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Here we go again…

It must have been about 7 or 8 years ago that the Philippine Government implemented the ACR I-Card Program where most foreigners living here had to register to get an ACR I-Card, sort of like the equivalent of a "green card" (which actually is not green!) in the States. Earlier this year, when it was time for the required Annual Report for foreigners, which must be done in … [Read More...]

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Scams abound!

I was just browsing through my FB news feed and saw the wall of my dear friend Sharon. Just reading what's on her wall got me thinking. I've receive too many junk … [Read More...]

What do you need to do to move to the Philippines?


A Year In The Philippines

As of February sixth, I've been in the Philippines for a year. I don't think I've ever been more alive than I have in the last year. Its been a year of learning but I've only just begun to learn. I have a long way to go. I can't help but reflect over … [Read More...]

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WowPhilippines Gift Delivery in the Philippines

Financial considerations when moving to the Philippines


What are you waiting for?

Are you an arbitrageur?  Want to be? Hold on, but, what is an "arbitrageur?"  It sounds a little dirty! Well and arbitrageur is a person who is engaged in the act of arbitrage. Bob, come on... what is arbitrage, then? Arbitrage is the act … [Read More...]

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49 Ways to make a living

Can you purchase land in the Philippines?


Squatters creating problems?

As many of you may have seen a few days ago, when I made a post on the blog about housing options the question came up about how to control squatters if you buy property and are not present in the Philippines.  Well, I am certainly not an expert, but … [Read More...]

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Mindanao Bob Total Package

Adjusting to life in the Philippines


Don’t burn your bridges

It's an old saying... Don't burn your bridges. It's good advice, though. When I first thought about moving to the Philippines, I had met a guy online who lived here already, and we became friends. His name is Mike. I exchanged e-mail with Mike … [Read More...]

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Philippine Culture: Smooth Interpersonal Relationships


SIR: In Group

SIR is the basic system that guides Philippine Society, it is the foundation of Filipino Culture.  SIR stands for "Smooth Interpersonal Relations."  Continuing on with my series of articles about SIR, today I want to look at the first Value that … [Read More...]


SIR: The Compadre System

The Compadre System, or the "Extended Family" is the basis of Filipino social structure.  When they say "Extended Family" that doesn't mean that there is a blood relationship, or even a marital relationship.  Some "family members" are chosen, rather … [Read More...]

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