Land of Temptation

The Philippines is a wonderful place to live in you can make it work for you.  Sometimes its a bit too wonderful.  The country is filled full of temptations.  The food is just flat out to get me.  :-)  The only thing more tempting than the food is the Filipina!

Let’s talk about the bread.  The bread often tastes sweet.  Sometimes buttery.  Don’t buy it from the super markets, go the local bake shops to get it.   If you can find one that is local to your city that does a good job that’s even better.  Then again, perhaps you should just stay away from it.  SM Mall in Cebu City has a new bread shop and I’ve stayed out of it.  My doctor told me it was very good!  I told him it was evil!  Sorry I don’t remember the name of it but it is on the lower level in the new North Wing.  The last thing I need is even better bread.

There is a pudding that Jessie buys from the bread store.  It isn’t pudding like that in the USA, it’s more like bread but something in between bread and cake.  The most evil food on the planet must be what I call chocolate bread.

Look at that bread!  Its even better than it looks but its just evil.

Temptatiton In The Philippines
Temptatiton In The Philippines

Living in the Philippines, is difficult for the diabetic, or more difficult than the USA.  Its harder to find sugar free candy and drinks.  I  use to ship it from but I found something I like in Duty Free in Cebu.  Yeah, I know all about Sugar Free Haven in Cebu City.  It was disappointing for me.

The Filipina provide lots of temptation.  They are likely to flirt with you, its not just about money, they like white skin in many cases. They’ll give you long looks mostly even when your wife or girlfriend is present.  If she’s not with you, they might speak but usually they’ll wait for you to talk first.  Many times they turn very shy if you actually speak to them.

Sweet Temptation
Sweet Temptation

The picture on the left shows a couple of beauties at a bikini contest.  The girl with her head turned won the contest but I doubt there will be any more of these in the near future.  The governor of Cebu has pretty much made them illegal.  She was just about pushed into that when some resort owners on Bantayan Island pushed the issue with such contest on Black Saturday which is a very revered day in the Philippines.

But that doesn’t make the Filipina any less tempting and they are that.  Seems whenever an expat gets himself in trouble here there is usually a girl involved in it some how.  Though alcohol is usually involved as well.

Bars are probably more dangerous to the kano than the MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front)!  LOL  Only thing is we usually create that trouble ourselves.  Its a good reason not to frequent them.  On the other hand, they are just loaded with the most beautiful girls in the world.

I really enjoy looking out over a dance floor with a sea of Filipina bouncing to the tunes.  You see them in the darker areas of the bar and the dim lights just add to the mystery of their beauty.  I don’t frequent the bars often but when I do go, I enjoy it.  Only problem is in Bogo the one disco doesn’t have aircon.  They have fans, lots of them but I still need twice as many.  :-)

Try to keep your head about you but get out there and enjoy some of the temptations of the Philippines.  There are many more that I have not discussed here.  The warm waters off the Islands are a wonderful temptation and not too many ways of getting in trouble.  Have a San Miguel but not too many and watch out for the sea urchins.  Get out there and have some fun.

Post Author: Rusty Ferguson (42 Posts)

Rusty Ferguson is an American Expat living in Bogo, Cebu.

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  1. Danny says

    Kamusta ka Rusty,

    Lots of good advice for us newbies, mmmmm I love good bread too. As far as the filipina’s go, is good to look, but not touch. I have never been that type of man anyways, that would cheat. What for, for one night of me its not just worth it, and morally wrong as well. I wouldn’t want Rose to cheat on me, why would I cheat on her. I know many other men will think different and laugh at what I have to say, but those men are the ones that aren’t in love or happy with there girlfriends/wives or not content to have relations with just one be it.
    Besides, I am not into going into bars anymore, and yes some years ago it was fun to waste a few dollars in a strip joint with your friends, but those days are over and frankly not interested.
    Temptation is just that, TEMPTATION, and I realize over there in the Philippines, I will have a lot more beautiful ladies notice me than living here in the USA..thats ok..I know which head to think with…no problema!! :)

