Requirements for Non Quota Immigrant by Marriage (I)

Since a couple months an incredible increase of permanent stay visa applications have been observed. Is it the bad economical situation in the US and Europe? Maybe… . Fact is, that more and more people arrived in the Philippines with little luggage and “some cash savings” and asked for the requirements to stay here for good. It’s not such easy, my dear readers. The checklist is becoming longer and longer, and you need to process some documents in your home country (duly authenticated by a Philippine Embassy or Consulate there). During the next days, I try to explain the latest informations for it. If you are still in your home country and you plan to move here, inform yourself and go first to your nearest Philippine Embassy or Consulate. It’s easier to start processing all documents already in your home country.

If you are already living in the Philippines and if you are married to a Philippine national you have to apply for “Change of Status from Temporary Visitor to Non Quota Immigrant by Marriage under Section 13a of Philippine Immigration Act (PIA) of 1940, as amended.

You need:

1. Letter of application (applicant AND Filipino spouse)

2. General application form DULY accomplished AND notarized (it’s BI Form No. RBR 98-01)

3. 2×2 picture to be attached to the application form (just be prepared for more or less 15 pictures for the future)

4. Birth Certificate of applicant AND Filipino spouse; in the absence of a birth certificate of the Filipino spouse, submit the following:

a) Certification of the Local Civil Registrar or the NSO (National Statistic Office) of its loss or non-availability

b) Any public document which establish the Filipino citizenship of the spouse

c)Affidavit of two disinterested persons indicating nationality of the parents of the Filipino spouse, and his/her birth place and birth date of applicant.

(To be continued!)

Post Author: Klaus (228 Posts)

Klaus is from Germany, but has been living in the Philippines since the late 1990’s. Klaus is a journalist by trade, having written for a number of newspapers, studied also Publishing House Management and Marketing and has also been a Radio Host here in the Philippines. Klaus is no longer part of the LiP team.

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  1. Leiwulf says

    hi, my husband (US Citizen) recently received his 13a Non-Quota Immigrant Visa (1 yr probationary), hooray!! we would like to know what the privileges and/or restrictions are of the 1 yr probationary 13a Non-Quota Immigrant visa. can my husband get employed? does he still need to obtain working visa from dept. of labor?

    thanks! any input you have will be appreciated!

    ~ leiwulf

    • Olive May Curious says

      Dear Mr Klaus;
      My best friend is married to a US citizen. The husband wants to apply for non-quota immigrant by marriage but the wife(who is Filipina) did not submit the needed documents because she found out that the husband have third party and will not stay with her if he will be approved. But now the wife found out that the husband did apply and told the immigration office that the wife already submitted the documents though she did not. The husband probably used fake person or fake documents on his application. Now he is waiting for his ACR1 card. Since the wife did not submit the needed documents, is there a way to cancel/stop his ACR 1 card? Thank you. Concern citizen

      • says

        If the man’s visa was based on the wife’s petition, even if it was faked, she can go to the bureau of immigration and request for the visa to be cancelled, it is that simple.

  2. says

    Hi Leiwulf, congratulations!!! Privileges? Your husband is already very welcome here in the Philippines and one step further to the next application, which means for a real permanent stay. You should start with this application already 3 or 4 months before the probation period expires. Restrictions? Sure, don't be involve in any crime or such "problems". If your husband like to be employed, he needs a work permit. I would suggest to apply for it after the probation year. I hope I could help a little bit. For more information, you might email me, by clicking CONTACT US. Where are you located in the Philippines? best wishes KLAUS

  3. Leiwulf says

    hi, we are in Bel-Air Makati and we applied at the Makati BOI extension office. it went pretty smooth. we turned our application in 11/10/08, got our interview with the immigration lawyer on 11/12/08 and our paper was in the Manila office by 11/13 and we got the decision (Approved!) by 12/17. my husband's ACR-I card is now in process (heard it takes a month or so to get the card)

    anyway, i was curious as to why 13a visa holders would still need a work permit? per DOLE, only non-immigrants are required to obtain a work permit? also, do we really need to wait a year before he can actually work? there were several companies already that has expressed interest in getting my husband on-board (he does Call Center consulting) and it's just a matter of waiting for the visa to come out so he can decide which company he wants to work for.

    i wish i can find an affirmative information coming from Immigration and/or Dept. of Labor as to what the real score is with this 13a visa.

