Culture Clash

Late, I think on Wednesday nights, one can see rooster fighting on TV in much the Philippines.  That’s generally not the way it is referred to here but I’ll use the more polite name.

Only in the Philippines might apply in this situation.  I’m amazed when they show rooster fighting on TV.  Wow, would the people in the USA go crazy over such a thing even happening, much less, showing it on TV.  In those fights, one chicken almost always dies.  They are not dead at the end of the match but Jessie tells me they always die afterward and many times both do.

This is life in the Philippines.  It would be totally unacceptable in the USA and many other, non-Asian countries. Perhaps in some Asian countries.  I don’t know about Japan or China or several others for that matter.  I know it is totally acceptable, even admired in the Philippines, India and Thailand.  In the USA, it would mean jail time for those at participate in such things.  It goes on, but it is very hidden, very taboo and seen as cruel.

In the Philippines, its a way of life.  Mostly for men.  Filipino love to place wagers on these fights.  It is obviously a major social event.  You see the men not paying a lot of attention to the actual fights.  Instead, its more laughter and drinking of beer.  It looks like they are having a grand time.

I think it is wrong to judge one group of people based on the culture of another people.  I would go to a rooster fighting event but to watch the people, not the fighting.  The fighting is pretty boring and pretty savage too.  There is often blood on both roosters and at the end, one rooster and sometimes both can no longer stand.

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Rusty Ferguson is an American Expat living in Bogo, Cebu.

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  1. Atong says

    In the Philippines, only in the rooster fighting arena where one can find a level playing field. Rich or poor afficionados has equal chance to succeed and compete within the same set of rules.

  2. mike says

    in cebu they have chicken fights and eskrima matches(stick fighting ) at the same time same arena!now thats brutal! filipinos love fighting infact the ufc is going to hold its first event in the philippines in 2010 in manila! filipinos love all combat sports taekwondo,muay thai,jujitsu,boxing,judo you name it they do it. even dog fighting !

  3. Jason says

    Morning Rusty!

    Oh I remember there bein a cock fighting arena near my in-laws place in Cordova (cebu). Nothing like seeing blood…it’s very exiting, but I never saw that many women attend those. It was closed down by the mayor or some lower official after I left last summer :( We can try go to one if you would like next July when I am in the country?

  4. says

    not sure about memphis Rusty but in florida cock fights are common, it is illegal but there also is a large mexican population there and that is an accepted sport in mexico as well. large sums of money change hands at these underground events and thats what makes them attractive. to me it is no differant then the mass slaughter of fowl that takes place everyday ok maybe in a little more disturbing manner but i say if you don’t like it don’t watch but like most campaign contributors peta got that sport made illegal and another example of big brother making decisions for the general public,
    – sorry rant over –

  5. says

    I hear ya. But even though it is illegal in the US, the activity still has a following in the US. There are actually some Americans who bring their roosters (bred in the US) here to fight in tournaments.

    I’ve actually come across a few events in California that have organized cockfights (by way of an eccentric uncle). The people in these meets are migrant Filipinos, Mexicans & a large number of Anglo-Americans (I feel weird using that term, but just to give an idea of the diversity). What was weird about these groups is that the local Sheriff & deputies also join in the betting pools.

    But yeah, I’m not a fan either. I may be pinoy & well aware that it’s a cultural thing, but I have a soft spot for animals & seeing them die for sport is not an easy thing for me to take (I also lived in Mexico a few blocks from a bullfight arena).

    By the way, I’m not sure if my TV watching sked is different from yours, but I have not seen any cockfight on TV. Maybe it’s just in your neck of the woods? There are, however, more than a few religious pastors & shouting preachers on my tube. Those guys I would gladly do without.

  6. says

    Side note: I couldn’t bring myself to use “rooster fighting”. That sounded odd to me :p
    On hindsight though, maybe “Sabong” is a better word. easier to type, plus a little language lesson.

  7. Anthony says

    Hi Rusty- I have posted before on Bobs site that I regularly attend sabong when visiting R.P, and ultimately you end up getting a few negative responses as it is an emotive issue. At home here in Aus it is illegal, and I had never seen sabong before I went to the Philippines. At first I wasnt sure how I would feel about attending, but my wifes family are right into it and I thought I should check it out. Anyway, without going on in much detail, I have beome a convert, as it is so much more than just a couple of rooster fighting,( I mean isnt NFL more than just a few guys chuckin’ around a pigskin) and is an important part of weekly life in the provinces.

    Best wishes to you and your family from Down Under.
    ( wish I was there )

  8. mike says

    roy jones the boxer openly everybody knows fights chickens!i believe the filipinos inherited the cockfighting from the spanish who brought the native mexicans over from acapulco to manila and cebu!it is funny that all the spanish speaking countrys in central and south america and n-america and the carribean have cock fighting in common with the philippines cockfighting and the catholic church thats what spain gave to P.I.

