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A few days ago, one of my friends tweeted that he hung out with some friends (my bandmates), and that it felt like the old high school days. He added that I was the only one missing. I replied that I’m too lazy to go there now, but that I’ll definitely go there before I go to the States. One of my friends added that we should jam too. I realized that I haven’t hung out with my friends in quite a while, I’m not really even sure if I went there this year…


Honestly, the only way I’ve been in touch with my friends nowadays has been either through LoL (a game we play), we actually use Skype to call each other because it’s way easier to coordinate than chatting, and it’s fun :D, or through social networks (Facebook and Twitter). I have been thinking of heading over to the internet cafe they go to, but I’ve been too lazy to go, which is, I know, a horrible reason. It’s actually just a quick jeepney ride there, lol. Actually, I’ve been in the area where their school is, just never went over. But now that I think of it, the main problem I had was always the ride home, usually, I’d go there around 2 or 3 PM, then a few hours later, I’d have to take a jeep that’s full (and by full, I mean FULL) and uncomfortable back, then walk home, or take a tricycle, never liked that part. I do have a plan for this problem though. Just go early, simple really, lol. Although, I’m not sure when their breaks are, I might go when they are still in class, that would be lame. I’d have to pass time somewhere, which would be kind of boring, haha, just hope that won’t happen.

I might just go sooner just because I tend to not really have much to do sometimes, and that usually leads to boredom, so I’ll go out and about. I actually can’t remember the last time I went to my friends’ school and hung out with them. Before, it was like part of my routine, going to see my friends, but just for a few weeks, I would go every other Monday and we would jam and play. Hopefully this could be a routine thing, until I go to the States. Not really sure, definitely a possibility though :)

I’m looking forward to going there, maybe playing some LoL, jamming (I might suck because I haven’t played in a long time, haha, but oh well) and just hanging out. I hope we have fun before I go.

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Aaron Martin, also called "AJ," is the son of Bob & Feyma Martin. Aaron is a graduate at Ateneo de Davao University High School in Davao City, Philippines. Aaron was born in the USA, but has lived in the Philippines since age 3.


  1. says

    Hey AJ, if you’re bored, just grab your instrument and practice some. Then call your friends and jam. I hope you get the chance to play some music while you’re in the States. I’ve always found it to be a good thing when I’m in a new place.

    Take care,

    • AJ Martin says

      Hi Pete,
      I think 1 of these days we’ll jam. My Granny said that I could get some guitar lessons if I wanted, so no problem there :)

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