    Ingatz, og salamat kaayo,
    Danny :)

  2. Paul says

    Hi Rusty – Oh the temptations ❗ Whenever I’m in town at fiesta time, I’m snagged to be a beauty contest judge. Years alternate among Ms Teen Pasuquin, Ms Pasuquin and Mrs Pasuquin. As time goes by, I find myself enjoying the Mrs contest as much as the Ms contest. Had to give up on Ms Teen as the potential for danger is far greater than I need experience. 😆

  3. Ed Griffin says

    Great post, Rusty. Tommy’s comment are my sentiments exactly. Plus, I have a Rose, too; Rosemarie.

    For many years I have dreamed of moving there and being a “playboy,” however, that is not my nature and a good way to come up missing or dismembered if you catch my drift.

    Now that I am older and hopefully much wiser, there will always be temptations. It’s when we yield to those temptations that we get in trouble. I discovered a long time ago that physically there will always be an attraction with many of the filipinas but is it worth it when you have found that “special” one?

  4. says

    Hey, I’d love to hear about your personal temptations of the Philippines!

    I mentioned SMB, its a minor one but the cigars I smoke, Tabaqueria de Filipiinas they are huge!

  5. John Rodgers says

    BARS? I haven’t been in a bar for years. Nearly a decade, because it is a breeding ground for trouble, all kinds of trouble. I’d rather sit around with family, and the grill going to have my drink. It’s safe, and a heck of a lot more fun too.

    BREAD? It may eventually be the death of me. I know white flour is poison, but as you stated it’s sooo GOOD. My mother is Italian, so there was always bread with lots of butter….oh my aching veins!

    I was in Brasil for a month with my Brasilian girlfriend. Where ever we went, and other women heard me speaking. Right in front of my lady they would come onto me. They were like cats hissing at eachother in Portuguese. It was great for my ego, but probably would have been deadly if ever acted on!

    When I have visited the Phils officials, and locals speak to me in their language. I have an islander face, so Iam mistaken me for a large Filipino. I assume that’s why I never get any of the looks you guys get….hahahahaha. I can’t wait for my brother to visit me there. He’s my half brother with fair skin, and green eyes. He may never leave……lol……i2f

  6. Wade says

    Hey Rusty,

    I really enjoy reading about your experiences and opinions on this web site! Regarding the bread, yeah, it’s awesome and the Filipino bakeries in the states do it justice. Overall, I’d take the bread in moderation.

    Now, about the ladies and other temptations..way back in the day I spent a year in Cotabato as an exchange student and had the opportunity to travel to Cebu, Zamboanga (the two most favorite cities in my travels!), Manila, Davao and a bunch of cities throughout Mindanao. Wow, just some of the looks that I’d receive! I respect the culture but if a Filipina is making herself available to out! I could go on and on about the year I spent there, but you’re pretty much spot on about the temptations. The best thing to do is make friends with some local guys and absorb the wonderful culture..they’ll eventually introduce you to some quality women!

  7. j.c. says

    The woman stare at you at the malls too!! They look at you as if they never looked at an American before!! The first time I went to Hong Kong to meet my girlfriend, I was walking down the street and Two beaitful grils stop and said Hi to me. I was just started to talk to them when my grilfriend walked up to us and push me away! I said thats was rude of you, They were very friendly, than she told me that they were Hookers looking for a good time.I did not have a clue, but than I started to think about and I guess she was right about the freiendlyness of the grils!!who knew…

  8. says

    Yes,specially when you gave attention to them,like my experience, i have a schoolmate before and consider as bestfriend coz were at thesame village where we live,my husband and i have discuss about her because she ask to find foreigner for her but she flirt my husband.Im very lucky that my hubby are honest and love me very much!!!!

