When you come to live in the Philippines, or any other developing country, you have to get used to a lot of things.  Beggars nearly everywhere you go, different attitudes, different ways of treating people and such are all things that require adjustment.  I have to say that I have been able to adjust to most all of these kinds of things.

One thing that rubs me the wrong way, though, is when I see people being blatantly exploited.  Exploitation comes in many forms and can be done in many different ways.  Sometimes people with a little more money exploit those who are in the lower rungs of society.  Sometimes local companies exploit their workers.

Over this past weekend, I came across a situation where a major International Company exploited both it’s employees, and amazingly, they also exploited their customers, in my opinion.  The company I am talking about is McDonald’s.  McDonald’s Philippines is a local corporation and operated as a Philippine Company. But, let’s face it, if the “mother corporation” in the USA lays down a law, I have no doubt that it could be forced on McDonald’s Philippines as well.

McDonalds Delivery
McDonalds Delivery

It all started a few weeks back when I was doing some research in regards to Philippine e-Commerce websites, their functionality and such, in preparation for an article I was writing on another website.  I came upon McDonald’s Philippines website for food delivery in the Philippines.  It was a good looking site, so I decided to try it out and see how the functionality was.  I ordered ice cream sundaes for everybody in the house, to be delivered.  My order was done 100% through their website.  After about 10 minutes, I got a call from McDonald’s call center in Manila to verify my order and make sure it was really me who ordered (a fraud prevention technique).  The phone call went smoothly and my order was delivered without a hitch, within about 30 minutes.  To be honest, I was surprised and impressed with the way the transaction happened.

This past weekend, I decided to place a second order through the McDonald’s delivery website.  I ordered some chicken and a few other things.  My order went smoothly and after checking out, I got a notice on my screen saying that my order was being processed.  However, I got no e-mail confirmation of the order (which I did get on my previous order), and I got no phone call as I had previously gotten.  About an hour went by, and my order had not been delivered.  I went back to the McDonald’s website to see if I could contact the delivery department and see what was going on, and their website said that it was “Closed for Maintenance.”  Feyma and I figured that somehow our order had been lost in the shuffle.  We waited about 30 more minutes, and since the order had still not been delivered, we sent our niece to McDonald’s to pick up what we wanted.  The total for the items was about P500, about $12.    Our niece brought the items home, and we ate.

About an hour after eating, the McDonald’s delivery guy showed up at our house, with our order in hand.  Feyma asked me what she should do.  I told her to ask the delivery guy what would happen if we refused the order, given that we had already gone and bought it ourselves, and that it had been hours since we ordered.  When she asked the guy, he got very nervous and said that if we did not pay, he would be forced to pay himself!  Well, let me tell you, P500 is about 2 to 3 days pay for a guy who makes deliveries like that.  Can you imagine being out 2 to 3 days pay when you did nothing wrong, but it was the company you worked for that made a mistake.  Of course, I told Feyma to go ahead and pay for the food, and just store it in the Fridge for lunch the next day, or whatever.

Now, here, you had a situation where I truly believe that a top rank company was exploiting their worker by forcing him to pay out of his own pocket for food that the company itself messed up on royally.  Secondly, I believe that McDonald’s is, in effect, exploiting their customers by putting the customer in a situation where they had to either pay twice for food, or put a lowly delivery man in a situation where he would be docked 3 days pay when it was no fault of his own.  Hey, P500 is no big deal to me, and I can assure you that P500 is no big deal to McDonald’s either.  But, instead of taking the P500 hit for their own mistake they put the burden on the worker, and then on the customer.

Shame on you, McDonald’s.  And, if anybody in the mother corporation in the USA happens to see this article, I really feel ashamed that a US Corporation would accept it when one of their workers would be treated in such a way.

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Bob Martin is the Publisher & Editor in Chief of the Live in the Philippines Web Magazine. Bob is an Internet Entrepreneur who is based in Davao. Bob is an American who has lived permanently in Mindanao since May 2000. Here in Mindanao, Bob has resided in General Santos City, and now in Davao City. Bob is the owner of this website and many others.

