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Today while sitting in our bedroom watching TV and contemplating on what to eat for our lunch. My maids were already asking me if  they could just get roasted chicken (letson manok)  for the kids. We usually eat meat with veggies for lunch. But today my helpers were cleaning the kitchen and its already late for them to cook lunch. So they suggested letson manok. I told them okay, letson manok it is OK for lunch.

Bob on the other hand had something in mind for lunch. He was asking me if ever he wants something for lunch would I get it for him and he said he is really going to share it with me. Hmm, it sounded strange to me because it was the first time he sounded the way he did. Plus I don’t have to ask him what I would want to eat, I can eat what I want here and so does he. I know why it sounded strange to me. You know what he wants to eat for lunch? It’s the fried day old chicks on a skewer. Yikes!

Chick on a skewer
Chick on a skewer

Geez, it made my stomach turn upside down. I’m pretty sure that food is popular in some areas here in the Philippines. They will not sell if it’s not, I guess. They were selling that food in one of the malls here in Davao City, not far from our house. When I first saw it I had to blink twice to really make sure if I saw it right and kinda said out loud to my niece “a fried chicks in a skewer?”  Both of us were totally in shock. I didn’t bother to ask because I just don’t want to look at the chicks in a skewer. I might puke in front there.  I could never imagin myself eating that thing.

Check out these fried chicks in the video below:

Anyway, Bob was teasing me that he wanted that food for lunch and he’s happy to share it with me. I told him thank you very much and I will pass for today. I told him he should ask the kids to get it for him and see their reaction. So first he asked Aaron and Jared. Bob didn’t tell them yet what he wanted for them to get for him, he just told them that he wanted some lunch and he will share it with them and he wants that the two (Aaron & Jared) of them to the mall and get it for him. They said in unison “Oh sure we will get it for you”. So when Bob told them what he wanted (The fried chicks in a skewer) to eat and they can also have some too. Man oh man, the 2 boys immediately said “NO” we will never get that and never eat that too. Reason for the 2 boys not to eat the chicks, they said they’re feeling sorry for the chicks. They told me how could anyone eat those chicks. Bob asked the rest of the kids (Jean, Nicole and Chris) they refused too. Ha ha ha same reasoning as Aaron and Jared.

When talking to the kids I remember then when a friend brought a lechon biik (roasted piglet) in our house a few years ago. The kids were younger then. Aaron was about 7 or 8 years old at that time.  When he and the siblings saw the roasted pig on top of the table with an apple on the mouth, they did not eat the meat that night. They just settled for something else. We asked them why they don’t want to eat the meat? Same answers now and then, “feeling sorry” for the pig. But they are okay with chicken and turkey. They told us a lot of times that only chicken and turkey for eating, the rest are pets. Maybe I was thinking while in the States the kids never saw a whole pig in our table in a lot of the occasions that we celebrated there, only chicken and turkey.

Aaron until now doesn’t want to eat in front of the fish with the eyes open. Whenever we will have whole grilled fish here in the house with the eyes still in it, he doesn’t want to be in the kitchen. He will eat his lunch or dinner somewhere far from us. But the other kids were okay now with the fish. But still not totally okay with the letson baboy in front of them.

Anyway, if you already try eating the fried chicks, hope you had fun eating it. I think that and the balut I will have to pass it for now or forever. :-)

Have fun tasting on some weird food here in the Philippines!

Post Author: Feyma (349 Posts)

Feyma Martin is a Columnist here on the Live in the Philippines Web Magazine, she is the wife of site Publisher, Bob Martin. Feyma is originally from the Philippines, but went to the USA for 10 years after marrying Bob in 1990. Bob & Feyma moved to the Philippines to live permanently in 2000.

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  1. donna west says

    well I have seen on UTube the kind of food they serve on the streets in the Phils. right away i said in my mind No thanks to the Balut and the baby chicks on a stick. I love animals but I also like to enjoy them on my plate. at least chicken, turkey, pork and seafood. not beef, I am highly allergic to it. but I cant help but think of the ducks misery as they boil in the water to become balut. and how or do they even kill the baby chicks before they deep fry them.? i wanna save all the baby chicks before they become fried and skewered. eating meat is one thing but making it suffer before you eat it is a whole other thing. dont knw about baby pigs with an apple in their mouth….wonder how I will handle that one.

