Living in the UK with my Filipino Wife, Annaliza

Today’s Guest Blog is from David Walker from the United Kingdom.  David wrote an article regarding the process of meeting his wife and bringing her to live in the UK.  It’s quite an ordeal!  Thank you very much for making the effort of writing the article, David, and all the best of luck to you and your family! -Bob

May I introduce myself, my name is David Walker, 40 years old white British male ex military (French foreign legion).

I only joined because of the French cuisine, frog legs and snails and not forgetting the white ice cream hat which was made famous in an old Laurel & Hardy film back in the 1930’s.

I have spent the past five years either in Iraq and Afghanistan working for security companies and recently return from Kabul where I have many Filipino friends working for a number of foreign companies out there.

I first met Annaliza in Dubai at the airport terminal 2 and within a few minutes on first meeting each other was in argument with Egyptian taxi driver why “he didn’t like Americans”. Don’t get me wrong Dubai a great place with fantastic hotels, restaurants and shopping for all and welcome western culture to a limit. But seem to have too many anti western taxi drivers.

Annaliza had been working in Dubai for 3 years and was paid well for a Filipino in Dubai she still had to rent and live with many Filipinos and her last room she shared was with 4 other girls. My view is that Filipinos are not paid well in Dubai and work long hours but are always smart and friendly and it’s a shame that employers in Dubai and elsewhere don’t give them more credit with better wages.

Even in Kabul Afghanistan many Filipino are working here some for good western companies and other not so good. Many working long hours and travelling in sub standard vehicles on very dangerous roads with little or no security. A Filipino female friend of mine was murdered in May 07, and her body was thrown down a well. She was murdered by the company driver and another both locals because they know she had been recently paid. She was due to return home to the Philippines. One of the main problems when recruiting locals in Kabul is they do not check them for pass history or security checks some companies turn a blind eye on this matter (cheap labour).

Annaliza was at the time working for a freight company in Dubai and she arranged the transportation off the coffin back to the Philippines. It turn out that the woman who was murdered was working for an Indian company and had no written contract with them.

Getting Annaliza to the UK was no easy matter first she’d applied for tourist visa and was refused on the grounds she wasn’t earning enough money in Dubai. I had to contact the UK Embassy in Dubai and informed that she is my Girlfriend. I would sponsor her whilst she was in the UK for the grand total of six days. I had to provide letter from my employer, six months bank statements and pay slips. I find it very strange that Annaliza was employed with employers letter to travel and had savings with return ticket on Emirates and was only visiting for six days but still refused her tourist visa, anyway the visa cost 142 USD.

Then we planned to get married in the UK that’s where the paperwork starts for both of us. You need to apply for fiancée visa which cost 1000 USD you cannot marry without this visa in the UK. The fiancée visa allows you to stay for six months in which time you must marry or leave the country. You cannot work or claim any public funds the sponsor must provide them with accommodation and funds whilst they are in the UK. Both of us need to provide proof of address in UK, bank details for six months, employer letter and Annaliza even needed letter from employer in Dubai allow her to leave the UAE.

Once we were both in UK, we had to contact our local register office and book interview for marriage. At the interview Annaliza had to provide proof of visa, proof we are both living together and date and place of marriage. And I had to provide proof that I was divorce it’s called final decree absolute in the UK. Then you are separately interview asking question about each other.

You need to pay a small fee about 30 pounds for the service and your details are displayed for 16 days the reason for this any person wishing to voice concern over the marriage may do so within the 16 days that’s the law in England and Wales.

Then the register office will post you the paperwork off marriage which is valid for one year from date posted.  And on the day of the wedding you will receive your marriage license signed by marriage officials, Bride and Groom and 2 witnesses.

Then you have to contact the home office immigration visa department and book interview for marriage visa and get them to send you the visa form. You can send the form back with the marriage license and both passports it will take up to 8 weeks and will cost about 390 pounds for the marriage visa. Or you can book interview and go to your nearest visa office and get your passport stamped the same day cost of marriage visa 595 pounds for the express service. Please note you both need to attend the interview providing proof off marriage, and again all the details you had to provide when we both applied for fiancée visa.

Annaliza was given limited resident permit until 2010 and after two years she will be granted permanent resident visa after passing the exam.