  9. says

    Hi Rusty! I grew up in PI until I was 23 years old, but have never attended cock fighting, until two years ago, when we celebrated our Golden wedding anniversary in Marinduque. The first requests of my sons and son-in-law as soon as they arrived in MRD was when is the cock fighting and if they could attend as soon as possible. So, that Sunday afternoon, I took them to the ARENA. WOW, what an experience! The noise of the crowds is deafening when the “KILL” or winner is declared. It was fun watching the boisterous crowds about 99.9% male.There were three women gamblers out of around 300 attendees in the arena. It reminds me of the bull fighting, I have attended in Spain 10 years ago. Personally, I will never attend cockfighting again. I just do no like the gambling atmosphere and the smell of the place. However, it was an experience worthy of writing in my blogs.

  10. Mike in South Carolina says

    Hi Rusty,
    I remember my first cock ffight in Tambogan, Samar. It was fiesta and the event organizer invited me to the fight. I tried to show up at as many events as could to be polite as I was treated like a special guest. When I got there the pit looked small and empty, but soon it was shoulder to shoulder withexcited betting men. My wife sent Titi along to keep an eye on me and after a series of fight I was ready to go. Titi spoke very little English, but when I pointed to the entrance he let me know he was ready to go as well.Now, there must have been at least 150 yelling/cheering men in this pit, and the first thought I had at the time was, “how are we going to get through this crowd?” As I grabbed Titi’s arm and said a polite “excuse me”, the crowd opened up like the Red Sea. I wasn’t sure if it was me, or the fact that I was helping my Father-in-law down the steep steps, that everyone just stepped aside and made a path. It was very nice.

  11. Mike in South Carolina says

    Hi Rusty,
    I remember my first cock ffight in Tambogan, Samar. It was fiesta and the event organizer invited me to the fight. I tried to show up at as many events as could to be polite as I was treated like a special guest. When I got there the pit looked small and empty, but soon it was shoulder to shoulder withexcited betting men. My wife sent Titi along to keep an eye on me and after a series of fight I was ready to go. Titi spoke very little English, but when I pointed to the entrance he let me know he was ready to go as well.Now, there must have been at least 150 yelling/cheering men in this pit, and the first thought I had at the time was, “how are we going to get through this crowd?” As I grabbed Titi’s arm and said a polite “excuse me”, the crowd opened up like the Red Sea. I wasn’t sure if it was me, or the fact that I was helping my Father-in-law down the steep steps, that everyone just stepped aside and made a path. It was very nice. The pit was also used as the boxing ring for the local fight that night. When my pregnant wife and I arrived that evening, the fight was stopped and we were excorted across the ring to seats just outside the ropes. I guy seated next to us was given speacial orders to make my wife was not touched at any time during the fight. These are a few of the examples of how we were treated while we visited my wifes childhood home. Oh, and by the way, cock fighting is big in South Carolina too, but very illegal.

  12. dans says

    Hi rusty,

    Well I guess things that are unacceptable in the States are acceptable in the philippines and vice versa,

    In the states cock fighting is illegal while a “no rules man fighting UFC” is totally acceptable in the states where a man-to-man fights till someone gets a blood or break a bone. another one is the WWF, although the wrestling is fake it shows how violence it is for the children, and all that is A OK in the states. we don’t see PETA rallying in front of these stadium to prevent such fight, But they would rally in front of a cock fighting arena to save the lives of bunch of chickens.

    my question is this, why is that the western countries have a say to “what and what not” is illegal, it seems to me if certain things doesn’t fit well with western culture it has to be illegal otherwise it’s legal, is western culture more important than the rest of the world?

  13. mike says

    i don’t see anything wrong with cock fighting ,its a chicken for gods sake we eat chickens . i think people make things illegal for the sake of it or haven’t figured out how to legally make money from it yet.i say make prostitution legal in america and drugs also why not. i say make drilling for oil legal in america and bring back our nuclear plants on line and give up our foreign dependence on energy. and start deporting all the millions of illegal aliens and have the military close our border to illegals its in our constitution to defend our country from invasion.we would be better off letting philippine citizens come here on work visas to farm and labour at least they speak english and we would be helping the philippine economy out a lot!

  14. brspiritus says

    My my my, that’s not the proper attitude citizen! I hope you’re not in the USA now as you may be getting a visit from the DHS soon LOL.

  15. dans says


    don’t get me wrong, I am not an anti-cockfighting, I am a filipino, my post is about “how” western people sees other culture illegal in many ways such as the cock-fighting, isn’t it the usa is the land of the free? no discrimination against culture, religious belief, color of the skin? and making some culture as illegal does seem discriminatory in itself don’t you think?. prostitution, drugs and all other bad vices are not the culture i am referring to (don’t misunderstood me).

    I am not here to argue with you or start a flame thread, but since you mentioned that in the usa constitution you must defend your country against invasion? have you asked yourself how many countries the USA invaded? including the Philippines? how many countries the USA stepped-on someone’s else’s constitution and sovereignty? i think an attitude adjustment is needed here, arrogance is one of the main reason many people from other countries hates american people so much. by the way illegal immigrants is not a form of invasion, invasion is taking the country with the use of FORCE (i.e. killing people), illegal immigrants are just people who are in search of better life. that is 2 different things.

