Food Glorious Food or Just Too Much Glorious Food!

For 3 weeks in August we had the pleasure of some of our family members so as is very usual they wanted to taste the local foods which they cannot find in the UK so for a good 3 weeks we ate and ate and ate some more!

Choose the food!

The family members who came on holiday were Ellie’s Son Niel, Wife Gemma and Kids Alliyah, Alister and AJ. AJ actually is our great Rodent who we had not seen before.

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Iris and Jane!

Also came Jane, the Daughter of Ellie and her partner Iris who is Greek German now British!

Gemma, Niel and Family!

As soon as they arrived the welcome home parties started so there was sufficient food to feed a small army but I will admit that it was very good as everyone tried to do better than the one before and they usually succeeded in their quest!


Feeding at London Beach!

At this time of year we have plenty of parties anyway as there are Birthdays, Wedding Anniversary Celebrations, Death Anniversaries and so forth so with the family members arriving we had a pretty full eating calender! There were even going away parties when they left!

Cambridge Food!


Cakes are a big thing in our family as we have several members who are big time into baking cakes, not the sponge types but heavy duty Chocolate ones, Yummy!

With the new Malls which they had not seen before being open, both Robinson’s and SM got a good check out for unwanted bargains and of course check out some of the food outlets!

I did not join them here, it’s not to my taste!

As it happens, there are several tropical fruits in season so the Rambutan was very popular but my favorite, Durian also being in season I have been pigging out on that and still am in fact. Many people do not like Durian but I think its my favorite fruit!



Roast Pig is always the center piece for most parties and I do admit that i like it but after so many parties when we attended the function of some of the Islamic members of the family, Roast Goat, Duck and Cow made a welcome change!

A coffee shop for 20 with ice cream costs more than a good meal!

We managed to Eat out way through the Family Reunion, The end of Ramadan Celebrations, One Wedding Anniversary, Several Birthdays, My Birthday and several parties which were for no real reason, and not forgetting the leaving parties. All in all there was plenty of good eating and every time we went out we ended up eating also! I must admit that I do not know where my family manage to put the food as I gained 7 KG during the 3 week family visit!

Choingson Street BBQ, a great favorite of mine!

Of course lots of fish were also on the menu especially Tuna which is very plentiful in Gen San. Cream Dori is another favorite of mine, its actually Mekong Catfish but it tastes really good especially as Fish and Chips!

Another Beach Feast!

Unfortunately for me, there was not too much diving going on as the weather was not too good so I had no excuse not to eat with them and me being me, they did not have to twist my arm to make me eat!

One of the Chocolate Cakes!


It was actually very nice to have the whole family together once more and it might be he last time they all get together as more and more are living overseas so it was a real treat to have them all together but to me it was good to take them to the air port for their flights back home. Even at the airport they insisted in buying us breakfast before they went.


Yummy Durian, I love it!

Yes, it was nice to see them but now I have to burn off some extra weight put on by the excessive eating!

Even Padi my dog is happy that they have gone as there is now room for her once more in my van!

It’s September now so the Malls are already gearing up for Christmas, that means more big time eating for me!




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Chris Dearne, aka "GenSan Chris" is a long term resident of the Philippines. Chris has been living in General Santos City since 1992! Chris owns a hotel in General Santos called Cambridge Farm Hotel, and also the Cambridge Dive Center, formerly Tuna City Scuba Center. Chris' interests include Scuba Diving, Instructing, and Formula 1 Racing.

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  1. Gary says

    You really need a bigger coffee cup Chris… My cup is big but yours is twice the size. 😛

    BTW – Yes… I like Durian too!!!

    • marjorie says

      Gary, in Yorkshire where Chris and I were born, people used to have a mug which held a pint of liquid. this was not for alcololic drinks but mainly for drinking tea. That was too much for me though.

  2. sugar says

    Chris – Heavy duty chocolate cake..thumbs up for that! And one of my favorite…cream dory! yum! and yes, in the Philippines every occasion there has to be food even a death anniversary.. oh who well who doesn’t love to eat, eh, eh. he he.

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