100 things I like about the Philippines

OK… My last column was a bit of a downer, so, for this entry, I decided to be very positive and list 100 different things I like in the Philippines. Your list may be different: You may not like some of my items, or you may like some different things and feel they need to be added. No matter… That’s why ice cream comes in many different flavors: Everyone’s tastes are different. I’ve probably left off a few things and, quite frankly, I can get a little weird sometimes. So, without further ado, in no particular order (except #1 through 5 at the bottom of the list… They are the best!)

100. Lechon – If a pig has to die for food, it might as well be for this! Fork tender, and, Oh so good, Lechon is the reason God created the pig in the first place.

99. Different colors on the money – US currency spends, but it is so bloody boring to look at. Hey! US mint! Get a little creative, will ya?

98. Jeepneys – I like them. They are truly an egalitarian form of transport. And, they are CHEAP!

97. Having a beach “all to yourself” – Yeah, I’ve been to the Riviera, and Hawaii too. Just what I always wanted… Sharing a beach with 100,000 strangers. The Philippines is for people who like beaches… ALONE!

96. Banana Catsup – Nothing dips better with Lumpia. Also great with fried chicken.

95. No winter – Sitting here in cold, windy, Shanghai right now, I start to appreciate this. The Philippines is the best place in the world to be a weather man. Nearly always the same: Warm, humid, and scattered showers.

94. Kan Kong – Healthy and free, if you know where to pick it. I like the stuff.

93. Flowers – Being in the tropics, nearly every plant has flowers of some kind. Damn near everything grows here.

92. Cheap beer – If you need an explanation, the SHAME ON YOU!!! At only PHP 19 per bottle, how can you go wrong?

91. Cheap smokes – See number 92 above.  Usually around PHP 30 or so. When God made this noxious weed, he made an 11th commandment: Thou shalt have cheap Marlboros and render unto ye the unlimited smoking section.

90. Cool markets – You learn a lot about a place from the local market. In the Philippines, markets challenge the best bargainers in the world!

89. Singing “Turning Japanese” (The Vapors) or “Elvis is Everywhere” (Mojo Nixon) on Karaoke – Just look at the stunned faces of your Filipino friends.

88. Manila Bay – Yeah, it’s polluted. Yeah, I think it would be hard to drown there. One of the best sunsets in the Pacific Rim when viewed from the Mall of Asia promenade.

87. WWII Heroes – Filipinos were feared by the Japanese as fierce fighters. A proud part of Filipino history!

86. Corregidor – See #87 above. A place of honor and sacrifice, both American and Filipino.

85. Sari Sari stores – Yeah, I often hear negative comments. But I must ask: Does anyone here not appreciate the fact that you can get life’s basic necessities at any time with only a 10 to 30 meter walk?

84. Mariel Rodriguez – Ooohh la la!

83. Wowowee! – See above. Ooohh la la!!! Boy, Willie is a player. I like when the old Lolas win. Be really good if Willie knew how to sing. I also like how R.R. jiggles while dancing. (Hey!!! I can look!)

82. Christmas decorations – Absolutely beautiful and unique to the RP.

81. Fiesta time – Any excuse for a party.

80. Intramuros – Heritage that is irreplaceable.

79. Old churches – The history of the Philippines is intertwined with the church. Even if you are not Catholic, you simply can’t help but admire the beauty, architecture, and history of these structures.

78. The Manila Times – The oldest English newspaper, and, I feel, the best.

77. Pan de Manila – Anyone who hasn’t tried their hot pandesal with garlic cream cheese is really missing out! Baked on a pugon, and served steaming, I always eat one too many!

76. The Taho guy – Every morning, at 10:00 AM sharp, he walks through the compound hollering. If he misses a day, I wonder what’s wrong.

75. Filipino Buses – If you ride on the better buses to the provinces, these are as nice as a bus can get. Video, CR, Aircon, and, on some, even flat sleeper seats. And a bargain at under PHP 1,000 for even long journeys.

74. Fresh fruit – I am not a fruit eater. However, the pineapples and Mangoes in the Philippines can convert even a dedicated Chocoholic!

73. No ties needed – I hate ’em. There is a special place in Hell for their inventor. Even in business, I seldom wear a tie. Business casual is the DRESSIEST you may ever need (and that is just for important meetings, like lawyers, and government offices.)

72. Cleanliness – You have never set foot inside a clean house until you have entered a Filipino home. Germs don’t stand a chance.