  4. says

    Hi Leiwulf, thanks again for stopping by. It's a difference between a working VISA and a working PERMIT. That's why I became a little bit puzzled. Problem sometimes: you are getting different information from the same authority. Before I publish here some maybe wrong things, I would like to contact my friends here in DOLE and BID after the holidays. Then I will let you know. – One more thing: Being a consultant could be different then being employed. My wife and I are also running a consultancy – of course with a business permit… .

  5. Leiwulf says

    hi klaus! thanks for that info. now i'm confused abt working visa and working permit? if my husband holds 13a visa and he wishes to get employed, what does he need exactly? does he need a working visa or a working permit? does he need anything from dept of labor? i am guessing he would need a TIN and an SSS?

    thanks again and frohe weihnachten! (ich habe deutsch gelernt am goethe institut manila ^_^)

  6. says

    Hi Leiwulf, I will come back to your questions after the legal holidays. Fact is: he needs a working permit from DOLE (Department of Labour and Employment). Of course, I also became a member of the SSS (Social Security System) and got a TIN (Tax Identification Number), because I pay my income tax here in the Philippines. Good, that you studied German language at the Goethe Institut. Btw, I am still teaching German language at a state university here in Davao, because I have been invited to do so. – Bear with me up to January, to answer your questions properly… HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  7. Leiwulf says

    hi klaus, thank you! my husband's ACR-I card is now in process. we were told that it will be ready in 2 weeks. he asked the Makati BOI extension ofc what else he needs so he can start working here and they said the ACR-I card is all he needs (?) the gov't can get real confusing!

    but thanks in advance, can't wait to hear the info you have.

  8. Ken R. says

    Great post, Klaus…

    But, you mention a "Letter of application (applicant AND Filipino spouse)." Yours is the first statement I have seen suggesting this letter should be signed by both spouses. Normally, only "petitioning Filipino spouse" is mentioned.

    But, more importantly, what should be the content of the letter. In my web searches for that info, I have found numerous others like – me 'lost balls in high weeds' – seeking the same, but never a clue as to what details, requests, etc., the letter should include. Can you provide a specimen copy of a proven satisfactory letter?

    Thanks in advance,

  9. says

    Hi Leiwulf, I am very late with my response. My friend in DOLE told me, your husband should contact your DOLE branch and ask for a work permit, especially if it is a full time job or an occupation in a higher rank position. So, please contact your DOLE office and explain your situation. I only know from many other cases, that DOLE will even publish newspaper advertisments mentioning the names of the aliens, their positions and the existence of a work permit. Good luck.

  10. says

    Hi Ken R., thanks for stopping by. It should be an application letter of the alien, who requested to stay in the Philippines. In this letter he should explain, why he likes to stay here. The second application letter is written by the Filipina partner, issuing a petition for her alien partner, also showing reasons and grounds and the desire, why to live in the Philippines. Both letters might not always be a requirement, but in my experiences: it serves and it helps. I can't provide you here with a proven satisfactory letter, because every case is really different. It really depends upon your situation. Good luck.

  11. Leiwulf says

    hi klaus, thanks for the response. we'll be checking out with our DOLE for the work permit as u suggested. thanks again!

    hi ken r, when we applied for my husband's 13a, i just wrote a letter stating i am requesting for the 13a visa issuance for my husband so he can stay in the PH with me. the PH immigration site also has a sample letter of application by the filipino spouse for 13A visa, check it out at

  12. jovelyn from greece says

    Hi klaus,
    My husband was a greek citizen,and we want to live at philippines and to make business there.Does he need work permit or just a business permit?And what he need to register a business permit?

  13. says

    Hi Jovelyn, thanks for dropping by and best wishes to you and your husband in Greece. Please clarify at first: you said, your husband WAS a Greek citizen. What is he now? Then you said, you plan to do business here. Means to say, your husband will not work IN or FOR a company in the Philippines. If you want to do business here, you need, of course, a business permit. I am doing several businesses here together with my wife (German national but former natural born Filipina). The business permit has been issued to one of my brothers-in-law (together with his taxi business).

