Felcris Centrale - A brand new mall in Davao

Shopping: It’s more fun in the Philippines!

When I was growing up in the province of Malapatan, Glan (South Cotabato then, became Sarangani Province now), my mom would want to buy something for the household she goes to Dadiangas then (called GenSan now). The only big stores I mean like a small mall, at that time was Kimball Plaza (I think built in late 70's), it burned down around 2002 and Datu Complex. I think Datu … [Read More...]

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NBI Clearance


I've been trying to get my Philippine passport recently, and one of the things I need is an NBI clearance. I thought this would be a simple thing to get... it's … [Read More...]

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    Expats Write Books for All Kinds of Reasons If you’ve ever had the urge to write a book but have been postponing it, you might find that expatriate life loosens your writer’s block. There’s something about moving to a new country that releases a lot of energy and you can channel some of that energy, […]
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    Life does not always bring about what we expect.  Sometimes there are surprises.  Sometimes something happens often, but still surprises you, and you really have to decide that you will not operate blind anymore.  You will take defenses against that thing happening again and protect yourself.  You will no longer be surprised when that thing […]

What do you need to do to move to the Philippines?


Backward thinking

My friend, Dave, wrote an article in the past couple of days about Waiting to Retire in the Philippines.  Dave mentioned, and some of the comments got into talking about the fear that so many have of moving to the Philippines when the timing is not … [Read More...]

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Can you purchase land in the Philippines?


So you wanna buy land?

Last year, I wrote about a problem that we have on a small piece of land that Rebecca purchased. What originally should have been a relatively straightforward property purchase has turned into a real, God-awful mess and has become far more … [Read More...]

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