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BobNY has graced us once more with one of his articles about Iligan City, in Northern Mindanao.  Bob is a regular visitor to Iligan, and also an avid LiP reader and contributor.  Thank you very much, Bob, for your continued contribution to the site!  MindanaoBob

When I began learning about Iligan City via internet one of the things I looked for were any radio stations webstreaming on the internet. At that time I could not find any. . As time went on, what seemed like a year or two later DXRJ and DXIC what sound to me like local news / talk stations in Iligan began webstreaming. A high percentage of the dialog however was in local language ( Bisaya ) or what at times to me sounded like heavily accented English. There was very little information I could extract from that. Well, it is a foreign country and I thought to myself what was I expecting. I found the same thing on my first 2 visits trying to tune in radio stations while I was in Iligan City in person.

Live from Iligan City on DXMA 95.9 " EDGE-FM "
Live from Iligan City on DXMA 95.9 " EDGE-FM "
Pasalubong Prizes from the USA
Pasalubong Prizes from the USA

Another year or two go by and I read about a new station going on the air DXMA 95.9 FM in Iligan. This was to feature todays top 40 type of hit songs along the newest music releases. A couple of months later it was announced that DXMA would begin webstreaming to the world. After several years I would finally be able to listen to Iligan City, in what I would call very good American Style English, and this has proven to be true.

Sure enough, the webstream came on and I usually get a good steady stream from them and with little exception the audio quality has been quite good, almost like listening to a local FM station off the air here where I live. What got my attention more than the music, more than the English speaking air staff was the commercials. The commercials fascinated me and I realized this was an opportunity to learn more about places I could go to and things to look forward to on future visits. Some of these you have already read about here on ” LIP ” and there are a few more I will write about later.

An on the air interview with station Program Director and DJ " Prince Logan "
An on the air interview with station Program Director and DJ " Prince Logan "

Radio, communications, music and electronics have been a hobby and at times a field of employment for me ever since I can remember and I thought about why not visit this new radio station on my next visit to Iligan ! I contacted them via internet well ahead of time and they extended a welcome to me. As this was a new station at the time with various promotions, contests etc. to attract local listeners it gave me the idea of giving them something unique if they cared to go for the idea. Out of this came ” Bob New Yorks Pasalubong Giveaway Contest ” Live on DXMA !

Contest questions being asked to the audience
Contest questions being asked to the audience

The contest would be based on things I had written on various websites, forums and eslewhere about my previous visits and things I had observed from learning about the city via internet. I pitched the idea to the station and after some discussion they went for my idea. I submitted the list of questions I would ask over the air to the station management for their approval / editing / correction if requirted . I brought along some of the large ( almost half pound ) Hershey Chocolate Bars, a few CDs DVDs and a few other items as the prizes.

DXMA goes by the moniker of ” EDGE-FM 95.9 Your iPod Radio ” although to me it is more like ” Tourist Friendly Radio ” as it is available worldwide via its webstream and that it is in English Language making listenable to those all over the world who are not familiar with Bisaya or other Philippines languages.

A " Lucky Local Listener " stops by to claim her prize!
A " Lucky Local Listener " stops by to claim her prize!

The Pasalubong contest went over quite well with some of the winners stopping by at the station to pick up their prizes while I was still on the air and this was a real pleasure for me and I am sure for the prize recipients as well. The most popular prize was the chocolate. I would have thought it would have been the CDs or DVDs but the chocolate brought the most response every time. I promised the listeners if I did this again on the next visit it would be an All Chocolate Contest. It has been two contests since the first one and I kept my promise, chocolate they got !

When I think of broadcast radio studios, the image that usually usually comes into my mind is turntables, cart machines, racks with open reel tape decks for production work etc. When I visited DXMA it was the first time I had been in a broadcast radio studio in quite a few years. It is mostly all done with PC’s these days and I thought to myself ” where the heck have I been ” or something like that. At DXMA it was all brand new and state of the art including the on-site transmitter with its antenna high atop one of the hotel buildings in Iligan City. It is things like this that I really enjoy being able to see. I had a great time being interviewed on the air, the staff at DXMA were really a lot of fun to be with . Since DXMA 95.9 EDGE-FM established itself, came on the air and then began webstreaming to the world, for me, Radio is More Fun in The Philippines.

