Out buildings

Ok here is the last of my home episodes.

“Outbuildings”; we have a chicken house and several cages for the fighting cocks, the fighters are not mine they are my nephews’ and the househelper. They raise them, and they win some lose some. No matter we still eat them (they are tough too) and I have a small piggery for 3 pigs.

At this time we have no pigs, but we are raising turkeys, bought a pair for P3000. We have one male and 1 female and now we have four 7 month old turkeys going to be good at Christmas. Roast turkey ummmm  so good we had one last year it didn’t last 20 minutes after we roasted it. We also have four 3 month old turkeys. The male (daddy turkey) is very aggressive when I let him run loose he will attack a person when they get near him. It seems like every one around here is afraid of him. I can handle him, he weighs about 8-10 kilos.

The mom Turk is laying eggs as I write this episode she weighs about 4-5 kilos .


We also have several local chickens that are running around hatching eggs and raising baby chickens at this time we have about 18-20 chickens running loose. They root thru my garden and are sometimes very destructive in doing so. They dig up my onions. Oh and the turkey ate the leaves off my bell pepper plants. I was not a happy camper when I saw that, now they are kept in the big chicken house. The chicken house is 2m by 3m in size so we can raise about 30-40 chickens at a time just like commercial chickens they grown until they are 30 – 40 days old then we start to eat them.

We have a small chicken pen for the little chicks so we can raise them then after they are 2 weeks old we transfer them to the big house to grow out.

Ok back to where I was. In building the piggery I was told and I read on a Philippine Government sites that a person needs to put in a tank for the pig waste. I said “ok I can to that.”

Me and 2 other persons (Myself and I) except one of us  was kind of lazy.  I know it wasn’t Me. So I dug a pit 1m wide and 2m long by 1m deep it was 2 cubic meters in size. So then I figured out that it would hold about 2,027.089 liters, give or take a 100 or so. Took 10 months to fill it .I would shovel the pig poop out and compost it so that just water and pee went into the tank.

The tank is made out of cement blocks and the surface is covered with cement it is very water proof. Then I built the piggery around it, covered it with a tin roof. Then I bought 3 pigs – 2 females and one male and started to raise pigs. I enjoyed raising baby pigs they were fun to play with.When the mamma was pregnant I would go out and give her a belly rub to help ease the tension.  This was her first time so every day I would go and rub her belly for 15 – 20 minutes she really loved that. After a while when I would show up at the cage she would just lay down and roll over on her back, no matter what she was ready for a rub down.

Then when the day came I was there to help her deliver the piglets. She was a little nervous but when I rubbed her belly she calm down and she delivered 8 baby piglets it took 3 and a half hours to do it.

Well I hope everyone enjoyed the episode of my place.  More to come “Thanks for reading” –   Phil

Post Author: PhilR (9 Posts)

Being of sound mind (some people would give you a good argument on that, I’m sure, hee hee) and good moral person. (Only god knows for sure) I come from a long line of Irish. I was born and raised in Crossingville Pa.USA... went to school and until 1970 was drafted in 71 served 3 years in army ,stationed in Virginia beach, Virginia at Fort story Va. the post is on the beach half in the Atlantic and half in Chesapeake bay discharged in 74 then I bummed around for a couple years . I got a job doing construction work, joined the carpenters Union in 1999 and did it until 2009 when the economy went to hell in a handbag I retired and moved to the Philippines I meet Jessica in Aug. of 2005 on the internet visited her 2 times before I moved here. She had a house built in the winter of 2006-2007 started in Oct. and we were in it in Feb. 14- 07... I sold my organic farm in the states and moved here for good in June 2009 and been here ever since...So far so good... Nice weather and no snow too.