    If you need further information, kindly email me by clicking CONTACT US (Klaus). Thanks – and good luck and welcome to the Philippines.

  14. jovelyn from greece says

    Good morning Klaus,
    Thanks for the reply,we are currently living here in greece now but we plan to remove to philippine after i will give birth of our first son this coming june,and to take a non-quota immigrant visa for my husband coz i am a filipino national!!!My husband will not work but to start a business there.Does my husband can take a business permit by his name or my name?Does we need long time to wait for the processing of business permit?Thnak you..

  15. jovelyn from greece says

    Good morning Klaus,
    Thanks for the reply,we are currently living here in greece now but we plan to remove to philippine after i will give birth.Does my husband can take a business permit by his name or mine?

  16. says

    Ok I have a few questions. first off my wife is a Philippine Citizen. Now she is here in the USA with me. Here is what I would like to do. So please help out.
    1. I want to be able to work and live in the Philippines but still keep my US citizenship.
    2. Need a ARC for banking there in PI. how and where do i do this.
    3.13a Non-Quota Immigrant Visa how long is it -when does it expire and what are the renewal processess and fees.
    4. I have a daughter born in the US that makes her a US citizen but mother is Philippine citizen. Does this make her a Citizen of the Philippines since by blood her mother is Philipino? Also there's paperwork that need to be done but where in US att eh Philippine Embassy? Or in Manila? However I want to say again I DO NOT want to loose my US Citizenship. So can all this be done? Please help me.

  17. says

    Hi Jovelyn in Greece, thanks for your two additional comments. If you and your family have been moved to the Philippines and you got a non quota visa (thru marriage) for your husband, your husband might start a business under your name. I don't know where you will be located in the Philippines, but my wife and me got the business permit within four weeks. Good luck for both of you – and, of course, especially for you in June… !!! Take care.

  18. says

    Hi Jeff, thanks for stopping by. I don't know your age and your professional background. That's why it's not easy to give you detailed information. First thing is clear: you have to apply first for a non quota visa by marriage, because your wife is still a Filipina. Ask your nearest Philippine consulate for the requirements. Re 2: I am not familiar with Philippine bank branches in the U.S. Try to find branches of BDO (Banco de Oro) or PNB (Philippine National Bank). I am dealing with both re Germany-Philippines and vice versa. Re 3: You will get at first a one year probation. After this you have to apply again. Once a 13a visa is granted, is it lifelong, except you commit some crime etc. The fees changed again. Re 4: You should take your time and contact your Philippine embassy or consulate BEFORE you move to the Philippines. One thing is for sure: You must not worry about your US citizenship…
    If you need further help or assistance please CONTACT ME by clicking CONTACT US. Thanks. (PS: Our office is only located in Davao city).

  19. jovelyn from greece says

    Good morning Klaus,
    Thanks a lot for the information..My husband has prepared already for the requirements of non quota immigrant and we just wait me to give birth!!!And my husband want to ask that when we buy a house at philippines if can be at his name or still at mine and how long to live in philippine before he will get the business permit on his name?
    Thank you and have a nice sunday.

  20. says

    Hi Jovelyn from Greece, if you buy a house or lot, it should be 'under your name' first. After living here permanently longer then five years, the property will become a 'conjugal property'. I would suggest to contact me, if you really move here for good. It's difficult to explain everything here in one comment. Regarding the business permit: I explained it already earlier: our businesses are under the name of one of my brothers-in-law, because my wife also carry a German passport now.

  21. KC says

    Hi! I need your opinion. I am a former filipino citizen and loss it by marriage w/ a US citizen. We are planning to retire in the Philippines by next year and our plans (actually my plan) is to apply for a non-quata immigrant for both of us (its a returning filipino citizen under section 13(g). My main concern is will be able to buy and own a property as non-quata immigrants?

    I really appreciate your opinion.


  22. ailyn says

    Hi Klaus!
    My husband wants to apply for a permanent residency in the Philippines (he is an American citizen). He wants to know if he is liable to pay any kind of taxes there since he pay all his taxes in the US. Also, i read that it will give you a one year probation for the non-quota visa, is that correct? And what is the additional requirement (if there's any) to remove the probation/condition after one year?
    Thanks in advance!