At the moment her visa will allow her to work but cannot claim any public funds and even if she wishes to travel to any European country Annaliza would need to apply for visa.

And if you wish to apply for British citizenship normally you will have to wait up to 8 years and now you must do a citizenship test. And the question are not easy most Brits wouldn’t pass today, like how many members are there in the welsh assembly and when was the dog license abolish.

And having gone through all of this, I still have Filipino friends still talking rubbish one claiming her (hubby) can get her UK passport even without her living in the UK and taking the citizenship test. Another claiming she can work on tourist visa and now she’s back in the Philippines.

We both now live in a small market town called Ramsey about 88 miles north of London in the part of the UK called the Fenlands. Ramsey dates back to the 6th century and the fenlands were drained in the 16th century by Dutch engineers reclaiming good farming land back from the marsh lands.

Annaliza now works for BUPA in a nursing home in Ramsey with other Filipinos and was told the other day by the Grand Aunty (big boss) filipino here in Ramsey. There’s 70 filipinos  living in Ramsey most work either in the nursing home or at the local turbine engineering company. It won’t be long before I see a Red Ribbon cake shop and Jollibee on the high street and a Jeepney. Annaliza likes the UK from experiencing blowing smoke from her mouth when it’s cold here and a recent trip to Morocco Atlas Mountings and see snow for the first time and not forgetting her favourite shop in the UK Marks & Spencers.

I have been to Philippines twice and back in May 2008 had our honeymoon in Boracay.  It’s a very nice place and I love blue marlin fish. I have tried most of the supermarket in UK and do not sell it.  Then the penny dropped, it’s like asking a cod and chips in Boracay.  I remember my first trip to the Philippines and we stayed in Subic.  We planned to go to Baguio thru Victory Liner, Big mistake.  Never in my life that I have take the bus that stop for every cow and chicken on route.  We got as far as Tarlac before I got off.  We spend the night in a lovely hotel.  Even though I love seafood, I’m not too keen on eating “tuyo” in English too yuck to eat.

I hope that this will be an eye opener to anyone who wish to come to UK and thinking that it’s easy because they have a UK boyfriend but it’s not the case.  Late this year the government will change the rule again and making it much harder with all applicants outside the European Union will need a finger print and photo visa to enter the UK.

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  1. Eu expat in London says

    For EU expats living and working in the UK it is alot easier. Got married in the Philippines, my wife was already studying in the UK (we met at grad school) so no problems entering the country. Then it took 3 months to get a 5-year temporary residence card (EEA2) for her which allows her to work as well. And this card was free under EU rules.

    The card is endorsed in her passport and is also supposed to offer visa-free access to the Schengen countries on the continent. Unfortunately only some countries such as Holland, Denmark, Germany and Italy are allowing this – despite all Schengen countries rectifying the specific treaty in their national laws.

    The message being – yes it is easy to come to the UK, but only as spouse of an EU national. It is like that in many other EU countries as well, (such as Holland) – regulations for EU expats are less strict then for their own nationals.

    • says

      HI THERE…
      my name is Gills and i will be marrying my fiancee this year 2011.
      I am abbit lost about how i will bring her here to the uk. I am portuguese and living in England for 15 years.
      I read that is easy to bring her here as a EU national rather than British… can someone explain to me what to do because i dont want to live apart from my wife?!

  2. Sean says

    Having been married to my Filipina wife for 8 years and living and working in Saudi, Hong Kong, UK, Canada, Switzerland and currently in Bermuda during that time, it has seemed that half of our lives have been spent in immigration offices or foreign embassies. We have probably killed off acres of rain forests just with the amount of paperwork we have had to complete.

    As David mentioned it can be a nightmare trying to get your better half into the UK. The last time we lived in the UK, my wife entered on a visit visa which was valid for 8 years, however we didn't realise (or forgot) that it was only for stays of upto 6 months. This realisation took place 6 months and 2 days after she entered the country, so we contacted UK Immigration who said she had to leave the country immediately. She couldn't appeal or apply for an extension or permanent residency, even though we had been married for 5 years and had a 3 year old son. The only way she could apply was to go back to the British embassy in Manila, much to the astonishment of our family and friends. So we decided as a family to go to Manila for a vacation and on reaching Manila we completed the necessary paperwork only to be told it would take 3 months to process !!! So after 2 weeks I had to go back to the UK to work and our family was split up for over 2 months…..not a nice time. Anyway after the papers had been in the embassy for 2 and half months we had to retrieve some as I had the chance of a job in Bermuda and had to apply for a visa……the result being that after a 3 months process the British Embassy in Manila turned down her application as she may be moving to Bermuda.

