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Tell me about the Education System in the Philippines. EAM0009

Hey, EAM0009?  That's the Expat Answer Man podcast, episode 9.  What happened to Episode 7 and Episode 8?  If you missed those, they are available to members on the Expat Island Website!  EAM0007 is here, and EAM0008 is here. If you enjoy the Podcast, or if you think that there is need for improvement, could you please go leave an honest review of the show on iTunes?  It … [Read More...]


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Debut Time

Last week, I was invited (at the last minute, I might add) to the surprise debut of one of my friends. For those who don't know, a debut is the "coming of age" party … [Read More...]

What do you need to do to move to the Philippines?


Choosing your way – Visas

One thing to keep in mind when you start thinking about moving to the Philippines is that since this is a different country you cannot just fly here and live forever. You need some sort of visa, some legal way of living in a country if you are not a … [Read More...]


How much did it cost to move?

Long posting again, but I hope this information is helpful. I have noticed that many people ask regularly on this blog how much it costs to move here. Well, we arrived here in mid-April of this year, and, nearly five months in, we are just about done … [Read More...]

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Chocolates at WowPhilippines

Financial considerations when moving to the Philippines


Philippine financial matters

Over the weekend, I read an interesting article from Dave Starr on his site entitled "Philippine Family Matters."  I was so happy that I decided to take the time to read the article because of several reasons.  Firstly, it drove home something that I … [Read More...]

Currency exchange board

Exchange rate update

It has been over three months since I've written about the exchange rates between the Dollar and the Peso, and there have been significant movements since that article.  Because of this, it's time that we take another look at the topic, I think.  In … [Read More...]


Prepare yourself

It's time to get ready.  You should always be prepared.  Don't say that you had no warning, because the alarm bells are sounding, sirens are wailing and emergency lights are flashing. No, there is not a fire.  The police are not looking for you, … [Read More...]

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49 Ways to make a living

Can you purchase land in the Philippines?

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Mindanao Bob Total Package

Adjusting to life in the Philippines


The White Bisaya

Today, we have a guest article from Marielle Misula.  Marielle is a student who lives in Manila.  I was contacted by Marielle several months ago.  She told me that she had a project to do for one of her college classes, and she was to interview … [Read More...]

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Philippine Culture: Smooth Interpersonal Relationships


SIR: A debt of gratitude

Well, it has been a few days, so it seems to be time for another installment in my SIR series.  What is SIR?  If you are asking that, you must have missed my earlier articles!  SIR stands for Smooth Interpersonal Relations, and it is the foundation … [Read More...]

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