Can you help identify this object?

What Is It?

By J. Peter Fitzgerald -- For those of you who are accustomed to reading frivolous nonsense in this space, I apologize in advance. Something strange has occurred in the barrio, which does not lend itself to humor. At least not yet. I have asked Bob to allow me this special space to ask for your help. A large object that so far defies identification, has been dug up from … [Read More...]

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Me & Colleen

Stupid Bucket List

Between the 22 years in the NAVY, living in Puerto Rico the Philippines and sailing around the world as a merchant seaman I thought my “Bucket List” was pretty much … [Read More...]

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Aaron and Jared

Just Jared

My name is Jared Isaac Martin. I am the youngest son of Bob Martin and Feyma Martin and the younger brother of Aaron Martin. I am about to be 15 years old in the … [Read More...]

What do you need to do to move to the Philippines?


Thoughts about moving

The other day, I got an e-mail from a friend.  He is thinking of making the big move to the Philippines, and he had some questions to ask me.  His questions primarily were about the age old decision of whether you should move all your stuff with you … [Read More...]


Metric System

Most readers of this site are Americans, and for this column, I am primarily talking to Americans. Of course, everybody is welcome to read and enjoy it, but Americans will have the most to think about. I am wondering, as Americans, why aren't we … [Read More...]

Davao City - I like it here

Why do I live here?

A few weeks ago, I was out walking.  When I'm walking, I tend to do a lot of thinking, and come up with some of my best ideas at that time.  On this particular day, I was thinking about a request from a reader.  Remember couple weeks ago I wrote an … [Read More...]

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Chocolates at WowPhilippines

Financial considerations when moving to the Philippines


Keeping up with the Jones’

I can't talk about the attitudes of the typical European or Australian, because I am not from those places.  I have a good understanding of the mentality of the average American, though, because I grew up there and lived there until I was 38 years … [Read More...]

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49 Ways to make a living

Can you purchase land in the Philippines?

Philippine Real Estate

Let’s talk Real Estate

One of the topics that is most often asked about by people who post questions on the blog, or who e-mail me is that they want help with Real Estate!  Frankly, I am really not an expert when it comes to Real Estate.  I know a few things, price … [Read More...]

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Mindanao Bob Total Package

Adjusting to life in the Philippines


Respect – Earned or Given?

You know, different cultures mean different values, different ways of looking at things, different practices.  No culture is right, and no culture is wrong, they are just different from each other.  Some people prefer one culture, some people prefer … [Read More...]



Yes, it's true... I am celebrating my 10th Anniversary today. Marriage? No. Birthday? No. Hmm... what could it be? Well, as of today, I have been living in the Philippines for 10 years! In many ways, they have been 10 long years.  In other ways, … [Read More...]

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Philippine Culture: Smooth Interpersonal Relationships


What should I call him?

Here in the Philippines, names are not used much of the time when addressing people.  Or, if a name is used, it will often have a "prefix" code word affixed ahead of it.  As an example, our Vice Mayor here in Davao City is Sara Duterte, the daughter … [Read More...]

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