  9. Adamite says

    Nice article and photo’s =)

    I’m still young (25) and enjoy going to the philippines twice a year, usually 3 weeks in the philippines and 1 week in another country (Japan, Thailand, China, etc.) each time. As I dont have many expenses at home, I save up and live in (what I feel is) complete luxury every time I go. On each trip, I spend about $5000 USD on planetickets, insurance, hotels and fun. I went there for the first time when I was 16 and I’ve been completely hooked since then.

    There are lots of temptations indeed and my favorite is definately the bars / filipinas. Walk into a bar in Denmark and you will find the guy:girl ratio to be somewhere between 5:1 to 10:1 and a “good” night out can easily result in you being ~$500 USD poorer the next day (just drinks). If the bar has a jukebox though, putting on “Village People – In the Navy / YMCA” seems to magically turn the guy:girl ratio more in your favor. When walking into a bar in the Philippines and all the girls (~20 to 50) starts to whistle / scream / run at you, it sure does boosts your selfesteem/ego a lot. Or them checking you out in their makeup-mirror, calling you stuck up if you dont look at them enough, “accidently” bumping into you or you getting angry looks from older foreigners when all the girls in the bar stops giving them as much attention as before you entered. Combine that with a beer that has never given me hangovers (SML), a few rum/coke, a few b52’s and being able to smoke in the bar (has become illegal in many countries now), it becomes a temptation I simply cant resist.

  10. says

    best way to meet woman in cebu is to attend church. at least you know the woman are being brought up with morals from the church and if they have that religious up bringing there probably where raised in a good family with some type of values ! going to sm mall is a mixed bag a lot of questionable girls hang out there i know from what my wifes family tells me that a lot of woman are going to the malls to prey on foreign men to use them for money ,(i guess some of the guys are there to use them right back) if it seems to good to be true then most likely it is ! my advice stick to the san miguel and the lechon baboy and go easy on the cebuanas its healthier in the long run!

  11. says

    Paul, it’s not hard to believe that after all those travels the temptation has faded. I just turned 50 too and I’ve not done the things you did. Temptation of the female type are not as tempting as they were ten years ago.

    I think most with a business feel that way. I also think we are more likely to put in all those hours when we work for ourselves than someone else.

    I know I lost interest in working free hours for uncle sam pretty quick. :)

  12. rc says

    Well, having been there myself, I can see there are lot’s of temptations :-) But getting a good Filipina wife can go a long way toward solving that problem. Seriously, this has to be the best place in the world to find a good wife. After that, she’ll keep your mind off of the temptations….but be prepared to work, hahahaha! Worth it 100% though, if you have the brains and heart to know what’s good for ya.

  13. Boss says

    Ah the Pines !!! If you have a pocket full of Piso, you will have a great time!!! LOL
    When I was young and single at 45 years old, the Pines was truly a paradise in relation to the variety and quantity of women you can date. But in the end there’s always the one that snags you and sets us on the straight and narrow. Thank god, because over time you get to see your ex’s and Rusty is spot on when he said the Pina has this in born urge to posses you – you better believe it. I have NEVER been left alone in the two years I have lived in Iligan for obvious reasons. LOL

    Guys just watch out, if you teach your spouse to cook western foods, that waist line just grows and grows LOL. The women here can cook a great meal once taught properly.

  14. Tim says

    I’m confused when you say the temptations are bad, do you mean bad just because you are married or bad as in most are hookers and after money?

    I’m a single guy in my early 20’s so as you can imagine I still want to ‘sow my seeds’ so to speak, and looking to travel to the Philippines soon, should I be staying away from some of the bar girls because they are hookers or have STD’s or something or is it all a-ok for me?

    – Tim

  15. eleanor says

    you are one helluva funny and crazy and sensible man,..thanks for considering Filipinas are most beautiful..i agree..!!!

