Philippine Playboy!

People often ask me how I ended up in the Philippines.  The short answer is for a better life.  I must say, that the Philippines has exceeded my expectations.  However, that also required an open mind and a re-evaluation of what is important.

Yes I have a few less creature comforts here than I did in the USA but it didn’t take me long to realize those things were not as important as I thought.  Central air, super fast Internet connection (equal to T3), a DVR attached to my cable box with over 200 channels and hot water throughout the house come to mind.  Those things are nice but they don’t matter, you don’t need them.  Some of these things may be available in different parts of the Philippines, but I don’t have these things any more.

A few weeks ago, I was woken by the sound of the electricity going off.  The thud followed by the air con shutting off.  It was early on a Sunday morning and when that happens in Northern Cebu on a Sunday you can can bet that power will be off all day.  Instead of sitting in Jollibee all day (they have a backup generator), I decided to head off to Bantayan Island wish is about an hour and a half away.

The Good Life On a Budget

Just look at this picture.  I’m smoking a $2.00 cigar that would cost over $10.00 in the USA.  Sitting in a bamboo chair after having lunch at Tristan’s Resort for three at a cost of less than $10.00.

Living in The Philippines at Bantayan Island
Living in The Philippines at Bantayan Island

I’m wearing a hand made shirt tailored just for me.  Do that in the USA. Do I look like I have a care in the world?  Nope, as I didn’t.    I think I look like an old playboy that doesn’t realize he peaked many years ago.  LOL  That’s not a bad thing.  I have a good life in the Philippines but it gets so much better.

Rusty And JessieHmm, Maybe I am a playboy, I mean look at that girl.  She looks so out of place next to me, or at least she does to me. What’s a beautiful girl like Jessie doing with me?  What would be the chances of me finding a girl like this in the USA?  Just about zero.

But even better than her looks is the way she treats me.  She treats me like a king.  Oh she’s not perfect, she gets grumpy at times but we usually are able to laugh that off.  I just call her my ornery angel and move on.  That’s because of the way she treats me though.

Jessie is ninety percent of why my life is good.  My attitude is part of it too. Get your attitude right, treat a Filipina well and she’ll treat you well too.  Of course there are exceptions, you shouldn’t judge what a Filipina is like based on the ones you meet online but you can meet a good one online if you are careful and don’t move too fast.  I met Jessie online.  I talked to a guy the other day that met his wife at Filipina Hearts.

Filipina Dating, Singles and Personals

I think there was someone on this site that mentioned finding his Filipina beauty on that site.  I had an account there at one time.  Talked to some girls with some promise, talked to a lot of girls that just wanted me to send them money.

If you’re thinking about moving to the Philippines, find your adventurous side and get your butt over here!

A word of caution about this playboy thing.  Filipina are crazy jealous and most would admit that.  If you’re planning on being a true playboy, you’re asking for trouble.  Though I know some guys that pull it off.  Just don’t promise more of a relationship than you can give to a girl.  Even if you are careful, she may latch on to you and get hurt.  A hurt Filipina, can be dangerous to the good life.  :)

For myself, I have everything.  I’ve never been so calm in my life, so relaxed nor have I had such a high standard of living as I’ve found while living in the Philippines.

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Rusty Ferguson is an American Expat living in Bogo, Cebu.

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  1. rc says

    Hi Rusty,

    I just got back from Cebu (only 12 days there…darn!)to meet my future wife in person, who I met online nearly 1 1/2 years ago. She’s even better than I thought she was. And yes she is jealous, but she has no need to be. I’m so happy with her, I didn’t notice the other girls there, who were obviously very beautiful. And yes…treat a good filipina right and it’s clear that she’ll stop at nothing to make your life very happy indeed. Wow, do I love my girl.

    It is a good life you expats have there, but the excellent filipina wives seems to be a big part of the reason.

  2. Paul says

    Hi Rusty – Truer words never spoken! Emy & I don’t miss a lot of the “creature comforts” we had grown accustomed to in the States. I feel as though our lives are better for it.

    Jealosy is definitely a large emotion to consider here. Butterfly knives have been known to flip open during the heat of the moment (not between Emy & me, but elsewhere).

    $2.00 cigar – man of expensive tastes!