  16. brian says

    “have you asked yourself how many countries the USA invaded? including the Philippines?”

    You need to read history, the Japs invaded the RP, the USA liberated it by driving Japan out handing BACK the soverenty of the Philippines back to it’s people. Without the USA to the rescue you’d be an island nation of Japan speaking japanese right now.

  17. mike says

    i think the reason why the USA is the way it is now is because of all the micro managing and ultra far left people who have taken over this country and have weakened us .we where and still are a judeo christian country and people are just weak minded , everyday i have less faith in america. i am just riding it out until i can secure my pensions i have worked hard for! i believe that i will end up in P.I someday.

  18. brian says

    my point perhaps was not as accurate as I would have liked, my apologies, what I was meant to say was , almost every Country at one time or another has been hijacked/conquered by a foreign regime …the RP is not an isolated case. My missed point being the USA did control the RP for a period of time BUT…and this is the important part, they gave it back to the people of the RP via a vote. Very very few ‘conquering’ or controlling Countries would have done that. If Japan had succeeded its quest during WWII you (the RP) would have become every bit a part of Japan, for the RP has many many resources of value that would have been exploited for its mother Country Japan, your identity as a Country and culture would have vanished.
    I want to make clear on a personal note that although I am a proud American , I am not proud of the direction or path this Country (USA) has taken in the last 2 administrations. I say this only to tell you I am not an arrogant American, fact is I very much act and feel as if I am a guest when I’m in the Philippines, its a wonderfully warm culture I wish more of the world embraced.Pinoys have every right to be proud !

  19. dans says

    let’s turn the clock back, Philippines was a very peaceful country, we have a good and harmonious trading with the chinese, arabs, indian people and we never had trouble with them either.

    fast forward —> year 1521 the spanish invaded the philippines and they screwed everything in the philippines including our very own culture (non-spanish culture), 1762 the british invaded the philippines and left after 18 months, then the spanish regain control again, american wants a piece of the philippines because of the possible resources/wealth it possesses, the war between spain and US was staged and the US paid spain 20 million dollar for it. years later, the US-philippine war broke out, atrocities committed by the americans, it reduced the philippines population more than a million, children, women, old people even animals was killed during the “annexation” of the philippines.

    there’s so much more about the philippine history and how much killing the american committed to a peaceful country,

    our culture vanished a long time ago even before the WW2 war broke out because countries like spain and america can’t keep their hands in their own pocket.

    japan invaded the Philippine because they know it is a US colony.

    it is only right that the USA gives back our sovereignty back, after all, they shouldn’t be in the Philippines in the first place.

    I would rather have a japanese culture than western culture, after all, japan is an asian country.

    I am not an anti-american, I am just an “anti-arrogant american” i abhor american people who are arrogant and ignorant of other culture.

  20. roy says

    Hello Dans, while I totally agree with everything you say I would like to point out that maybe, just maybe that Brian could be coming from a different perspective. I have not read any US History but I suspect that Brian may have been taught in school that the US came to the Phil to rescue/liberate us. For us Filipinos, we concede that yes, we were rescued/liberated by the Americans but the reason for that is because we were a US colony primarily.
    During the WW 11, Filipino soldiers fought w/ the Americans too. I actually met one. After a long battle for full military benefits, this war vet I met ends up in a nursing home here due to old age. This month he goes back with the promised check to the Phil where his family are.

  21. brian says

    I agree with most of what u wrote except for Japan, they invaded for tactical and expansion pruposes regardless of who claimed what.Being a US conony had nothing to do with it. Was China a US colony? I recall Japan invading them and many others as well. Conquest and war has been going on since the dawn of man ALL cultures are guilty of this, we may be different races but we are all still man and rulers of every culture have commited acts of war.This will unfortunatly not change.
    All cultures around the world are a convoluted mix of other cultures including the USA ,the Philippines is no exception. I think Roy hit the bullseye with his comment, not all americans are arrogant, obviously as Roys insight has pointed out in primary schooling we ALL learn more about our own history than others….a very good point to rememeber for both of us in gaining further depth and insight into each of our cultures.

  22. dans says

    I kinda disagree with you there, japan is very close to the philippines, if japan’s intention is to invade the philippines, they could have done that a long time ago, as a matter of fact, during the phil-american war there are Japanese journalist in the philippines they reported the atrocities of the american soldiers towards the filipino, and it was reported to the american public.

    not all cultures are guilty of committing the act of war towards other nations, it is the so called civilized and first world countries are the main culprit of previous wars and even today that stands true, during the world wars, china has a strong relation with russia and america while the japanese with the germans. Being a colony has a lot to do with the war. there are many neutral countries that was not involved with the war because it’s either they are not a colony or no strong ties with the major combatant, if you looked closely, those countries that are involved are either a colony or has a strong ties with the major combatant countries.

    Philippine and some other countries never invaded other nations so our culture is not guilty of committing an act of war.

