Let me help you find a piece of land on Samal Island!

feyma_profileHi, I’m Feyma Martin! You probably already know me if you follow the Live in the Philippines Web Magazine. I’ve been writing on this site since March of 2007. Actually, my husband, Bob Martin (commonly known as “Mindanao Bob”) and I own the site. Bob is the Publisher and Editor in Chief of this and many other sites on the Internet. Anyway, what I am getting at is that Bob and I are well known on the Internet – you know me, and I hope that you trust me!

Are you looking for a dream location where you can retire in peace, and enjoy the luxury of living in on a tropical island? I think that Samal Island is the perfect place for you to look at! And, guess what… the land on Samal is still quite affordable! If you e-mail me, I’ll give you some sample prices!


In 2007, Bob & I bought a piece of land on Samal Island, in the Gulf of Davao. We plan to build our dream home there, and that is where we will retire one of these days. Why Samal? Well, there are a a lot of reasons why we chose Samal for our next (and last) home base. First, it’s a quiet, peaceful place. No wild parties going on, no traffic rush to deal with – it’s just a quiet place where we can relax, be one with nature, and enjoy a gorgeous view of Davao City! You know, one thing that can be a drawback about living in a remote place is that it is far if you want to go to a City for shopping or other needs. But, Samal is only a 10 minute boat ride from Davao City! In Davao you can get whatever you need, and in just a short trip be back in the splendor of Samal!

Resort on Samal IslandDuring my search for a nice home site in Samal, I got to know a number of land owners on the Island. With my connections, I can assist you in finding a spot on the Island that you can call your own! Whether you want Beach front property, or a View site, I have the connections to help you find the spot that is just right for you!

Let’s face it, if you are going to move to a dream site like Samal, you are most likely looking for either a place right on the beach, or a view. Bob & I chose a place with a great view! We have a full view of Davao City, the Gulf of Davao and Mt. Apo (the highest mountain in the Philippines!). If you want view property, the sights are spectacular from Samal! I even know one place where you can see all the way down to Mt. Matutum (about 200 Km away) from Samal! And, looking down to Mt. Matutum, in that one view you can see two mountains (Mt. Apo and Mt. Matutum), Davao City, and the Gulf of Davao! It doesn’t get much better that that! You know what? You can get view property on Samal Island for a very low price too! Write to me, and I can give you some examples of what kind of prices are available!  If you want to see some views of Samal Properties that I have sold or are available, check here.

Samal BeachIf you are looking for beach front property, it is still readily available on Samal Island too! The beaches along Samal are still pristine, clean and beautiful! If you are a diver, Samal will be a dream location for you to live! Coral Reefs abound, and there is so much sea life in the waters around Samal. You will never tire of diving Samal, and you’ll never run out of new things to see. There are also so many other types of water sports being done in Samal! The beach can mean different adventures for each of us, but whether you are a diver, a swimmer, a fisherman or a jet skier, you won’t be bored on Samal. Even if you just want to sit on the beach and take in nature, Samal is the perfect place for you!

Come and join us on Samal! If you want to buy hilltop view property maybe you can be our neighbor! Let me help you find a piece of land on Samal Island! I know the place, I know the right people to contact! It won’t cost you anything to have me help you, because any charges would be paid by the land owner, not you. I promise you that I will give my best effort to make sure you find a spot that is your very own paradise! I know that Bob & I found our own personal paradise on Samal Island! You can too, and I’ll help you do it! Get started by e-mailing me and letting me know what you are looking for!


  1. Richard Botelho says

    Nice website you and your husband have.
    In about 10 years or less we want to live on Samal. Possible we could buy property now with financing. Can you send us property prices.

    My wife is from Davao City we both live in Florida now.

  2. jerry smith says

    hi feyma this is medina.I like your write ups and they are more on filipino ways very compassionate.well,i appreciate everthing you did and if you dont mind ok, at your own convenient time and effort you can email me the prices of those piece of property in samal and see what we can do.Actually im from digos davao del sur but our town of origin was from caraga.Well nice talking to you .regards


  3. says

    Hi Richard Botelho – Sure no problem. Let me get back to you like friday. Also I will talk to the owner about the financing stuff you are talking about.

    What part of Davao your wife is from?

    Talk to you later!