  3. Danny says

    Hello Rusty,

    A great article Rusty, and I don’t see anything wrong with that picture of you and Jesse. Age is just a number my friend, and besides its not like she is with you because you are J. Rockefeller. True happiness is not easy these days, but you have found it. Just look around you, a comfortable house, beautiful scenery, affordable living, and a great woman beside you.
    Of course those creature comforts are gone, but really, those are things you can live without and adjust to..which it sounds like you have already.
    I just wish the best for you and Jessie, and all of those expats who are living in the Philippines with there filipina wives. Enjoy your life, treat your wives the best, and sit back and enjoy those cigars and the sunshine, and stay calm. :)

    Salamat kaayo,
    Danny :)

  4. Neal in RI says


    Sweeet picture of you chillin on the bamboo chair. I must admit it looks like you just got done smoking a “Fatty” not a cigar.

    If your intent was to make all of us that are not yet able to LIP jealous you have succeeded.

    After 24 years of Marriage the wife still is “Crazy Jealous”.

  5. Lenny says

    Dude your “cool” as hell..I think we both have a young mans brain stuck in a old mans body …hahahaha but your the mirror image of me..and every word you wrote is the exact truth… good luck down the road … I am loving every minute of it too…

  6. brian says

    nice article Rusty, hit hard home here…a bad week for me in the rat race, I look so fwd to being able to coast the rest of my life away sunset beach side with a bourbon and stoogie! Kudos to ya mate…glad ya found home !!

  7. says

    Good for you buddy just kicking back and enjoying the good life . Sometimes i do that on my front porch and just watch the world go by . The wall severely limits the passing scenery but at my age thats probably a good thing . :-) Now if i can just figure out how to make them hot biscuits and red – eye gravy on a two – burner stove . :-)

  8. BrSpiritus says

    I miss home, my wife and the good life I have carved out for myself over there. Yep the cigars are good, is that one of the Philippine brands? I have bought Cuban cigars from time to time when I visit Cebu. I’m looking forward to sitting back in my chair on the porch when I get home, puffing on a pipe and enojying a cool glass of iced tea.

  9. Bacolod Barry says

    Hey man, slow down, take it easy, you can’t be smoking cigars and watching the pretty girls go by all day long. Sometimes you need to relax. :-)

  10. says

    Hi Rusty,

    Your life is pretty much like mine only I don’t Smoke! I find the life great here thats why I have only been away from the country once since 1992! I have a great wife of 28 years and she still spoils me all the time and I must admit, I let her! I have a saying here, Why do today what the wife will do tomorow! Aint that sexist, yup, but it works for me!

    Have fun,


  11. erik cable says


    Yes my man,
    you hit this topic on the nail head!
    I can relate to your experiences.
    You have a gift with word’s
    And your pic’s are great.

    I need a cigar?

  12. erik cable says

    I am paying an arm and a leg
    Not use to the bites I get from know where?

  13. John Rodgers says


    I love it, and you look good doing it too. lololol In the early 90’s I lived on Knob Hill in S.F. I had a beautiful red sports car, and a restored older cruiser. My deck over looked downtown, and nearly all of S.F. Bay. Life was sweet, and then it soured with the first Gulf War, recession,earthquake, east bay hill fires, and several other problems.

    I sold everything to pay off everything, and sailed my little sailboat to Mexico.I had nothing, except the boat, and very little cash. I learned to not want things, and realised how very little I actually needed TO BE SMILING.

    I had more fun being broke, and meeting the people of small villages as I sailed. It looks as though the economy is pushing me in the same direction again. Sometimes having it all isn’t having it all! It’s good to be at peace where ever you are in life. Good on you Rusty. Hopefully my path in life will cross many that are here soon……i2f

  14. Jason says

    Hi Rusty!

    Dang you made some good pointers! I had never been so relaxed in my life when in Cebu. I didn’t really miss the comforts of home that we are so used to. I learned to appreciate the simple things such as spending time with family, just sitting on the front porch drinking with my tatay among many other things! Oh boy I wouldn’t like to get my extended family mad about playing around with other girls, hahaha. They are all in the army or the special forces o_O

    I remember my wifes cousin in Catbalocan had an M16 under her bed…although I had to teach her how to use it and shoot it :)

  15. John says

    Never a truer word spoken! I will be settling in Bayugan(about 20 miles south of Butuan) on Mindanao. But am not sure I can live without that T3 internet access. But being with my lovely lady will definitely get my mind off it! You and Jessie, look awesome together and that is all that matters.