  23. Ando says

    I currently have a I card I am married to a filipina I have been leaving here in manila for 3 yrs but I always have to renew my I card every 2 yrs. Unfortunately if my spouse dies can I still renew I-card? since I have my marriage crt that I married a filipina? I am afraid that if she goes I will not be able to renew my I-card. Thanks

  24. marie says

    Hi Klaus, I did not know that there could be difficulties if my friend moves to the Philippines. I am dual, but not planning to marry, I live in UK, I plan to spend 1/2 year in Phil, 1/2 year in PI. My friend wants to move to PI. My question how can we do this without marrying? We would be living together when I'm in PI. Your advise is appreciated.

  25. vanesa says

    klaus my boyfriend now still in u.s and he wants to move here in the philippines and we plan to get married here.can i ask what else he needs or requirements cause he wants to live here in the philippines.or what should i do for him since im here in philipines right now.

  26. Paul says

    Hi,recently married in philippines,my wife has applied for visa to join me in uk,once accepted i believe she then has to attend seminar in cebu & then register with cfo b4 she can leave philippines,can you shed any light on this subject,gov websites are not much help & there seems to be very little info concerning british citizens wishing to bring their philippine spouse here,any advise much appreciated,

    many thanks


  27. Marlon says

    Hi Klaus
    I have written the Philippine consulate a few months back for some inquiries and still no word back. I am a 25 yr old U.S Citizen (Born and lived here my whole life) I proposed and married my girlfriend a few months back during her long vacation. I filed a petition for my wife to live with me here but then I decided that I want to stay with her in the Philippine while we wait for her papers to come thru. If I do apply for a 13 (a)Non-Quota Immigrant visa, would this affect my U.S citizenship and and my wife's petition?

  28. Mark says

    Hi all,
    I am married to a Filipina. We married September 29 2001. Since that time we have been living together here in the middle east. I work as a teacher in Qatar. We have 2 small children. A little boy, 7 yo and a girl, 3yo. In 2005 we purchased together an apartment in Pasig. I guess the plan is to retire there. But neither of us really want to move to the Philippines until retirement. I am 53 and my wife is 41.

    So my son has Canadian, Australian and, Filipino citizenship. My daughter is only using an Australian passport at the moment. My wife has no citizenship but Filipina.

    So question. Supposing we come back to the Philippines and take up residence in our apartment. What will I need to do to fulfill my legal obligations with the immigration department etc? Also regarding our apartment (condo) the folks there are the homeowners union very politely informed me that I was not entitled to join said union. I guess something to do with some law reserving that franchise for Philippine citizens. But is there any other implications that may impact my rights to our apartment for example in the case of my wife pre-deceasing me?


  29. William says


    I recently applied for a non quota visa . BI told me to call them after a week which i did , now they tell me to come to BI office to see if the visa has been approved, unfortunately i had to leave the country for work reasons and will not return until December. My wife (who is a filipina ) is not allowed to go on my behalf. can you offer any advice. Preferable to my email address, but also include in your blog to allow other people to benefit from any wisdom..


  30. lucky says

    just curios…do you need to pay or deposit 50,000$ to retire in the philippines? what f u dont have that amount but you want to live there with your wife? lets say i have 1000$ monthly sure that would b enough. pls i need some clarification..american people that live there for 10 yrs im sure u had better knowledge on these..thanks! or email me.gbu

  31. Michael says

    Hi my wife and I have been married 5 years now, I was working in the USA during that time. I just recently moved here to the Philippines and we are working on a more permanent visa 13a through our marriage. Right now I am just re upping the temporary one every 58 or so days. My question is when finally I get my non immigrant visa will I have the rights to attend a university here? I can't seem to find any list of rights or privliges of the various visa. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  32. Michael says

    Hi, thanks for the reply. I decided in the meantime to just go with a student visa. So I'm upgrading from temp to student so I can attend school. I will recieve VA funds from my military service for attending so I figured that would be a nice bonus to going to school. My new issue with that is having to have some kind of authentication seal on my school records. They are already sealed and marked from my school which I had picked up in the USA before coming to the Philippines. I got them just days before I left. I called the USA embassy here in Manila but they offer no such service. They used to but they say since filipino going to the USA no longer need that to attend USA universities they don't require it either. So now I am kind of lost on if I have to go back to USA or something which would be kind of crazy. I couldn't find any office near bye in USA to begin with. Do you know if that is still a requirement? I have called and looked all over the net with no luck. I am trying to reach the university I want to attend "Enverga" but here in the Quezon province there are a few holidays this week so many things are closed till Monday. Hope you had a nice trip. And thanks again for previous reply.