  4. james wilkinson says

    hi feyma–i hope to be in digos and davao sometime in may –i will be looking for a property somewhere at that time –i am in no rush to buy right now –as bob says –i should wait until i have lived there for a couple of years–however any info or prices would be helpful–and if the price is right for me i would buy sooner–do you have photos of any of the propertys or of the island –thank you and thank bob for all the help you have been to me –james

  5. says

    Hi James Wilkinson- Sure I understand what you mean. That's what me and Bob did, we didn't really intend to buy but when the we saw the land and we like it and the price was right we grab it.

    I will find some of the photos that I took a few months back. I will e-mail it to you.

    Thank you so much for writing. Hope to see you then in May.

  6. says

    Hi Feyma, i have been to samal many times and have friends with property on the beach there,i would be very interested in land on samal island,i think a view property would be awsome but i would even consider land without a view,please send me some prices for view and for some no view land,i rent a house in panabo and its very nice there.but samal is much nicer,hope to hear from you soon.thanks a million feyma. sincerely Ron

  7. Atty. Jocam Joseph C says

    Good day Feyma ,
    Just reconnected my line , you visited my office in babak samal and told me to browse on mindanao.com here i am. Yup, samal is the best place to be, don't wait till you retire cause you will be missin' a lot visit us now. thank you feyma see you in samal.

  8. says

    Hello again Feyma!

    Now that I have an earful of information about acquiring a piece of property in Davao, I would be interested on your list of prices as well, for Samal Island. Are there houses or a resort built in the island now?

    I may actually have to come and visit sometime early next year to see if retiring in the Phil is truly what we want. My husband and I live here in Dana Point, Ca. right now.

    Thank you to you and Bob for having these information be available to Filipinos, like myself, who have been away for over 3 decades.

  9. says

    Hi Jerry Smith & MEDINA – Thank you for writing. I hope you got the private e-mail that I sent after you wrote me.

    Hope we could be neighbor in Samal later. Anyway, thank you so much for reading our column. Thank you so much for dropping by.

    Take care!

  10. says

    Hi Ronald Wadsworth – I hope you got the private e-mail that I sent you right after you wrote me.

    Anyway, just let me know if you didn't get my e-mail. Thank you so much for dropping by and reading our post too.

    Have a great day!

  11. says

    Hi Atty. Jocam Joseph C. Jocson – Thank you so much for browsing our sites. Of course you will see more of me in Samal. I really wish that we could build sooner, who knows? Don't worry We will swing by at your office one day soon.

    Hi to Cris. You guys take care!

  12. says

    Hi MarcelinaWW – I hope you got my e-mail to you. Let me know if you didn't get it.

    Yeah lots of nice resorts now in Samal. Lots of beautiful houses there too.

    Thank you so much for reading our sites.

  13. Vangie Pascua says

    Hi there. I wonder if you could be kind enough to give me some idea of land prices on Samal island. We might like to consider investing now to build our dream home in a few years time. I am from Magsaysay near Bansalan, but currently living and working in the UK.



  14. says

    Hello Feyma,

    Yes, I did get the list, thank you for your time. You should be getting my latest private email by now. As I mentioned, my nephew may come introduce himself to you and Bob one of these days. He resides in Davao City himself. Evidently, he visits the island as well.


  15. Mike Kenyon says


    I have spoke with Bob in the past about Samal Island and a couple other Islands. I would like some pictures of Samal so I can forward them to my wife Rochelle.


    Mike K.
    L.E. Farms
    Candijay, Bohol

  16. says

    Hello Feyma,

    I just have re-send you my private email dated Feb 22,2008 in case it had gotten misplaced. Just needed to hear from you about it before the

    Kind regards,

  17. says

    Hi MarcelinaWW – It's really nice talking to you. Just let your nephew contact me.

    Will talk more one of this days!

    You take care.


  18. george delano says

    wife is german and i'm an american. we want to retire in philippines. nice quit place. can you give prices of houses and places that we might like. i'm 56 and she is 50. Thank you in advance

  19. Eduardo mendez says

    My wife is from Davao del Sur and I am Venezuelan. We are interested to get an Agricultural land around 4 to 6 Hectareas with financing. Can I get prices and possibilities??.

  20. Bettypribil says

    Hi Feyma!!!