  16. says

    Oh geesh, judge at a beauty contest? A teen beauty contest? LOL Might as well stick your hand in a pit of common cobras. LOL

    I don’t know what it is but in Bogo, the younger girls, way too young girls are very aggressive. I don’t think they understand what they are doing though.

    Learned a trick, if in uniform and they have socks on = still in high school. Without socks = college but many start college at 16 here so that’s of limited value.

    I don’t know Paul, the only problem with the Mrs is they are Mrs aka married. :) I understand though, still possible to enjoy. For most of us, at a distance but to each his own poison. :)

  17. says

    I’m too paranoid to cheat. I know I’ll get caught.

    My views on that subject are different than most but cheating sucks. Happens a lot.

    Truth is, if a woman makes a project out of a man, he’s in deep trouble. Chris Rock told the women in his audience that “your man is as loyal as his options.” LOL

    We all have our own form of poison though just waiting to bite us.

  18. says

    It is funny how most temptations are not good for us but that’s not always the case.

    There is beer, some of the best in the word bottled right here, there is the water, not too dangerous on of the more wholesome temptations, there are cigars and I have a chest infection right now, for most sun worshipping is a temptation that can come back to bite.. I don’t have that one.

    Almost everyone of us has the temptation of spending more money than we should. There’s the temptation to pick up that pretty red banded cone shell, if its big enough it will kill you! :)

    One time a preacher was teaching a bible study course and asked the class “why do you sin” and I answered with “cause I like it.” That kind of floored people at first but when you stop to think about, we do those things cause they are fun. :) Take religion out of it and that’s still the same reason.

    Eating that chocolate filled bread is awesome but I doubt my heart enjoys it as much.

    Temptation is abundant no matter where we go but in the Philippines, having white skin makes you like a celebrity to quite a few Filipina. So they do stick out. Its not the Filipina that dangerous, its there inborn need to possess. :)

  19. Paul says

    Force myself to “remain impartial” throughout each. Ms Teen is usually 14-18, Ms is 18-24; and Mrs is ~18-35 (with an occasional 35+ thrown in if the cause is good).

    Ms Teen is usually a school type Q&A and karaoke contest.

    Ms is more relevant Q&A, bathing suit, evening wear, talent and “poise.”

    Mrs is relevant Q&A, evening wear, cooking, talent, “poise,” and, if the candidates & spouses agree, bathing suit (either all or no one).

    There’s every temptation there, from young cobras to older cougars. My only defense is to keep my wife next to me to “act as an interpretter.” Some moves done need interpretting, but for my own health, I make sure each is “officially” interpretted. 😉

  20. says

    Yeah. the wife/interpreter sounds like a nice safe idea to me. Though the temptation would be to do it without her and that could make things a lot more dicey. :) Your way is better. Would be fun to do the teens too just to see what kind of looks they give you. :) You’re being a lot smarter than I probably would. :)

  21. says

    Yeah, I know that ego thing. Wonder what it would have been like if I had come before I expanded but that as a long time ago. :)

    Jessie seems to ignore the girls but some certainly do hiss at her. Just with the look.

    I ate too much bread in the last few days and worse I ate a can of Spuds last night (like pringles but spicer and more potatoe taste) and that’s just made me sick. Too much fat for a diabetic is worse than sugar, takes longer to break down and hangs around longer. I didn’t even realize I had ate the entire can. Sugar through the roof, I’m sure. Metal taste in my mouuth is a sure sign. Oh well, its my own fault. Fish tonight. :) I feel like crap. That’s the bad thing about the temptation. I do pretty good resisting sweets but the bread… Man.. I had lost 20 pounds, I bet I’ve put it all back on. :(

    Well the bars you see, that’s a cultural thing, see I like going to cultural bikini contest. LOL I don’t go often but from time to time is okay. More disco than bar. Going to a hot bar doesn’t make a lot of sense to me and most around here are hot. Well actually, all of them in Bogo. Live music is a good reason to go. All that pretty Filipina hair is a nice bonus. :)

  22. says

    Thanks Erik but I’m dying for a good SLR!