71. Fresh seafood – Surrounded by water, if you like seafood, then the Philippines is a paradise. You can eat nearly everything that swims here, and most Filipinos do so!

70. Cultural variety – With over 80 different languages and 7,000 different islands in the archipelago, life is a varied mix, and never boring.

69. Cock Fights – I know many people dislike them intensely. In the West, there are many examples of animal cruelty that can often be worse. I view them as part of the heritage here. Seeing a man holding his prize rooster, caring for it, and showing it off… THAT is true pride! All my relatives eagerly anticipate the fight days… They are truly social occasions.

68. Halo-Halo – When Chow King opened in Abu Dhabi, Becky and I shared a Halo-Halo on one of our first dates. You can’t eat one alone. It’s not the same. They were made for sharing.

67. Buko Shakes – Somehow, when it is hot outside, nothing will hit the spot like an icy cold buko milkshake.

66. Fishing – Some of the world’s best fishing is here. Nothing beats the simple pleasure of catching your own.

65. Waterfalls – I am intrigued by them. Beautiful and a bit mysterious, there are hundreds of them in the country, just waiting to be explored. A waterfall shower is a “must do” life experience, at least once.

64. Caves – Underground beauty. Nature at its finest. Thousands of them throughout the country.

63. Rainbows – With all the moisture in the air, full rainbows are common. One special rainbow I saw on our wedding day. Becky prayed at the cemetery before our wedding, and a full rainbow appeared. She took it as her ancestors’ blessing, and who am I to dispute that?

62. Peanut butter – See Pan de Manila above. They make the absolute best peanut butter I have ever had.

61. Carabaos – Yeah, they smell bad. But, I think they are really neat animals. Gentle giants.

60. Different birds – Birds migrate to the Philippines from all over Asia. Warm weather and lots of water and food attract them. Many are unique to this country.

59. Myths and superstitions – The folklore of the Philippines is rich with stories and tales of old. Some may sound silly, but they are a vital part of the country’s heritage and make fascinating conversations with the older people in the family. There is still a very much alive oral tradition here.

58. Noli me Tangere – This is a “must read” for any foreigners living here. Written by Jose Rizal, a true hero. Explains much about the Filipino people.

57. Listening to the rain – I like storms. We have a corrugated steel roof on our house, and the sound of rain on the roof is comforting, in a strange sort of way.

56. CDO bacon – The CDO Ham Shop in Quiapo makes the best bacon in the world. Meaty, salty, smoky, and sweet, sliced paper thin, it fries up beautifully. This is the heroin of pork, folks.

55. The little altar (shrine) in our house – This gives Becky a lot of comfort. Light a candle and say a few prayers. Part of her heritage.

54. Filipino brooms – When you look in our utility closet, there’s a thing in there that looks like something Brunhilde would use to fly into the full moonlight with. Very practical, and cheap, besides.

53. Coconut shell floor scrubbers – Two empty coconut husks, strapped to Rebecca’s feet. She “dances” and they really do scrub the floors! I watched a 90 year-old lola in Pamplona use them… Now THAT’S entertainment! (And she was pretty good, too!)

52. Rice planting songs – The family was singing short little songs while planting rice in the paddies… Sort of like a cadence while soldiers march. Unique to the Philippines.

51. Calamansi – Calamansi “lemonade” is phenomenally good. For a real treat, blend with a little Tanduay Rhum and ice for a Filipino “Electric Lemonade”.

50. Tanduay Rhum – Pretty good rum (I’m a bit of a rum fan) and a real bargain (Less than PHP 100 for a bottle).

49. Filipino folk music – Not as common as OPM or the Pinoy crooners and Divas, but unique to the Philippines. Every province has their own songs and dances. They are a mixture of native and Spanish influences, with many lyrics about love or old folk tales. Filipino guitar can be stunningly beautiful.

48. Nipa Huts – I like them. I’d like to build one in Manila, perhaps on our roof.

47. Hammocks – Native made, and very strong, a comfortable nap in the province, with gentle ocean breezes.

46. The color of the sea – The waters around many Philippine Islands are nearly pristine. Colors range from light turquoise, like a swimming pool, to the deepest indigo imaginable, over the Mindanao Trench.

45. Our barbecue grill – Made from native Cagayan Valley clay, this thing can really cook! Squat, and a bit funny looking, but designed to make perfect barbecue pork.

44. Mangroves – Found along the shore of every island, the fish and wildlife supported by native mangroves is astounding. These are disappearing due to development in many parts of the country.