    I like you did & bob,I am very proud of you!!! I visited your site evry day when i come home from work…very informative……Mabuhay kayo ni bob….am from Kidapawan city…hope to meet you in the future….

  21. says

    😎 Great to read the informative mags of Bobs and the help you provide to newbys looking to relocate and have a life.. Im an aussie an cant wait to come over a to experience the phillipino peoples and their culture.(met a special girl in tagum city)hope to meet you both soon Feyma
    Thank you for the inspiration.

  22. says

    Hi george delano – I will respond to some of your inquiry in private email.I saw I got an email from you yesterday.

    Thank you for writing!

  23. says

    Hi Eduardo mendez – I hope you got my email to you in private. I will just send it again.

    Thank you for writing! If you have more questions please feel free to ask!

  24. says

    Hi Bettypribil – Thank you so much. I am glad you like our site. It is really for all of you guys out there wanting to live here and missing the Philippines. I has lots of family in Kidapawan. You might know some of them. 😉

    Thank you so much for writing!

  25. says

    Hi mark wilson – I am glad you like our web magazine. Yes you can really get good informations from people that wanting to live and who already lived here too. Hope we could be neighbor in Samal then. 😉

    Hope to see you then when you come to visit your girl in Tagum. Her place is just an hour or so away from Davao City. Thank you for writing.

  26. Vicky in Missouri says

    I saw your beautiful pictures of Samal! I’m originally from Davao but currently residing in Missouri with my husband who is native of St. Louis, Missouri. I would greatly appreciate if you could send me the price quotes for a piece of residential land with a view just like what you bought. Financing information if available would also be very helpful. Thanks for all you and Bob do to keep us informed about our beloved Davao! :smile:

  27. says

    Hi Vicky in Missouri – Hi there! You might already received my email to you regarding your inquiry. Just let me know if you didn't get it, so that I will send it again.

    Thank you so much for dropping by. Take care!

  28. Vicky in Missouri says

    Hi Feyma,

    Thank you so much for your email! I greatly appreciate it! You’re right the prices of land there are still very affordable. I particularly like the land up the hill so I could grow vegetables and flowers.

    I was in Davao in August 2007 unfortunately I just found your website recently. I go home to Davao every other year so my next schedule to visit is in Dec 2009. I would surely look you up and I really do hope I could meet you guys in person. I’m a big fan of your websites!

    Again, thanks a lot! Kudos to you and Bob!

  29. Gary UK says

    We are interested in some land on Samal for our retirement I would be grateful if you could supply some price information for us. Do you know anything about the plans to build a bridge?

    Many Thanks

  30. says

    Hi Gary UK – Sure, I will email you privately.

    >>Do you know anything about the plans to build a bridge?<<

    Lots of talks and I heard reports lately that they will be building that bridge soon, they said in a few months.Will see on that though.

    Thank you so much for dropping by!

  31. says

    Hi Feyma, I think you are lovely and beautiful. Thank you for taking the time to be so helpful to people. I am interested in retiring there in the near future (soon) and I would like to know if I can afford a place there. Mountain side, no typhoons? Thanks.

  32. says

    Hi pearl era – Wow thank you so much for the nice comment. I really appreciate very much. I'm glad you like our site.

    I will email you regarding your other inquiry. Thank you so much for dropping by!

  33. LENNY says


  34. Emilia M. Joaquin says

    Hi, Feyma,
    Please send me some information on available lots with a great view, including the price list and a map of the area. I am interested in relocating to this area. My sister's dau-in-laws are natives of Davao City and I would like to join them there.
    Emy J.

  35. Emilia M. Joaquin says

    Hi, Feyma,
    Please send me a map, list of available homesites with a natural source of water and a great view. I plan on moving there in the next year or so. I intend to create a garden in my yard.

  36. mark says

    i plan to go to davao in mid sept till mid nov . im interested in finding a furnished apartment for tha time thanks mark

  37. Phuc Le says

    Hi Feyma,
    I will be in Davao area next week ( May 26th 08), and will be there for 1week, I'm interested in investing in Samal Island land, Please email me your email address & Tel # so we can contact . Thanks

  38. says

    Hi Emilia M. Joaquin – I hope you got my email to you awhile ago. Just let me know if you didn't get it.

    Thank you so much for dropping by!

  39. Teng S. says

    Hi Feyma,
    I'm a regular visitor/reader and sometimes give my own views in some articles you guys posted here.