Their website and website and webstream can be found and heard at the Edge95 Website, they also have a page on Facebook.

Post Author: BobNY (12 Posts)

Bob in New York is a regular reader and participant on the Live in the Philippines Web Magazine. Bob has traveled to the Philippines many times already and primarily visits the Iligan and Cagayan de Oro areas. Bob is a big fan of Jollibee Corporation, and even owns stock in the company!

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  1. Pat D Noel says

    Hey Bob!

    Your write-ups always makes me proud to be an Iliganon. First, let me Thank You! for your being so kind and loving to our city, for being such a good friend to us, specially the Iligan Bloggers, and being such a very outstanding promotion officer of Iligan City (and of course, Jollibee!).

    Please keep up the very exceptional work and may God bless you always!


    • Bob New York says

      Thanks for your comments Pat. Always a pleasure describing and discussing the great visits I have to Iligan City. I guess what it comes down to, if you go on vacation somewhere, get something new that you really like, have a meal in a great restaurant, wouldn’t you like to tell others about it ? That is what I do in many of the things I write about and Iligan City as well as to inform others of its existence. I can not recall anyplace else in the world I have been to with such exceptional hospitality.

  2. says

    Hi Bob – What a great thing you did there! I can tell that you really had a good time, and I am sure that many people were happy, even those who did not win pasalubong prizes!

    I might have to do something like that someday!

    • Bob New York says

      Yes Bob, I really had fun visiting and participating on DXMA, EDGE FM Iligan. Radio here in the USA is not like it was many years ago since broadcast radio went ” corporate ” . A lot of the fun and excitement of radio here in the New York area that many of us took for granted back then is now something missed by many people. It’s nice to hear some similarities on Iligans EDGE Fm that are in some ways reminiscent to how some of the Big Broadcasters used to be here, but of course with todays Music and developing Air Personalities. Many of the personalities you hear on DXMA EDGE FM are local university students so it gives them some good proactice in using English Language as well as providing them with some much needed income from part time work.

      Additionally, it’s nice to see how those in another part of the world do things, I am still quite impressed !

    • Bob New York says

      I am waiting for another visit to Iligan City and EDGE-FM just as much as you may be waiting for another pasalubong contest. I am going to try to come up with some new questions based on more recent visits. The answers may already be somewhere on the internet but you will have to do a lot of looking to find them.
      In the mean time just keep listening !

    • Bob New York says

      Hi Jonathan, Yes the video stream was recently introduced along with the new website format a few months ago and I think I was on the video stream on my last visit. It is nice to look through the window of the studio from half way around the world and get an instant idea if it is rain or shine and if the sign is moving I get an idea if it is windy. Additionally it’s a real enhancement to be able to view the talent behind the microphone.

      We couldn’t do this years ago when the only way to hear , sometimes barely, distant foreign stations in other parts of the world on shortwave radio.

      Iligan City & DXMA 95.9 EDGE-FM

      Simply Amazing !

  3. corjo says

    Hi both Bobs.
    I do love streaming radio.Right now im streaming Gaelic from back home
    But I have a question that has had me thinking for some time.
    When I travel in Visayas im often asked if I speak Visaya.
    Normally based in Samar I answer in Waray Waray but im often greated by bewildered smiles. What is the real Visayan? Seems each Visayan counts his language as the true Visayan.

    • PapaDuck says


      Thanks so much for the great article about 99.5. I am currently watching it Live Video Stream with “DJ Alexis”. Sounds really nice, very high quality. Good idea for the prize giveaway. It’s great that they really appeciate something as simple as a chocolate bar. I couldn’t imagine doing something that simple in the States. Be safe and looking forward to your next post.

      • Bob New York says

        Hi PapaDuck, thanks for your comment and yes, there can be some ” beautiful Scenery ” on that cam !

        The sound quality is usually surprisingly great on the webstream although at times it may vary due to the way the internet works or other factors. As I mentioned an another reply here, sure makes the old days of shortwave listening seem ancient.