  33. SAM says

    Hi Klaus,

    First off, I appreciate you for helping people by providing information on this part of Philippine immigration, which is very commandable. Secondly, I did read many times on here about you having said of emailing you but I couldn't find the way to email you even though I did follow what you said on here to getting in touch with you. Thirdly, I actually have a few very specific questions which I think nobody has asked here or I don't see answer to them about anywhere. Thus, I would appreciate if you could provide your opinions on them.

    I'm a US citizen, 33 years old, from New York. I want to obtain this non quota immigrant visa so that I could live permanently in the Philippines, but I don't want to live in the Phils permanently yet, at least not before a year or two. I know that I could/should file for this visa when I would decide to live in the Phils permanently but I'm deciding to apply for it now than when I would be ready to move there.

    So my questions are- (1) Is there any restrictions on how long one should stay in the Phils on this visa without the fear of losing it? For example, in the US if a green card holder (immigrant visa holder) stays continueously a year outside the US then s/he would automatically lose immigrant visa/green card privilege. But if a green card holder would stay outside the US for a few times for 6 months or more then US Immigration can deny entry to the person and could place this person on a deportation proceeding in front of Immigration judge because an immigrant visa is given to live in the US than outside. If one would stay most of the time outside the US after having immigrant visa/green card then under the US immigration laws, that person doesn't need immigrant visa; instead temporary non-immigrant visa. Is it same in the Phils? Is there any length of stay outside the Phils that could jeopardize this visa?

    As you know that I don't want to live permanently in the Phils yet…at least not until 2 years but I do want to have the peace of mind of having this visa now because I like to visit to Phils at least 3-4 times a year for more than 2 months in every trip. I know I could keep extend my stay but not only it will cost me but also it would hassle to get my stay extended each time. I also like to know that if there is any specific amount of money applicant must have to have in the bank when the requirements state about bank statement, real estate documents or affidavit of support? I've a Filippina wife for many years but she lives here in the US with me and don't have any plan of moving to the Phils at least yet but I've been going to Phils for many reasons. She comes with me sometimes but don't stay that long.

    How long does it take to obtain this visa from the date of applying for it especially if I will file the application at Philippine Consulate in New York? What kinds of documents I should be prepared for? Would it be okay if I live in the Phils only for a month and twice a year at least until the next 2 years? Will US consulate process and issue me this visa or paperwork will go to the Philippines to be processed by Phils immigration? I would appreciate if you can give me some information on these.

    Thanking you in advance.

  34. says

    Hi Sam, thanks for your kind words. You got a lot of questions for me. There are a lot of possibilities for you, to get a visa for the Philippines – although you'll not stay here permanently. The 6-months-restriction can one find in many immigration laws all over the world. I would suggest you really send me an email by clicking CONTACT US (go up on this page) – then click my name KLAUS and your email will be automatically forwarded to me.

  35. Pardz says

    Dear Klaus:
    My name is Pardz. I live in Iligan City, married to a filipina. I'm about to apply for a non-quota immigrant and so far i heard nothing about confusion and different stories from Iligan to Cagayan de Oro immigration office. So I would like to ask you if you can help me clarify of the confusion.

    Other officers said that if I'm an american there's no need for me to apply for a probationary of 1 year but most of the other americans, they let them apply for a probationary of 1 year so they have to pay twice under the table payment.

    I have these questions and hopefully you could clear these out for me:

    1. If i live here or reside here in Iligan City, can i apply here in Davao with your help?

    2. How long it takes for the application to be approved? Or how long do i need to stay in davao for my application.

    3. Do i need to wait 12 months for probation to get the non-quota visa?

    4. Is the payment fixed? Or there will be different charges?

    Thank you.

  36. Navtej Singh says

    Hi Klaus, I am glad I found your website. I appreciate that it is full of valuable information. I am 54 years old indian national at present and in process of getting british nationality within a year time. I am married to a 54 year old philipino since 2007 and have all the plans to move to Philippines for good in the next three four years altough we do visit philipines every year for 4 weeks each time.