    So as you can imagine our love for anything to do with the UK evaporated at that point. However after being an expat for 10 years, and only spending a few months back in the UK during that time, I have no intention of ever moving back home to the UK. In fact our next move will definitely be to the Philippines……can't wait 😎

  3. Jim Cunningham says

    Hi Dave-Unlike you I got married in the Philippines back in the early 80's and since I was working in Nigeria at that time we got married again in Lagos so that we had a commonwealth marriage certificate.
    Before we returned to the UK to live in 1988 my wife applied at the British High Commision in Lagos for a visa to accompany me to the UK to live stamped in her Filipino passport.When we arrived at Gatwick B Cal in these days we had two kids by this time my wife went through one gate for others and me and the kids went through UK nationals as they had Brit and Filipino passports as both were born in the Philippines and registered at the Brit Embassy when born.
    After arriving in the UK my wife applied for citizenship in 1989 and was granted it in 1991.Just last year she applied for her Filipino citizenship as you now can have joint citizenship and last week she applied for her Filipino passport.So after 25 years she has went full circle.Incidentally we built a house in 2005 in Bukidnon and we will move there to retire at the end of November.Anyhow all the very best in your married life and I hope the Dutch did a good job and the flood plains of Ramsey stay dry at least until your wife gets her citizenship despite applying to get on "Who wants to be a millionaire".

    • meldy olar cooke says

      Hi,,I would like to congratulate those foreigner who prefer to live In Bukidnon,,,for it is a lovely
      cool place to live,,,I will be looking forward of meeting you guys in future together with my British
      husband,,, Meldy

  4. john j says

    If you hold a British passport,you cannot bring your philippino wife into the UK under the EU family Permit(this is free of charge)you have to pay hundreds of pounds for a visa then pay hundreds more when you get here.
    But if you hold another EU countrys passport,the answer is yes you can come to the UK its your right under EU legislation,we will process your visa straight away,be about three weeks SIR 👿
    Thought we were supposed to be in the EU.I just cant wait to get the hell out of rip off UK. :roll:

  5. Steve Moore says

    😯 I'm from Florida via California. Lots of frienda that have married Filipino Ladies "Me too but that's a different story". Lots of them brough them to the U.S and I thought I had heard some rough stories but I guess there is something worst then U.S Immigrations :roll: as specially where Filipinos as concerned. But in the end it was worth it Right? Yeah most Filipinas work in Home Care or Nursing Homes because everyone knows how Good and Kind they are with the Older Ones!

    I'm Retires and here in Davao going on 4 years now and love every minute of it. Moved here in Feb. 05, got Married in June 02. That last year before I retires was the worst "23 MONTH APART BEFORE I COUND HOLD HER AGAIN :cry:" , (ok to be exact 23 months and 21 days!) Second E-mail address (Can't get in the enter in mail for some reason) [email protected] but the other one is my main address. Hope to see you here when you visit and then Retire.

    Could tell you of my Love for Filipina Wife "Rebecca" and Davao but it might take all day and 4 or 5 pages to list them all 😀 :mrgreen:

    Steve (A.K.A-Sidecar)

  6. says

    hello dave
    im currently doing a fiancee visa for my filippina and i have to tell you this has been sooooooo very complicated. i also have a son in philippines.its been 18 months now since i have been with son was 3 months old last time i held him and he will be 2 in december.if i wrote about all we have been through with immigration in usa it would certainly be a series of books i would have to write.advise to anyone who wants to bring thier wife,fiancee to thier country have alot of money and patience ready.its a long road coming. mabe i should have made a raft and floated to philippines and got my fiancee and son and floated back to us.
    salamat dave 😥

    • says

      I hear you.. I missed my daughters birth and 1st year birthday already…. and totally broke at the same time …. it’s simply hard …

  7. Lia says

    😥 I am Portuguese, passport issued in Macau Portuguese Consulate, If I marry a filippino husband, can I get a longer visa for go Philippine?

