Beautiful but Painful

I went to Bantayan Island with “Honky Joe” an expat currently visiting the Philippines.  I shouldn’t have spent the dollars but that temptation thing got me again.  Like I said in a previous post, the Philippines are the land of temptation.

Joe came through Bogo City and mentioned he was going to Bantayan Island and I just couldn’t resist.  It also gave me a chance to use my underwater camera.

As we were returning to shore, Jessie spotted this creature waiting to give one of us a bad day.  It was the first time I have spotted one of these but we went out a good deal further as the tide had gone out before we got our lazy butts out of bed.

Actually, I got a great nights rest for the first time in a while.  I keep waking up to early but going back to sleep.  I woke up at 5:20 that morning and started to get up to go take some sunrise pictures, but I decided the sun will rise another day.  LOL

Sea-Urchin Cactus
A Sea-urchin cactus in the Bay of Santa Fe

I spent probably three hours in the Visayan sea over two days and got a sunburn on top of my head.  Talk about adding insult to injury!  I guess one knows he’s loosing his hair the first time he gets sun burned on his scalp!  And the insult is obvious, accepting my hair is almost a memory.

We stayed at Tristan’s Resort which is right on the Bay of  Santa Fe.  Its the off season and our room was only P800.  They have these buttery breaded pork chops that have to be experienced.   I’ll be writing a full review on Bantayan Island Tours but I have not started the article yet so I don’t know when it will be published.

As always, you can also follow my adventures in the Philippines at HeyJoe.Ph.  If you have had the opportunity to visit Bantayan Island, please tell us where you stayed and how things went for you.

If you have not been to Bantayan Island, get yourself over there before the rest of the world finds it.  Right now, its likely you’ll have the beach and the water to your self.  That can’t last forever.

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Rusty Ferguson is an American Expat living in Bogo, Cebu.

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  1. X says

    Hi Rusty,

    Don’t you love upon arriving Batanyan Island all of the baggage carriers rush inside the Ferry Boat and rushes towards you, just to carry your bags…I just tell them “Hindi.” I love Bantayan Island its so much fun and it’s so relaxing, I love the cave they have there! You must be careful with the Pedicab drivers, you don’t want them to hustle you for your money. I just keep walking and ignore the Pedicab drives. I let the wife do the negotiation, she just tells me “Tara na,” and that’s when I know its time to hop on the Pedicab…hehehe


  2. Andy says

    Hello Rusty, I haven’t had the opporunity to visit your dream home yet but then I have only been permenate resident for a week. It is on Leyte and I need to explore here first. Then other places. I’m in such a small place that very few try to rip me. As soon as they here Merlin’s family name, or ask me where I live I am treated pretty well. That and she is tough so if I get ripped, she takes me back in town and gets it fixed. I do look forward to Batanyan Island one of these days though.

  3. Neal in RI says

    Looks like a nice place to lay back for a few days.
    I searched on the net and didn’t find a website for the place, maybe because it is small?
    Do you have to make somekind of advance reservations at that Tristans place or can you just wing it and show up and get a room?

    The Sunburned scull sounds all to familiar.

  4. Andy says

    Hey Rusty I did not mean ripped off in that since. Price was fair but new cell phone and said 1 year guarentee on box so I just brought home. She saw lady put 30 days on reciept. Went back and she fixed it. It was me not even looking. Other than that I once took van to turnoff to Ormac Airport to check on tickets. Guy gave a ride down to Airport, about 4 kilometers and back and said it was p100. I just paid and smiled. Tricycle picked us up there and took us to van yard in Ormac, about 12 kilometers, and charged p30. All in all it has been a fine time here.

  5. Mel A says

    hi, rusty, I liked this site about foreigners talking about living in the philippines. I am a filipina and i say you give fair reviews about living here. there are good and bad of course. But i’d like to say that Not all filipina you meet online will rip u off. that’s not true. I guess it will be easy for u to find out if what u got is someone true or just want to take ur money. I say this because I met my american boyfriend online too. I won’t try to convince you or any others who’s had that kind of experience, but I’m just saying, it’s still on a case to case basis. I recommended this site to him so he’ll get to know more about the philippines from a foreigner’s point of view. if u have questions feel free to send me a msg. thanks.

  6. says

    Hmm, I never had any problem with the pedicabs.

    I don’t like being harassed by folks but this last time I let them take my bags. First time I did that and I’ll likely do it from now on though Jessie, my girlfriend said we have to hurry to make sure they don’t disappear. I guess we need to find one we trust.

    As far as the people there, they’ve always been extremely hospitable to me. Never any problem with anyone trying to rip me off there.

    This sunburn on the top of my head is the worst thing that’s happened to me. LOL

  7. says

    Hi Andy,

    You got ripped off? Are you talking about the kano price? That’s not ripped off, that’s just business. :) Always haggle and early on, might be best to walk away. Walking away often bring on a special price. :) Hey that’s not being ripped off.

    I’ve not been ripped off in the 18 months I’ve been here. No one has even tried except for another kano that wanted me to pay P50,000 for his bike, used bike after he wrecked it. They often cost a little less than that new.

    Being ripped off in the Philippines is one of those things people talk a lot about but doesn’t happen very often. Filipino are awesome people over all and wont rip you off. The exception would be the Filipina that people meet ONLINE. Most of those will rip you off.

  8. says

    I doubt I would have caught that either, I doubt Jessie would, maybe she would. I would have thought their return policy was 30 days but the manufacturer was 1 year. Retailers do have rules placed on them by the government that would never fly in the USA. In any case, my Western way of thinking would have not had a problem with that.

    Anytime someone talks about getting ripped off here, I always dig deeper because so many people come over here and are scared to breath for fear of someone stealing their O2. LOL Almost that bad.

    I know things are not like the way I was lead to believe they would be. Its better. :)

  9. says

    Hi Maria,

    I can’t answer your question but I can say that there are Internet cafe’s all over the Philippines. I’ve used them when I had problems either with my connection or my computers.

    I’ve been to Starbucks in Cebu City many times, never saw anyone with a laptop running. Don’t recall seeing anything about wi-fi but then I haven’t looked.

    A lot of people here get Smart Bro wireless and use that as they travel around. I have not, so I can’t really tell you how well that works. Perhaps others can do so.

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