    That comment about which one is sweeter is about to draw out the worst in me. LOL I don’t want to get beat up but those that have no humor about such things so I’ll just keep my mouth closed. The girl that won thought is hot.

  23. says

    Thanks Wade! Glad it is over use to you.

    Wow you were here in your youth. That had to be very fun. Its hard to find a more hypocritical subject than sex. How many turn up their nose and do the same thing in quite? LOTS or it wouldn’t be going on. So much to turn up ones nose about? Like I said…. hypocritical. Lots of people doing it, lots of people lying about it. :) Filipina flirting with kano is also part of the culture, like it or not. Personally, I’m extremely fond of it.. :) its great for my ego.

  24. says

    You sure they were girls? Lots of that going around too.

    In Thailand the only girls that noticed me where ladies of the evening. Too many kano there for me to make any kind of impression at all. Totally different culture.

    I’m guessing Hong Kong would be the same. Even in Cebu City there is a huge difference in the way the girls react to me, especially in the up-scale malls. Go visit a smaller city of the Philippines, you’ll see what I mean if you can find where they hang out at. :)

  25. says

    Hi Kostas,

    Filipina ask my girl how they can find a foreigner too. There’s no formla. :) If your guy wasn’t honest and loving what good would he be worth. Trying to force a relationship to work isn’t going to work. Took me too long to learn that if I gotta fight tooth and nail to hang on to someone, better off kicking them to crub and moving on. That your husband chooses you is what makes the relationship something good.

  26. says

    Sounds like your in a position to do many things most of us can only dream of.

    Certainly not my place to tell someone else what is right or wrong.

    I don’t know about us old guys getting angry cause you have all the girls though, wouldn’t have that effect on me. Besides, t here are plenty of Filipina that prefer older guys. Filipina are wonderful women and their priorities are a lot different from women of the US and probably most of the West.

    Have fun, be careful.

  27. Adamite says

    Its far from all the older guys who gets angry. I enjoy speaking with all people and many of the foreigners as well as the filipino’s I’ve met while on vacation were pleasant and had interesting stories to tell. Was invited to 5-6 birthday parties on my last trip and although I only managed to attend two of them, those were some of the most memorable days in my life. I dont have a big social network at home, so comming to the Philippines where everyone loves to talk means a lot to me =)

  28. Paul Thompson says

    Twenty two years as a sailor, 6 years owning a Club in Puerto Rico and ten years as a U.S. Merchant Seaman, here in Asia. It took a while but I finily got the temptation out of my system, well that plus a great wife I met here in Luzon. Yet I still like to watch Wow Wow Wee, for it’s cultural value! Sitting on my wall with a cup of coffee and watching the parade go by every morning is nice too. But the bar’s over in Subic City, I gave up years ago, since my wife does not ask for much, I gave her that. Now it’s just friends at the house and a Ice Cold San MaGoo (SMB) Also, I’m old now!

  29. Paul Thompson says

    When one of my old MSC (Merchant) ship’s tie up in the Subic Freeport, I throw a party at my house, hire a van, to get them here and make MaGoo runs. My wife, the Little Matchmaker, will invite the single girls in our purok to the party. It’s not worked yet, but try and try again she will. Most of my old shipmates have other things on their mind (I think you refered to it as temptation) and the hired van has yet to return any of the guys to the ship after the party. I wonder where they go? Where ever it is I ain’t goin’!

  30. says

    You are right Rusty,my husband donts wants to destroy our relationships and also we have our first newborn son now!!A perfect relationship is to have ‘LOVE’ ‘TENDER’and ‘CARE’.W/out that you cant find truely happiness..

  31. says

    Mike, you seemed to have a very misguided understanding of the Philippines. Everything you said in this post is wrong but this article was never about the women of the Philippines.

    Since you want to take it there….