  8. Lia says

  9. Lia says

    this is unfair, if passport issued in Portugual, can have 90days visa automatic. But I am living in Macau issued in Macau, I just can have 7 days!!

  10. Lia says

    why I read here many people have many problems for apply the filippina wife moved to his countries for living?? Why my filippino husband married me already easy stay in Macau and get resident? He didn't apply in Philippine government get any visa already can go with me. Don't marry in Philippine, right? If you go government make a sponser paper for her and prepair get marry paper get a visa for her in your consulate, (not philippine consulate) . she can as a tourist go your place get marryFilippino can go HK get marry with you also. Bring the marry contract to your government (not philippine government) apply your wife go your country to living with you. Am I right? Cause I didn't do anything pass the philippine government to bring my husband in my place.

  11. says

    Hi David
    It seems like you had a hard time getting your filipina to you but like they say "waiting only makes it better when you finally get together." I have been married to two filipinas.The first time I was living there, was married there, and was in the military. I think it took one or two trips to Manila to get everything done including getting a US passport for my daughter. The second time I was in the states and my wife was in Israel and it took about six months to get a fiancee visa so I don't have any complaints.

  12. maria says

    Sir David,

    Maybe my case is different but i hope that you can give me an enlightenment. I really would like to work in you country. So, i applied through internet. Luckily, i was accepted by the recruitment agency in UK. I was really happy, however my concern is, I just started my application maybe for about a month and i can see that the processing is really fast. With this, can you tell me what are the possible documents in going there? THANK YOU..


  13. Faith Esponilla says


    I am a 24yo filipina and my bf is 27yo british . We are applying for a fiancee visa and need lots of advices. We met once last 2006 iwhen he went here for a vacation. We met in a pet shop in the mall near his hotel and felt a sudden connection for the first part of the conversation about DOGS ( we both love dogs). We went out twice as friends then he went back to UK. Almost 2 years of friendship and constant skype talk then the relationship started just this year. We both spend hours and hours in the internet searching for the things that we need to have to apply for a fiancee visa.But we are worried because we can't prove that we already met because when he was here, we did not think of taking our pictures together and we don't have any emails to show the counsil because we always talk on skype. Other thing that he is worried of, is that he is only 27 and does not have that much savings yet. We need lots of advices from everybody about our application. Thank you so much



  14. DAVID says

  15. DAVID says

  16. says

    Such a story! Congratulations to you and AnnaLiza. I also hope to enter UK too. Honestly United Kingdom and Ireland are the two states I am not allowed to enter..I am only here in the Schengen area and I am Filipina. There was no trouble entering these countries for I am with an Italian but UK, indeed such a vague possibility for now unless I would have an EU passport as well.

  17. says

    I am a brit now living in the philippines and married to a filipino I was fortunate that when I met my now wife of 31 years I was serving in the British forces in HK we decided to get married there but as I was only 20 I had to get my parents permission as the age of concent is 21 anyway after a lot of toing and froing I finally got the marriage licence and we were married and as I was a member of the british forces and now my wife also came under that umbrella I had no problems taking her to the UK and after 3 years she applied for citizenship,but that was a long time ago and the laws in the uk have changed alot and some for the worse hense why I now live in the philippines.

  18. hill roberts says

    Dear David and wife,
    Just read your very interesting article. So glad you've made the knot after all the
    difficulties encountered by you both. Congratulations on your nuptials and no doubt that marriage will be forever. When I met my British husband 28 years ago,
    I flew to Spain, which, at that time, didn't require Philippine nationals for a visa. I breezed into Spain without much ado, while my husband stayed for a few more weeks in the UK to collect his house things to be transported to Spain, where we planned to live half of the year. Spain, 28 years ago, was rather poor, and didn't even have the proper road network until they joined the EU n 1986. Still, things have turned really well for me and my English husband, he being a northerner from Cumbria. I have no qualms as to your lovely wife lasting it with you forever. Filipina women have an excellent tract record in keeping their British husbands for life! So, despite your trials and tribulations, kudos to your patience
    and your wife's mental strength—a quality Filipina women possess—without having to flaunt it.