    I worked for an american school, and in their history subject, the children are taught that the american liberated the Philippines and some other countries without elaborating more on the subject, even with the american history books, there are no mention of the Philippine war against america or the atrocities it committed, basically, children are taught that america is the good guy and the savior of all countries which of course gives the children a sense of patriotism and being proud about it and in that sense, the children becomes arrogant. I still remember, one of the kid at school told me that if it wasn’t for the american we would be speaking the Japanese language (that itself is an arrogance), i asked him if he knew anything about the history of General Smith giving a command of “kill every one over ten” and as i expected, he don’t have a clue about it.

    the point is, many Americans are arrogant because of lack of knowledge of the past.

  23. mike says

    just looking for a better life huh, draining our medical emergency rooms driving the cost of ins,not paying there bills, not paying taxes,first of all there illegal so they dont belong. alot of them commit crime like murder,dui,gang violence,rape they bring diseases that dont exist in the usa anymore they go on welfare and drain and deplete our system for legal usa residents and citizens who are entitled.they traffic drugs into our country let them stay south of the usa border where they belong.

  24. mike says

    in america we dont refer to japans language as nihongo(that maybe what it is called but we call it Japanese wise guy ! maybe thats the problem with filpinos and why they get invaded so much there a bunch of crybabys and wise asses!

  25. mike says

    i guess you blame america for your government being so corrupt also? stealing from there own people,if it wasnt for foriegn money being spent and sent back to your country from abroad how worse off would P.I be!

  26. Paul says

    Hi Rusty – Looks like another 55 gal drum is needed for the opened can!

    For historians and dabblers in trivia who may think all was peaceful in the pre-1591 islands, I’d recommend a little history of the Bontoc people, the Kalinga people, the Ifugao people, other peoples of the Cordillera Mountain region, the reasons why they fled the lowlands and who chased them.

    An island paradise is only what you make of it.

  27. dans says

    i recommend you to read history written by filipinos and not by someone from other country who briefly visited Philippine and writes a book about it as if they know everything about the country.

  28. dans says

    I don’t blame america, i have to say it again to you, I am not an anti-america, I am an anti-arrogant america. just what you are portraying right now.

  29. Paul says

    _The_Bontoc_Igorot_ by Albert Ernest Jakes, Published Manila, 1905, based on his staying with a “pueblo” (his forsaken word, not mine) of “Igorot” (an Ilocano word for “mountain people”) in the Lepanto-Bontoc region.

    The writing is not observation but what was learned from those with whom he stayed. Of course, he is limited in his use of language to that of the period in which he wrote. Jenks attempted an objective work. There happens to be bits of subjective inference that do appear, but are easily picked out.

    The work is with footnotes.

    To summarize, it is the story of a culture and all of its visible and not visible facets, as related to the author. Keep in mind this is an oral history transcribed by a foreigner – attempts to correct mistranslations, misunderstandings, etc. were made.

    Is the Laguna Copperplate Early Tagalog in culture?

  30. says

    “it is only right that the USA gives back our sovereignty back, after all, they shouldn’t be in the Philippines in the first place.” – Dans

    In fairness to the Americans, the American annexation of the Philippines that began in 1898 through 1946, although it began on a sour note, was really a wonderful era for the Filipinos after more than three centuries of stagnation and oppression under Spanish rule. On the other hand, American colonial authorities guided by successive Philippine commisions first sent to the Islands by U.S. President William McKinley actually brought progress to the Philippines for the first time in its history in MUCH LESS time than did the previous colonizer.

    In the important areas of education, health, governance, and infrastructure, where were the Filipinos under Spanish colonial rule? The Filipinos were back in medieval times, that’s where they were. They had no railroads to speak of and no viable means of communication. They had no concept of sanitation; before the Americans came, Filipinos defecated under their houses.

    Spanish friars feared an educated Indio elite, for they represented the gravest threat to friar authority; hence, the centuries of stagnation under Spanish rule. Under the American educatinal system, Filipinos learned analytical thinking, the ability to reason, and the freedom to question as opposed to the unimaginative rote system of education taught by the friars. Thanks to the boatloads of American school teachers who came over aboard the military transport USS Thomas for teaching us the English language – the universal language in today’s business, and thanks to these Thomasites, we didn’t need to mutilate our tongues like what the Koreans are presently doing to be able to speak intelligible English.

    If it weren’t for the defeat of the Spanish fleet at the Battle of Manila Bay in May 1898 at the hands of then Commodore Dewey, where would the Philippines be today? The German navy was out there cruising the Philippine waters, ready to grab the Islands had Commodore Dewey failed to demolish the Spanish fleet. Jose Rizal also believed that Japan was eyeing the Philippines in 1898 or possibly years before then as a possible addition to its empire. If it weren’t for the Americans, we would be speaking either German or Japanese today, which, in itself, is not bad. But how would you entertain the thought of having been an unwilling member of the Axis Powers in WWII, and consequently a possible venue of Hitler’s incinerator, the Dachau East? Or worse, a possible recipient of the first atomic bomb through no fault of our own?

    I could go on and on, but before I leave this topic, I would like to remind everyone what the William Howard Taft-headed Philippine Commission of 1900 was all about. That particular Commission, ladies and gentlemen, enacted about 440 laws, the majority of which was intended to serve the BEST INTERESTS of the Filipino people.