Live in the Philippines Consulting


    • PhilR. says

      Nope I sold or give away just about everything i had and came with cash .. easter to carry and cheaper to transport …since i had power tools and a green house business The tools were 120V. and I wasn’t shipping a green house over here …

  1. ScottF says

    Thank you for the article. I’m planning on having a few pigs and chickens myself at some point when we get there. Probably not until we find a place to buy. I don’t know if renting a place will be possible and also raise animals. Unless they already have the thigns we need. Well, chickens would be pretty easy, but a piggery is something different. :)

    I’d like to see pics of your piggery and sewage tank if you have any. I’ve done quite abit of research but it would be nice to see what someone is actually using, that hasn’t dumped HUGE amounts of cash into it. You know, a reasonably priced piggery. :)



  2. Don says

    My big question is how bad does it smell (piggery) and how noisy (roosters), or are you used to it by now? How far away does the animals have to away from your house?

    • PhilR. says

      My piggery didn’t smell cause i separated the manure from the urine the urine was put in a tank and the manure was composted I never had a smell ..and i dry feed the pigs …You can put the pig pen anywhere you want to . no set distance here where iI am living..the roosters crow all the time so you get use to it ..2,4 am ..

  3. PalawanBob says

    “…The house I built is on the outskirts of town. So it is a 10 minute walk to the Barangay Hall and another 5 minutes to the public school.
    The house is located on about 460 sq. meter of land about 40 meters from the highway. We are surrounded by the Gingoog Bay on two sides. At high tide the water is on 3 side of the property and at low tide there is no water in sight just the mangroves so we cannot see anything beyond the trees. So, at low tide I can walk to the open water of the bay it is about 30 meters from the dry land behind the house…”

    From the description above, all I can say is your lot is way too small for raising pigs. Probably illegal as well.
    Needless to say, the smell must be pretty strong as well.
    Farms are not that expensive.
    One hectare here on Palawan goes for P100k.

  4. Neal in RI says

    Interesting. That sounds a bit pricey for a pair of Turkeys but if the pair leads to many more then it may a good deal. Do you use that pig manure digester to generate methane usable gas?

    • PhilR. says

      It all depends where you live PalawanBob..and my piggery smells better then my neighbors do .. no tank,raw sewage in to the sea …

    • PhilR. says

      Sorry Neal wrong post to you ….my wife bought the turkeys ,their black and white in color .. and now we get 3 litters a year and about 8 to a litter so far so good but it takes time to raise them for a roast ( leachon bubble ).. and no gas digester yet just put on my garden …

  5. says

    Man…pigs are the universally hated animal and folks seem to think that a couple of pigs will stench up the whole neighborhood. A large commercial operation is one thing, but having just a few is more like having pets. I raise a handful of pigs for personal consumption, and it’s no problem.

    Have you ever been to an animal shelter? Even though they keep it clean, the stench is still super crazy. Concluding that having a couple of dogs is going to make your place smell like that would be kind of silly. Same thing with pigs.

    So 3 pigs will yield 4-6 BIG turds per day. Just throw those turds in the compost and wash the pee out of the pen and into the septic and you’re good to go. I’m sitting next to my pig pen as I write this and I can’t smell a thing.

    • PhilR. says

      I say Amen to that, thanks Arron , you are so right I have no smell here .. shovel out the poop and wash down the urine in a tank and all is well …

  6. Florida Boy says

    Hi Phil
    My wife and i eat alot of seafood. how does the seafood look comming out of Gingoog Bay? Are you very far from Gingoog City? Because on google earth that looks like where they wood bring in the seafood.
    Do you buy your pig feed, if so is it expensive? Is it out of the question to grain feed cows there?
    Looks like alot of rivers running into the ocean, some very dirty some clean. Do you fish the rivers or saltwater?

  7. Phil R. says

    the seafood here is good,Iv’e eaten a lot of different things I’ve never knew you could eat here and everyone fishes they search the shoreline during low tide and use boats during high tide .. and I am 12 kilometers from Gingoog city going east.. Yes i buy the pig food and the price varies depends on how fast you want your pig to grow It is about P1500 for the good food and P800 for poor food .. the more protein the better the pig .. I have no idea about cows .I haven’t seen any cattle feet in the markets here ..I fish the salt water here cause it is beside my house and the rivers here are heavily fished by the locals …I had to by a permit to fish here too.. a local permit….

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