My 61st Birthday!

My 61st birthday started with a rather Rude Awakening by my dear family members at 5.30am on the 26 th August at the Isla Jardin Delmar not too long after I had gone to bed after our Reunion. They played horribly loud music then sang Happy Birthday to me while I was still trying to work out just what happening! My brain was not really working at that time of day! They even presented me with a local Birthday Cake but at such a time it was not too well appreciated, It was later in the day though!

Durian and a nice little cup of cofee, yummy!

Having swilled down about a pint of coffee at such an ungodly hour wife came up with the idea to go and have breakfast so away we went for a nice fried breakfast and lots more coffee! This reminded me of the Army where you had to eat Breakfast what ever state you were in as it was a Queens Parade!

Ready for the Banana Boat Ride!

Once I was up I was up and the family who had gathered for the Reunion started getting things going. One mob wanted a ride on the Banana Boat so eight people got into the safety gear and away they went screaming like banshees for the 15 minute ride! This ride cost 2,000 pesos or 250 pesos each, a bit expensive but I did not pay so no problem!

Kids Tug o War!

The kids got organised and the games begun, I understood the Tug o War but all the other local games they played were way over my head!


Finger Food Pig for Lunchtime Snack!

All was fun up until lunch time when it was time to eat again and once again a Roast Pig was produced just as a Finger Food Light Snack, by this time I am beginning to hate Roast Pig.

Once we were stuffed we moved out of the resort and headed back home where the rest of my birthday celebration was to take place later in the evening. I could have easily have gone to bed but I had to be there really!

Cake Again!

The evening itself was rather tame compared with other Birthdays as many people were tired from the Reunion so it was not the usual craze event as other years. Instead of having a roast pig my dear wife made Pork Curry and lots of other Pork Dishes but we also had Chicken for the none pork eating members of the family.


I opened a Bottle of Chivas Regal with the intention of draining it to the last drop but even with some assistance my goal was not reached!

Later in the evening the cakes appeared, I like cake but since my relations from the UK have been here we seem to have had at least one very heavy cake per day adding once more to my body weight!

Eating again.


One of our Grand Rodents!

As it happened, most guests came more to wish me a Happy Birthday, Eat and leave which suited me down to the ground, there were only I think six of us left at midnight to see the end of my celebration for yet another year, I think they all left by 1.30am.

My birthday as I said was a bit of a quiet one compared to the usual but we had had a great Reunion the day before and there were more celebrations to follow in the next few days so I have no complaints and will tell you more about what has been happening in the days before and after my relations were here in the Philippines in the next episode!


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Chris Dearne, aka "GenSan Chris" is a long term resident of the Philippines. Chris has been living in General Santos City since 1992! Chris owns a hotel in General Santos called Cambridge Farm Hotel, and also the Cambridge Dive Center, formerly Tuna City Scuba Center. Chris' interests include Scuba Diving, Instructing, and Formula 1 Racing.

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  1. says

    Hi Matthew Holgate, as I said in a previous comment… it’s not my birthday (and I’m only 50!)… This is just a link to an article I am promoting. 😉 Take care, my friend.

  2. Jim Hannah says

    Happy Birthday Chris.

    Nice place the Isla Jardin Delmar. We spent a little time there in March, and I found the whole area very beautiful and clean too.

    Best regards, and many happy returns again.

  3. chasdv says

    Wow Chris that came around quick, lol. Good to see you enjoyed it though.

    In Sheryls kneck of the woods Birthday Merienda comes at 4:30 am. I’ve told her no way is that happening to me and she is under strict orders to tell no one when my Birthday is or they might hear a few choice words at 4:30am, LoL.


  4. says

    Hi Chris – First of all best wishes and hope you have many more birthdays to celebrate. Yes we have all had to face the dawn chorus like it or lump it but in the end its the thought that counts. Unlike you I’ve never been able to say that any bottle I’ve opened has not been been finished your friends have no staying power. When it comes to the real McCoy maybe you’d been better hiding the Chivas and opening the Tanduy.
    By the way hows the diet going or have you changed to the see food one.
    All the best.

  5. Mark G. says

    Happy Belated Birthday Chris! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Time spent with friends and family no matter how foggy the memory is always the best.

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