  16. Jeff says

    Rusty, not only do you have it made but it’s cool that you also appreciate the fact that you do. Good for you man.

    I lived in the Philippines for 5 years back in the 1980’s and ever since have thought about moving back “home”. We visit every few years but we have six more years before we can make the move but at least we can see the light at the end of the tunnel now. I’ll be 56 and my beautiful wife will be 50 when we retire. We’ve been married for over twenty years now and she still treats me great and I like to think she’d say the same.

    It’s articles like yours and sites like this one that remind me (as if I need to be reminded) why we look forward to moving back “home” to the Philippines. I look forward to reading the articles here and it helps me to feel at least a bit connected to the islands. Thanks to you, Bob and the others here who cotribute. Keep the articles comming folks. Jeff.

  17. says

    Rusty – It is so true that here in the States, we tend to trade material possessions and comfort for our happiness. I’ve never known so many unhappy people, as the ones I’ve met over the last couple years. Almost everyone is strapped down by the heavy weight of their material items and their “comfort” items.

  18. brian says

    My wife and her friends call the ‘dirty old man” DOM’s…I call em DLM’s..she asked me what does that mean?…….”Dam Lucky Man”
    She’s a hotty Rusty….good on ya for finding a gem.

  19. Phil R. says

    yea Rusty I found my gal on blue berry hill( Filipino Hearts. )I’m building a sit n wait so I can sit and wait for the world to go by with a beer an tanduay.. non- smoker here ..Phil n Jess

  20. Anthony says

    Hey Rusty- I used to be a player (playboy) and had many girls from many nationalities,(and now happily married to a filipina)But nothing scares the sh**t out of me more than the sight of an angry Filipno wife with a meat cleaver in hand! LOL

  21. John Rodgers says

    I would think Mexico is much like the Philippines. Depends on where you go, and how you behave?…….i2f

  22. says

    hi rusty, i cant wait until the day i can retire to P.I WELL NOT REALLY RETIRE BUT ,start enjoying the good life , in my opinion i really don’t feel like i will be losing any comforts in Cebu ,i like shopping at bjs and sams club and costco but there is makro in Cebu it is like the same thing Philippine style. we have sm mall, ayala,metro colon,metro mandaue which reminds me of walmart.countryside in banilad,and the list goes on Danao has a good mall also which is closer for you being in bogo!i am a wrestling coach and i do jujitsu and muay thai cebu is big into mixed martial arts as is all of P.I.REALLY THERE IS NOTHING I WILL MISS, i like tony romas, and filipino native barbecue food is as good if not better then them! i live 4-5 hours from the ocean in north carolina now but when i move to Cebu my property is on the ocean literally. i cant really think of one possible thing i will miss in the move? if i miss being on american soil Guam is a 2-3hr plane ride away and i am back in american territory.

  23. JOE says

    So how many noches do you have on your belt? How many wives you had? Most young women go for older men for the moola. NO MONEY AND NO HONEY HA HA HA LOL!

  24. Cina says

    Well, am sad to say you have a lot of growing to do. I find some
    of your comments about women extremely disturbing. As in some of
    you men on here have no respect for women. Get a life! I feel
    shame for some of you and you know who you are.

    Don’t give American’s a bad name. Don’t be a pig! please be kind
    as I know you are can be.

    Be good people!

  25. John Rodgers says

    Yes it is on the borders of Mexico. It’s there, because that’s where the drug traffic is. Mexico is a large country, and it’s your location. There’s lots of bad press about the Philippines, and you would think a Muslim terrorist lurked in every nook, and cranny. We know it’s not true, but try convincing some of my friends, and family of that. There are definatley places to avoid, and that’s for sure

    Then again I missed the border crossings. I sailed around the border, and entered Mexico 60 miles south of it. From there to Cabo it was small villages much like you describe Bogo. Some had only 1 truck, and were co-op fishing villages with a generator. The people were kind, and gracious. The kids would follow me, and be amazed I came from the sea to their village. There are many similarities as well as disimiliarites with the 2 countries.

    You can say the samething about the USA. There are places to avoid for many people. You being from Mississippi, and living in Tennesee should be able to make that connection.

    Anyway continue to live the good life. It keeps us alive a lot longer with no stress, and carrying around a big smile. Not to mention having a lovely lady to spoil you……..i2f

  26. says

    RC, glad things have gone well for you so far!

