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I read a report this week about who actually owns homes here in the Philippines and I was a little surprised as the overseas Filipinos, retirees remain top buyers in RP residential market – low prices are the big draw  and a  top official of an international real estate services company said  Filipinos overseas workers and foreign retirees remain the most active buyers in the Philippines thus boosting market demand.

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) have long been a lucrative market for residential properties because of their desire to provide a better life for their families and retirees both expat and ex Pinoy have  ramped up property spending, mostly from life savings and retirement benefits and want  now to see out the years in paradise. and why not?

House for sale

House for sale

So many new houses are apartments are being made here in Davao City too and although this is great for the the overall economy I am concerned that the actual population is being priced out of any chance of getting on the housing market by returning OFW and the ex pats. I rent!!!

Real estate companies are evrywhere and are growing not declining like the USA and I get approached daily if I would like to buy a house even when I am in the mall shopping you see many stands promoting new homes at very reasonable prices. Reasonable to us that is!

To address increasing demand by OFWs and retirees, real estate developers are developing affordable housing developments and condominium projects, with investments ranging from PhP1-Million to PhP2.5-Million, according to a CBRE Philippines report.

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In the period 2008 to 2013, 28 residential condominiums are expected to rise in Makati City, providing more than 18,000 units. Now that seems to a big difference from what is happening in America and my homeland of the UK.

According to CBRE Philippines General Manager, mortgage rates are hovering in a range of 8.5 percent to 12 percent and another bright prospect for the Philippine residential market is the development and market positioning of retirement villages for expatriate “empty nesters.”


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  1. rick b says


    i checked out the plans for the condo units being built here in davao, loads of them right at the moment, people should be aware that the units are very small they have good facilities in the block itself but the actual property itself is very small, i looked at them but the size put me off, more like "hotel" living than real life, it may suit someone but not me here in davao

  2. says

    i don't know if this applies to the condos, but a lot of the new homes' floor
    plans are so squeezed not only because of the size measurements but also because of the addition of the maids/helpers room.

    if that room were an option it would free up a lot of space for those who don't want live-in house help. something to think about when purchasing a place.

  3. rick b says


    i get the point you are making but with the condo layouts i looked at here in Davao the layouts yes were squeezed but they didn't include a maids area, really they are so tiny, i don't really see them as being viable except for a very few specific people, say like for a business paerson who lives out of town and just wants a base of his own, apart from this i don't get them, mind you i believe they are selling out….so, what do i know…John, don't answer that :smile:

  4. says

    hi rick b – thanks for the tip. i also have some interest in a type of davao base you described. i was intrigued by the condos but not anymore after reading about the size & prices for them. no way.

  5. Brian says

    Not to change the subject but this is what the RP needs to do if they ever want to move ahead.
    BEIJING, China (CNN) — A former Chinese government official has been sentenced to death after a leaky toilet led police to a stash of cash he'd collected in bribes, state media reported. CNN 8/3/8

  6. Gypsy says

    Where else in the world can you wait years for a title after paying full price for a ‘full title property’? Buy a brand new vehicle and have no choice but to drive it out of the yard unregistered and illegal with ‘For Registration’ where the plates should be, then wait months for registration to come through? Pay half the price of property ‘on the books’ and the other half cash as a matter of course (for tax evasion purposes)? Yet you can walk into immigration and have your NBI clearance done in less than 5 minutes! Some things about the Philippines are catching up with the times, others are ridiculously slow, out of date processes and inexplicable delays. Buying anything in the ‘asset’ class in the Philippines is a ‘tread with extreme caution situation’.

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