Family Reunion Philippino Style!

Every now and then, if things go well, family from far and wide manage to be in the same place at the same time and a Family Reunion happens!

The name of the game!

Our occasion was planned well in advance so it was not a chance meeting and with having planning time it all went very well really!

A great place for a reunion!

The first idea was to hold the Reunion at Cambridge Farm which could have been a good idea but there are well over a thousand family members in the area and this would have far too many people to deal with so the location was thought about for a while and the Isla Jardin Delmar Resort past Glan was the location of choice as its just over one hour away from Gen San.

Fun in the Ocean!

We had two families which came from England so the full Family of Ellie would be in attendance which might be for the last time as more and more are splitting up and going all over the world as that is the main thing that Philippino’s want to do!

Ellie and one Grand Rodent!

We travelled out to the Venue in my 12 seater Starex which as usual was not big enough, maybe my next family vehicle will be a Yellow Bus!

Family gathering!

The family started to gather during the afternoon and everyone enjoyed the ocean and lazing in the shade (not in the sun like most people who go to the beach) and basically having a very relaxing time!

Me giving my opening remarks!

As the sun went down people started to get into their different colored Reunion T Shirts, for some unknown reason, our color was Pink! not my favorite color at all but that’s what we got so that’s what we wore!

All in Pink!

Once the food was laid out on the beach, a very romantic setting the party really got going. There was the usual too much food and two rather large Roast Pigs so the eating went on for quite a while before the fun and games began!

The Pink Clan!

We started with the standard opening remarks, I had to give the welcome address which went well as I was already getting fed with Brandy so I was well relaxed and in a very good mood!

Kids Dance!

As usual, I was not told what would happen but it was well arranged for different family groups to do things. The very young kids did an Hawaiian Dance, There was a very good group to lead the music and people sang along to their music including Chriselle my daughter who was very good and I had not heard her sing before, a good surprise for me!

Family having a good time!

There were prizes and awards for all kinds of achievements, I got a prize for being the tallest in the family. There was a family quiz which was very funny as there were old pictures of people in embarrassing positions. Some of the younger members were very talented and kept us entertained as the evening went on.

A very funny part of the program!

Of course there were thousands of pictures being taken and face book is already flooded with them for all to see. One nice thing about digital photography is that you can take as many pictures s you want without the cost of printing out the ones you do not need! Great Invention!

Another Clan Dance Group!

As the evening wore on there was music and dancing, more pictures and for me lots more Brandy so all went well and everyone enjoyed the evening was a great success and another reunion has been promised for the future but it will be interesting to see just how many close relations will be able to get back to the Philippines for the next one!

Ellie my wonderful wife lead me off to my bed and I had a rather rude awakening as the 26th was my 61st birthday but that’s another story!

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