    I will appreciate if you can quench my inquisitiviness in some unforseen future circumstances such as in case of becoming a widower-divorcee after abtaining Non Quota Immigrant by Marriage. In this unfortunate circumstances what will be my legal status regardind my stay in the country. And what will happen to the investements in the property. Just for your knowledge I would like to add that we dont have any kids.

    I would be very thankful to get the information on the above mentioned matter

    With warm reguards,

    Navtej Singh

  37. ADAM says

    hi im married to a filipino and want to apply for a non quota visa,
    i have to stay in the philippines for 3years in a row?
    also how much money do you think they need to see in my account?
    any more info you can tell me would be we need to own a house before i can get that visa?

  38. Joyce says

    Hello Klaus, Greetings!!!! My fiace is a British national we met and stayed together here in Dubai for 3 years. We are planning to get married to Philippines. I just want to ask what are the documents we will be needing in the marriage application, can he open a bank account in the Ph? and also does he need a return ticket back here in Dubai or just a one way ticket. How many days allowed for him to stay in the Philippines?

    Looking forward for you response.

    Thank you,

  39. says

    hi klaus,
    I am filipina living now in Germany. I would like to as if my husband can stay longer in the philippines as non qouta immigrants even I am not there. I mean he wants to live in the philippines alone without me. Do he need a visa to stay in the philippines even we are married? how long he can stay if he is married with filipina? can he apply non qouta without me?


  40. Robert Barnes says

    Some of the information you’re giving isn’t totally correct. As a foreign national, living and working here in Manila, I can tell you that one is NOT required to have an Alien Work Permit to work when holding a non-quota immigrant visa with an ACR I-Card. I’ve dealt with this issue personally, and although there is a great deal of misinformation from “agents” and even employees within those government agencies, the fact remains. When I was seeking employment before, I had a concrete offer from a local company, but the employer insisted that I be processed for a working permit. I went through both DOLE and BI, and was given a certificate of exemption, which basically states that a work permit is not needed. Given all the confusion I’d recommend that other resident aliens get the same. Better to be safe than have to deal with a headache later. Hope this helps.

  41. Vicky says

    Hi There,

    I need some information regarding with 13a visa, i am indian national, me & my fiancee (filipino citizen) is planning to go phil and i have applied for my tourist visa.If ever we get married in phil i wanna know if it will be easier for me to get 13a visa???

  42. Shan says

    Hi Klaus, Im 22 and I am going to marry a filipina , and I will move there in a few years could you tell me what I would need to do to bring her here with me then we will move back there and start a business.

    • says

      Hello Shan. I am sorry, Klaus is no longer with us here on the site, but I will be happy to answer your question. You asked what is required to “bring her here” but you did not say where “here” is. The requirements are different depending on what country you are in. If you can specify that, I would be happy to help you if I can.

  43. Vicky says

    Could some body reply from my query, i had posted this last 19 july but till now i dont get any reply :(

    Vicky says:

    July 19, 2011 at 9:19 pm

    Hi There,

    I need some information regarding with 13a visa, i am indian national, me & my fiancee (filipino citizen) is planning to go phil and i have applied for my tourist visa.If ever we get married in phil i wanna know if it will be easier for me to get 13a visa???

    • pratik says

      Hi Vicky,

      I am in the same boat. I am Indian and I married to filipino.. she is with me in UK now. As our visa is going to expire in March, I am planning to go back to Philippines with my wife. If you get any information please share it with me and if you need any guideline please contact me on my e-mail address regarding getting married in Philippines.

      I have one more question, Can I work and get a job in Philippines on Non Quota Immigrant visa?

  44. herwarth godau says

    i have marriage a philoppino girl last on the 2.8.2011 in australia,I a australian citesen.70 yeers old,penshener and like to live in Philippine.Was there before 4 jeers,must go every 2 moons fore extension.The wont trick me and asking for 65000Peso to become a non quota visa.Pleas can you tell me the requirement and what paper i needing for that. Iam a artist still can paint,must i go to the embassy in cambara ore can i send paper and document the signature from the justic of peace?what is the cost and how long will it take.