    So, dears, this is all for now, but good luck and stay happy together. Mabuhay! God bless you and your future family.

  19. gary says

    hi i have lived here in zamboanga city for 4 years . very happy to no trouble at all i have been married about 3 years have home here and im lucky .My wifes family are very nice . i wont to bring my wife to uk to have a baby. only been back to uk once so would it be hard to get a spouse visa we have about 20,00 pounds in uk bank to support us in uk. and about 10, million in assets here in philippines

  20. Frank says

    Hello all !
    i just came back from a 3 week vacation in the Philippines.
    Finally i married on the 20th of January in Quezon City !
    I am originally from germany but i live in the UK for a number of years, far as i know it is easy, now that i am married, to apply for a EEA Family permit.
    I am just a bit confused there are quiet a few EEA Forms, which one i need ? Do i apply or do my Wife apply in the Philippines ?
    Hopefully someone can help me.

  21. vic says

    hi all
    well im here to try and get some advise,i have a girlfriend in the phils and she wants to come here to the uk to live with me,i want that also but i need to no what i need and how to go about it,i do not work or have saveings,i have my own home and thats it,the only proof of me haveing a girlfriend there is one letter i have from here,we both love each other very much and we want to be together and mary,i am devorced and have my devorce papers but that is it,we would like to be together mid feb 2010,so any help here would be great,thanks you all for your help

    • Maricar says

      Your spouse visa has validation limit for 2 years and 3 months, check if it is still valid then you can go to UK using your spouse visa. If you have address of your spouse, it would be easy to find him. Nowadays with all the applications built in mobiles you only have to enter the post code from your location it will guide you through. You can work on your spouse visa but no recourse to public funds. I hope you have enough money to stay while searching for your spouse, if not it’s not advisable for you to go to UK.

  22. sexymeh says

    hi my name is annaliza from philppines, we applied for a spouse visa here in philppines and now we already have it..unfortunately my husband and i stop communicating..i want to go there in uk is possible for me to go and find him?please help me …

  23. sexymeh says

    hello vic,,i am same with your situation but i have spouse visa already,,my advise is,u completed all the documents they need,, ur pictures together and important papers about husband is also divorced when we get marriedand we passed them all the important documents and we pay them the spouse visa fee.. u can apply online.…gudluck…...

  24. vic says

    sexymeh hi,
    thanks for your reply im still in limbo here as to were to go or who to contact,some of this stuff is so confusing lol,and hay hope you find your man ok,can you tell me how much the visa costs i have no idea,thanks dear

  25. chasdv says

    Hi Gary,This is a late reply,hope you are still reading.
    Why do you want your wife to have baby in the UK? If as i suspect it is so your child has British citizenship there is no need.The child can be born in PI,then if you register the birth with the British embassy Manila,the child will have British and PI nationality.

    If you still wish to visit UK,and you are legally married in PI with NSO marriage certificate,she should have no problem getting a Visitors Visa to accompany you.
    On the other hand if you were wishing to live in the UK its a different ball game.
    They are more interested in the fact that you would have a place to live in the UK.
    They are also more interested in evidence that you can support your wife in the UK ie a job with regular income.Having a regular income is more important to them than having money in the bank,hope this helps,regards Chas.

  26. chasdv says

    Hi Vic,
    The bottom line in your situation is that your chances are nil,sorry.
    You have to prove that a relationship exists.1 letter and the fact you have never met in person will seriously go against you.
    As you have no job or income, you have no proof as to how you will support your gf/fiancee,this is essential.
    The cost for Fiancee Visa process,start to finish is around £1500, plus costs to visit her several times to gain proof and photo's of you together,which helps establish relationship evidence.You will also need much evidence of regular communication,ie copies of emails,phone calls etc.
    Lastly you will need sufficient finance to pay her air fare to UK.
    Hope this clarifies the problems you face.
    regards Chas.

  27. chasdv says

    Hi sexymeh,
    I am no expert but if you have lost communication with your husband it appears to me that for some reason he may have deserted you,or worse,sorry.
    You may be allowed to enter the UK to try and find him,but you will need to check with British embassy Manila and provide evidence of marriage.
    But before any permission would be granted,you would have to prove that you have sufficient finances to support yourself whilst visiting the UK.
    Hope this helps,regards Chas.