    John Reyes

  31. mike says

    you know dans if you think the spanish educational system was or is superior to the american system ,i guess since i am an idiot and your so smart you would know that spain has a law that any former country or territory of spain there citizens can move to spain and after 3 years they can become a spanish citizen.(ironic every country that spain ever invaded is a third world mickey mouse corrupt backward country.) look at germany and japan there not exactly third world countrys are they and we invaded them !

  32. says

    Hello, Dans:

    I hope you can appreciate the following video as much as I did that shows a once “sleepy Spanish town” called Manila under more than 3 centuries of Spanish rule suddenly transformed into a modern, progressive city under American administration of the Islands IN JUST 38 YEARS. The video, you will note, was made in 1938.

    While you’re at it, please also take a look at the following pictures of Manila taken just weeks before WWII, and note the American-designed art deco Jai Alai building and Quezon Bridge, and the Manila City Hall and its manicured courtyard.

    This is in no way to diminish Spanish contributions to the civilization of the Philippines; in fact there were many, chief among which was the introduction of Christianity to the Indios. (We were not called “Filipinos” then).

    The video and the pictures shown here are meant just to amplify what I have said in my previous post that, “the American annexation of the Philippines that began in 1898 through 1946, although it began on a sour note, was really a wonderful era for the Filipinos after more than three centuries of stagnation and oppression under Spanish rule.”


    John Reyes

    (I attribute the posted video and pictures to a LiP reader who was responding to a John Miele article that had no relationship to this article on “Culture Clash”).

  33. dans says

    I did not say or claim that spanish educational system is superior than everyone else, read back again.

    you think american did not impose a restriction or oppressed the philippines? how about banning our national anthem from singing it? i hope you will use the internet to learn more about the history and not just porn.

    you know what mike, with all your posts all i can sense from you is you always looked down on us and you feel superior than others, your country maybe superior BUT not you, you are a racist mike! with your attitude like that, you won’t stand a chance to stay in the Philippines longer, I wonder why did you marry a filipina? probably you need someone to take care of you when you grow old so you won’t end-up in a home care?

    you said in your one post that in your constitution you must defend your country from invasion? and now you are bragging how you invaded other country? i think you need to practice how to use critical thinking before stepping into a debate.

  34. says

    “I hope you realized the year of industrial revolution started in the late 1800…” – Dans

    That’s about a half-century off mark, Dans. The year of industrial revolution started much earlier than the late 1800s. But as someone already said, we’re getting off topic here and some folks may be starting to get irritated. If you want, we can continue this conversation outside LiP as long as we keep the discussion polite and civil. Here is my email addy: [email protected]


  35. dans says

    you are wrong again, germany and japan are not backward, as a matter of fact they are more advanced during WW2, and also, american should thank the German’s Von Braun and Albert Einstein, because their great mind makes what america is today (nuclear and rockets), I strongly suggest you really need to study history mike. it seems to me you know very less of the past, is the american education had failed you?

  36. brian says

    due to my Irish heritage I cannot resist… Dan if anyone here has a chip on thier shoulder its you, you detest arrogance yet u exhude it.
    Virtually everyone who visits this forum is pro philippines, they are by leaps and bounds more interested in the RP than 99% of others who could give a s%$% about it. Yet you pick away at the posts here by people WHO ARE HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT YOUR CULTURE! Am I proud to be and American ? Yup just as proud as you are to be Pinoy!
    Do I belittle you for being such? You challenge others to learn about YOUR history, how much do u know about MY countrys history or others outside of how it effected yours? You fail to realize how much alike we actually are, instead focusing on how different we are. Lacking knowledge about your country is not arrogance. You have a tendency to confuse ignorance with arrogance, perhaps you should look the words up. I am an american, my wife is a filipina my children are proud to be both.

  37. dans says

    I am not confused with arrogance and ignorance, however, it has an effect to each other, *an ignorant person TEND to be an arrogant and an arrogant person tend to be an ignorant. *

    and yes i tried to learn as much as i could with the history of other countries especially those who are involved shaping the Philippine’s civilization, saying that “if it wasn’t for the american we would be speaking Japanese?” that *itself* is an arrogance because you are ignorant of our history, you probably had said it because you fail to know our past. so arrogance and ignorance has some relation to each other.

    how you or your wife would feel if some american approach her and tell her that she should be thankful to the american because she is now a civilized person? (as if she never been a civilized person before you met her) or how about if someone tell your children they should be thankful to the american because their father is an american? how your children would feel about it?

    it is not me who is finding the difference between us, it is mostly you (the west) who keeps telling the whole world how inferior or different we are from you and how superior and advanced you are. the topic itself is a clear sign of how an american perceive our culture as backward and different from yours, just because we do things differently doesn’t mean we are a backward nation.

  38. brian says

    if it wasn’t for the american we would be speaking Japanese?” not arrogance…just a simple fact, no other entity had the ability to force back the japanese, u say u may have prefered the japanese?
    Read up on the history of its occupation of your country. Tossing babies in the air as they bayonetted them for fun sounds kinda brutal to me. Rape a young girl and then slash her throat so there is no chance she could concieve a “dog child”. Invaded the RP because its an american colony? Come ooonnnn, you claim to know history but you do not know WWII history of your own country.
    The RP was a stepping off point for further domination, this is fact.
    If arrogance is what ails you there are a few korean / philippine sites where arrogance is tapped right out of the keg!