    Thanks for answer and your help


    Herwarth Godau

  45. wezy says

    hi…good day…im a filipina living here in mindanao and my husband is a peruvian citizen but his living in new york for 10 years and hes not a american citizen yet…how manY years would it take before my husband can bring me there in new york?or is that possible?

  46. Rose says

    I am a US citizen currently married to a Filipino (dual citizenship US & PI). We will be relocating to the PI soon, so I am processing a non-quota immigrant visa and understand that I must process this 3x annually before being allowed permanent residence.

    My problem is that we may get a divorce before I get my PI permanent residence. Will my non-quota immigrant visa be revoked? I would still like to stay in the PI, as we will have our children go to college there.

  47. Muhammad says

    Hi Klaus
    my brother is Egyptian & he got married from Filipino
    what is the next step to get the Non Quota Immigrant by Marriage
    it will be different if he is Egyptian?

  48. Rizza williams says

    Hi, just wanna know what is ACR and non quota visa,i am a filipina with a british husband and we are living here in uae,we apply for loan in a bank in the philippines in which 0ne of the requirements are ACR and non quota visa for my husband. We doesn’t have any idea how to get this or to apply for this. Can u advise us on to this matter,please! With many thanks! Rizza

  49. Rizza williams says

    Hi, just wanna know what is ACR and non quota visa,i am a filipina with a british husband and we are living here in uae,we apply for loan in a bank in the philippines in which 0ne of the requirements are ACR and non quota visa for my husband. We doesn’t have any idea how to get this or to apply for this. Can u advise us on to this matter,please! With many thanks! Rizza

  50. Leah Holt says

    Hi Mr. Klaus ,my husband is a new Zealand resident and planning to apply for a non qouta visa here in the Philippines but he wasn’t sure of how much money in his bank account he needs to show the immigration his capable on making a life here in the Philippines .please answer po ,we really need your advice .thank you god bless .

  51. says

    Hi KC – I am curious about what you say, because you cannot lose your citizenship through marriage. Marriage to an American does not confer US citizenship on you. Did you go to the Dept of State and become Naturalized as a US Citizen? If you didn't do that, you are still a Philippine Citizen, regardless of your marriage.

  52. says

    Hi Ailyn,

    thanks for stopping by. Of course, your husband is required to pay for example the alien head tax and/or if do some business, of course, there are taxes to pay, which has nothing to do with taxes to be paid in the U.S.- Yes, there'll be a one year probation for the non quota visa. Early enough your husband has to apply for a real permanent stay visa. Please get the inquiries from your next immigration office.

  53. says

    Hi Ando – Hmm… are you sure about this? I-Cards are good for 5 years, not for 2 years. But, you do have to go check-in with the BoI once per year. I assume that since you have an I-card, you must have some kind of underlying Resident Visa, right? If you have that, whether your wife were to die, or for whatever reason you are separated from her, they will not revoke your visa, unless your wife were to go and file papers withdrawing her sponsorship of you.

  54. says

    Hi Marie, there should be no problems for both of you. Everybody can stay in the Philippines six months, one year – or even longer – BUT AS TOURIST only. Or you choose to apply for a SRRV (Special Retirement Visa) – of course, without getting married… .

  55. says

    Hi Klaus – I'm sorry, my friend… I just realized that I responded to this, and you were the writer of the article! I responded in the admin area, and didn't realize it wasn't my article. I didn't mean to step on your toes… Seems like you don't mind, though. Take care.

  56. marie says

    Klaus, Thank you! Any idea how hard is it to get the SRRV? We might marry eventually, but probably not within 2 years.

  57. says

    Hi Vanessa, I would suggest, you get married at first here in the Philippines. After the marriage, it's more easier for your husband in future to apply for a permanent stay visa (thru marriage). Very important: your boyfriend needs a CONSULARY Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage in the Philippines, issued by the U.S. Embassy in Manila.

    If you need further assistance you might email me… .

  58. says

    Hi Paul, congrats to the newly weds. Thanks for asking my help, Paul. I'm afraid, I can't help you much, because my agency is dealing with German speaking countries and authorities – and from time to time with the U.S. I am not sure about the U.K., but I guess your authorities are following some parts of the EU-laws, means to say: the Filipina and her family has to be investigated before a visa can be issued. It doesn't matter, if you got married in the Philippines. Your cityhall staff (as well as your local alien police post) should give you more information. And of course, the British Embassy in Manila.