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  1. Mike says

    Nice story, Bob, thanks for sharing. BTW, if you wish to write to their Corporate office in Manila here is their POC data:
    McDonald’s Philippines
    Golden Arches Development Corp.
    17th Fl, CitiBank Center
    Paseo De Roxas, Makati City
    Phone* : 632-815-4708
    Fax* : 632-815-4543

    • MindanaoBob says

      Ha ha… yeah, McDo can afford those nice scooters, but has to make their delivery guy cover for their P500 mistake! 😆

  2. Paul Thompson says

    Did you send a copy of your article to McDonald’s Stateside, as I’d be surprised if they knew this was happening. It might be enough to help out those delivery people.

    • MindanaoBob says

      I hope they would be, Heinz. I personally feel that this kind of action that they are involved in damages the company image!

  3. Jason Dance says

    Hello Bob

    It’s not only McDonald’s employees who would suffer that kind of consequence. Many delivery options from fast food chains in Cebu do this a lot…it had happened to us once when we ordered Pizza hut for the clan. My father-in-law was so infuriated that he and I went to the employes job and made sure he would not have to pay from his pocket! I do realize that exploitation takes many forms expecially in a 3rd world country, but it’s shamefull that a western chain that is internationally recognized would abide by this. My 2cents since I haven’t posted in a while! Cheers everyone.

    • MindanaoBob says

      You are so right, Jason! Even stores and other non-delivery positions are done like this in many Philippine companies. Like you, I despise that an international company like McDonald’s is acting like this!

  4. says

    Had a similar instance happen to a family member here. I think, in this case, it was a scam.

    She worked in a local hotel and it seems that the employees are responsible for the guest’s bill if they happen to skip out.

    In this instance management had brought in a family/group that were friends or close acquaintances. Staff was told to take good care of them. They stayed close to a week.

    Well just prior to when they were supposed to leave it seems they skipped. Bill was not paid. Staff was told they would have their wages garnished until the bill was made good.

    What it amounted to was that these poor people were working for free (this wasn’t the first time they were required to pay for a skipping customer), and the management’s guest got a free stay. A pretty good deal for everyone but the exploited employees.

    Not sure about the labor laws here, but something like this should surely be stopped.

  5. says

    Thanks for the article, Bob. That was cool to see that McDonald’s delivers – wow! I would have never imagined that. However, I don’t think that McDonald’s is using this system to exploit their workers; I think that McDonald’s and other companies use this system to guarantee delivery since employees can’t always be trusted to be honest and timely. I can imagine many ways in which employees could rip off McDonald’s through this delivery system. However, I do think that McDonald’s should have a system in which you could refuse to pay based on certain criteria. Perhaps there would be a form that you could quickly fill out and sign, followed by a call from the company afterwards to confirm the reasons for non-payment. Actually, it is hard to believe that they don’t already have such a system since obviously things don’t always go according to plan when you deliver food. I think that you should be a consultant for McDonald’s. By the way, do these delivery people usually get tips?

    • MindanaoBob says

      Hi David, well personally I don’t think that employee theft is an issue here, but you never know.

      Regarding tipping, tipping is not really part of the culture here. I do tip some people who provide services, but have never tipped a food delivery person. It just is not expected.

  6. John Heitz says

    Good article Bob. I was just wondering if you confirmed with Mac Do if the guy would have to pay? Maybe that is just a scam they tell the delivery guys to but the customers in a tight situation. It would have been interesting to contact the local Mac Do and see what the manager says. Also to follow up with the delivery guy then if they made him pay or put heat on him. I feel he or you would not have to pay if local management was involved. I agree a lot of people get the shaft here. Just an angle I was looking at.