    If you didn’t notice the other girls, how do you know they are beautiful??? LOL

  27. says

    I’m surprised they are not carrying bazokas under their skirts instead of just knifes as hot tempered when it comes to other women as they tend to be. :) The waray-waray are especially prone to knifes. I don’t know the whole story behind that though.

    $2.00 seems cheap to me. I guess because the would cost so much more in the states. I may quite though. Smoking too much, chest burns, I can’t stop inhaling them. LOL You’re not suppose to inhale! I do it without paying attention most of the time but sometimes I do it cause I like it. LOL

    The price also went up so I must limit myself and NO INHALING! :)

  28. says

    Hah, but before I die, I’m going to make Rockefeller look like a begger in the streets of Cebu. I’m gonna die rich. LOL Well, I can dream.

    Yeah its the good life…

  29. says

    They often laugh about being crazy jealous, well, except during one of the crazy moments. Then is 5 feet of pure anger boiling over with steam pouring from their ears…..

  30. says

    Cool? Thanks dude.

    Now if I’m your mirror image you need to go to and set your image up. Perhaps some plastic surgery would be in order too. LOL

  31. says

    Wow a two burner? You must be rich man! I have only a one burner. :)

    Yeah I can’t really see the street from my porch either but the monkey and the kids keep me occupied..

  32. says

    Yes its a Filipino brand I can’t spell it. Family grown and hand made in the Philippines. I’m told they are better than Cubans but I’ve never had one so I can’t say. Pretty hard to see how anything could be better.

    Are you going to come back soon?

  33. says

    Well I have noted in articles I’ve written that in the Philippines, men are still men and women are still women.

    Doesn’t mean one is better than the other. Most of the time Jessie prefers to spoil me but of course there are times when she’s not as into as other times.

    It was the Filipina that got me interested in the Philippines then I found out how much cheaper it is to live here.

  34. says

    Hey Tommy,

    I wonder about the folks that come here and hate it. Really only seen that once. Kept running into Filipina wanting his money. Moving to fast I think.

  35. says

    You need only one cigar? I could send some to you if you’d like to buy some?

    I have a gift words? My English Comp. professor would say its a gift from the dark side. If only he could see me now. Actually I found his email address, he’s a lawyer now. I started to email him but I was afraid he’d grade my email. :)

    Thanks for the kind words.

  36. says

    Wow, that sounds like a nice home you had!

    Hope things turn around for you before they destroy you’re business again.

    Yeah, I’m an international playboy, just like Jethro Bodine! :) I done graduated the 6th grade too!

    Trip to Mexico sounds great. Would be too dangerous to do that in Mexico these days.

    Yea, things are cools but not that important. I plan to get hot water installed next month. I’m not looking forward to my cold shower that I’m going to be taking today. Its rained a lot in the last week, lots of clouds so the water is likely to be cold. Though sometimes its warm when it should be cold and cold when I think it will be warm.

    Also planning to meet a bunch of Filipino at the BBQ tonight.

  37. says

    I think you can kiss that T3 goodbye. I do have a 2Gb DSL line and much of the time I actually get that speed. I went a couple of months that I could barely get online at all. Call to globe was we are workign on the lines. They just didn’t seem to care at all. Upload speed is low but that’s to be expected with DSL.. I wish I could gett cable inttead. Perhaps in Manila but I’m not sure. It will come.

  38. says

    Yes I do appreciate. I do wish I had a switch so I could turn the sun down a bit. LOL Does your wife want to come back too? Some get homesick others get use to all those nice things from the West.

    At least you get to retire early. Retirement at 65 is just way too late.

    It might be hard to move away from the Philippines after living here. Not sure, I look forward to visiting the US just to see how it strikes me now.

  39. says


    Advertisers are great at making us believe we need these things.

    Take a bowling ball bouncing on a bed that doesn’t disturb the pins on the other side of the bed. Now think about that, do we really need that? Why is it important? I don’t think it is! I’ve got a real mattress in my home but its no where near like what I had in the States but its doing just fine for me! There’s no reason to spend more than a thousand dollars for a bed. :)

    They do the same thing here, Palmolive tries to sell their dish washing detergent for its “whitening agents.”

  40. says

    I like the idea of the build and wait but your building it yourself? Seems to violate the entire principle. LOL

    I didn’t some either but these cigars seemed to be calling my name. I should stop. Probably will have to since I want to go diving. Probably not a good combination.

