Here are some links to some of Bob’s Favorite Related Sites

Sites are listed alphabetically within each category.

Bob’s Favorite Related Sites

Ivan about town from Ivan Hearnes
Market Manila
PhilFAQs from Dave Starr
Philippines Plus from Dave DeWall

Philippine Related Sites

My Philippine Chronicles by Peter Fitzgerals
Expat in the Philippines from Jan
GenSan Online News Magazine
from Avel Manansala
My Philippine Life from Bob Hammerslag
In the Philippines from Mark Maranga
Journey to Samal from Randy Countryman
Marinduque Awaits You
My Cebu Photoblog
My Sari Sari Store from Sidney Snoeck
Pinoy Travel Blog
Texan in the Philippines from UJ
Tourism Philippines
See My Philippines from Allen

If you have a Philippine related site, and it is kept up to date with regular postings, please let me know so I can add it to the list.


  1. Michael J. Batt says

    To who it may concern,
    I hope you could help me to find someone, someone who could help me get a Philippine citizenship. I was born and raised in the United States and have never been married and have no kids and would like to sell everything I have and own in the United States and move to the Philippines permanently. I have been to the Philippines in the past and would like it to be my permanent residence. I noticed your site and I’m not sure about the difficulty in doing such a thing but if you could help me, it would be much appreciated.
    I’m 43 year old single male in fine health.

    • Jim Hannah says

      Getting citizenship in the Philippines is very difficult Michael; I understand that you have to be continually resident in the Philippines for a period of eight years without leaving the country even once…and let’s face it…very few people could manage that, so it’s a policy designed to prevent foreigners from becoming Philippine citizens. However, it is relatively easy to reside in the Philippines on a permanent basis without having citizenship…thousands do it! Bob Martin, of this site, is very knowledgeable on the subject, (as are most of the other writers), and you could consult directly with him on the subject for more information.

  2. Diddy Wittmer says

    Hi Bob,
    it would be nice if can exchange links.
    I send you a mail already just a minute ago!

    Cordially, Diddy

  3. Glen Lalljie says

    I am a cardiologist in Jamaica, in private practice, fee for service with approx 10% free service per day,successful and would like an associate to join me. Interested MD s from the phipipines
    may contact me.

    Glen Lalljie. MD.

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