My Computer troubles

Wow I’m having so much fun with my laptop that if it was any faster I could take just 2 naps a day instead of 3.

This laptop is now 3 years old and it started to get slow last Dec. But of course I ignored it , me being a white male of European decent.  It’s ok, I’ll deal with it later, well later showed up looked around, shook his head and packed his bags and left a couple of weeks ago and I haven’t seen later since or done anything about the computer yet.

So now I have a dilemma what to do…

Well I tried to defrag the hard drive did it 6 times, but it didn’t help with the computer being so slow then I tried to go back to a later date and to copy a older version so I would be able to run things but of course with my luck I had no older version so I couldn’t do a recovery.. BOO HOO is me.

Napping with the Laptop
Napping with the Laptop

After searching through the computer for a couple of days I found that I had a copy of the operation system Vista home premium on the hard drive in C drive. So I moved all the files I wanted to keep to my portable hard drive, it is made by Hitachi I know they make a good drive because I’ve used them before but I never rode one of their motorcycles yet. Oh well, someday I might, but for now back to the hard drive.

It took me almost 2 weeks of moving my files with the computer running so slow. Move some stuff, freeze up, shut off, and start over. I did this until I had everything moved. Then I turned the computer on and pushed the right buttons so everything happened like it said it would. I ended up reformatting the C; drive and installing everything that came with in operating system even stuff I didn’t want … 4 hours later and the computer was ready to operate. Cool! I thought, now it will run like it was suppose to. Well between the laws of nature and Murphy’s Law, it didn’t happen.

The computer still runs as slow as ever and I still take my naps between opening a program and actually running it. Now to add insult to injury it doesn’t pick up my portable hard drive any more. I plug it in the light comes on but no access, it picks up my SD card and USB memory but not the hard drive , this is very frustrating . I have all my stuff on that drive and now I can’t use it for anything, can’t retrieve music, no pictures just nothing at all.

I downloaded this really cool program that does make 3d objects. It was a limited time only offer so I jumped on it and downloaded it. It makes people, animals or anything you can think of it is a very intense program and I love using it. So for me to use this program I turn it on and wait for it to come on this takes up to 45 minutes before I can use it. Since it is an intense program I get to do one or two operations before it freezes up then it shuts it’s self off then I turn it on and I do this for a couple of hours.

I don’t mind doing it this way cause I know in a couple of months I will be able to buy a new PC..  But for now school and groceries come first and I will wait my turn … Besides I found a second hand book store in Butuan so when I’m in town I stop by and get me several books to read while I patiently wait for the program to come back on and not taking naps…

So Happy reading everybody… Thank you for reading this story, I hoped you all enjoyed it … Phil R.

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Being of sound mind (some people would give you a good argument on that, I’m sure, hee hee) and good moral person. (Only god knows for sure) I come from a long line of Irish. I was born and raised in Crossingville Pa.USA... went to school and until 1970 was drafted in 71 served 3 years in army ,stationed in Virginia beach, Virginia at Fort story Va. the post is on the beach half in the Atlantic and half in Chesapeake bay discharged in 74 then I bummed around for a couple years . I got a job doing construction work, joined the carpenters Union in 1999 and did it until 2009 when the economy went to hell in a handbag I retired and moved to the Philippines I meet Jessica in Aug. of 2005 on the internet visited her 2 times before I moved here. She had a house built in the winter of 2006-2007 started in Oct. and we were in it in Feb. 14- 07... I sold my organic farm in the states and moved here for good in June 2009 and been here ever since...So far so good... Nice weather and no snow too.

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  1. Jamie says

    Have heard nothing but bad things about Windows Vista. You might try to get a Windows XP version for that old laptop. I’m sure someone would love to get it as a gift with the older Windows XP.
    As for a new computer, it’s more fun with an apple. Does anyone use Apple computers in the PI?

  2. Paul Thompson says

    I haven’t a clue as to how to fix your computer, but taking naps and reading books I can help you with. But I feel your pain, as my problems are with those pesky dongles. I going to lay down now, I’ll finish this later.

    • Phil R. says

      I have a 5 kilo sledge hammer ,it will fix any thing for me permanently.. So what books do you read .. OK I’ll shake a leg on this one -what is a dongle ..???

      • Paul Thompson says

        A dongle is an internet Super stick to connect you to it when there are no phone lines.
        Any book I can get my hands on in English, luckily there are a few bars that have trading libraries “Give one take one”

  3. says

    Try Iolo’s – System Mechanic. Just google it. It’s trustworthy. I’ve used it for many years on all my computers. They used to give a 30 day fully operational free trial, but may not still do that. BUT they do have the free download still. It may not help if you have hardware problems, but it won’t hurt, and it will probably help.
    Windows Vista with Service Pack 1 is OK to keep using.

    Peace and good luck,
    Brian K.

  4. says

    Sorry cant help but when you do consider a new laptop have a look at laptop from mac. I know its not everyones cup of tea but I have converted heaps of people and they thank me for it : ).

