A conversation with Manny Pacquiao’s close family member!

I went to the airport yesterday to ship something through a cargo plane. I went there with my niece and my sister.  We were waiting for the lady at the counter, she was encoding our cargo for the computer. As we were just standing there near the counter waiting, a nice pick up truck with a fancy custom made trunk organizer in the back started to park in the parking lot. I thought to myself when I saw the truck who owns this fancy pick up truck? It could be a politicians or businessman. It has to be somebody rich and famous. I just got curious because I never saw those kind of fancy trunk organizer here in the Philippines only in the States when I used to live there.

Buboy Fernandez - Manny Pacquiao's Trainer/Friend
Buboy Fernandez - Manny Pacquiao's Trainer/Friend

I was just trying to continue on with our purpose there at the airport. Just then a big ice chest brought by the porter and he place it near to the weighing scale which was just a meter away from me. When the porter opened it and showed to the in-charge to weigh I saw lots of tuna and other fish in it. When he closed the lid I saw a big name written on the lid “TEAM PACQUIAO”. Just then my sister recognized the guy standing next to the ice chest it was the sidekick of Manny. She said the name, and I said really? It confirms by his clothing, and he looks so familiar to me. I’m trying to remember his face I then recognized him on the reality TV show of Freddie Roach. I was just observing him and his people.

As we were waiting there that assistant (close family member) and his driver and other people of Manny were talking. They were making jokes, and they were facing towards us. The head of that group told the others (who were the workers of Manny) that you guys have to be ready since its Sunday today when Manny wakes up you guys cell phones will be flooded with text from Manny about God. It’s going to be a Bible message  and nice passage. Someone from the airport asked if is it really true that Manny is transformed now? That assistant said yes it’s true.

That guy (assitant) was talking about a time they were in the States and Manny asked him to read a passage from the Bible and Manny told him the verse of the Bible to read, being he is not a reader of the Bible  he didn’t recognize if its old or new testament. He said that he was just scanning the Bible, and he thought that Manny forgot what he was asking since Manny was with other people they were talking about the fight. So what the sidekick did, he excuse himself and he went to the bathroom and he played games. After awhile he went out from the bathroom and thinking Manny already forgot what he was asking for him to do. He was wrong, as soon as Manny saw him, Manny immediately told him to read it aloud now. The sidekick just not really  into reading the Bible he told Manny that look even if you get mad at me I just not going to read that passage, it’s just not me and he made jokes to Manny that his doctor advised him not to do any reading for now. He really told us there that he just can’t find the verse in the Bible.

That assistant said that all the night life, gambling, flirting with women were totally not on Manny’s mind now. He even give up a lot of his roosters for cockfighting. His selling it all now. Everyone there at the airport were impressed of that. They were happy for him. The sidekick told us that one of Manny’s worker even asked Manny if they could butcher some of the rooster? They told him it would be a good soup to make for all of them. Manny declined the offer and told his workers he wants to sell all of the roosters since they are from good breed.

He also said that the mom of Manny would be praying right before the fight, and they will teasing some family member that the mom would not be praying on her knees if the camera crew of the TV stations would not be present there. She will be faking her fainting so that its going to be on the news. Honestly everyone there at the airport burst into laughter hearing their jokes. I think he was just exaggerating a lot of his stories just to be funny in front of us. Hey it could be all true. He could tell that his people were too sleepy and so the workers there its too early for everyone there. It was like 4 something in the morning.

We asked him were would those fish in the ice chest heading? He said that Manny will be going to Baguio for training which will starts that day and that fish would be there for one of his diet regimen. He will be flying to Baguio too with Manny. Anyway, I hope that Manny will win again with his next fight. The last fight was really a close one. Lots of people even thinks that the opponent was the winner last time.

Good luck to him and his team Pacquiao.

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  1. AmericanLola says

    I had heard this about Manny, that he has turned his life around and become a follower of Christ. His wife says the change is real, as she sees it up close. I am glad! He is such an influential man, and his life of gambling, womanizing and rampant spending has not been a good example. So many young men have begun to train in boxing because of him, perhaps this change will the way some of these young men think about their lives and what is important. More power to him, I hope he wins!

  2. says

    Hi AmericanLola – True, it’s really good to hear about his changes. I saw the wife talking about it on TV. But it was nice hearing from somebody in person saying about it. So true he really is a big influence now to the youngsters. I hope they will follow also his changes now.

    Good to see you again AmericanLola. Have a nice day!

  3. says

    Hi Feyma – Strange but I always thought Manny was religious in so much that as long as I can remember him fighting he always knelt down and prayed in his corner of the ring before a fight.
    But now we know the secret of his success, it’s the Gen San tuna he eats whilst training for his fights.
    Despite all the stories we read in the press or see on TV I still admire his rags to riches rise to fame and truly hope he gives up boxing whilst he’s still winning.

  4. says

    Hi Jim – Yeah, he was religious before with a bit of some other monkey business on the side. You know what I mean? :-)

    Not really sure what made him realized the importance of his family and his reputation now. Maybe too many scandals that occurs and his kids are getting older and he wants them to remember him as being a good dad, and maybe they read something about him with the accusations of having other kids from different women and told him about it. Just guessing though.

    Oh yeah, all of us are so fascinated by his rag to riches fame. He truly deserves all the fortunes he got. I’m really happy for my kababayan.

    Nice to see you again. Have a good weekend!

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