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Good growing organic vegetables in Davao City!

Living here in the Philippines for 14 years, I've seen so many changes now compared to when we first arrived. At that time I hardly see different kinds of veggies that's really good to make a salad. The only thing that's good at that time I think here would be an iceberg lettuce. There could be some other kind but you had to fly to Manila & shop at the grocery stores … [Read More...]

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Marking Time

There are no more months to count. The first of many tax deadlines has come and passed. Christmas time, while seeming like yesterday, has been history for some time … [Read More...]

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What do you need to do to move to the Philippines?


How much did it cost to move?

Long posting again, but I hope this information is helpful. I have noticed that many people ask regularly on this blog how much it costs to move here. Well, we arrived here in mid-April of this year, and, nearly five months in, we are just about done … [Read More...]

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Financial considerations when moving to the Philippines

Flip Flops

Financial Flip-Flop

Financially, the last couple of years of living in the Philippines has been a very interesting time.  As an American, I primarily follow the exchange between the Dollar and the Peso.  However, my expat friends from many other countries have gone on a … [Read More...]

PhilHealth Card

Medical Costs & PhilHealth

As readers know, last week I was hospitalized. I'd been sick for about five weeks, with infections in my arms and hands, very serious infections. I needed to go into the hospital so I could have intravenous antibiotics, as oral antibiotics were not … [Read More...]

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Can you purchase land in the Philippines?


So you wanna buy land?

Last year, I wrote about a problem that we have on a small piece of land that Rebecca purchased. What originally should have been a relatively straightforward property purchase has turned into a real, God-awful mess and has become far more … [Read More...]

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Adjusting to life in the Philippines


Swimsuit Issues

“Where are you from?”, the beautiful young bikini-clad lady asked me as I stood on the beach with my two young sons playing in the Dumaluan Beach sand at my feet. After answering the young lady’s question, an innocent casual conversation was started … [Read More...]

John Miele

"What are you gonna do?"

"What are you gonna do?"  I was having dinner with my boss and his wife Sunday night, and he asked me this question. I visit the office in LA about four times per year (this time, 8 stops in 10 days), usually blowing into town for a day or two, … [Read More...]

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Philippine Culture: Smooth Interpersonal Relationships


SIR: In Group

SIR is the basic system that guides Philippine Society, it is the foundation of Filipino Culture.  SIR stands for "Smooth Interpersonal Relations."  Continuing on with my series of articles about SIR, today I want to look at the first Value that … [Read More...]


SIR: Pakig-Uban

Last week, I introduced the new series about Philippine Culture called "SIR" which means "Smooth Interpersonal Relations."  After that, we talked about the first tenet of SIR, which is called "In Group" or Kita.  Today, it's time we move on to the … [Read More...]

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