It’s launch day for me! I have something special!

I’ve been working hard for the past 3 months or so!  Real hard!  I have something new up my sleeve, and today is launch day!

What is it, Bob?  What have you been working so hard on?  I want to check it out!

Well, my friends…  most of you can probably already guess that it is a new website!  But, it is also more than that.  It also includes a new series of eBooks that are what the new website is all about.

My new website is How to Move to the Philippines.  The site features interviews with three different types of people:

  1. People who have moved to the Philippines and are living here.
  2. People who want to move and start a new life in the Philippines.
  3. People who moved to the Philippines and decided to go back home for some reason.
How my new site looks

How my new site looks

I will be featuring two such interviews per week on the site.  The interviews that I have already done contain some pretty interesting information, and good reading, I must say.

Why did I chose the three different types of people to interview?  Well, for somebody who is considering making such a move, hearing from expats that are already living the lifestyle is good information for them.  It helps them make a final decision.  Furthermore, when they read interviews with people who moved here, then decided to leave, that can be quite compelling information for the person who is thinking of moving.  I mean, if there are reasons that made some people leave and go home, those things are important to consider too!  As for interviewing those who want to move to the Philippines, that is just interesting for anybody to read!

My new series of books is about how to move to the Philippines.  The new series of books is based on the questions which I am asked most frequently.  I went through thousands of e-mails that  I have received over the years, and I picked out the 50 most asked questions, and I wrote very detailed answers to each of those frequently asked questions.  You see, if somebody e-mails me and asks a question, a question that I have already answered dozens, even hundreds of times over the years, the inclination is to write a paragraph and send it back as my reply.  But, honestly, I can, and probably should write a much more detailed reply to the questions.  But, is it really possible to write pages and pages to each and every person who sends in such a question?  Probably not.


So, I took each of these questions and made whole book of each question.  I answered each frequently asked inquiry with 15 to 50 page answers, depending on the question.  I have, at the time of this writing, 31 books available, and will be coming out with another 15 to 20 books over the coming months.

There is a master book in the series, entitled How to Move to the Philippines.  This is the main book which details the steps involved in having a successful move to the Philippines.  Following this master book, there are another 30 books in the series which give detailed answers to common questions on the topic.  The master book is $14.99, the Q & A books are $7.99 each.  Additionally, I have a number of “package deals” on the books as well.  The package deals offer the books at deeply discounted prices, usually half price or less.

My super deal on this is that you can buy the PH Pro All-in package for $49. If you buy the PH Pro package, you get every book in the series. That means you are paying less than $1.60 per book title! Additionally, as additional books come out in the series, you get them for free!

You can download all of the books that you purchase for your lifetime!  So, if you lose one, if your hard drive crashes or something like that, no big deal.  Just go log into the site and download your books again!  It’s that easy.

Books included in the series:

Friends, I hope you will enjoy the site, and the books too.  I firmly believe that the books will be a great help to those who are thinking of moving to the Philippines, and also they are books that will offer concrete honest information about the Philippines instead of a bunch of “rumors and gossip” that you will find on the net.  Please visit my site, and enjoy!  I look forward to hearing your comments on the site!

Starting today, through Sunday March 24 you get 25% off on all purchases!  Whether you get individual books, package deals or the PH Pro All-in Package, you get 25% off!  This is my way of kicking off a new site and a new book series.  To get this 25% discount, simply enter the coupon code – Move2PH into the coupon area of the shopping cart during your purchase.  Chose any products which you wish to purchase and you will automatically be charged 25% less than the regular price!

Additionally, I have a new Facebook page for this site, which you can visit here: How to Move to the Philippines Facebook Page – like this page, if you would!  I would highly appreciate that.

Thank you, friends!

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Bob Martin is the Publisher & Editor in Chief of the Live in the Philippines Web Magazine. Bob is an Internet Entrepreneur who is based in Davao. Bob is an American who has lived permanently in Mindanao since May 2000. Here in Mindanao, Bob has resided in General Santos City, and now in Davao City. Bob is the owner of this website and many others.

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  1. Joseph (Hey Joe) Stuckey says


    I have looked ant both the Facebook Page and the new site and as always they are Winners.
    One suggestion i would make is to Include an All of your Sites the different methods or remitting payments for services, merchandise and EBooks. I know you have several ways to do this but I can’t even remember them all.

  2. Mike Henebry says

    Bob, I was excited to read your entire series and just payed for the whole package at the discounted price using Pay Pal. Unfortunately, I got message from your web site that the “amount does not match”, and I apparently do not have access. I am site that you will correct this.
    Thanks, Mike Henebry

    • says

      HI Mike – I have fixed your access problem. Sorry for the glitch there. If you look on the site, up at the very top and click on the “Your Downloads” link, there will be a link there for every e-book in the package that you purchased.

      Thank you for your purchase, and thank you also for your support of the site! Please let me know if there are any access problems at all.

  3. says

    Congrats on another ” Mindanao Bob ” Website. I like the ability of being able to purchase the book titles individually. Just buy what you require or desire ! Those ” Pak ” names bring a good chuckle too.

  4. Bob New York says

    Congrats on another ” Mindanao Bob ” Website. I like the ability of being able to purchase the book titles individually. Just buy what you require or desire ! Those ” Pack ” names bring a good chuckle too. Another Mindanao Bob Website is almost like starting another adventure in The Philippines. Good show Bob !

    • says

      Thank you Bob! I appreciate that very much. You are always a supporter of mine, and that is something that I deeply appreciate. Thank you for your comments.

  5. says

    Congratulations on getting this launched. I know how much work you’ve put into this, and the time you’ve spent preparing.

    The site looks great. Good luck on the first day sales!

    • says

      Thank you Randy. Yeah, you’ve been through this process a bit with me.. getting reports on my progress over the months whenever we get together! I am so happy to have it completed now, and seeing some people showing their approval and enjoyment! It makes the hard work well worthwhile!

  6. says

    Hi Bob. Looks great! Should be a lot of help to people. We’re very busy with our own things here, but I would be glad to make some comments about living on the West Coast of Negros Island if it would be of any help. (Where to live in the Philippines) As you may know, Negros is the sugar bowl of the Philippines and there are endless sugarcane fields everywhere. And of course other beautiful scenery along the coast or in the mountains. Dale

  7. says

    you chage your mind moving to gensan city, why not vst city of koronadal and see it for yourself. you may like city of koronadal, well i dont know you but koronadal is beautiful, come and visit…………

  8. says

    Nice job Bob! I like the format. In LiP, you never know which point of view will be highlighted. It’s sort of like a conversation among folks with similar interests. It could go anywhere. In the new one, you have the three specific topics. Nice range of formats you’ve got going here!

    Take care,

    • says

      Well, I suppose the concept is just like regular books… to pass on information to the reader. Yes, it costs money, but certainly nobody is forced to make a purchase, and there are parts of the website which are free.

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