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Well, I thought I’d be away from the topic of “projects” for a while, seeing how I provided an update last week.  My plate is full, and I don’t need more to fuss about.  Or do I?

When we returned home from our vacation in the States, we found something slightly different.  Our three dogs – one male and two females – were most happy to see us.  The slightly different part was that the two females had turned into each other’s nemesis.  No more walking three dogs together in the morning.  No more letting three dogs wander the property at will.  At any chance they had, both females were at each other’s throats.

It's a dogs life
It's a dogs life

Within in the next few weeks, the reason started to be apparent – the younger of the females, “Babe,” was pregnant.  She was no longer the playful pup we left behind.  She was now a very protective mother-to-be.  She had already picked out an area where she’d give birth and defended that area like a Spartan.

All we had to do was wait and nature would have its way.  Taking on projects was one way to use up all of this waiting time.  Hoe here, till there, plant this, weed-out that–nothing like passing time in the garden.  It seems that the only important project I failed to engage in was getting ready for whelping.

I didn’t know that much about whelping puppies, and my grasp of how nature handles things was the only grasp I was relying on.  I knew dogs did this and dogs did that when it came puppy time, but having never experienced it first-hand meant that I was in for a lesson or two.  Until that moment arrived, it was just “getting by” day by day.

The other day, when our good friends Mike and Virgie were over for a visit and chat, our houseboy Ren hurried over to me with the words, “Sir, the dog.”  It could have meant only one thing.  I excused myself for the moment and went back to the “whelping area” to see what was happening.  I arrived midway during the first puppy’s arrival.  It was not an appetising sight, so I’ll leave it to your imaginations, dear readers, to fill in the blanks.

From then on, it was a combination of chat with friends, make a “doggie check,” chat some more, check some more, and on into the late morning.  When our friends said their farewell and drove off down the road, we were up to number three on the whelping count.  I thought three was a nice number, but “Babe” thought differently.

About a half an hour after number three arrived, number four showed up.  “Babe” was through – four was the number.  Two male and two female puppies entered our lives.

Now the fun begins!  It’s a new project and it’s all about puppies.  We’ve promised three of the four to our friends and decided that we’d keep one male for ourselves.  Taking care of them whenever “Babe” needs a break is the project.  The puppies are about a week old now, and even though their eyes are still closed, they manage to get into things and places they shouldn’t.  Mother “Babe” is using me, I believe.  I’ve turned into the chief corral keeper.  She only trusts me with handling her puppies, though I try to do so minimally.

Here are some photos of the pups.  Hope you enjoy them.


[Mommy and puppies are well and doing fine.]

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  1. Neal in RI says

    Wow nice article, and good looking pups. It will be interesting to see a follow up article on how they are growing up and the whole pet care/vaccination process of pups there in RP.
    Let me be the first for ideas for names for the pup you keep: “Mortimer”, that way you can call him “Mort” for short.

    • says

      Hi Neal – To tell you the truth, I haven’t thought of names yet (outside of one pup who could be called “trouble”!). I’ll have to look and see if either of the males display a “Mortimer” attitude! 😀

  2. Gary Wigle says

    Nice looking pups and mama dog Paul. Congrats! Can we call you “Daddy Paul” now? BTW I have four perfect names for the pups. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snack. I love dogs, BBQ is the best!!! 😀 Just kidding, well not really. I have eaten BBQ Dog back in Kansas. Very good. :-) :-)

    • says

      Hi Bob – I think about getting our male “a trim” whenever there are females in the neighborhood in heat. He goes absolutely wild – a real “horn dog”!

  3. Paul Thompson says

    I have three dogs in heat as I write this, it’s a full time job keeping an eye on the males so we won’t be overwhelmed by three litters at once. The trick we found was to build four cages under the water tower, lock up the boys during the day an the girls at night. It get a tad noisy but it works. Ah the joys of puppies in our lives!

  4. sugar says

    Hi Paul – So cutie! the puppies! They should just stay pups and never grow up! Names? Honey and Duchess. I just thought of that.. not Sugar.. he he, I know my name is always used for a dog’s name..he he 😉

    • says

      Hi Sugar – If they stayed pups, then they’d be into everything all of the time! 😉
      I promise not to use your name for one of the gals. I don’t think we’ll name any until after the distribution of three and only one is left to name.

  5. Papa Duck says

    Paul, Congrats on the new additions to your family. You have your own little dog army like Pail T. Only you will have 3 discharged later. Good hearing about your project. Have a nice day up north.

    • says

      Hi PD – Well, this place certainly sounds like a kennel club now. It’ll be nice to give three pups away to people who really want to raise them. We’ll wait until weaning before we downsize! Each of the three have their orders, however, and know where they’re going. 😉

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