  39. dans says

    you think only Japanese have done that to Filipino? read up on phil-american war, you would probably see the atrocities they committed too. BOTH japan and america wasted many Filipino lives just for fun and even today americans still continue to rape our women, come on don’t tell me you know WW2 history than me while you confused yourself the era of american invasion of the Philippines. where do you think the first Japanese bomb dropped at in the Philippines?

    “if it wasn’t for the american we would be speaking Japanese?” not arrogance…just a simple fact”

    you must be joking lol!. 300 years with Spain we still retained our own language, does Indian people speak with British accent too? or how about Chinese in Macau do they speak Portuguese? or how about in Hawaii did they lose their native language? new language can be integrated into local language but you cannot ever ever make it to disappear., it is inevitable with or without the american, Philippines will evolve into a civilized nation just it has done before the Spaniard invaded us.

    so does your wife gave birth to a “dog child”

  40. brian says

    ouch! we still love ya dan , maybe we can meet for a few shots of tanduay my next trip?…I think I would really really enjoy that shot.:)

  41. says

    Hi Rusty. Great article & controvercy, as usual. I have finally made it as far as Cebu Rusty. Write me a contact note & I,ll meet you & buy lunch, at your convenience. Be nice to meet. Guy

  42. roy says

    In Chicago too, there are lost of illegal pit bull fighting going on. That NFL player Vicks was convicted of animal cruelty bec of his penchant for fighting. Cock fighting is legal in the Phil, that’s only makes it different.

  43. dans says

    I know my country’s history as far as when the philippines was not even discovered by the Europeans yet, yours is just as far as during the WW2. the chronology is this.. spanish -> british -> spanish -> american -> japan -> american

  44. dans says

    It is only right the USA protects the Philippines during WW2 and that is simply because WE ARE AN AMERICAN COLONY (in case you don’t know) even before japan invaded the Philippines, and even if the Japanese succeeded, we won’t be speaking Japanese it is very impossible to speak Japanese. Nihongo is a lot easier though.

  45. dans says

    hi roy,

    the problem i am seeing with many americans is that, the history taught to them is far from the truth of the actual event, in US history, the philippine-american war is known as “Philippine Insurrection” and NOT “Philippine-American war”, bear in mind “insurrection” is different from “war”

    many americans thought that we are under their rule after the spain, what they did not know is that the Philippine declared its independence from spain before the US claimed it as a territory. Aguinaldo signed the independence on June 12, 1898 and ratified on october of the same year, The treaty of paris to end spanish-american war was signed not until Dec 10 1898. in short, we are an independent country just for a few months and the US invaded Philippines after the paris treaty. Therefore, the conflict between US-Phil is a WAR and not insurrection as many believed.

  46. mike says

    if it wasn’t for the usa you would be speaking Japanese right now, and because of the usa you stopped having to speak spanish and because of the usa you now can speak english! you should be thankful for americans just as i am thankful for my filipino wife.

  47. dans says

    you are an idiot mike!. you are lacking the ability to understand the history of the philippines, Spain has been in the philippines for over 300 years and YET we still speak our own language? Chinese has been in our country more than the spanish and yet we still speak our own language, your logic in reasonings are all flawed mike, English is NOT from america I hope you are aware of that!

  48. dans says

    so basically, you are attributing all the crimes in the states to illegals, migrants and all other nationalities that are not american? are you an american mike? are you truly an american mike? are you sure that your family is not an immigrant too?

  49. dans says

    we already know how so speak English from the British, the English language has been spoken in my country even before the american arrived. all the american did was, they make the american English as the primary language, as far as learning it, I’ll give the credit to the British.

  50. says

    hate to say it., but you seem to represent what i hate about the ignorant arrogant american. you’re doing a great disservice to your countrymen who are coming in here with an inquisitive & rational mind.

    wave your dixie flag somewhere else.

  51. mike says

    all i know is my father inlaws both parents were killed by the Japanese during ww2 and he told me he was pretty happy to see the americans arrive in the philippines.

  52. dans says

    I am not a wise guy mike, how can i believe that you know well the country if can’t even identify the language? if you are having trouble learning the very simple word to describe a language, and you are so arrogant when somebody corrected you, what more we can expect from you? Philippines has so many visitor from other countries and all we can hear from them are their arrogance toward the host country.

  53. says

    mike, wherever you in america you are from, i suggest going into your local library or even a simple google search. nihongo is the japanese language.

    next time you step into a debate, make sure you got your argument right. because looking stupid AND THEN insulting filipinos in a philippine based website only makes us laugh at you.

    don’t forget to pick up whatever’s left of your IQ on your way out.

  54. Paul says

    The history I refer to is that, while recorded by a “foreigner,” are the words of the elders of the peoples themselves. These are not “missionary observations” or “navigational comments” but true cultural histories presented by the peoples’ elders.