    I have already a plan to retire after 16 years of beng OFW. I'm due to go back home early next year and I'm wishing to find a beach front property near a semi-developed or developed area around Samal Island. Specifically, a property where I can build my residence at the back and at the same time I would like to operate a beach bar/cafe/restaurant at the front. It would be highly appreciated if you could inform me when you find a place for sale like this. I have my trustee living in Davao (my sister) and she is a teacher in Sta. Ana. I'll give her contact details once I receive your feedback. Or I'll provide her your contact details to contact you. You may also email me at my yahoo account: [email protected]

    I'm originally from Kidapawan City and your family name 'Bayoy' is quite familiar to me in our area.

    I thank you in advance and hope to hear from you later.

  40. says

    Hi Teng – I saw your comment on some of the columns.

    Don't worry I will let the owner contact your sister before classes starts.

    I will email you more privately.

    Thank you for dropping by!

  41. Connie Narvas says

    Dear Feyma,
    Great website!!!
    My husband and I are interested in investing in Samal depending on the affordability of the properties there. Could you send us available properties and for how much? We are living on fixed income at this time.

  42. says

    Hi Connie Narvas – Thank you so much for writing. I hope you got the email that I sent you privately.

    If you had more questions you can email me.

    Thank you!

  43. art Wolford says

    Hi Feyma,

    what a great informative website. I am coming to Davao city in August of thei year. I am interested on some prices on Samal Island. Could yo send me some infomation to my email address?


  44. says

    Hi Art Wolford – I am glad that you like our site.

    Sure I will send information to your email privately. Let me know what you think.

    Thank you so much for writing and God bless!

  45. says

    Hi Feyma, Samal Island sounds idyllic :)

    How difficult is it to get visas for long visits or living in Mindanao ?

    It would be disappointing to buy land in a beautiful place then find I can only visit a few weeks a year.

    Thank you,

  46. stevo says

    😆 Feyma, My wife (she is originally from Sultan Kutarat) and I are looking for an agricutural lot in the Mintal or Tugbok area. We have some to inquire about , but I thought that you may have some advice or other contacts. We already own a house in Davao City, but we would eventually plan to retire and build a house in that area. Any information that you could give us would be grately appreciated.

  47. mickey clarke says

    Hi Feyma,

    I recently spent two weeks at pearl farm resort………i fell in love with a local gal there,,,and also the island….could u send me some pictures of property and prices????………id truly sppreciate it

    Thank you…………..MICKEY CLARKE

  48. says

    we are presently trying to sell all the things we owne in the us.the market is very slow now in american my wife is from gensan we want to move to philippenes only 54 years old but will have app 100,000 dolars to start over there i do not want to live in the busy city i like the idea of the island property to build a home and some type business.help.what kina prices is the property with poss.home already?

  49. leira says

    Hi. Can you sell a haus in Cebu? You might have some friends wanting to live here and be interested to acquire one.

  50. Tom Jarvis says

    I am looking for property near to any beach part of Samal Island 300-500M2 for a small tourism related business project .

    Look forward to hearing from you .


  51. Steve Maust says

    Not sure if it is just my computer or what.. I tried to click on the link in your blog for the photos of “some views of Samal Properties that I have sold or are available”. It is giving me a 404 error code. I would like to see some of what there is to offer there. I spent timein Kidapawan last year and thought it was beautiful. Also Bob mentioned somewhere about that area being out of the typhoon belt which is a big plus!

  52. James Middleton says

    Hi there, I’m looking for a reasonably sized piece of land to retire on in a few years, preferably beach front and Samal Island sounds and looks like a great place. could you please E-mail me with some prices, sizes and fotos of the plots that are availible?
    Thanks alot in advance

  53. gina prado says

    Hi feym martin

    I am so glad to have read your web magazine.It’s so nice to that you love Samal the way we do.I live there in Cogon area.I also have some lot for sale there and I accept installment as well. Just email me if there are interested .

    to our success

  54. jeran says

    Hi i am looking for property near to any beach part of Samal Island something 300M2.
    if thier is an installment its better.

    Look forward to hearing from you .