43. The Philippine Tarsier – I like monkeys. I’d love to train a monkey to get me a beer. These are more like tiny lemurs. They are the smallest primate in the world, and they belong in the forest.

42. Many kinds of Rice – Some people don’t like it, but I like rice. If you move to the Philippines, you had better get used to eating it. Rice certainly deserves respect. In the Philippines, rice equals life itself.

41. The 5 centavo coins – Yeah, they are pretty much worthless. But I think they look neat. I like the hole in the middle.

40. Native clothing – Filipinos can weave cloth and make lace in an amazing variety of styles.

39. Champorada – A form of rice pudding made from red rice and native chocolate. Sinfully rich, healthy, and a wonderful breakfast.

38. Going to the movies – Cheap entertainment, free aircon to boot. Becky trying to translate Tagalog movies for me is an experience. Most of the comedies featuring Ai Ai, Dolphy, Chocolate, or Pokwong I can follow without too much trouble.

37. Talking with the Tricy drivers outside our compound – These guys hang out all day, swapping stories (Bullsh*t in American vernacular). Always ready to talk and say hello, probably not more than 3 pesos between them all, they are nice guys and a daily 5 minute conversation with them has become part of my routine.

36. Giving chocolates to the neighborhood kids – I’ve become known as the compound’s “place to go for candy”. They have learned that if they hang around, I usually will give them a few small sweets.

37. Getting things fixed – A bargain in the Philippines. There is an old man who comes through our compound daily who will fix everything from a toaster to sharpening knives. A few pesos and it is as good as new. I’ve fixed things here that I would have thrown away in the States.

36. The value of money – We send money to the province. You can really see the effect that relatively small amounts of money have on people’s lives.

35. Greenhills – The snooty part of Manila. Nice for a stroll, shopping, or eating.

34. The Aguinaldo House – In Cavite. Unique colonial architecture and an irreplaceable piece of history.

33. Seashells – As varied and numerous as the sea creatures they came from.

32. Flying over the islands – Natural beauty in the Philippines is spectacular, and often, the only way to see it is from the air.

31. Native Coffee – Very good, and a “must try” item.

30. Lumpia Shanghai – One of Rebecca’s specialties. She has the Chinese beat by a mile on this one!

29. Local furniture – Craftsmen still exist in the Philippines. Furniture made by hand, with considerable skill, from native hardwood is common and beautiful. It will outlast anything made in the States (Except, perhaps, Amish or Shaker furniture made in much the same manner).

28. Natural food – No preservatives and nearly everything you buy from a local market is “organic”, even if not necessarily certified as such.

27. Mah Jong – The typical provincial recreation. I like to watch, but refrain from betting (Won’t go there)

26. Green – The jungle has many shades of green. Ireland may be the “Emerald Isle”, but I think the Philippines is greener.

25. Holy Week – Yes, it can be boring to outsiders, but there are few places on Earth, except perhaps Mecca, where the faithful express such devotion.

24. Christmas – Filipinos LOVE Christmas. Your mood cannot be bad during this season. Much less commercial than in the States, and the Family is central to the celebration.

23. Telling a Manang I’ll find her a Kano boyfriend – Usually results in a blush, a giggle, and an “I’m too old!”

22. Cheap DVDs – Even the legal ones are cheap, by US standards. I’ve never had a video library as extensive as I do here.

21. Baguio Pineapple Jam – Try it on pancakes.

20. Piat – A place of pilgrimage and a beautiful setting.

19. Santo Nino – Holy to most Filipinos, and a highly historic church.

18. Bancas – Colorful, and usually made by hand. The only way to reach many places. Cheap, but don’t go looking for safety gear. Another completely unique experience in the Philippines.

17. No prescription needed – Feeling sick? Just head to the pharmacy.

16. Calesas – Traditional, horse-drawn carriages. You need to ride at least once.

15. Vigan – The oldest, best preserved Spanish city in the Philippines. An historic treasure.

14. Swimming – With water everywhere, a swim is always possible. I never travel in the country without bringing a swimsuit.

13. SM, Robinsons, GOTESCO – You can do everything at these stores, from paying utility bills to buying a house full of furniture. True “one-stop shopping”.

12. Delivery – Usually cheap, free, or minimal hassle. Anything, from refrigerators to food can be delivered. Even McDonalds delivers.

11. Puto – Steamed little cakes that are surprisingly addictive.

10. Legua de Gato – Little butter cookies that disappear very quickly (At least when I’m around!)

9. Nature – The Philippines is truly beautiful. Words cannot describe it, especially in rural areas. People live in harmony with nature, despite all the modern problems.

