Power Plays


I don’t know about the rest of the country, but here in Caraga we’ve been dealing with an alarming increase in power outages. Sure, the Philippines is a developing country and power outages are to be expected from time to time, but lately, they have been occurring far too frequently and they are proving to […]

Time Out!


Every now and then we need to make time for ourselves. We all need time to take a step back from our businesses and go on a much deserved vacation. Personally, I try and take a vacation at least once every year. And by vacation I mean at least a week away from business. A […]

Uncommon Advertising?

Ads on a Jeepney

A few articles back a regular commenter, Dennis, suggested it may be useful to offer some suggestions on non-traditional advertising possibilities for small businesses in the Philippines. This article will offer one such suggestion. There are a number of avenues that might be considered, so hopefully this first suggestion will serve as a means of […]

They Did It: Boardwalk Cloud 9 Surf Resort

Cloud Nine Surf Resort

‘They Did It’ is a special column that appears on occasion in the Small Business File. Each week the Small Business File addresses some interesting topic related to entrepreneurship or small business management in the Philippines. ‘They Did It’ columns showcase businesses developed by foreigners and OFW’s. The goal is to provide insights into how […]