  7. Andi says

    Nice article, Bob! Just stop buying at this company, I would not support such a company which is ruining almost every local food culture in the world buy selling cheap, unhealthy junk. That they exploit their workers – sad enough. MC exploits everyone in the whole supply chain: animals, farmers, environment, suppliers, salesworkers, delivery workers and actually also the customers (compared to its quality the food is absolutely overrated and overpriced!) I know what I’m talking about, I don’t buy there for many years. I see absolutely NO reason to buy a product from McDonalds, I never had a situation in my life wherein there was no other option.
    Nice regards from germany
    following your blog for years :-)

  8. Jonno says

    Yep i heard of a foreigner in our hotel ordering a pizza for his bird and himself and ended up being delivered 3 pizzas. The delivery guy was almost in tears but we ended up buying one and another group of people paid for one so alls well ends well

  9. says

    Horrible… but sadly not the only US company in Philippines that have that policy. I was told by a employee in Donkin Donuts that they must pay for what is unsold in the shop. I will try to find details about it and go on and complain. How many unsold Donuts can a employee and the family eat every day…

  10. Bob New York says

    While reading your article Bob, I also wondered if it was a scam cooked up by the delevery person. From all of the comments though I see this is not the case. I am not sure if company owned and franchise stores operate differently in this respect. The Jollibee locations in Iligan are all franchise operations. Next time I am there I am going to stop by the office of the franchisee to say hello and I will inquire how they handle this.

    Things like this are why I ( and maybe other western country visitors ) tip to the point of overtipping compared to the local custom. I have never ordered food delivery when I am there but after reading this article, if I ever do, I’ll be patient if it is not delivered when promised and I’ll tip the delivery person. In the primary hotel where I stay when I come to visit, I even tip the housekeeping person Not to do their daily routine on my room. I don’t want to have to move my stuff around for them, When I see them on their morning rounds, I’ll go out to their supply cart, exchange towels etc. and have them hand me the daily supplies they would ordinairly put in my room. I give them a 100 peso tip and tell them that the time they would have spent on my room, take a break and buy yourself some refreshments. For the past 4 visits I have seen the same houskeeping people where I stay and am always greeted with a smile and a ” Hello Sir “.

    • MindanaoBob says

      Hi Bob, well I am not sure if the franchise owner will speak openly about this policy, but it would be interesting to hear what he tells you.

  11. Gary Wigle says

    They do the same thing in the States Bob… Someone takes a bad check or credit card and they are stuck with it. It has happened to me when I was a kid in Kansas working in a gas station. Still happens at the supermarkets in the States. Hotels lose about 5% each year.

    • MindanaoBob says

      Hi Gary, perhaps some do. I worked in retail management (grocery and discount chain stores) for many years, and I have never heard of such a practice in the States. If we accepted a bad check, that was on the company, certainly not on our employees. If an employee did not follow the proper procedure and that led to a loss, the employee may lose their job, but would never have to reimburse the loss.

  12. Papa Duck says

    I want to believe Mcdonalds US doesn’t know this is going on. They could really take a big public relations hit if they did. I just feel so sorry for the workers. One mistake made and they won’t get paid the little money they get for a few days. A big corporation like mcdonalds can easily absorb any mistake made by any employee or by the company itself. Take care and have a nice day

    • MindanaoBob says

      Hi PapaDuck – amazing thing to me is that in this case the employee made no mistake at all, it was the company that messed up, but the lowly employee is liable. Like you, I hope the US mother corporation does not know, but I hope they find out.

  13. Larry Saum says

    I don’t think I have ever even considered ordering a food delivery like this when I visited the Philippines. When visiting with my wife’s family, most food was prepared at home by the household help, and with my wife’s participation. We did eat out at restaurants, including McDo, Burger King, and Jollybee, among others. I found the variations interesting, esp. at McDonald’s when the menu included spaghetti, and the table service included a bowl of white rice. When traveling across country ( in Luzon), we often stopped at restaurants that were local, and not part of large chains. The menus included pancit, fried ore white rice, fish and various vegetables and other Philippine standard foods, served family style. The prices were much lower. These places were picked out by my wife’s relatives as I was just riding along with a group of Filipinos.