8. Riding a tractor – Transport, hauling, plowing… These vehicles do it all.

7. Growing your own food – There is a satisfaction you gain from growing things yourself. Self sufficiency is alive and well in the RP.

6. Respect – There is a civility among people here that has disappeared in the West. Mistrust, caution, and nastiness are rare, and certainly not expressed very often. People’s attitudes when I return to the States give me a shock. I am no longer used to it.

Now, the top 5 (in order)

5. Faith – Belief in God has caused problems throughout history. In the Philippines, faith UNITES people and gives them civility, charity, kindness, hope, and comfort. The strong faith here is refreshing, and I respect it.

4. The simple life – Life in the provinces is hard, but there is a satisfaction of escaping the modern world. Death from stress-related heart attacks is rare there.

3. Filipino kids – The nicest, most well-behaved, respectful kids in the world.

2. Family – The ties are strong here, and I was welcomed into the family. This is something else that is quickly disappearing in the West.

1. Filipina – Women in the Philippines are the sweetest, most beautiful, and hard-working women in the world. They are THE national treasure of this country, and should be treated with respect and reverence.

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John Miele is a Citizen of the World, having spent time in many locations around the globe. Currently, he finds himself in Manila, but travels throughout the Philippines. John joined the Live in the Philippines Web Magazine in mid-2008.

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  1. Randall Jessup says

    Hi John M.,

    Quite an extensive list and I would definitely have to agree whole-heartedly with your #1 pick. One more thing I would add is Magnolia Ube flavour ice cream. This has to be my favorite ice cream in the world!

  2. Tom Ramberg says

    Thanks for the kind but true words about our adopted home. I get upset when I hear people criticize the Philippines so it is so nice to hear positive comments. I especially like number 6. I have a feeling that it would be little trouble for you to double your list. Thanks for keeping me inspired until I can return home.


  3. Beth says

    Hi Randall,

    Have you tried Quezo Real from Selecta? It's soooooo good! This will probably beat , if not equal your rave about Magnolia Ube ice cream. :-)

    Hi JohnM,

    As always your article is very engaging. Here are some of my comments:

    96. Try mixing the banana catsup with worscestershire (sp?) sauce to make an even better condiment for the Filipino fried chicken. I got this trick from Max's Fried Chicken.

    81. Fiesta time- It's actually something like the US thanksgiving. I believe that the original purpose of fiesta is to give thanks to the patron saint of the particular town having the fiesta for a bountiful harvest, not just an excuse to party. :-)

    74. Fresh fruit – It'll be good to also try the other tropical fruits like lansones, atis, guyabano, rambutan, papaya, sineguelas, duhat, aratiles (this one is rare nowadays), suha (from davao, the best), mangosteen, dalandan, santol, balimbing, and many others. I'd give anything to have a taste of these fruits. :-)

    58. Noli Me Tangere – the sequel to this… El Filibusterismo, is another must read. These two books of Rizal are a few of the things I really appreciated during high school.

    57. Listening to the rain – when you go to the provinces, also notice the croaking of the frogs with the sound of the rain. It's awesome!

    51. Calamansi – this is also good as sauce to any food when you combine it with patis. Your ulam just taste better. Lemon doesn't even come close, IMHO. :-)

    39. Champorado – this is good with tuyo, and of course you mix a little bit of milk in your champorado bowl.

    29. local furniture – i love the solid wood furnitures in the Philippines. There are two towns in Laguna, Paete and Pakil that are known for their woodworking skills.

    21. Baguio Pineapple jam – you might also want to try the ube jam and cashew brittle from Baguio's Good Shepherd Convent but my Dad makes the best Ube Halaya. (Unfortunately we already sent him off to the other side).

    20. Where is Piat? I haven't heard of it.

    11. Puto- a cousin of puto…kutsinta, is also good. :-)

    Everything else, you're spot on.

    Great list!

  4. says

    Hi John,

    That's not a list or a blog -.it is an encyclopedia! One that everybody should read before going to the Philippines. It would give them something to search for instead of complaining about everything.

    Think I'll print the list out – it's almost like a list of "One hundred things to do before you die" but specific to the Philippines. Good job!

  5. roy says

    :-) Your list is really funny. For the most part we share the same things about food, smokes & drinks. I surmise that you live in the city that's why you get taho vendor in your house. But you prefer the Manila Times over Inquirer?