  5. corjo says

    A Mac is pretty good ,easy to use and almost virus free but they are expensive.Windows Vista is slow and most business has just skiped over it to windows 7.
    I use a number of laptops netbooks and U.M.P.Cs for personal and work use, because there is a good chance that I will break the netbook or U.M.P.C. when im doing field work, I always load files etc to the cloud.You can load to several different providers Google drive Windows live drive.Drop box is another good sky based systen and I load notes etc to evernote..You never again need to transfer to and from hardrives. Also you can access your files and notes from a phone or tablet.
    I have heard that a windows 8 upgrade will be available soon for around $30 but having tried the developer copy I dont have a great opinion of windows 8.
    Linux is an option on a tired old machine and there are ports of android around which are faster but limited. In truth I dont think you can get more than 3 or 4 good years from any windows laptop

  6. Dan Hardy says

    Hey PhilR, I’m an IT engineer and I might be able to help, just drop me a line and I’ll see what we can do, I need your pc config, most important who much RAM memory your pc has. Windows XP and Windows 7 are the best versions of windows to use depending on how old you system is, Windows Vista is the worst version of the operating system Microsoft ever did, failed project from start.
    danhardy7 at gmail dot com

    • Phil R. says

      my hard drive died and i have 3 gigs of a new 500 gig hd.. waiting for a operating system.. thanks ..

  7. says

    One thing to check out, since you did a Recovery and had the same problem, plus you mentioned that it locks up and sometimes shuts off.. those sound like symptoms of the Motherboard/Chip overheating. I use a USB powered laptop cooling fan beneath my laptop 100% of the time to keep it from overheating.

    Meanwhile.. yes, Vista sucks. I had my own PC Repair business in the States for 21 years (see my tech site at; ) and even in good circumstances Vista is just a train-wreck waiting to happen. Good news is you backed up your data first. If you don’t want to buy a new laptop, look into getting more Memory.. it’s easy to install, just do a search on Youtube for instructions. (it’s as easy as putting in batteries) Also, ask around to see if you can get a copy of Windows 7, Full Install (not the upgrade). As mentioned before, Win8 is more of a touch-screen oriented o/s. So go with Win7, do the updates online and you should be fine.. especially if you add more RAM Memory.

  8. Scott Fortune says

    OK… before joining the ranks of the U.S. Government, I used to be a software developer, and as such, also was a “geek”. No, I did not bite off chicken heads(dictionary definition of a geek)

    After reading the comments above, Henry is correct in many things. There could be a variety of problems. As a software guy, my first issue is your choice of O/S(Operating System, or Vista) It was/is a horribly designed product. It was developedand released hastily by Microsoft, and they regretted the day they did so.

    Unfortunately, unless you have an unused copy of another O/S lying around, it’s not going to be cheap to upgrade. I hear the Philippines is rampant with illegal versions, but I wouldn’t risk it myself.

    Secondly, memory. The memory of the computer might have just failed, or even possibly become “gummed up” with dust or other debri. Sometimes, simply taking it out, blowing it off with compressed air, or a dry, non-salivating mouth, does wonders. Put it back in, and you might have life again. You can check to see how much memory your computer is seeing, then check the inside to see what is there. If it doesn’t see all of the hardware that is inside, then it has gone bad. Second for memory, you might be able to simply replace the memory that is there with LARGER memory. Laptops usually only have two slots for memory. And if yours is three years old, it probably only had two 512MB memory cards. Upgrade to whatever you can afford, but keep in mind, if you’re buying a new one soon, don’t spend too much. Memory is pretty cheap these days, especially if you only want to upgrade from 1 gb to 2 gb. That extra gb might make the world of difference.

    Notes: Windows 7 is NOT made for all computers. You CAN NOT simply assume that you can put it on your system. But, there is a Microsoft webpage that you cans earch and go to that will test your system I did it with my desktop, after I bought the software, and found that it would not work with my system. Shame on me!! So, I bought a new laptop, and did a full reload of the old one for my wife, who uses it primarily for surfing, and chatting with her family and friends. It’s PERFECT for her. Although, it is getting to where she needs a new one too. it is, after all, about 10 years old. You can keep these things alive and well for a long time, if you know a little about this. Plus, this is really a limited system now. But, I could still play some serious gaming on the old system if I HAD to. :)

    Anyway, there are a lot of options. I would check into how much memory the O/S “sees” then check for what is inside the system. if it matches, then try upgrading your memory. Could be done pretty cheaply. I know here in the states you can buy memory for next to nothing. There, they’re probably giving it away.

    Then, try a new O/S. For something three years old, try to find a version of XP Pro that is legal. It’ll probably run like a raped ape. I doubt Windows 7 will be a viable O/S, plus the cost might be out of this world.

    Best of luck!!


    • Phil R. says

      my hard drive died so i replaced it and now i need a os to get it going , other then that it is ok -just doesn’t work … hee hee …phil

  9. says

    If your PC or Laptop is running slow down load CC Cleaner. It is free and should be part of the Microsoft OS. This program is absolutely free and rids you of all the hangovers and sh** that accumulates on a M$ system as part of a daily operation. Run the Scanner and let it delete anything it finds, do a Registry scan also and Yes! backup as it requests (I have never had to use a backup) just to be safe.
    Whenever you wish to Remove a program use Tools and this will complete a very successful and complete removal of the program.
    Run CC Cleaner once a month and you will be a happy little “vegemite”, the results are astounding!

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