago I was sitting at the computer posting on FB when Mayang came by with a cup of coffee (Yuban) and informed me that we were out. When I … [Read More...]

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What do you need to do to move to the Philippines?



  CAUTION:  HARD HAT AREA.  Protective headgear required beyond this point. STOP!  Don’t come here – stay away.  I’ll only say this one more time – DON’T! I’ve been perusing the Live in the Philippines articles and their associated comments … [Read More...]

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Financial considerations when moving to the Philippines


Philippine financial matters

Over the weekend, I read an interesting article from Dave Starr on his site entitled "Philippine Family Matters."  I was so happy that I decided to take the time to read the article because of several reasons.  Firstly, it drove home something that I … [Read More...]


The Money Tree

Last week, Feyma wrote an interesting article about family demands for money and such. Feyma and I got married nearly 18 years ago now, and in that time, I have seen so many examples of Filipino families thinking that the money supply was endless now … [Read More...]

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49 Ways to make a living

Can you purchase land in the Philippines?

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Mindanao Bob Total Package

Adjusting to life in the Philippines


After lunch?

If you read the things I write regularly, it should be obvious to you that I love living in the Philippines.  I love the people, I love the country.  Overall, I can think of no place on the earth where I would prefer to live.  However, that doesn't … [Read More...]



"You Americans will never win in the Middle East!" I'm listening quietly... "Why's that?" "Because you Americans wipe and us Arabs wash!" OK... I'm fighting the urge to say something sarcastic (Let's just say I was thinking something … [Read More...]

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Philippine Culture: Smooth Interpersonal Relationships


SIR: The Time-Event Concept

Last week, when I wrote in my continuing series about SIR (Smooth Interpersonal Relationships), by foundation of Filipino Culture, I said that I had only one more aspect to cover, and asked if anyboyd could guess what it was.  I was surprised that … [Read More...]


SIR: The Compadre System

The Compadre System, or the "Extended Family" is the basis of Filipino social structure.  When they say "Extended Family" that doesn't mean that there is a blood relationship, or even a marital relationship.  Some "family members" are chosen, rather … [Read More...]

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