    Your no. 23 entry though is really funny. Yes, telling Manang that you'll get her a kano boyfriend will make her blush and will make her say "I'm too old". For all the Manangs, getting a kanong boyfriend is like the forbidden fruit.

    I can't wait for your list of 200 things I hate about the Philippines. :-0 Seriously, you seemed to have immersed yourself about most things about Pinoy, their food, their humor and dare I say, their psyche.

  6. says

    Hi John Miele, everyone, who plans to move to the Philippines should read your list again and again… As John in Austria said; it's indeed an encyclopedia. Wow. Great.

  7. Brian C says

    John. Great list and top 5. Actually #6 is my pet peeve about the West. I live in Canada's biggest city (Toronto), and believe me, the arrogance, lack of civility & rudeness here is as bad as you will find anywhere in the U.S. And like you, every trip I make between the Philippines and the West, I notice this difference in civility more than anything factor (other than the weather!).

  8. says

    Hi John – Like others who have commented, I love this article. It is somewhat humorous, but I also know that you meant this in all honesty, and from you heart. A lot of expats like to sit around and complain about what is bad here. There are bad things here, no doubt. But, there is a lot of good too!

    Great list!

  9. says

    Wow, nice list! There 's at least 50 there I've not had the pleasure of yet. One could take this list as thing to do.

    #1 is not one of the things I have yet to add to my list. I was thinking of writing and article someplace titled "I LOVE BEBOTS." That song from the Black Eyed Peas should be the unofficial national anthem. :)

    I have to get up the nerve to actually sing at the Videoke …. So far, not enough SM. ::) Maybe I should try red horse. :)

  10. Richard D says

    HI John,
    I loved your list, and like many others I am falling in love with the Philippines. One thing not mentioned is that English is their second language. It is so nice to be able to speak English almost anywhere and they understand you.

  11. hill roberts says

    Great, John. What a list! wow, now why didn't I think of that before? Any more additions in that list later? I look forward to it. You failed to mention the ubiquitous umbrella…Cheers!

  12. Randall Jessup says

    Reply to Beth,

    Hi Beth, yes I'm dying to try the Quezo Real from Selecta. I've heard it tastes fantastic. Unfortunately it's also super popular with the Filipino community here in Toronto ( Canada).

    Everytime I go to the Filipino grocery store they're always sold out!!! One of these days I'll get lucky. Something to look forward to. LOL!

  13. says

    Hi Randall Jessup- I've never tried the Queso Ice Cream. The thought of cheese ice cream just doesn't seem appealing to me… But, from what you and Beth say…. well, I may go ahead and give it a try!

  14. John Miele says

    Randall: I'll have to give it a try… Becky likes the "Fruit Salad" flavor and that's the one we usually buy.

    Tom: Thanks! Glad I could provide some inspiration.

    Brian: Hmmm… one I didn't think of.

    Beth: I'll give those suggestions a try. I've already tried all the fruits you mentioned, but I really like the pineapples here. Piat is near Tuguegarao.

    John: Thanks!

    Roy: I'm glad you enjoyed reading my list. Yep, there are bad things, too, but I don't want to make that list. Most of the bad things here also occur in other countries, particularly developing countries like the RP. So, I don't think the problems here are unique to the RP and it really isn't a fair discussion to bring them up. As to the Manangs, that is always a good ice breaker!

    Klaus, Brian and Bob: Thank you! Glad you liked it.

    Rusty: Just make sure it's not "My Humps"…. It could get some unwanted attention….

    Richard: Quite true. The abundance of spoken English here makes it easier to adapt.

    Hill: Arrrgh! Umbrellas!

  15. John Miele says

    Bob: I sort of agree with you on the ice cream, too. But, Hey! You never know until you try it. (Of course, that's what I said the first time I tried pineapple on pizza… Still weird, IMO.)

  16. David says

    i just wondered if anyone could advise me on how to make a steady income in the philippines. I am a foreigner like yourselves, and intend to live there permanently sooner rather than later, if you could email suggestions i would appreciate it, thanks

  17. roy says

    I don't know if Arce Ice cream still is in business there. But they do make the meanest Quezo Real & richest, creamiest & sinful Avocado ice cream. & John try Excelente bacon for a change in Quiapo too. It's along Exchague. If you walk past to Quinta Market towards the old Shoemart.

  18. John Miele says

    Ellen and Tommy: Thank you!