    I haven’t made orders for home delivery in the US either. I do occasionally order a pizza on-line with Pizza Hut, for a pick-up and then go and get it myself. Sometimes I go to a KFC and pick up a bucket of chicken carry-out meal. I guess I’m just in a different pattern of habits. I hadn’t even heard of a McDonalds doing a food delivery service. Only a few pizza places. An interesting article.

    • MindanaoBob says

      Hi Larry, McDonalds delivers in all of the bigger cities here, as do most other larger type restaurants. Quite convenient for those times when needed. :-)

  14. Larry Saum says

    I just remembered one of my early dates with my wife in Olongapo, in about 1972, when we went to a restaurant that served pancakes. When the pancakes were served, I saw a little pitcher on the table that looked like a pitcher of syrup, similar to what one might find at IHOP (intenational house of pancakes) in the US. I proceded to put some on my pancakes, while my wife and the waiter both were telling me to stop. I found out that it wasn’t syrup when I tasted it. It was Patis, fish oil. The restaurant was kind enough to get me a new order of pancakes, and we all had a good laugh. My wife will occassionally still remind me of that and we have a good laugh.

  15. James Watt says

    Hello Bob.

    Unfortunately, from observations, it looks like the staff are considered to be dishonest.
    Some of the stores (e.g City Hardware) go to great lengths to reduce theft by employees. The last time we went to the Tagum store, the staff had badges forbidding tips. The uniforms were short on pockets.

    Large shops in our nearest town, employ staff to spy on the staff. Checkout staff pay for any shortages in the till, when the tally sheet is checked.

    It is very annoying for us to be followed about the shops, I have told many staff they are treating US as potential shoplifters, so we threaten to walk out.

    It seems that the ‘exploitation’ you claim, is really more of ‘loss control’?

    Regards James

    • MindanaoBob says

      Hi James, to be honest, I have not experienced that kind of thing at City Hardware, I will have to watch a little closer next time. Interesting to hear that.

  16. Joe P says

    Is anyone surprised that corporations mistreat their employees? if you are then guess what, your not paying attention. Even in the good old USA.

    Then these same corporations use the bad eggs on our side to justify their greed and mistreatment.

  17. Gerry Gambone says

    Does sound like an unfair practice, two or three of these a week and the poor guy has to pay McDonalds for the privelidge to work for them. Fair play to you Bob on paying and taking the food, I hope you complain to McDonalds, if this gets out in the west it could be a PR disaster for them…..only thing I like and eat from McDonalds are the milk shakes.

    • MindanaoBob says

      That’s true, Gerry, would be terrible if the fellow had to pay McDonalds for the right to work for them! ha ha

      McDonald’s in the Philippines does not have shakes!

  18. David S. says

    Nice article Bob. Thanks for sharing.

    Having worked in the industry there is another perspective you might want to consider. Many customers pay cash on delivery (COD). The only record of the transaction in this case is the delivery person’s acknowledgement that they were paid. What’s to prevent them from saying they weren’t paid and pocketing the cash? If they return with the order intact, how does the owner know if they decided not to deliver the order or just failed to find the intended recipient? In this case what’s worse, firing the delvery person for incompetance or allowing him to pay for the order, keep the food for himself, and save his job?

    I realize McDonald’s is a big company but most of the franchises are individually owned (at least in the states). As such they are small business owners. Their profit margin isn’t as big as you might think. It’s easy to point a finger and say that big, wealthy company is picking on the little guy.

    • MindanaoBob says

      Hi David – In the Philippines, COD is the only payment option. In this case, the person should not be fired, nor made to pay, because it was the company’s fault. They delivered the order 3 hours late (we were actually going to bed at the time the order was delivered). Also, their website went down, not allowing us to follow up. It was a grand screw up by the company, not the poor delivery fellow.

  19. Dave Hill says

    Two questions come to mind: 1/ was the guy really telling you the truth when he said he had to pay out of his pocket; 2/ who is ordering take-out from McDonalds? It strikes me as very strange to expect McDonalds to deliver food in the Philippines. No wonder something weird happened. I guess I never order take-out. It seems a rather dicy proposition especially in the Philippines. I would get on my motorcycle and travel to someplace to eat or jsut walk to a nearby eatery. Of course I live in a downtown area near the plaza where people and small restaurants are. I don’t live in a distant development where a bothersome trip prevents me from leaving the house.