        A concept that really impresses me about this entire thing, can you imagine a foreigner, previously unknown to station management and staff, walking into a station here in the USA and doing a contest like that ? I don’t think so. This event once again illustrates the Hospitality I had heard so much about Iliganons before I went there for the first time.

        As a reminder to readers wherever you are in the world, the Air talent of DXMA 95.9 EDGE FM Iligan City is on the air mostly Daytime and evenings Iligan City Philippines Time. The late evening and overnight ( Iligan City Time ) is usually automated . It is possible this could change in the future but I really have no idea on that.

    • Bob New York says

      I am really only fluent in American English and to some extent British English from my travels and friends in the UK. This is what attracted and continues my enjoyment of the webstream of DXMA EDGE-FM, I can understand it. I know some random words that I usually pick up and more importantly, remember, from learning about and visiting Iligan City, Philippines.

      When I first thought of actually going there, I bought a travel guide in a local bookstore here in New York to supplement the vast amount of information I had learned here on the internet. One item that was mentioned was that Filipinos appreciate it when a foreign visitor come to The Philippines, if they at least try to learn a little of the language. I bought a couple of books about learning Tagalog but found myself getting next to nowhere fast with them.

      While I was researching Jollibee, I found on Youtube a Jollibee Song with a few words in English and I guessed the other words were Tagalog. If I can remember almost word for word many of the hit Rock & Roll songs from ” a few ” decades ago from hearing them over and over I felt if I could learn to mimmick the Jollibee Song so I would be able to at least say or sing something in a Philippine language that made some kind of sense. Prior to learning how to sing the song, I got a basic translation to the words and / or phrases as I would not want to say or sing something not having the slightest idea of what I was talking about.

      I recorded the audio of the song from the internet so I could easily listen to it over and over again on CD.

      Fast forward about 5 years. I am attending the weekly flag raising ceremony that takes place in the Anahaw Amphetheater in the Iligan Municipal complex. This is conducted and attended by Iligan CIty Govt, and Govt employees ( visitors & tourists are welcome to view it ). Little did I know the City of Iligan was going to include me as part of this weekly ceremony. They surprised me by arranging for the Jollibee Mascot to make a guest appearance ! I think I returned the surprise when I got behind the microphone and sang the Jollibee Song as I had memorized it several years before.

      Even though I may have only learned a few lines of one of the Philippine languages, It turned onto one of the most Fun learning experiences ever. For me, this is another ” Only in Iligan ” happening. You can have a look and a listen here:

  4. Mark G. says

    Nice article BobNY,
    Now I’ll have to check and see if any Calbayog stations are on the web! Keep having ‘More Fun in the Philippines!’
    Mark G.

  5. Bob New York says

    Thanks for the comment Mark G. I hope you find some streaming from Calbayog. If not check every once in a while and something may eventually come online. There are so many ways to find information on so many places thanks to the internet, Finding broadcast webstreams from any particular city or area any place in the world can be an interesting and fun way to learn additional particulars. That is of course if you can understand the language being broadcast. This is one of the reasons I am so pleased that an English speaking station came online from Iligan City.

  6. AlexB says


    Your pasalubong giveaway is a brilliant idea. You definitely try to make yourself part of the scenery in Iligan. It’s on top of my list to visit.


  7. Bob New York says

    Hi Alex,
    I continue to find so many things that interest me in Iligan City. Some may seem quite ordinary. It is nice to be able to go someplace, see and participate in things that attract my attention while viewing between visits here on the internet. Originally, I never intended to publish so much information about my visits to Iligan . I have had such a great time there though, with articles like this one and others I try to create an awareness of Iligan to the rest of the world as an enjoyable place to visit and for me it certainly is. Thanks for your comment Alex.

  8. Bob says

    I have been to Iligan 6 times, even got married there. we are planning to live there during the winter months. I really love the place, it’s like my second home :)

    • Bob New York says

      Hi Bob thanks for your comment,
      I have read in many places on the internet how so many OFW’s, former residents etc. say how much they miss being in Iligan City and I guess I could include myself in that as well. When I first went there I never would have believed that I would become so involved in so many non-touristy but worthwhile things. If you read back on some of my other articles on this website it will give you a good idea. I wish I could spend more time there, maybe that will be something to look forward to at some time in the future.

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