LiP 6.0 – Back to Basics

Unless you are brand new here at LiP, I am sure you immediately noticed that LiP looks different than it did before!  Yep, I’ve updated the looks of the site again.  It is something that I do once per year, on average.  I don’t like to change the look too often, but I find once per year (or so) is a perfect interval!  It keeps things different, without shaking things up too often.

Yes, it’s a new look, but it’s a little more than that too.  And, the other thing is… new look, but still the same great content that you have come to expect on LiP!  Interesting articles, informative and entertaining.  At least that is the way I hope you feel about LiP, and I hope you keep coming back for more.

So, what is new other than the look?

Back to basics on LiP
Back to basics on LiP

Well, the biggest “new” thing is that LiP is now fully compatible with your mobile devices.  So, whether you are going to view on a Tablet, like an iPad or an Android tablet, or if you want to read LiP on your Mobile Phone, the site should look great, no matter how big or small your screen is.  The site will automatically adapt itself to fit nicely on the screen of any device that you use to browse it.  In the past, this was not the case, but I figured that with Smartphones quickly becoming a standard, it’s time to make LiP a little more adaptable.  And, this does not mean that the site just switches over to a plain jane “mobile theme” that is just black and white.  No, you get the whole experience, just in a different screen size.  The images are still there, and the text is large enough to read even on your cellphone.

Other than the mobile adaptability, the other changes to the site this year are just cosmetic.  Since I am pretty happy with the features of the site, I did not feel a need to really do anything feature-wise, except to add the mobile capability.

So, welcome to the new LiP.  This is version 6.0 of the site, and the site is just a bit over 6 years old now, makes sense, right?  The new looks are a little more basic this year, and I wanted to go back to basics.  But, even though it is basic, I still feel that the site looks good.  I hope you think so too!

Thank you for your being a regular LiP reader and participant!  I really appreciate all of my friends and readers here on LiP!

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Bob Martin is the Publisher & Editor in Chief of the Live in the Philippines Web Magazine. Bob is an Internet Entrepreneur who is based in Davao. Bob is an American who has lived permanently in Mindanao since May 2000. Here in Mindanao, Bob has resided in General Santos City, and now in Davao City. Bob is the owner of this website and many others.

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  1. Bob New York says

    I read only on a desktop. If you recall I only got my very first ” Basic ” cell phone and learned how to use it in The Philippines last year LOL. I can just imagine people walking around reading ” LIP ” on the variety of portable devices that are available. I guess you could call this LIP Ver 6.0 the ” take It With You ” version. Good Show Mindanao Bob !

    • MindanaoBob says

      Thanks, Bob. I like that – “LiP – Take it with you.”

      “Give me a hamburger with fries and a side order of LiP to go!” 😉

  2. says

    With such a new, clean look to LiP, I think it’s time to push myself back into the pack of contributors. The past five months have been quite an experience. (Too bad it consisted of issues I’d rather not discuss.)

    CONGRATS! on the entire site!

    • MindanaoBob says

      Thank you Paul. I would be most happy if you were to jump back in and contribute to the site again! You would be most welcome!

      Take care, my friend.

  3. Loren Pogue says

    Looked good before, looks good now, and with you at the help I am sure lip will be looking good in the future. Thanks for the site.

    • says

      As far as I know, the website was not broken. If you are talking about the Gravatar thing, it was not working for a few users, but worked fine for the majority.

      Sorry you don’t like the color. I guess it proves the old adage… you can’t make all people happy all of the time.

  4. Paul Thompson says

    Hi Bob;
    What can I say, I like it. It has a crisp look to it. Bravo Zulu and kudos!
    Fearless leader you are one technological marvel.

  5. sugar says

    Whoa Bob loving the new look! Thumbs up! and the new colors! I like big! he he ’cause easily where’s the like button?! :)

  6. Neal in RI says

    Hey Bob,
    At first I was expecting some ho-hum changes to the site, but with some color/shade changes and WOW it’s a huge change for the better and makes it much easier on they eyes.

  7. Jim says

    Glad you didn’t close down your comment section. Dave over at “PhilippinesPlus” closed his comments section until they repeal the new Philippine cybercrime law for fear that he might get in trouble if a reader posted a comment that might be considered libelous. I’m amazed that they passed such a law over there in the Philippines in an attempt to clamp down social media like facebook and twitter and blogging. The penalties are harsh too, 12 years in jail and 1 million peso fine.