  20. James Watt says

    I wonder if Mac’ HQ treats the Franchisees in an exploitative manner?
    “You buy the goods, you sell on. Any loss or lack of sale is your problem”
    Benetton worked like that.
    BTW I never go to Mac’ I just don’t like what’s on offer.

    Bob, where we’re lodging in Davao near SM City, I. think there is a City Hardware store. Maybe before we go home. we’ll pop in?

    • MindanaoBob says

      Hi James – I could meet you at SM for coffee if you like! You can find my cellphone number under the “Contact Us” page here on the site, just call or text me to set up a time.

  21. John Adams says

    Interesting article….

    I waited to make my comments because I wanted to see the general reaction.

    My comments as follows, please feel free to correct me but have proven facts and not more emotions..

    1. There are many food chains that now accept credit cards on delivery. I will give you an example: when visiting the Subic area last month, I ordered pizza from Yellow Cab in the Subic Freeport ( I was not staying there but with friend’s near Subic town.) The delivery boy accepted my Visa Card and had a portable machine that ran by wireless and accepted the payment. I DID tip (as I always do-having lived in the Philippines now full-time over 15 years-I find nothing wrong with that and please don’t insult Filipinos by saying they don’t expect/appreciate a tip as they do because it always helps their financial situation) the delivery boy. I lived for 17 years in Europe and most restaurants don’t expect tips because it is in form of a 10-15% service charge included in the bill BUT almost everyone leaves their spare change as a tip.
    2. Today I had a talk with an owner of a multi McDonald’s restaurants here in Manila and he stated that the policy you stated is only used when there is proof that the delivery boy didn’t do the job as directed by the employee manual. He further stated that once the website has verified the first time that you are a “real” customer their computer stores that info so they will not call to verify the second time as long as the info is the same as when you make the initial call.

    3. I live in Metro Manila and many, many order-out restaurants in fact accept credit cards on home delivery. Most pre-confirm your payment over the phone before the order is delivery -just like in the States. They have been doing this for years and I continue to avail of many of them from fast food to major restaurants.

    4. Lastly, there was a new Cyber-Crime Bill signed into law this week and, unfortunately, there is a part about libel. Having been a lawyer for most of my life, I was surprised that your normal writing (which is tremendous) turned over emotional this time. Until they repeal that libel part of the law, I would be very, very careful of the statements you make (even general) about persons or even worse major corporations here in the Philippines. The owner of the Golden Arches Corporation here is a very aggressive business man with a very thin skin as far as his business is concerned. I have indeed met him back in 1999. He is a decent man and I do not believe that he needs or wants to take advantage of any delivery boys. It just is not worth it!
    Lastly, I can surely understand you and the comment writer’s concerns on protecting the “little guys” here in the Philippines. I have always had a heavy heart and a light hand in giving help in anyway to the people around me that are less fortunate.
    My feelings are that the article was written from your heart based on your personal experience but not thinking about other surrounding realities. This is all IMHO.

    Written with the most sincerity,


    • MindanaoBob says

      Hi John – Well, I don’t think that I used emotions previously, only reported what happened.

      1. I know of no food chain in Davao that accepts credit cards for online orders or any kind of delivery. The McDo website does not accept credit cards, and the delivery personnel have no credit card machines when they deliver. In fact, the McDo site specifically asks what size bill you will pay with so that they can bring proper change when they come to deliver.

      2. I personally talked to the manager of McDonald’s after this incident and he told me that the policy was exactly as the delivery guy stated it to me. I did, however, suspect that one of the reasons they did not call me after ordering was that I had been a previous customer, but had no way to verify that at the time.

      3. I am not in Metro Manila, and I can assure you that McDo does not accept credit cards on deliveries in Davao. What happens in Manila is really of no concern to me. They might take credit cards in Boston, New York, Manila or Delhi.. but only what happens in Davao affects me.

