If you like to eat goat, the Kambingan Sa Depot is the place for you!

All over General Santos City there are many different choices of eatery but for many people the Kambingan sa Depot is the place to go. Situated to the south of the city on the Bula Road, this was the choice eatery for the staff of the Fuel Depots but unfortunately the Depots have all been relocated outside the city for safety reasons.

The Place.

This Restaurant was started some 10 years ago by Joel and Cora Serenas and even with the closing of the Depots is still doing well quite simply because when customers eat quality food they remember it and keep going back! Cora does most of the work while Joel spends most of his time diving with me.

Cora Serving.

The Main Menu consists of mostly Goat and Chicken. Pork is excluded because many customers are Muslim so in order to avoid problems and keep the customers happy Pork was excluded, a sensible decision I think! If a person really wants to eat pork, there are no shortage of pork serving restaurants around the city!

Inside the Restaurant.

The Restaurant Building itself is a Native style structure which creates a more comfortable atmosphere for the customers because several menu’s have bones so eating with hands is the easiest way to go.


Many people give compliments about the food here as in many other Goat Restaurants old male goats are used and the meat has a very strong taste which many people do not like. One Goat Restaurant has been closed down recently because they were mixing Dog Meat in with the Goat Meat so the staff made a complaint and the Restaurant was closed down.


The secret to serving good tasting goat is choosing the best kind of Goats to use. Young Female Goats have the best taste and there flavor is sweet compared to the Male. Also the spices and other ingredients are chopped very fine so that they give out the best flavor during the cooking process.

Papaitan, Yummy.

Goat Meat dishes are very tasty and are usually served on the bone, many people enjoy eating with their hands and say that it makes the food taste better. It can be quite fun wrestling the meat from the bone, you will fail using a knife and fork but using your hands makes it easy!


Just about all the goat can be eaten, all parts have their own flavors, one of my favorites is a soup called Papaitan which is made up of cartilage and intestines and has a very special tangy flavor which is added be bursting in the contents of the gallbladder to give its special kick! Other tasty dishes include, Kilawin, Kaldareta, Sinigang, on different days there are different menu’s all of which are very tasty.

Happy customers in the garden!

There is a very nice and shady area outside the main building where many people including myself prefer to eat, I find it much more natural and comfortable eating outside among the nature there are also Hammocks in between the trees where you can relax and let your meal digest.

A very happy customer.

Joel and Cora also do take away meals, many time the wealthier class of people will bring live goats to be slaughtered and cooked, goat was said to be a poor mans food but many wealthy people like it so it must be a food for all classes of people!

The Garden,

If you like Goat Meat then the Kambingan sa Depot is the place to go, If you have never tried Goat Meat then I recommend that you try it!

Please excuse me if  my spelling of the dishes in not correct, I am thick at languages and even worse at spelling in them!





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Chris Dearne, aka "GenSan Chris" is a long term resident of the Philippines. Chris has been living in General Santos City since 1992! Chris owns a hotel in General Santos called Cambridge Farm Hotel, and also the Cambridge Dive Center, formerly Tuna City Scuba Center. Chris' interests include Scuba Diving, Instructing, and Formula 1 Racing.

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  1. Gary Wigle says

    I have never eaten Goat. Love lamb. I like pork but try to avoid it as much as possible. Too many tape worms in pork. Maybe I can find a place here in Tagum City that has good goat. 😛

  2. Isagani Cruz says

    Your spelling of the dishes is perfect, Chris. I must say though that goat is an acquired taste (well, isn’t everything?). How to describe it?… The word “gamey” comes to mind.

    • GenSan Chris says

      Hi Isagani,
      I am glad that I got my spelling correct, yes, I suppose that gamey can describe goat but young females are OK.

  3. John Miele says

    Chris: I never thought of it before, but I guess dog really could taste similar to goat, depending on how it is cooked. Both usually have a lot of spices and dog is somewhat gamey, too

    • GenSan Chris says

      Hi John,
      If the dog and goat are cooked together I am sure that they would taste the same, maybe I have tried i without knowing! I like dog anyway!

  4. sergio borges says

    its a nice taste… in brasil we eat goat barbecue and we have a famous dish “Buxada” very similar made with intestins and other visceras. Yes, the younger goats have better taste!

    I like kaibingan, bulalohan and kaleskesan and balot is very nice too…

    I ate dog, live octopus and frogs in thailand ….. :)

    • GenSan Chris says

      Hi Sergio,
      I am very lucky being able to eat most things, what it is does not matter to me as long as it tastes good!

  5. sugar says

    Eww goat! Ha ha. Hi Chris, I ate goat meat once because no one told us that is was goat.. cooked like caldereta.. halfway through someone did say it was goat oh noes! barf barf barf.. ha ha. That was the first and only and will be last and never again! :)

    • GenSan Chris says

      Hi Sugar,
      I bet that you enjoyed it ntil you were told what it was, not everyone has a constitution like mine!

  6. RandyL says

    It’s funny how some humans will avoid eating certain things that don’t sound very tantalizing while others will eat just about everything else on this planet! :) As for me, I still pick and choose. 😉

  7. liz says

    Nice article, made me miss papaitan and kaldereta :)….These are the only 2 goat meat dishes that I eat but I think its the best 2 among the other dishes…..

  8. a.mapangarap says

    i dont understand the aversion of filipinos towards goats and lambs, considering theyre both “cleaner” than pork.

    • GenSan Chris says

      Hi A,
      Its strange really, they do not like Rabbit either but they eat eggs and look where they come out of!

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