  8. Ed Griffin says

    Bob, you said the site is just over 6 years old? I thought LIP was much older; seems, I have been reading for 7 or 8 years now! No matter how you change the site, I will remain a loyal reader.

    • MindanaoBob says

      Hi Ed – Yep, I started LiP in July 2006, so it is 6 years and a couple of months old now. Thanks for being a loyal reader! I highly appreciate it, Ed.

  9. chasdv says

    Great layout Bob, easier on the eyes. Doesn’t seem as congested.
    I will leave I/Smart phones to the younger generation, half the time i forget my reading glasses, lol.

  10. Ricardo Sumilang says

    Best layout I have seen in almost 3 years of reading LiP. Nicer fonts and attractive colors, too.. Would like to be able to “freeze” the revolving pictures on the cover for viewing pleasure, or, if that is not possible, extend the viewing time for each picture before it moves on to the next.. Thanks.

  11. vash says

    Sir good day to you!, Where can i locate the old content where it states
    “Tourism is the natural Place to look in order to strengthen the Philippine economy,” and that Philippines is a natural tourist haven, if only tourism were promoted in a better way. The Philippines has so many natural wonders compared to that of the neighboring countries which can attract tourists to come and visit. There is the beauty of more than 7,000 islands to choose from”
    because ive used it as one of my sources in my thesis subject.. thank you and have a nice day to you sir.

  12. Jim Hannah says

    Like it a lot Bob. Always been a fan of the clean sharp and simple, comes from my Graphic Design side which has been a large hobby/small business for many years.

  13. Mark G. says

    Well when I read this the first thing I did was to try and load the new Lip on my phone. What I’m currently using due to finances and problems with a relatively new Samsung is a 6 year old Palm Treo with Windows Mobile 5.5 OS. Because of the age of the phone and the software some websites as they’ve evolved have become a bit of a problem. Previously Lip would not display properly on Internet Explorer Mobile (keep in mind it’s a 6 year old version of it). I checked this new version of Lip and it does not display at all. Not that big an issue really as some time ago I found it necessary to install Opera mini to address issues with the old browser. I accessed the site using Opera and found it to work just fine, better than it had with Opera in the past. Kudos Bob! I can now put off getting a new phone a little longer! 😉 The site looks pretty good, too.

  14. Jim Hannah says

    What I’ve noticed this morning Bob, is that only the “magazine” button on the menu bar will work on the iPad. Tryvas I might, none of the others will function.

      • MindanaoBob says

        Ah, OK… well… that particular button is a drop down menu. It works on my Galaxy tablet… I’ll have to try to figure out why it doesn’t work on a iPad. Thanks for letting me know.

    • MindanaoBob says

      Hmm.. that’s strange, Jim. I don’t have an iPad to test it out. I have a Galaxy Tab, which is similar to an iPad, but using the Android OS, and all of the buttons work fine on that.

        • Jim Hannah says

          Hmm…on my iPhone, Lip Writers, Sister Sites and Social do not work…but all the others drop the menu or react instantly.

          • Jim Hannah says

            This is very much an Apple household Bob…I’ve lost count of the devices in this place now. I’m sure we must be responsible for a good part of that $xxxBn they have in the bank. I notice that here in Australia, they have a huge hold on the mobile phone market. It’s good for me, because I sometimes hold tutorial sessions for those who can’t get to grips with their devices, and how to set them up properly.

  15. AlexB says

    Hi Bob,

    I see you’ve been busy. The home page threw me off, had to try the 2nd time to see it’s really LiP. Congratulations. I use a tablet, playbook, and didn’t seem to have any probs in the past with your site. I’ll have to try it with this new look. On a personal note, I found the previous design a bit more colourful and felt more “tropical.” But that’s just my preference.


  16. nette9168 says

    hi bob,
    i posted a question in the balikbayan box blog, i don’t know if it went through? just about sending electronics in balikbayan box, you said it was prohibited?
    thank you

    • MindanaoBob says

      Nette – Please be patient and give me a chance to help you! Fact is, if you go back and check, I have already answered your question twice now.

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