  28. chasdv says

    Hi All,
    For anyone who is confused about the UK fiancee/spouse visa process,check out where you will find most answers to your questions.
    You can also take a free online assessment test.
    You may also use their professional processing service (for a fee obviously)
    regards Chas.

  29. Frank says

    i found the right form to apply for the EEA family permit for my wife, we applied online, printed off the form and made an appointment in Manila to submit her forms 4 weeks later, in the meantime i have send her the reqiered papers, 6 months bank statements, 6 months payslips, rental contract etc.
    2 days before her appointment the papers havn't arrived ROYAL MAIL "AIRSURE" signed for !!!! i told her her to go anyway and show the papers we had so far.
    They ask for the missing papers but my wife told them that they may have been lost, she showed the post receipe which i scanned and emailed her. They told my wife they will hold on to the application until the papers arrive or she can produce replacement papers.
    Four days after she submit the application form my wife got a SMS message, telling her to come and collect the outcome of her application. The outcome was she got her UK entrance clearance, valid for 6 months !!!! unbelieable, just 4 days and without my papers ! Now she come here next month and then we must apply for her resident card. Again many pages to fil out and lots to prove but at least she is here.
    I hope everyone is as lucky as we where. Good luck

  30. Eloisa says

    Hi Frank,

    I am a Filipino soon to be married to my Hungarian boyfriend who is currently working in the UK. We are also planning to get EEA Family permit. I would like to ask your help and advice on how to go about it? We are planning to have the wedding in the Philippines and after that process the EEA family permit? What are the conditions to apply for that? How long does it take to process it in the Philippines? What is the right form to fill up? What are the requirements? Once I arrive to UK, how long does it take to process the resident card? Am I allowed to work in UK?

    Thank you so much…



  31. LYN G. says

    hi i am lyn.i have a danish boyfriend and we dont know much about how to be together in his country coz he can be in my country ofcurz..we are planning to marry here in philippines this year and slapppp coz i dont know what visa we need to apply after marriage..and i am 19 years old still…can u help me?please i need answer

  32. clare says

    hi David
    could i have ur advice please i live in the uk and my husband is a filipino living in philippines we have been married 1 year i want to move him to the uk. what is my first step he works on a ship. please help me with all i need to know the cost and how to get him there im really struggling

    much appreciated clare

  33. JOCELYN says



  34. Frank says

    I got married in Quezon City to a Filipina women two weeks after our marriage she got her Visa for the UK, she lives here now just over 3 years.
    At the beginning she was nice and caring but after a short while she changed totally.
    She became very lazy, spend all day on her laptop talking to her Filipina friends on facebook. She cant cook and she dont want to learn it either, she can’t speak english proper and dont bother to learn it either.
    We sleep in 2 different rooms short after she moved here because she have some kind of skin condition and is scratching all the time, horrible!!
    SEX, what is that ?? she is so boring and SEX with a stone is more exciting.
    I am 49y and she is 39y old !
    I wish she go back where she come from !
    2 faced, lazy and greedy bitch she is.

    • khaye says

      before you got married to her you should get to know her well . i met my partner in a social network after a month we decided to meet up. so he went to Dubai to meet me and then we constantly meeting up every 9 weeks until i decided to go back home for good and he continue to see me and decided to put up business here. we want to live together he ask me to go on holiday in the UK but i refuse as i know that it would be so expensive , as he comes here every 9 months . he has a lots of expenses. i want him to have savings for his self. we planning to get married if everything is stable i dont mind living somewhere else as i long im with him. as a matter of fact it really helps that seeing each other every 9 weeks, chatting through skype, e mails and everyday call as in 4 times a day.texting and sending him cards through post that makes our relationship stronger , you slowly getting to know him and i embrace wholeheartedly everything i discovered including his flaws .he’s far from my ideal man i want to be with but i fell in love and continuing loving him without any demands we very comfortable each other.hes 14 years senior and im very proud of it, age doesn’t matter . why im telling this is because i what the whole world to know that not all filipino that marries foreigner its because of the money maybe some but not all . my partner is not rich and he has to work 14 hours a day to live and to see me. i always feel sad as i want to help him an any way .thinking that he has to work hard to pay for his trips and holiday money ,and i keep checking him if he eats on time and if he sleeps well maybe i sound like a wife.sometimes i feel guilty if he wants me to buy something which is not sometimes i do refuse. we do love to learn from each other. no matter what happen even when the life gets tough ill be by his side. hope you find the right person for you .id love to visit him maybe next year to look after him for a couple of weeks to look after him . hope that it would be easy for us.

