It’s fruit harvest time again here!

I’ve been seeing some of my favorites fruits now in the market stand here. Been buying some of it already. Bob and I went somewhere the day before yesterday and we bought some pomelo, it was juicy and good. They had mangosten there at the fruit stand, I just didn’t purchase it yet because the price is super high. I can get it free from my cousin who lives in Kidapawan. Ha ha ha. They didn’t come here to the city yet. When they come here I will ask them to bring us some.


When me and my niece went to the wet market a few days ago. We bought  the fruits that’s in season now here like some green mango, rambutan, ripe mango (the yellow one), marang, lanzones, guava, santol and banana (also the really ripe banana that’s good for making banana bread). When it’s in season the price is so reasonable. All of us here in the house like to eat fruits. Well, except Aaron. He is choosy on what fruit to eat. He likes to eat apple, ripe mango, some pomelo and oranges.

We also like to eat tangerines, the green kind. When growing up my folks always says that when you have cough, citrus (especially a juice of kalamasi) is good for you. So I carried that saying to my kids too. So we have so many other kinds of oranges here. We like to eat the tangerines and dip a little bit in a salt (kind of weird huh). But, really it tastes good though, for us anyway. I remember when I was pregnant with my oldest son Chris before, I was craving for pomelo. Since I can’t find pomelo in the States, I just settled for grapefruit. Really it was good enough for me at that time. I would dip the grapefruit with salt. Same thing with the pineapple there, I ate it with salt. Really it helps with my morning sickness big time. My cravings when I was pregnant with Chris were pomelo, pineapple, grapefruit and beef jerky. What a weird combination huh? lol… Really that keeps me alive for the whole nine months duration of my pregnancy. Been to the hospitals a few times for dehydration. I can’t keep any other food in me. I will just throw up.


Anyway, the only thing that I say that the US was better fruits than here were the watermelon, cantaloupe, apple and peaches. But we can live with it. We really think that we have better fruits here. Good to make fruit salad. But did you know that most Filipinos likes to eat the fruit salad from the can and mix it with mayo and other stuff. I like it too. But here in the house Bob likes to eat the fruit salad with fresh fruits mix all together. He is not a fan of mayo so when my nieces makes the fruit salad out from the can, Bob will not have any from that. But honestly I do miss the raspberries (easy pick from the back of my in-laws yard) and the blackberries (wild near our house there). Good thing Abreeza mall has them from time to time.


Do you guys want some durian? Durian is getting good now, it’s the time of the year for harvest. When going around the city you can already see some trucks on the side of the road parking and selling durian. Bob and I usually opened our car window to get the lovely smell of durian. Bob and I, we are so opposite. He was the kano, but he was the one who ate the durian. Bob and my nieces they love it. I tasted the durian before but just don’t like the after taste. I can even taste and burp that stuff a day after. I kinda like the taste, but I don’t like the texture of it. Me and the kids would not eat durian, Jared definitely hates durian before. He even was mad one time when he was about 4 years old. He opened the our fridge and smell the durian, he was crying according to him “we are killing him” putting that durian on the fridge and it stinks to high heaven. It was funny to us when he said we are killing him. He was so furious and slammed the fridge door. He is okay with it now, but still would not eat it. He is into green mango though.


Since I’m on the bragging mode about our fruits. Do any of you like to eat the jackfruit? Some people hate the smell of that jackfruit too. Me and the family like to eat jackfruit. We even like to put jackfruit on our ginataan ( sticky rice with coconut milk, banana and other stuff in it). Good also with turon (fried banana with jackfruit inside wrap with lumpia wrapper).

I think the US now gets good fruits from the Philippines already. I’ve seen some people bragging they have some rambutan and lanzones and kalamansi there. So it must be shipped there regularly. That is really good to hear. During my time there in the States I hardly sees  fruits that came from the Philippines. Hopefully Philippines will ship out more and more products to the West nowadays. If you happen to get tropical fruits, have a good eat there you guys.


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Feyma Martin is a Columnist here on the Live in the Philippines Web Magazine, she is the wife of site Publisher, Bob Martin. Feyma is originally from the Philippines, but went to the USA for 10 years after marrying Bob in 1990. Bob & Feyma moved to the Philippines to live permanently in 2000.

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  1. Jay McDowall says

    Mango season here has been no so good. We grow the same fruits here in Hawaii as PI. The weather is similar, and we have a lot Ilocanos here. We tend to import most fruit from California and Mexico.

    • says

      Hi Jay – Hmm, I thought you would get fruits from the Philippines too. So many good fruits from here. I tasted some pineapple from Hawaii before and it’s really sweet. I did like it a lot. I think our mangoes here are way better than the one you’re getting from Mexico. I have to promote our very own you know. :-)

      Have fun eating there. Have a nice day!!!