    These are not “history of the Philippines” books. These are histories of the “pre-Filipino” – the individual cultures that abounded more than the number of islands Pilipinas. You may even find works, limited however, of the ancestors of modern Aeta, who are considered indiginous to the islands.

    btw, these peoples had languages, alphabets, and writings as well, but were not as proliferate (read: didn’t have time to waste setting pen to paper) thus oral histories were kept by many. These histories were what were set to print by “foreigners” who had the time and purpose to do so.

    (and, yes, I have read a few of them.)

    Have a nice day.

  55. dans says

    I can only stretch my history as far as the laguna copperplate I am still studying the history of my country, do you have any books to recommend for my further reading?

  56. dans says

    laguna copperplate was the first document ever discovered, it is written in kawi script, the plate was written around 900 AD the date was actually written and it is the Year of Syaka 822 month of Vaisakha (strongly suggest the presence of indian people in the philippines), the plate is about a pardon from the chief of tundu and the releasing of all debt of a certain kati and swarna.

    I am trying to avoid books that are just translated, the problem is there are many english words that has no translation in tagalog and vice versa, so the accuracy is questionable.

  57. says

    In your research of Philippine history, have you ever come across a reference to bamboo tubes found on the island of Mindoro in the 1930s with ancient Indic inscriptions on them? Translated, some of the narratives describe a pre-hispanic era wedding ceremony. This rare material is held by the Asian Division of the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. The LCI (Laguna Copperplate Inscription)on the other hand is a fairly recent discovery.

  58. says

    “i think the reason why the USA is the way it is now is because of all the micro managing and ultra far left people who have taken over this country and have weakened us” – Mike

    Hey, Mike, first off, I admire you for referring to the Japanese as “Japanese”, instead of “Japs” as someone else did early in this thread.

    Secondly, depending on your political orientation, I think the ultra far left was the perfect antidote to the ultra conservative right whose arrogant philosophy was chiefly resposible for the militarization of U.S. foreign policies and mindless global interventionism in the last 60 years following WWII, which, in turn, led to 9/11 and consequently, the Iraq War. You can disagree, but this is what I believe.

    Yet, we continue to ask, “Why do they hate us?” The answer was right under our noses, but we were in complete denial. I believe we have lost the respect of the world – until Obama came along – because of our constant meddling in the affairs of others in our zeal to spread our brand of democracy, which we now realize was incompatible with certain cultures. The neocons that inhabited the once-powerful Pentagon defense board – the architects of the Iraq War with the spiritual guidance of Bernard Lewis of the “Clash of Civilizations” fame – are now all gone, only to be replaced by the likes of Anne Coulter, Michelle Malkin, John Bolton, Charles Krauthammer and Bill Kristol to carry the ultra-conservative right’s torch, while chanting the same old, tired line about this country going to the dogs because of the Leftists and immigrants.

    Thirdly, I will have to disagree with the argument that we have become weak because the ultra-far Left has taken over the U.S. of A as you have asserted. On the contrary, I think we are as strong as ever economically, if not stronger. But if what you mean by “weak” is militarily weak, correct me if I am wrong, isn’t this administration’s defense budget actually larger than the previous administration’s?

    Further, I know of no wholesale dismantling of major weapons platforms or programs under the Obama administration, and our force projection consisting of (12?) carrier battle groups is still very much intact. Anchored by a nuclear powered aircraft carrier laden with fighter jets armed with precision-guided munitions and escorted by missile cruisers, destroyers, frigates and attack submarines, these carrier battle groups are still at sea or at home base.

    To put you mind at ease, no country in the world at present or in the foreseeable future could hope to match the U.S. Navy when it comes to force projection and application, or simply by showing the flag. But with Obama as the C-in-C, for the next 4 years at least, there won’t be any cowboy application of this force. You can rest be assured that this awesome military power without peer will never be used to intimidate anyone intentionally or to spread democracy in the Middle East or any region whose inhabitants are at home with their unique culture and form of government.

    Indeed, I have voted for Obama not for reasons of economy, health, education, taxes or anything, but on three things and three things only:

    1) Obama’s stance on foreign relations which is a total repudiation of the right-wingers’ and neocons’ idea that all Muslims were to blame for 9/11;

    2) the special brand of diplomacy that Obama brings to the presidency, which holds that America is no longer the world bully that it was thought to be, but is instead a prudent listener to what other nations have to say, rather than an arrogant lecturer;

    3) Obama’s world view that is based on the rule of law and a genuine desire to regain America’s lost prestige, respect, and credibility abroad.

    Is it a wonder that Obama was nominated for the Nobel prize for peace?

    John Reyes

  59. dans says

    I agree to give some credit to the americans, However, what you describe mostly are not true, before the american came, there are universities established in philippines by the spaniards the education system was similar or at par with the europeans, our telegraph was first installed in the 1873 and electricity in 1895, our railroad was first installed in 1892, our water work was installed 1882 and the botanical garden was in 1858. i could go on and on as well and many things in the philippines was introduced by the spaniards and not by the americans as many believed, so philippine would not be in the medieval time as what you think.

    as a matter of fact, spain sold the philippines to usa and everything was unknown to the filipinos (it is like your neighbor sold your house without your knowledge), when the americans came to the Philippines we were led to believe that americans are there to help the filipinos to fight the common enemy (the spaniards) as it turned out, the americans has a strong interest in the country because of the so called “golden nugget” by albert beveridge.

