Second Hand - Are you OK with it?

Are you okay with refurbished or second hand items?

The reason I was asking you the questions. Bob's fridge in the office has been working off and on. We had it fixed and spent big money for it. Just tired of having the fridge taken out and back again. Finally a few days ago I purchased a small fridge for Bob's office. We got it from a pawnshop in Matina. Bob told me about the place a few months back. A friend of ours bought … [Read More...]

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Baypoint Hospital on Subic Freeport

The Deductible

The catch 22 is that as a Retired American Military man I must pay for Medicare every month albeit I can not avail of Medicare Coverage here in the Philippines. But … [Read More...]

What do you need to do to move to the Philippines?

Davao City - I like it here

Why do I live here?

A few weeks ago, I was out walking.  When I'm walking, I tend to do a lot of thinking, and come up with some of my best ideas at that time.  On this particular day, I was thinking about a request from a reader.  Remember couple weeks ago I wrote an … [Read More...]


We’re moving to the Philippines!

Today's guestblog is from Alan Cole.  Alan is from the UK, and he and his wife have decided to pull up roots and live in the Philippines!  Alan and his wife, Sofia, are in for quite an adventure - lots of thrills, challenges and changes in their … [Read More...]

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Learn Bisaya/Cebuano

Financial considerations when moving to the Philippines


Philippine financial matters

Over the weekend, I read an interesting article from Dave Starr on his site entitled "Philippine Family Matters."  I was so happy that I decided to take the time to read the article because of several reasons.  Firstly, it drove home something that I … [Read More...]

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Bisaya/Cebuano Language Course

Can you purchase land in the Philippines?


How much do squatters earn?

Do you know what a squatter is?  Some of you might not, although it is likely that most of you do know.  The reason why some may not know what a squatter is is because there really are not any (or at least many) squatters in the USA or other more … [Read More...]

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Philippine Immigration Guide

Adjusting to life in the Philippines


Culture is important

Continuing this weeks series of articles about things I have learned about life here in the tropics, today I would like to look at culture.  In the past, when I lived in the USA, I never really thought all that much about culture.  These days, I have … [Read More...]

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Philippine Culture: Smooth Interpersonal Relationships


Bon Voyage…

It seems that in recent months the expat community in the Philippines is shrinking.  I personally know about a dozen expats living here in the Philippines who either have already left the Philippines in recent months, or will be doing so … [Read More...]


SIR: Tigpataliwala

It's Tuesday, so let's get back to my SIR series!  For today's installment, let's look at a different area of SIR, Tigpataliwala, or the "Go Between".  The go between is critical in the day to day functioning of Philippine society, so it is important … [Read More...]

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