    David: I'll give a plug for Bob's book, "49 Ways to earn a Living in the Philippines". It is inexpensive and well worth the small amount of money he asks. I bought a copy and gave it to my wife to read, while we were starting our business. I also told my father to read it as he is moving to Ecuador next month (The principles are all the same). Also, link to Dave Starr's site, PhilFAQs… He has a wealth of very wise business information there. Finally, check out Martin's column on this site…
    Hope this helps.

    Roy: I'll have to give it a try… I'll ask Becky if she knows about the Bacon… She's headed there today to stock up!

  19. says

    John, thanks for the inspiring list about the Philippines.

    You are absolutely right about your #1 pick . I can only say that our company President and Founder is married to a Filipina, same with his former VP. We also have lots of American friends here in Florida who are happily married to Filipinas …and to you, congratulations for marrying a Filipina and living in the Philippines.

  20. JR Tingson (a.k.a. P says

    Hello, John!

    Wow! What a great list! As a local, I'm impressed, and generally happy with your article! As a matter of fact, I copied the whole article and put it in My Documents folder!

    If there will be a 101st item in your list that you would like about this country, I wonder what will it be? Cheers! :)

  21. Tyleen Reynders says

    Hi John,
    You forgot Buchi Buchi the fried rice little balls on a stick dipped in cane sugar!!!!
    God smiled and gave the Philippines this wonderful treat!!!!
    I love your list I have printed it out. Reading it makes me long for March when I am planning on going back to visit.

  22. Eric says

    It's #57 that I miss most about the Philippines while living here Toronto. I love the sound of monsoon rain falling on our roof in Manila. It's noisy and powerful but at the same time peaceful in a way. It's like music to my ears indeed.

  23. Paul says

    Fully agree with the list, John, and might add that the coffee from the Cordillera and cigars from Isabella, while different from Cuban, certainly stand on their own against Habanas and copes!

    Also have to insert some local bragging: Biscochio (hard or soft) from Pasuquin, Ilocos Norte (the home town). Known world wide, but best enjoyed locally fresh from the oven!

  24. John Miele says

    Jmonreal: thank you.

    JR: 101??? Hmmmmm… Perhaps a second listing of #1. Most appropriate.

    Tyleen: yeah, forgot about that!

    Eric and Phil: I called Becky tonight and she said the rain has been going on for days in Abulug.

    Paul: I'll try them next time I'm in your neck of the woods. The cigars, I've heard they are good and unique, but I'm a cigarette smoker… I try to inhale with cigars, with predictable results.

  25. Anthony says

    Hi John- really enjoyed your list. A couple of things I would have added; the smell of the bakehouse / bakery, and the XO coffee candies. I guess you could do the 1000 things you like about the Philippines.

  26. says

    I agree that Philippines has so many good things to offer…it is rich of good culture and traditions, and Filipinos are really great…

  27. Ralph says


    You might want to try "pichi-pichi". They're made from cassava and are covered with shredded coconut. It's a really yummy treat!

  28. says

    Hello John,

    I'd like to post this in my blog page with your permission. Its a great post to start a blog about the Philippines.

    May I?

  29. ~Beverly~ says

    I really love the article! I agree with all the things you have enumerated…some things are funny, but that makes the Filipinos unique!!!

    I hope to see more of your lists…


    God bless you always!

  30. wildcat75 says

    Great lists, i do really like # 9,6 and your top 5. that's unique and hard to find in some countries……

  31. mary says

    hi John !
    I am new here …
    This article makes me laugh !!
    I miss the fruits ,fresh seafoods, organically grown veggies and you are right about the kankong … I love kankong salad with the kamote tops . I miss calamansi .. I am a calamansi person . I use it on my food, my skin and my hair (it makes my hair shiny).. And it was a surefire cure of my colds.

    • John Miele says

      Mary: Thank you! Camote tops are one of my wife’s favorite foods. As to calamansi, it really is amazing how many uses that it has. I’m thinking of trying a key lime pie with calamansi… They are just about as sour as key limes, though the flavor would be a bit different.

  32. Irene says

    Well I’m new to this site but I guess I would be spending half of my time reading the posts here while working lol :) It’s so nice to hear positive things coming from a foreigner itself. And if there’s one thing I like most about in this country, it’s the friendly atmosphere here. You can easily make friends to anyone (especially that many knows how to speak in English) – all you have to do is to smile :).

  33. says

    Hello Ody – You may link to the post, but please do not post this to your blog, as it is copyright material that is owned by this site. Feel free to link, though.

    Bob Martin
    Publisher/Editor in Chief
    Live in the Philippines Web Magazine

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