    • says

      Hi donna – I hear what you. I guess other people just had the stomach for it. I’m pretty sure also that they will not sell it unless no people likes to eat it. I guess we just not the type that would eat those kind of food.

      Ha ha ha, I don’t have problem eating the lechon though. When you move here you will see lots of different food in the street.

      Nice to see you again here!

  2. peterjoy says

    Feyma… away to a man heart so some say and forme i may say this is right and if u are married to a filipina wife or been too manila food is one thing u will find if u eat on the street is not like the food u will buy from home but love it or hate it it is the best part off the philippines ok.I have been going there now for over 12 years and every time i go i wont to try some thing new in food from pig to dog u will find it here of it will be got for u ok yes it is one off my best trips when i got to try a big fat frog and with a a little salt it is very good and one thing i wont to try is snake i if u love ur filipina wifes cooking get her to cook some think way out there tha tu cannot find here down under ok go for it for it is the best part off the php is the food but that dont come be for u wife ok …..god bless….peter martin tassie

    • says

      Hi peterjoy – Ha ha ha, you’re right. So might as well try everything then? LOL… Sorry buddy but I ain’t eating that frogs. Bob told me that frog legs were really good, it tasted like chicken. Sorry just another food that I could live without. :-)

      Hey have fun tasting food here in the PI. Take care mate!

  3. says

    Did Bob eventually have some? Did he like it? Thank you for the nice article. It is good to hear about what your kids will and will not eat. I don’t think that I would have any trouble trying this. It’s fried, right?

    • says

      Hi David Heil – Nope, he did not. It was just a joke to and the kids from him…

      Yes, it’s fried. Have fun!

      Thank you for stopping by!

  4. PapaDuck says

    Mrs Feyma,
    I told my g/f i would try the fried day old chicks when i visit tommorrow. So it should be interesting. Balut i will not try lol. Have a nice day.

    • petejoy says


      BALUT is love to eat i can eat up to 4 at one siting ok andit is good for ur sex life ok so come on boys are u men or mice here if u are married to a filipina eat what filipinas eat…….god bless…..peter martin tassie

  5. Chris S says

    I LOVE Balut and I am excited to try this day old chick on stick next time I visit… Also, I wish to try the Mangrove Worm (popular in Palawan).. I have eaten Alligator, Dog, Deer, Bear, and so many other different foods and last time I am at Manila i eat snake (cobra) at resto in China Town sections, it was crazy because I see the live snake before I eatr it… They prepared it in a soup and also fried the skin… It was good but not much meat and it taste like pork to me. The skin was good and crispy but not as good as the meat… I hear also that there is a place not far from the city in Pampanga, I think named Everybody’s Cafe selling Stuffed Frog I wish to try also… Don’t ever be afraid to try a food, if you not like it just never eat again :-) Tc and Happy Eating

    • says

      Hi Chris S – Double WOW for you. You just eat anything just like that Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods show. He will eat what’s offered to him.

      My gosh, you really had the stomach for it then. I guess we are just to chicken to try. Ha ha ha…

      Hey, good luck to you and have fun eating.


  6. says

    I like to try everything but I have no desire to eat those day old chicks. Maybe because I tried balut for the first time and totally hated it. I didn’t like the smell, the texture, or the the taste. Blah! The funny thing is my husband and I were in the Philippines for New Year’s and ofcousre my aunt served a big bowl of balut. We both passed on it and were totally astounded as my 10 year old cousin slurped down 3 of them in no time flat. Sarap! she said. No thanks! we said. It was only here in Canada when my cousins visited from the States that we joined my sister in ticking one off one the things on her bucket list – eating balut. I closed my eyes and managed one bite and my cousins gagged on theirs. My sister on the other hand ate the whole thing but said she would never eat it again!

    • says

      Hi Maria – I’m with you. I’m not a eating balut or tasting it. Just don’t have any desire to eat it. It’s not even on my bucket list. LOL

      Good to see you here. Thank you so much for stopping by!

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