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It was a Wednesday a week ago I was sitting at the computer posting on FB when Mayang came by with a cup of coffee (Yuban) and informed me that we were out. When I was on Subic a few days earlier I noticed that all the stores were out of coffee. Oh there was instant coffee and decaffeinated ground coffee but as I said they were out of coffee. As I sat there pondering my … [Read More...]

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Scams abound!

I was just browsing through my FB news feed and saw the wall of my dear friend Sharon. Just reading what's on her wall got me thinking. I've receive too many junk … [Read More...]

What do you need to do to move to the Philippines?


Metric System

Most readers of this site are Americans, and for this column, I am primarily talking to Americans. Of course, everybody is welcome to read and enjoy it, but Americans will have the most to think about. I am wondering, as Americans, why aren't we … [Read More...]


Taking time to learn

Moving to the Philippines is not the same as moving to live on the other side of the City where you are now.  That statement, and this entire post is meant for people from overseas, of course.  Moving to live in the Philippines means going to a new … [Read More...]

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Learn Bisaya/Cebuano

Financial considerations when moving to the Philippines


Prepare yourself

It's time to get ready.  You should always be prepared.  Don't say that you had no warning, because the alarm bells are sounding, sirens are wailing and emergency lights are flashing. No, there is not a fire.  The police are not looking for you, … [Read More...]

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49 Ways to make a living

Can you purchase land in the Philippines?


I don’t know what to do…

Helping people is something I enjoy doing.  It isn't always easy, though!  Sometimes people who say they want your help seem to go out of their way to do the opposite of what you tell them!  Then, when that doesn't work, they come back and ask you to … [Read More...]

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PH Pro Pack

Adjusting to life in the Philippines


Complaint? – Sorry, Next Window

I've been writing about adjusting, re-adjusting, discovery and rediscovery in recent articles.  While on "vacation," I've been observing the similarities and differences between two homes - my first one and my last one. One of the reasons for … [Read More...]

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Philippine Culture: Smooth Interpersonal Relationships


SIR: Tigpataliwala

It's Tuesday, so let's get back to my SIR series!  For today's installment, let's look at a different area of SIR, Tigpataliwala, or the "Go Between".  The go between is critical in the day to day functioning of Philippine society, so it is important … [Read More...]

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