      4. I wrote the article days after the event, and I was not emotional when I wrote it. I only stated the facts of the event.

  22. Chris says

    Bob, Called McD Copr Office here in the US.. They tell me that McDs Philippines has a say onthis sort of issue, However I informed them that Filipinos do not associate McDs as a Philippines Company, but as a US specific company and this should be a concern about the “image” McD has globally and the US Corp Offices shouold be aware of the practices of their International companies for this reason. I further informed them that they have a moral and ethical obligation to inform the Corp bosses both here and in the Philippines of this problem. I para phrased your article, and I was told that this information would be passed onto the appropriate personnel both stateside and in the Philippine Corp Offices. Of course, we can only hope that this will actually happen and things will change in this regard, but ultimately we may never know IF the info ever makes it past the answering party :-( but at least I have tried to help correct a wrong and that is all we can do.

  23. says

    It’s just another typical example of poor Filipino customer service, where there’s no protection for the buyer if the company’s part of the bargain is not upheld.
    When we were flooded out of our subdivision a few years ago we had to spend the night in the Microtel nearby. So we ordered a Pizza from Yellow Cab Damosa (beside the hotel). We ordered about 10:30pm.. no pizza and we fell asleep. Well guess who came knocking at 1:30am. They finally delivered our pizza. Now why would I want a now cold pizza in the middle of the night when we had already fallen asleep?
    Another thing that bugs me about the fast food places.. they always advertise something that will get you into the restaurant, and then when you’re there it’s “not yet available.” Like when Greenwich pizza advertised onion rings or wings on top of the pizza.. and we went in there just to try it, it wasn’t available so we ate there anyways. Or when we went back and ordered a small size of the same pizza and were informed the wings would not fit on it and perhaps just order a side of them. Or when Yellow Cab advertises a 4 seasons pizza, and only has 3 seasons available – but won’t substitute the 4th flavour for anything else. I try not to be an ugly foreigner but stuff like that really boggles my mind.. anyways it always cheers us up laughing about it as we walk away.

    • MindanaoBob says

      Hi Stacey – Oh boy, so you experienced almost identical to what I do. Sorry to hear that.

      I know what you mean about stuff not being available. Often, if we order something advertised on TV we hear “oh, that is only available in Manila” or something similar. Not a good thing!

  24. John Adams says

    “I am not in Metro Manila, and I can assure you that McDo does not accept credit cards on deliveries in Davao. What happens in Manila is really of no concern to me. They might take credit cards in Boston, New York, Manila or Delhi.. but only what happens in Davao affects me.”
    I can understand this statement but then why do you run a web magazine that states ” Live in the Philippines – The Web Magazine for Expats in the Philippines and Those Who Want To Be”? Why do you have writers such as John M and Paul Thompson plus others that write great articles not concerned with Davao directly. I had understood that this was a magazine for the entire Philippines-I guess I have been wrong in my belief. I responded to a reader’s comment that stated no fast food establishment takes credit cards in Metro Manila and you accepted that blindly as it suited the basis of your article. I responded in good faith as having lived in Metro Manila for 15+ years and stated the truth. I apologize for writing my comments as you seem to be an “expert” on everything here even though there are many of us that have lived and worked here longer then you.

    I will not venture any more comments on your blog as this blog seems to be only about the same small group of people’s opinions that daily comment on your posts on the Philippines. For the many more world-wide readers that don’t comment but allow your info to affect their judgement on living in the Philippines, it is not always true and accurate material being presented.

    Again, I say this with the utmost respect and if I have offended you even in any small degree “I am sorry” I will post no comments in the future.

    No need to comment anymore as I will not continue this thread. It is not that important to me.


    John Adams

    • MindanaoBob says

      Hi John – A bit touchy this morning? It would seem so.