    • ronald holmes says

      frank you made me smile for that reason i will send you a free box of mushrooms they worked for me hehe shhhhhhhh

  35. joana says


    It is really hard to enter UK… In our experience, we get married here in Philippines . I know my husband for a year now and only this year we had civil wedding after getting married we tried to apply wife- settlement visa sad to say I got refused to the grounds of there is new rule that to meet the financial requirement income and then I should have a English test. For 3 months, my husband stay here in Philippines to marry me here and to get a visa. Now he is already in UK, we planned to get Family Visit visa for me to stay with him at least just for 6 months for the mean time. I hope everything will goes well after we apply family visa. Hoping this year I will see him. Hoping I can have visa and enter UK.

  36. Darren says

    Hi dave..i met my girlfriend almost 2yrs ago she lives and works in dubai and i am in london(she works for tour company in Dubia with my brother) we are on skype and facebook every night since we first met.I have also visited her in Dubai and we have had a 3 week holiday in the Philippines in may this yr 2012 so we have lots of correspondents and pictures with each other..i want her to come to UK for a months holiday next yr(may) she will need a visit visa to do so but is this long drawn out process or is it easy to obtain visa in Dubia? if i marry her in Dubai will i be able to bring her home or will i have to get a different visa to do really confussed as i am an English man who just wants to bring his girl home..have you any advise please as the Border Controll Web Site just has lots of words that mean nothing to me..Thank You

  37. JEANETT says

    Hi Sir David,
    What a succesful love story,
    My story si so sad. I am seeking help for me and my fiancee to be together.

    He is british , and I’m Filipina . He was a member of a punk band called WARSAW PAKT. By the way My work is in Hongkong as a Domestic Helper. We met on line and fell in love. He visited Manila last March 2012 and get to know each other. We got married even without the necessary documents. The judge said just sent him the CNI then it will be ok. Last month August we’re back in the Philippines to apply for the CNI, they will released the paper by 24th of this month. He’s in the Uk now and I’m in Hk.
    Apparently he started drinking heavily and so sick, and so lonely wanting me to be there with him. but getting a visa for me is not easy, he doesn’t have a job and on public funds because of his accident.
    Is there away that I can go there?
    What if he lives in the Philippines is it also possible?
    Please need help.

  38. malcolm says

    My wife ( we married there) has languished in Bacolod for 8 yrs due to Manila refusing a visa .I never managed to get it sorted due to my retirement pension not enough for two according to Manila visa department. The whole systems cruel

  39. Anthony Lynn says

    I am Anthony from Germany.I met one Filipina through an internet dating site. I did not expect i would fall in love with her. From one month, I decided to come to Philippines this November for 21 days stay. And if the feelings still the same meeting in person, I dont want to leave her, Is there a possibility that I can go back to Germany with her? She is a professional woman. what are the possibilities that i can bring her to Germany ?

  40. InlovetoBritishMan says

    I was browsing the net to find an easy way to get UK visa without sponsoring by someone until Google brought me here. I want to surprise the man I love so much since 2009. I have enough money for return ticket and pay hotel accommodation. I can support myself in 6 days. I have bank account but no credit card. I am working as freelance translator and currently studying Automotive. I am still worrying if my visa will get denied since I don’t want to use sponsor. Help please… Thank you

  41. terence says

    hi to everyone, i went over to the phillipines for a whole month last november as i needed the full month to make an appointment and to present all my wifes and my papers to the ukvisa, my wife got her visa within 4 days, for 6 months and now she is here with me, i filled out a eea2 and that will tak 8 months to process, i am worried her 6 month visa is up in may, plus my wife is now 20 weeks preggy and our baby is due by 9th august, but if ulove some one as much as i love my wife then what u have to go through u will find worth while in the end, regards to everyone on here and u all get what u want in life

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