    I hope, everything will be fine for you guys.

  59. says

    Hi Marlon, please accept my apologizes for this very late reply. I don't which Philippine consulate in which country you are talking about, but I'd suggest to attend personal there. Regarding your questions: of course neither your U.S. citizenship nor your wife's petition would be affected if you apply for a 13a Non Quota Visa for the Philippines. If you need further professional assistance, please don't hesitate to contact me as well my agency in Davao City.

  60. says

    To Marion, do not waste time with Philippine consulate aboard. That's from my experience with Philippine Consulate in Los Angeles and comment online from American expatriate's personal website based in Cebu. I am what Bruce Springsteen shouted, "Born in America", just like you.

    Just come to the Philippines Isles and have your tourist (9a) visa extending for every 2 months. Paying for visa extension is like helping Filipinos to run their nation. Admittedly, I sometime hate this terminology implying that I am, too, an alien. But wait a while (or even shorter time if plan your homework) would pay-off with enjoy your road toward marriage. It takes patient to obtain 13a by marriage which has to perform and led by your [future] spouse.

    Presently, my wife and I will be off to Bureau of Immigration Cebu in few month to obtain my 13a visa. Once approved, ACR-I card is the one I need to get. I call it "yellow card," name after "green (or pink) card" in America and other countries, enough to show my legal permanent residence status. Better way not to carry around my passport.

  61. says

    Hi William, I don’t know with which BI branch you have to deal. I am just back from a meeting in the B.I. here in Davao, where my wife and me are accredited. Simple advice: let your wife sign a power of authority, which states that she’s authorized to inquire everything and/or deal with the B.I. during your absence. Good luck!

  62. says

    Hi Lucky, it depends on your age. You can apply for a Special Retirement Visa (even being married to a Filipina – or even not!). Then it depends your age, how much you have to deposit. On the other hand you can also apply for a permanent visa stay BEcAUSE YOU ARE married to a Filipina WITHOUT depositing such huge amounts.I don't know, where you're residing in the Philippines. My wife and me are running an agency, which is officially accredited: Philippine Retirement Authority Manila (Davao/Mindanao branch) and/or Bureau of Immigration (Davao/Mindanao branch also). Unfortunately some websites of the authorities have been never updated or very late.

    You can email me at any time by clicking CONTACT US (then go to KLAUS).

  63. says

    Hi Michael, thanks for stopping by and please accept my apologizes for this late reply. I have been travelling for some days. I am also just back from a meeting in the Bureau of Immigration. I can tell you, that you might be able to enrol at any university (any subject!) you're planning to do AFTER receiving the permanent 13 a. Please bear, that you have to finish at first a one year probation. I am not sure, if you are also planning TO WORK or TO TEACH at an university. This is different. In my case, the University of Southeastern Philippines INVITED me to teach – I didn't APPLY for any job.

  64. Klaus says

    Hi Michael, thanks for your additional comment. The main problem is always: most of the websites are not updated – or too late, while requirements changed sometimes from week to week. My agency didn't deal yet with the U.S. embassy in Manila regarding case like yours. I have no further advice yet. Try to involve the university where you're studying right now. Don't worry about legal holidays. We have the same here in Davao, that's why I also have a week vacation of teaching German language. Good is your decision to apply for a student visa. Keep in touch and Good luck.

  65. says

    Hi Sam, please bear with me. I am just back from another trip. I'll answer all your questions asap – thanks, I got your email. And sorry, for letting you wait… .

  66. says

    Hi dear Pardz, thanks for your comment. I got a little bit puzzled, because it seems YOU ARE NOT the one, who called me up in my cellphone yesterday. If you was not, I must confess, it's amazing. He is also from Iligan City and got the same problems in C.D.O.

    Anyway, to answer your questions:

    No matter, where you're living, you could also get our professional assistance here in Davao City. – Maybe, you should stay in Davao up to three days for the application. Application can be approved after a month or so in Manila, as we experienced it with our last client last week. – Yes, there is a 12-months-probation time for every applicant. – The payments are all fixed – you'll get official receipts from the Immigration, from our lawyer and from us. There are no hidden extra charges.

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