    Philippine’s case was considered by many historian as an example of “American Imperialism”

    where the philippines would be without the americans? most likely under spanish rule or we would be on our own as a sovereign nation , remember this, philippine has a historical trade with other nations particularly with the neighboring countries before the european’s came to the philippines.

  60. dans says

    hi john,

    I hope you realized the year of industrial revolution started in the late 1800, what you are trying to demonstrate is spain has been in the philippines sine the 1521 and the progress is somewhat “slow” while the americans improved the infrastructure for just 38 years? it is like saying why not have a cellphone and internet in the 1950’s? and not today? it is ridiculous to compare “what is what” in the late 1500’s to late 1800.

  61. dans says

    hi john,

    I know we are way way off topic, i won’t get into more debate, I am sure you can find other reading materials about industrial revolution particularly the second industrial revolution.

  62. says

    did you read my whole paragraph. obviously not i said there not third world meaning there pretty advanced! partly because of how the usa built them back up after ww2

  63. says

    we didnt invade japan,germany,philippines for the sake of conquest we did it to free europe from nazi germany we invaded and destroyed japan because we were attacked and like you said P.I was our colony.sounds like you have hatred towards kanos. if i was racist i doubt i would marry a filipina and have children. mister know it all . and no one is superior to anyone race ,creed or color, at least in the usa we dont discriminate we have a african american president ,a woman secretary of state and speaker of the house. in P.I people are far more judgmental towards foreigners we are not even allowed to own land .and it isn’t america that sells in there stores whitening cream so its brown citizens can look more white. (like in p.i)AND IN p.i THERE IS AGE DISCRIMINATION towards hiring people to work if they are to old or have children. i could go on but since you seem to know everything there is about everything and i have such a sub standard education . i guess i will give up mister know it all! and i will say good luck to you mr dans

  64. dans says

    I am not an anti-kano, I only despise people who think that they are superior than others, you said you are not a racist but your post said it otherwise

    i’ll quote you maybe you have memory lapses.

    “just looking for a better life huh, draining our medical emergency rooms driving the cost of ins,not paying there bills, not paying taxes,first of all there illegal so they dont belong. alot of them commit crime like murder,dui,gang violence,rape they bring diseases that dont exist in the usa anymore they go on welfare and drain and deplete our system for legal usa residents and citizens who are entitled.they traffic drugs into our country let them stay south of the usa border where they belong.”

    it looks like you are targeting the Mexicans with your post and generalizing them too.

    USA has no discrimination? you must be joking (unless you believe what the Hollywood and media tells you)

  65. dans says

    we don’t have age discrimination (that is how you perceive it because you are ignorant of the facts in the Philippines), jobs in the Philippine is too scarce, there’s not much job to go around, Philippines is trying its best to provide jobs for the newly graduates so they can have a work experience if they need to work someplace else. go to manila and you will find old people still employed. it is not the Philippine government putting an age limit IT IS THE FOREIGN COMPANY who started it and now it become a trend among companies.

    Philippines is too small, it can only be compared to Texas, if our government will allow foreigners to own land it is cheaper for the foreigner to own one while the poor Filipinos cannot even afford a square foot of land. allowing the foreigner to own land will mean that real estate businesses will pump their prices up to where a foreigner can afford it and not the local people (as a matter of fact IT IS HAPPENING NOW). I hope you realize that kind of scenario.

  66. says


    i’m just going to slip into this tuffle for this compliment. you are so kicking butt with your arguments. in fact, i’ve used some of them in the past (i.e. “insurrection”/”war” argument).

    years ago, i chose the Fil-Am war as my final college thesis in US history (i graduated in california), you’d enjoy to see how surprised everyone was with the report, complete with “pacific blackface” newspaper illustrations & water boarding photographs (this was before 9/11).

    to be fair, if the same report was told to regular pinoys, they would be as surprised to hear about it. this a war unfamiliar to both sides nowadays.

    to the non-pinoys reading,

    it’s good to understand this chapter of philippine history to better understand our sentiments. filipino-american ties are strong & well known. much good has come out of it. but know that words like “gooks” (or “goo-goo hunting”), “little brown brothers” were uncommon & left a trail of (at least) a quarter million filipinos dead. This too is very much part of both our history.

    know this quote:
    “the more you kill and burn the better it will please me.” was uttered by a US general who set the age range to kill at 10 years old… and then later slapped with very light punishment (retirement with commendation).

    I don’t mean to open old (very, very old) wounds. this was long ago. but the arguments above was going into history and i thought i’d throw in some important fact.

    so, please, don’t imply that the pinoys need to look at the US as our knight in shining armor, fully indebted and worthy to be struck down if we show the least bit of valid criticism.

    so, where were we? oh, yeah. about those roosters…

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