    Going to church in the Philippines for most of us is not very helpful as you will be able to speak to almost no one! I’ve met many Filipina that go to Church at least once a week and will scam you blind.

    There are plenty of good women in the Philippines, not hard to find at all. You can find them in the malls, on the street, in the bars and yes, in church.

    Lechon ain’t that great, there’s far better foods here. I see it as more of a status symbol and for many church is the same.

  32. says

    Its far from all the older guys that get angry? I don’t know what that means, you mean everyone gets angry. Or far from all? You’re the one that said it:

    you getting angry looks from older foreigners when all the girls in the bar stops giving them as much attention as

    If they are giving you dirty looks how do you know what the reason is?

    Yes, the Filipino is quite hospitaple.

  33. says

    Hi Paul,

    I would think that bar would have been hard to give up! I’m sure that had a lot of perks!

    Wow, lot of time at sea. I bet you have seen and done a lot more than many of us ever will.

    It would be fun to own a disco so I could play DJ. I’d have to throw in some good old rock and roll into the mix though. :)

  34. says

    Yeah, I would think seaman are not the most likely guys to be settling down. :) Quite a few of those single girls like it that way too! :)

    Sounds like hard work, keep a guy in shape too!

  35. Paul Thompson says

    Belive it or not, settling down came easy after I turned 50, forgoing temptation came easy also after 30 plus years at sea, travling around the world One has by then, pretty much seen it all. The other reason was I missed keeping dogs. Now I’d never could explain that to the Young Turks I sailed with, yet I know most of them will figure it out as they age.
    About owning a club, one must know only one thing, “You don’t own the Club, it owns you!” I was glad to get back to sea and have some time off. Ok I lied about the temptation going away!

  36. says

    No doubt there are some wonderful women in the Philippines.

    There are also some buang bebot. I think I just mixed Cebuano with Tagalog. :) (crazy girls) Thought I’m not sure if bebot is both singular and plural.

    Work? Whatever do you mean? LOL Never mind.

    Yeah we old geezers don’t deserve these beautiful girls but oh well, just have to deal with it!

  37. Adamite says

    I’m not sure how that was misunderstood, but perhaps its a british/english term, “far from all”. It was meant as “only a small portion of”, it that makes more sence ? =)

    I wouldnt know for sure if that was the entire reason, as I havent approached them. Those who have given me angry looks, have left the place shortly after I entered. I cant think of any other reason why they would be angry though. I’m casually dressed, I have no tattoos, no piercings, I dont pick fights, seek confrontations or anything else of that kind.

  38. Jon says

    Been reading your stuff for awhile and really enjoy it and notice you’ve chosen the lifestyle closest to my own (simple). You’re spot on every time…. especially your counterpoint to the church thing.

  39. says

    Thanks Jon! I appreciate the encouragement. Don’t hesitate to speak up.

    Churches are made up of people and we people, we’re a mess. :) All of us.

  40. says


    Did I say the temptations are a bad thing? Nope, I didn’t.

    Now the bars do tend to get people in trouble, don’t have to come to the Philippines for that. :)

    You are really asking about hookers and STD’s, come on, man, you gotta know the answer to that. I’m trying to be nice but if you don’t know the answer to that one, are you sure you’re ready for the Philippines. There’s lots of dangers regarding Filipina in bars. Google “American Tourist Killed In Angeles City.”

    The Philippines is a wonderful place, the Filipina are wonderful girls but that doesn’t mean its bad to be tempted. I don’t hold a lot of fews that others do though, especially along those lines. I don’t think temptation = Satin. I think a lot of what men calls sinful temptation is what man calls it, not God. Maybe that’s what is throwing you off by the word temptation.

    I go too discos here from time to time. Sometimes some interesting things going on in there. I haven’t been to a bikini bar, I’d go, but I’d leave without taking any of them home with me. Just not into bar girls myself. I’ve got a little more substance about me than that. Plenty of girls here to have a good time with for that.

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