Happy Thanksgiving to All!

Wow, its another year for us to celebrate Thanksgiving again. It’s really one of the most exciting days for us to celebrate. We are so thankful to God of all the blessings He had given us for the whole year. I’m so happy to have my family in good health. I know that we lost some love ones this year. But all in all God is good.

I decided to decorate the house early for Christmas this year. I started decorating like around the middle of November. I decided to decorate the whole house instead of just the Christmas tree only. It was fun for the kids helping me out putting the decors. I am still trying to finish up putting up my Dickens Village which is almost done. I am just trying to change the bulbs of the houses and putting the snow, then I’m done. My wreaths are all up, one on our living room the big one and one on our entrance door. My Santa pictures are up on the wall already and the Santa throw was already put on our living room couch.The monks were up too on the chicken hutch.  Hmm, guess we are just waiting now for the party.

Happy Thanksgiving to all LiP Readers!
Happy Thanksgiving to all LiP Readers!

It was fun showing it to our maid all the decor though. It was her first time seeing lots of decor and with some story with some of my decorations. It is also her first time getting gifts. So its really going to be fun. She’s really amazed of the stockings that we have put near our tree, since we don’t have fireplace here. It really is amazing seeing her face when my niece Nicole told her that Santa will come here in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve.  She asked me then if its true. Hey, what can I say when my 7 year old niece right in front of me. Big SIGH and SMILE… lol…

It’s going to be a good Thanksgiving. A lot to be thankful for from God for: Having good and loving family and stays in good health all throughout the year. Having  friends and meeting new friends and distant relatives here on LIP/Facebook and our other sites. Also our LIP drive keeps growing and stronger.

It’s going to be a good and busy Christmas too. We are looking forward already for our LIP drive. Pretty soon we will prepare the stuff for the poor. Now I am starting to feel the spirit of Christmas. We really are excited to give to our less fortunate people here. Thanks to you guys for your help, at least we can make some people happy during the holidays. It’s really a good feeling to give. I thank you all for helping our less fortunate people here. It’s really highly appreciated by us and those poor people. God will shower more blessings to you and your family.  If you can help bring a smile to a poor Filipino family this year, why don’t you consider making a donation, big or small, to our LiP drive by using the “donate” button at the left.  All donations will go 100% toward giving food and gifts to poor families here in Mindanao.  We appreciate all assistance on this.



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Feyma Martin is a Columnist here on the Live in the Philippines Web Magazine, she is the wife of site Publisher, Bob Martin. Feyma is originally from the Philippines, but went to the USA for 10 years after marrying Bob in 1990. Bob & Feyma moved to the Philippines to live permanently in 2000.

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    • says

      Hi Don – Belated Happy Thanksgiving to you and family. Where you in the Philippines celebrating the holidays? No football here in the PI.

      Happy Holidays!

      • adam says

        hi i am going there in a week to davao any advice i am mexican american is it very friendly place to travel to? i am 25 but i look 19 years old haha. i will see my fiance and her family in davao about 40 mins from the davao airport.

        and i want to see samal island when there as well :).

        thanksss in advancee


        • says

          Hi adam – Yes Davao is a friendly place. Most people are already used to expats living here in the city. Just have fun here and stay cool.

          Enjoy your stay here in Davao and Samal.

          Happy Holidays!

  1. Gary Wigle says

    Thanksgiving has lost its meaning for me since I now live in the Philippines. I am thankful everyday now. Christmas here is something I don’t understand. If you go to Freedom Park here in Tagum City you will find the tallest Christmas tree in the Philippines. The little kids love it. Of course nighttime is the best time to view it.

    • PapaDuck says

      Mrs Feyma,

      Hope you, Bob and the rest of your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Did you cook a nice big Turkey for Thanksgiving? I really commend you and Bob for all you do for the community. You are a great example for everyone. Take care and have a safe Holiday Season.

      • says

        Hi PapaDuck – Yes my family and I had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. It was a busy days for me preparing our foods. We cooked chicken this year. We had pumpkin pie, chocolate chess pie, mash potato, yams, beans, and other.

        I really appreciate the help of the LIP community for helping our cause. Highly appreciated you guys.

        Happy Holidays!

    • says

      Hi Gary – Well, all of us had different way of celebrating the holidays. It’s okay though. In my household we are excited for our LIP giveaways this Christmas. Happy to see we will make some people happy this holiday season. Have fun in Tagum!

      Happy Holidays!

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