      Firstly, the site has articles about many parts of the Philippines. That is how I want it. But, the article in question is about something that happened in Davao. You suggested about using a credit card to pay, but that cannot be done in Davao. If it can be done in Manila, that is great, I am happy for the people in Manila, but it has no real bearing on Davao, and that is what this particular article was about. Your comments are most welcome, John, but in this case, it is not a possibility in the place where the article is about.

      I strive to provide only accurate information, John. Nobody is perfect, and that includes both you and me.

      You have not offended me in any way. You provided your feelings and understanding… I provided mine. Is it a problem for me to do the same as what you are allowed? To me, we all have the right to share our opinion. No need for you to be sorry, because you offended me in no way. It would seem that I am the one who offended you. I am not sorry, because I said nothing meaning to offend you, only shared my opinion as you did. I feel bad if you were offended, but I see nothing I said that should have resulted in you being offended by it.

      I do not present myself as an “expert” in any way. I share what I experience here in the Philippines. I have knowledge about living here, and you do too. I never said that I am more of an expert than you are in any way. Can you point me to any place on the site where I claim to be an expert, because I will change it. Fact is, there is no claim anywhere on the site that I am an expert about anything. I just do my best.

      In your previous comment, John, you said that what I wrote was only “emotion” and not facts. Have a look in the mirror, my friend.

  25. says

    Hi BoB,

    Interesting reading. I’ve never bought take away food in the Philippines, in fact I haven’t been there yet, but I’ll rectify that in a little over a month. I can say though that some customer service in the Philippines is excellent and the management don’t seem to exploit their delivery staff. I have a feeling you could probably confirm that.

    On a couple of occasions now I’ve had the experience of ordering a small gift (floral) from a business in Davao. For various reasons, only a very small outlay by our standards, but probably a reasonable value according to local wages. Both times the delivery was made to my girlfriend in metro Manila very promptly and I was told the delivery person went to quite a bit of trouble to make sure the gift went to the correct person.

    It seems probable that management of the business in Davao treats logistics as a priority, and I suspect, doesn’t use threats as leverage against its delivery personnel.

    I rather like dealing with them :-)

    Keep up the good work and information.


  26. chasdv says

    Hi Bob,
    I have no experience of delivered take aways anywhere.

    I would however have done exactly what you have already done and spoken to the local manager. If i was still not satisfied i would go to the top and write to the CEO or MD as i have done a few times in my past, on other matters.
    If i was given a satisfactory solution, fine, but from my experience in the 21st Century this rarely happens now. No satisfaction, i would vote with my feet and never patronise their door again, but that’s me.
    Customer care/service for many major/multi national companies these days is mere window dressing. I always prefer to deal with independents given the choice.

    Different story pre-yr 2000 days (UK), where i would experience not only full satisfaction/re-imbusement for a genuine complaint, but also a free hamper full of goodies as further apology.


    • MindanaoBob says

      Hi Chasdv – I agree with you, voting with your feet is the way to go. Problem is, this kind of thing is common practice here, and almost everybody does it, so it’s hard for your feet to know where to go!

  27. David Tamares-Little says

    Hi Bob,
    I hope you don’t mind but I have been in contact with McDonalds USA and stated that I will not be using their company until they have resolved this issue. I have put a link in my email to them pointing to your report. So far I have received an automated reply saying they will investigate and reply to me at a later date. I wait with baited breath hahaha.
    I am appalled at this treatment of workers in the Philippines whatever area it may be in. Thank you for for such an unbiased report. Concise and to the point.

    Best wishes,


    • MindanaoBob says

      Thank you for that, David. If you hear back from McDonald’s, I hope you will let me know what they say! :smile:

  28. David Tamares-Little says

    Hi Bob,
    Below is the final (i’m guessing) response from McDonalds. Whether they will do anything or not I don’t know. I guess it will depend on the response from McDonalds in the Philippines.
    Best wishes in all your endeavours,

    Hello David:

    Thank you for contacting McDonald’s.

    We appreciate being made aware of the issue in your email. Your comments are important and will be shared with the appropriate people at McDonald’s.

    Again, thank you for taking the time to contact us.

    McDonald’s Customer Response Center


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