  41. Jason Dance says

    Hehe, the perk will be that next week I was promised to go on a small island where military weaponry is used ;p Shoot and throwing grenades yipee!! But seriously, my wifes uncle once asked for my personnal info so he could check my background. Kinda scary considering he is extremelly high ranked…

  42. says

    Mexico like the Philippines? No way. There’s open war between the drug dealers and the police and much of it occurs near the boarder crossing. Lots of kidnappings there, not just a few. Its a very dangerous place these days.

    They will likely get it back under control but in the past few months there has been all kinds of press about Mexico. Seems it has quieted down a bit though in the last few weeks?

  43. says

    Mike, I live in Cebu and I lived in Talisay for three or four months which is a suburb of the city. I live out in the province now.

    If you live in the Philippines and don’t find things to miss you’ll be the first person I’ve talked too.

    Just being able to go to Walmart’s at 2am is one. Good milk is another. Good cheese! And even hot water is not something that comes standard.

    SM Mall is as nice as anything you’ll find in the USA, well, they don’t have the high end designer stores with $6000 dresses in them but I don’t miss that. LOL

    Now it is true, if you have enough money, you’ll miss a lot less. I still order things from the states from time to time but its too expensive to ship everything I miss, like Nestle’s Quick. :)

    I don’t know where Marko’s is. It is air conditioned. There is a Prince Warehouse that is a bit like Sam’s Club but it would be a streatch to say they were alike. It is definatly not air conditioned. Most places with air con are hotter than is comfortable for me.

    Do I like it better here, the answer to that should be obvious but to think it is the same would be very misleading. For most expats its very different and requires a great deal of adjustment.

  44. says

    Cina, I don’t know who you’re talking about.

    Did you really read? Something may have been lost in the translation.

    I was actually making a little fun of myself with the past my prime playboy thing.

    “What the wife can do tomorrow? Come on, lighten up a bit. Men and women make jokes like that about each other, usually meant in good humor and certainly without insult.

    If you’re talking about Joe,, I think he may not have any intention of adding adding anything positive. He may be joking around though, I’m not sure. I think he’s an old “friend” of mine. I might be mistaken, that might not be who I thought it was at all.

  45. Jeff says

    Hey Rusty, yes my wife is also looking forward to moving back. We’ve made a good life for us here but just like ole Douglas MacArthur, we shall return.

    You’re right about how many filipinas become so westernized that they don’t want to move back to the Philippines. My wife has adapted well to the U.S. (she’s been here for 18 years) but she’s never lost sight of where she came from or her culture. That’s one of the things I love & respect about her. Contrary to what many guys say, not all filipinas let the western culture change who they are. Jeff

  46. brspiritus says

    I will be coming home near the end of August, I think the 27th or 28th sticks in my mind without actually looking at my itinerary.

  47. says

    Cabo? That’s where Sammy Hagar’s club is? I would love to visit there but I wont be going to Mexico, just as there are places in the Philippines I wont go. Mexico wants my dollar they are going to have to earn it.

    Too many kidnappings of average American citizens. Here, the average kano is not in too much danger unless they are high profile.

    I carried a gun in the US. :)

  48. says

    I may have noticed it once now that I think about it but I’m not sure.

    Not having my own transportation and riding buses like the locals, I miss a lot as I ride by. I’m going to try to get by there though.

  49. Danny says

    Hey Rusty,

    Yeah Cabo San Lucas is where Sammy Hagars Club is ..Wabo Cabo or Cabo Wago Cantina..something like that. A friend of mine in Myrtle Beach, SC said Sammy’s new band is coming there to play a concert. The tickets start a $90.00 a piece…unbelieveable. You would be jealous, he did see Alice Cooper the last time he came to town, and said it was an “awesome” concert.
    I saw Sammy Hagar play at the Capital Center in Largo, Maryland 1989 or 1990(I forget now) on his last solo tour before joining Van Halen..was a great show. I had front row floor seats, and he “kicked major azz” that night.

    Take care Rusty,
    Danny :)

  50. says

    I wouldn’t pay that much for a Hagar concert. About half that max.

    Alice Cooper played his club at least once and Hagar joined him on stage. Now that I would pay $90 for. :)

    Last time the Stones came to Memphis tickets were as much as $350 so I guess $90 is a bargain? I don’t think so.

    Alice Cooper puts on the best life show on earth. Period.