PTA and Parenting Meeting, another part of life!


My two adopted kids are now going to the BIG school, Notre Dame Integrated Basic Education Department (IBED). Before this would have been First Year High School but as of now it’s called Grade 7 as the school thing has changed and now its Grades 1 t0 12, the High school name has been removed for some reason!

The Event!


My wife did all the parent things with the schools before, now she says its my turn so I have no choice in the matter!


Taking the Oath!

About once a month there is something to do at the school, usually on a Saturday morning so unless I am booked for diving I must attend such functions so I hope for many Saturday Dives in the future!

The Orange Team take Oath!

The meetings are usually held in the School Covered Basketball Court  and with the amount of parents in attendance this venue is just about big enough as there are lots of kids at this school!

The Blues do it!

The first event that I attended was for an introduction to the school and to have the teachers introduced to us. Also there was a rather long presentation explaining about the founder of the school and is principles which was OK I suppose but it went on a bit too long for my liking. Afterwards we had to go to the kids classrooms for a short presentation from their teachers which was very informative then we had to vote for the class PTA Members, luckily for me I was not chosen!

The Speaker is a bit short for the Lecturn!

OK, that was not bad so the next time I was called upon to do my duty it was to see the different committees of parents who would have a say in the running of the school and assist as required. I was thinking that this would be something like the PTA Council but I was very wrong. Having been introduced en-mass to most of the teachers once again the new committees were introduced and they all had so swear an oath to the school and promise to be good and do their best to assist the school. Then the next set were introduced and they went through the same oath taking etc and on and on it went, I never realised that there were so many different factions in a school and I am sure that the majority of parents had a role to play somewhere.

The Guest Speaker, A very funny guy!

There were several speeches given by guests and dignitaries and the giving out of plaques of appreciation for guests but they saved the best for last as they had a professional speaker giving out some information on parenting and to say the very least he held the crowd in the palm of his hand with his Witt and sense of humor and he gave out some very interesting tips and theories about how to raise your kids.

The Guest Speaker gets his Plaque from the Principle!

After this we once again had to go to the kids classrooms to sign in as I believe that the kids get points when I attend these functions.

The kids, bored I think!

That’s now two meetings down and still nearly another 6 years to go until this section of the kids education is complete so for me that will be a lot of time spent attending meetings. I also took the kids along to the meetings so that they could see what it was all about, I do not think they enjoyed it too much!

The Statue of the founder, Saint Marcellin, a very revered person in the school!

For anyone who has kids in the Philippines and you send your kids to a good school, take my advise and get the wife to be the one involved with the school stuff, I tried but Ellie told me to get lost so I am stuck with the job for a long time but its worth it as all kids should be given the best education as they now need a college degree to even get a job in a fast food chain on mall, in the future no degree will unfortunately mean no job and thats the way of the future I am Sure!


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  1. adam says

    The wife works on Saturdays ( conveniently!) every week so i have spent many a Saturday doing what you are. Only 18 months more to go and Saturdays will be mine. Maybe!

  2. Kyle McKay says

    Is this a private school? My wife has enrolled the kids in a private English school in Baguio, and said nothing in relative to what you have to endure. I suppose I will find out next month when I follow. Getting a tad cold in Northern Canada, time to take the better part of valour. Good luck…..

    • Gensan Chris says

      Hi Kyle,
      Yes, Notre Dame is a private school and it does try to keep the parents inter active. Its good I suppose but wish wife would inter act instead of me!

  3. adam says

    Its mainly in private schools. You will find the school days all lot longer here than in Canada. Plus if your kids are in the top section they will more than likely go to school on Saturday.

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