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Some of you who have been reading with me on my ten-plus year journey to the Philippines will remember I have long been known as a “Rent vs. Buy” guy.  The way the numbers came out when I moved to the Philippines full-time, back in 2006, just always worked out showing it was much more cost effective to rent our home rather than purchase it. I really don’t see much changed … [Read More...]


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The other day, I got an e-mail from a friend.  He is thinking of making the big move to the Philippines, and he had some questions to ask me.  His questions primarily were about the age old decision of whether you should move all your stuff with you … [Read More...]

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Last week, Feyma wrote an interesting article about family demands for money and such. Feyma and I got married nearly 18 years ago now, and in that time, I have seen so many examples of Filipino families thinking that the money supply was endless now … [Read More...]

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It seems that in recent months the expat community in the Philippines is shrinking.  I personally know about a dozen expats living here in the Philippines who either have already left the Philippines in recent months, or will be doing so … [Read More...]

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