  2. Gary Wigle says

    When I lived in Michigan I never saw fruits from the Philippines… Too far to ship I think… Most came from South America…

    I like Durian… I sure miss grapefruit… I can buy grapefruit juice from the States but not the fruit… Salt on fruit??? How else can one eat fruits? Salt is a must… My doctor doesn’t let me do that anymore…

    • says

      Hi Gary – Yeah, I think most of the fruits that they have in the States came from South America. Some of it I like before, some I just don’t care too much.

      I’m glad you like durian, good for you. I like grapefruit, but I like the pomelo better. For me personally. Try to go to Abreeza, they might have grapefruit (fruit) there. They’ve been carrying lots of the fruits from the States there. Of course with a good price to pay.

      Must be a Pinoy thing, we like to eat salt with our fruit. Oh well, we grow up with it. So it’s on our blood. lol… Just as always says “DO IT MODERATELY”…

      Good to see you here again Gary.

      Have a great day!

  3. says

    Hi Feyma – Like you I just love fruit of any description apart from Durian, I just cannot aquire a taste for it. The beauty of staying here is some fruits are all the year round, whilst others have their season adding to a good annual variety.
    One thing to do, add Pomelo to a vegitable salad its delicious and adds that little difference to the taste.

    • says

      HI Jim – Agree to that. Yes, ripe/yellow mango and other good fruits available all year round…

      I will try what you just said. I made good pomelo salad with shrimp every now and then. Me and family love it.

      Have fun eating good fruits in Talakag. :-)


  4. Mark G. says

    I love the fruits in the Philippines and I can make a whole meal out of them. The variety and freshness can’t be beat. In the province we simply have to walk into my inlaws back lot and there’s mangos, bananas, papaya and coconuts (of course!) Something is always ripe and ready to eat. I like to make a fresh fruit salad, too. It’s very refreshing on a hot day.

    • says

      Hi Mark G. – I totally agree with you. Can’t beat the freshness out from the tree. Really refreshing to eat.

      We do the same thing in our farm, eating the fruits just after minutes from picking. `

      Nice to see you here again Mark.

      Have a wonderful day!

  5. petejoy says

    fruit is one think i love about the php Feyma as there are a lot off fruit there we never get here at home here in tassie as we are a lot cool place here so we dont see a lot off the good fruits that get there and i when i was there last year lol i mad up for lost time in eatng some lovley fruit and how i miss them and taht one think i love about the php thay have lovely fruit and ladys as well so what more can a men ask for ok…….peter martin tassie

    • says

      Hi peterjoy – Good thing you visit the Philippines more often for you to enjoy the fruits here.

      Maybe it’s about time for you to come and visit the PI again. Indulge yourself with so many different kinds of fruits here. Maybe even durian.

      Good to see you again here mate!

      • petejoy says

        lol fayma yes u are right on this one and yes i wil be there very soon ok as i will be home for xmas to spend the time with wife and kids as it is just over a year that i was there last year how tmes fly when u are having fun mate so god bless to u and bob and keep up the good work ok as i canot live with out the live in the php ok take good care there and some day i love to come down and have dinner with u all there ok so till then go bless ok….peter martin tassie….

        • says

          Hi peterjoy – Oh well, just few months from now you are back here again. Have fun on your next visit. Sure, if you got the time to come to Davao, will gladly meet you up. Just give us a buzz.


  6. Scott Fortune says

    Feyma and Gary,

    We are able to buy Durian, Jackfruit, Rambutan, lansones here in the Detroit/Toledo area. It is, however, VERY expensive! One Jackfruit costs about $50US. They charge $5.99 per pound. And even if they cut you off a big chunk, it still costs about $15 per piece. So, we do not buy it. I told my wife when we found it a couple weeks ago that I can wait a year to try it… and I’ll buy it in the Philippines!!! That’s too much money for my blood!! :)

    But, it is here. Fresh veggies, like Kang kong or other leafy veggies are difficult to find fresh though. We tried the frozen ones, and my wife doesn’t like them enough to buy them a second time.

    Soon enough, we can buy what we want over there!!!

    • says

      Hi Scott Fortune – Yep, it’s readily available now in your area, only thing it cost too much. Same thing here we can get some of the fruits from there but you pay with a hefty price. I will just go with our local tropical fruits here, it’s good enough for us right now.

      I’ve seen some of those frozen veggies there before. I can hear what your wife was saying, you will not want to buy again after you tried it.

      For sure just have all the fruits and veggies you want when you and your wife visit or live here.

      Have a pleasant day!

    • says

      Hi Graham – Hopefully you will. That will be a big change for you and your family. Good luck to that if ever you guys will move here.

      I’m glad that you get a lot of info from our site. Happy to know that. Keep reading.

      Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. says

    I’m still new to the area so I’m still getting familiar with the fruits I’ve not seen before. But I bought a blender last week and have been making fruit juice.. very delicious. :)

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