Catfish Fry

Do you like Catfish?

It seems like all of us have certain foods that we like from back home, and a lot of times those exact foods are not available in the Philippines!  Often times, though, a substitute food can be found to satisfy your craving.  I am lucky, because Feyma is a real expert in finding such foods that satisfy that desire I have for something from back in the States.  At other times, … [Read More...]

Learn Bisaya/Cebuano

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  • Know your value February 25, 2015
    When I first decided to become an expat, I wanted the experience of living in another country and the chance to learn another language to the point of perfection.  I was right out of university, excited about going out on my own and I’ll admit it, a bit naïve. But, hey I was twenty two […]
  • Can I Live On “$XXXX per Month in Country Y”? February 23, 2015
    Anyone who has visited any kind of expat site, forum or Facebook group page has seen this type of question a gazillion times. Usually, the context is slim if any is given at all. That alone makes it more or less useless as a question to which an intelligent answer can be provided. The answers […]

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Exchange rate update

It has been over three months since I've written about the exchange rates between the Dollar and the Peso, and there have been significant movements since that article.  Because of this, it's time that we take another look at the topic, I think.  In … [Read More...]

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Raising Kids: Philippines vs. US

OK... I'm hardly an expert on child raising. Fact is, that before Juanito entered our lives, I knew virtually nothing about raising children. I tended to view them more with annoyance or indifference. Never had children with the ex-wives, and didn't … [Read More...]

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