  55. Lovely says


    we will be in davao on august 29 to 31.. one reason is to check out the place and see if we can find a good property as well. if you have the time , can you please show us the places there? thank you and hope to hear from you soon

  56. Lovely peig says

    and also, can you please recommend us good hotels there . we booked in pearl farm and insular hotel, but i heard that insular hotel is not allowing its guest to swim in their private beach:( so i am thinking of cancelling the booking . thank you once again

  57. Bob and Cleope Ressler says

    Hello all, when we come to Samal island to look at land what would be the best way for us to get around the island for a week or more while staying here? What type of transportation? thank you

    • says

      Hi Bob & Cleope – Best transportation would be multicab (smaller than a jeepney) if going with more than 2 people. If just the 2 of you maybe the motorcycle(habal-habal) will do. Try to negotiate the price for a week. Lots of multicab & motorcycle just after you get off at the ferry boat terminal on the Samal side.

      Thank you so much for writing.

  58. shy says

    Hi, ms. feyma, may I have a list of prices of properties po in samal. I’m very much interested to get a property with nice view of the sea, but is also near the beach.



  59. Pete says

    Hi there. I’d be interested in information for a small beach lot. I live here in the Philippines as a teacher at an international school. I would love to have a small vacation property in Samal.

  60. George Noland says

    Hi Feyma,
    Wondering if you knew of any good contractors that could build a home on an existing lot on Samal?


  61. Al says

    To everyone who knows Samal , Davao metro-area & southern regions,

    My name is Al- I am American and have a Filipina wife. I had lived on and off in the Davao-Samal area 2008 -09, but haven’t been back since. M\I am finally ready to return to the Davao-Samal area and would like to ask all of you- What has changed since 2009??

    I would also be interested in anyones comment about- buying land and what you may think of a “chicken-farm” (Mostly for my wife’s family!)

    As you write me I can begin to focus better in on up to date- prices, crime and what’s new in helping me to decide where and how I will go about settling in.

    Lastly, I am writing yall at present from Saudi Arabia and here one can get things like- generators & other building materials I am sure cheaper than in PI!

    OK, look forward to hearing from you all,


  62. Somyra Poacelli says

    Hello Feyma

    I’m from Davao City,married to an American,we plan to buy a beachfront property in Samal,.If possible close to Pearl Farm and easy access to Ferry boat,Can you send us the Photos,and Prices?


  63. Ann Castro says

    Hi Ms Feyma,

    Am out of employment after 30 years- my option. I wish to pursue a small business but yet to collate data what to put up. In the meantime, while reading your site, an idea popped in my mind. I drive for the last ten years and currently own a Suzuki Jimny. I wonder if you can help me offer my personal services like picking them from manila airport to anywhere in greater manila area. I could swap my little cab with a bigger one if this endeavour proves profitable. (It’s ok if you will not post this as my concern is not related to property acquisition). I could give you my FB account when I hear fr you in the e-mail. Thanks and God bless. Ann Castro

      • Ann Castro says

        Hi, MindanaoBob. Thanks for your reply/ Regret I don’t have both. I have Non-Profession Drivers License though. If I may propose, you may refer me to your friends or contacts vacationing in Manila. My edge is that they can hire my services and feel secure. Can be a tourist guide too. Preference is lady visitors. As to trustworthiness and security, I could email you my FB account where you will find my relatives and friends so you know how to find me. But I assure you I just need something to busy about and earn from while preparing which business to put up (small scale only for a start). I am very familiar with greater manila area as my last job January 2012 was Sales Officer.

        I thought about converting the small area in my house to hair salon but I live in a subdivision. Renting in a commercial area is not on my priority. Thought of several things too but I am being very careful not to waste my hard-earned remaining savings to futile exercise. Come school opening, I plan distributing “siomai” in school campuses near my residence just to start the machine grinding.

        I think am now going to be a follower :) Regards to Ms Feyma

  64. Richie says

    Hi Bob and Feyma,

    Just a quick question….If i would like to have the view of the city and Mt.,Apo, which side of the island I should consider buying a property? Thanks so much!


  65. Paul says

    Hi Feyma
    Very interested about ur post as I’m having the same plan possibly to get a piece of land in Samal.
    Understand you posted that years ago, would you still be able to advise?

    Gladly appreciate your help

  66. Shirley Procini says

    if wife is philippino and husband US citizen,they sell home in Phillippines, there,does she own the home,not him,as he is not philippino. They are married 5 yrs.

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