I’m looking!

Hey LiP readers and fans!  I have a special request today, and a short one.

I’m looking for more writers for this site!

Do you have experience living in the Philippines?  If so, why not join us and share your experiences with others who are interested.

If you wish to become a regular writer on the site, please let me know.

If you have just an article or two to share, you can do that too, by submitting a guest post to me!  If you want to submit a guest article for the site, please just e-mail me through our contact form.

Writing can be fun!
Writing can be fun!

I, along with our readers on the site, want to hear from you, and hear about your experiences in the Philippines!  The more people who share, the more interesting the site is, and the more enjoyment you, me and the other readers will have!

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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Bob Martin is the Publisher & Editor in Chief of the Live in the Philippines Web Magazine. Bob is an Internet Entrepreneur who is based in Davao. Bob is an American who has lived permanently in Mindanao since May 2000. Here in Mindanao, Bob has resided in General Santos City, and now in Davao City. Bob is the owner of this website and many others.

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  1. says

    Up until now I’ve been writing articles at my own site on what’s been leading up to my move to the Philippines. I catch my flight next week and then will start writing of my experiences with the fresh eyes of someone who’s never been there. I’ll keep in touch and offer up some articles once I’m there and settled in. I’d also like to see if it’s okay with you to share some of your articles at my site, with a reciprocal link back to yours of course.

    Looking forward to ‘getting my feet wet’ over on your side of the planet next week!

    • says

      Hi Henry – You would be most welcome to post here on LiP if you would like to. As far as posting my articles on your site, I am sorry, but I will have to ask you to not do that. It is important to me to maintain unique content here that cannot be found elsewhere. This is for two reasons, firstly for my own personal desire to maintain my content only here, and secondly to avoid any penalties from Google for duplicate content. I hope you understand. It is nothing against you, I tell the same thing to everybody who asks me if they can do that.

      • Alan B says

        Henry’s question, and your reply, caught my attention, so I thought I’d ask for clarification. I certainly agree that I wouldn’t want anyone to lift content from my site and duplicate it on theirs, but are you saying that you don’t want anyone to provide a link to your site?

        • says

          Hi Alan B – No not at all! I love it if people link to my site! No problem at all. But, what Henry was asking me about is if he could post some of my posts on his blog, which is something I would not want. I appreciate that people want to do that, but its better for both of us not to have that happen.

          Thanks for asking!

          • Alan B says

            I guess I just understood it differently because he used the term “reciprocal link” which has a specific meaning to an old wirehead like me.

            • says

              Here is a quote of what Henry said:

              I’d also like to see if it’s okay with you to share some of your articles at my site, with a reciprocal link back to yours of course.

              I have seen Henry’s site, and he often posts an entire article from another site, with a link back to the site. The link is fine. Posting the entire article is not fine with me. When he says he wants to “share some of my articles on his site” he means more than link to my articles, based on the way he has done it in the past on his site.

  2. says

    Not a problem, understandable. I’ll have something for you in about two weeks. I arrive next week and then just need to get over the jet-lag. Although, I’m such a night-owl all my life here in the States.. maybe I’ve been on Filipino time all my life and didn’t know it. :)

  3. Phil R. says

    Hey Bob I guess i could write some things for your site ,, It’s just that i have to commute to the big city of Gingoog to do the internet .. being that i live in the sticks ,Ooops sorry wrong term – I live in the bamboos hee hee …Phil R.

    • says

      Hi Phil – That’s great, if it would not be too much imposition on you having to travel like that to get on the net! I will e-mail you some information to see if it will be OK for you. Thanks, my friend!

  4. says


    I was searching the web site trying to find some information on Davao and how safe it will be for me to come and visit. I have a very close friend that lives there, and she wants me to come an visit. She lives in Poly Subdivision Matina. I am trying to determine if I will be safe there, or if I have anything to worry about. I have heard a lot of negative things about Mindanao, and was hoping that Davao was a city that is safe, and I have nothing to be worried about. I do know that the US Military has put all of Mindanao off limits for visiting, and a guy needs permission to visit.

    What are your thoughts?


  5. peterjoy says

    i have spent a lot off time in and out off the phili over the last 12 years mate may be i do have astory or two for u mate i will let u know ok and soon lik eu i am hoping to spend full time there mate keep up the good work ok……peter martin tassie

  6. Channing says

    I don’t mean to buck the topic here, so please forgive me for doing so…but I posted this problem I have on an old post more relevant to the problem, but I don’t think the comment went through.

    I had a package sent by Express Mail International and the tracking information declares the package is available at the post office as of June 30th, 2012.

    The local post office (in Surigao del Norte), however, says they don’t have it.

    So my question is: Are Express Mail International packages delivered to somewhere else other than the local post office?

    I have no idea where this package has been delivered if not to the local post office and don’t know who to call about it.


      • Channing says

        Oh, I see what happened. The comment I made ended up somewhere in the middle of the total comments instead of at the end where I expected to see it, like here. Thanks for the reply, Bob.

  7. Brian says

    Hey Bob great idea !! I would love to do a story on wanting to move there and steps to take and ways to make myself financially secure enough to go. Plus there’s my friend Frank…..he matches SO many articles here. From debt and not paying taxes and child support to thinking he can do HVAC there. Let me know sure I could whip up something including space limits

  8. Miss August says

    My husband and I are eligible to retire in Sept. 2013 and I am doing a lot of preparatory research for our move. We have a blog, if I submit an article for your site, would you post a link to my blog? I mean, you can say something like “This article is submitted by August of (name of site/insert link here).” I just want some clarification about linking, I know we can post your link on our site, but will you post a link of our site on yours?

  9. ScottF says


    I don’t currently live in the Philippines, but as you know we are planning on making the move there next year, around August 2013. I would love to post about my experiences during the move, my stay there, and transition to the Filipino lifestyle.

    Let me know if that is something you think your readers would enjoy.


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