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Sending money to the Philippines is not difficult.  There are several websites setup for this specific purpose.  If a Filipina asks you to send her money, she probably already knows how you can send it.  If she does, that should give you reason to pause.  While Western Union is always an option it is an expensive way to send money to the Philippines.  Also, when I tried to do it online with my Philippine IP address they blocked me.  I tried Moneygram, they also blocked me.  I called them and they told me that I must be in the USA to use their service.  I didn’t bother with them again.  In my next article I will provide some help in getting around this Philippine IP problem.

My experience with sending money to the Philippines is limited to sending from the USA.  I don’t have any experience from other countries so that’s really all I can talk about.  Many of the services I am going to discuss will likely apply to your country too but you’ll have to confirm that.

On my last topic, I mentioned I would cover this and a lot of people already have but I’m going to try to do so anyway.  Hopefully even more people will comment and tell of us ways to send money to the Philippines, either to yourself or to someone else.

Sending Money To The Philippines

ATM Machines

You can use an ATM but for many of us, that is expensive and I don’t know of any place in the Philippines were you can withdraw more than P10,000 (about $200) in one transaction.  The last time I did that, it cost me $9.00 to send $200.  Not a staggering fee if your thinking in terms of US cost of living but I can go out to eat three times on that amount of money and take a guest with me!  That’s for pork chops and beer and chicken and rice.  That’s real money in the Philippines.  If one of your reasons for coming here is the lower cost of living, it wont take you long to think in terms of what things cost here and that’s too much!

Some people that have considerable cash in the bank can avoid those fees.  HSBC is one such bank, I think the balance requirement is $70,000 but I’ve also read $100,000.  I didn’t delve into those options as I’m in no danger of needing their services. :)

Another problem with ATMs is there are often long lines at ATMs.  This is especially true in smaller towns of the Philippines.  I have also seen times when all the ATMs in Bogo City were down for four days.  When they do go back online, there are very long lines, in the hot Filipina sun beating down on you while you wait.  For me, ATMs are not the way to go.

If you do use them, you should probably use MetroBank or Banco de Oro ATMs as they have a maximum limit of P10,000.   There may be other banks with the same limit but these are the only two I’ve been able to find, in part, because there are only three ATMs in Bogo City!  There may even be ATMs where you can withdraw more but I have not been able to do so.

Wire Transfers

I strongly encourage that before you leave your home country to check with your bank about sending wire transfers.   Some banks will require you to come into the bank in person to set it up.  They will then give you a PIN that you can use to initiate wire transfers.   International wire transfers are usually expensive and can take longer than is acceptable for me.  Still, I would set this up as an option in case you need it.  If you loose your ATM card, it may take a couple of weeks or longer to have another one sent to you!


I use RemitHome and have for about three years now.  I have sent a transaction at least every month except maybe, one month was skipped.  They have a flat fee of $8.00 if you set it up as recurring and they don’t seem to care if you cancel it before you send the next month.  It is $10.00 for non-recurring.   They have several ways to deliver the money to you.  The fastest way is to use cash pickup.  With this method, they will send money to a bank in the city you choose.  There is a hidden cost when using RemitHome.  I have complained about their exchange rate but they give excuses, which I don’t buy.  The exchange rate is usually about 1 peso less than the official rate.  They also have a limit of $1000 per day.  Remit Home points out these features.

  • Send money online from any computer
  • $10 flat fee for Philippine Peso transfers  ($8.00 Recurring)
  • High Peso/Dollar exchange rate
  • Bank deposits to all major banks in the Philippines
  • Door-to-door delivery for no extra charge
  • Cash pick-up at bank branches throughout the Philippines
  • Guaranteed delivery
  • Better Business Bureau accredited
  • First Transfer Free!’

If you’re sending money to the Manila area, delivery can be extremely fast.  I tried to use home delivery in Leyte and it was not available at the intended location.

For me, they have been reliable.  I wish they would raise their transaction limit and improve their exchange rate to equal what I get with my ATM.  If you send less than P10,000 it may be cheaper to use your ATM card.


Xoom looked promising to me.  I recently discovered them and they have been a huge disappointment.  I may use them for small amounts as they have some lower rates for smaller transactions.  So far I’ve had little luck in using them.

With my first transaction, I sent myself $25.00 just as a test.  They promised it would be ready in 2 hours.  I checked back four hours later to find the transaction had been canceled.  I checked email, including spam folders and there was nothing.  I sent three support tickets over several days asking what happened.  I never got a reply.

So last week, I thought I’d try them again.  Again I tried $25.00 test transaction.  This time instead of two hours, I got a message saying it would take four business days.  That was on the 27Th.  They promised the funds would be ready by Jan. 3rd.

I called on the 3rd to ask why it was not ready.  They say that the FDIC has not yet released the funds.  The money was withdrawn from my account on the 2ND.  They said the funds would be ready on the 5Th.  The 5Th is  not yet over but it is noon and I still don’t have the money.

When I had them on the phone, they said it will always be four business days for me to send money to myself.  In that case, using Remit Home works just as well for me as Xoom too has a $1000 transaction  but they will increase it in some cases.  So I followed their instruction and called regarding increasing my limit.  The CSR told me she would send an email and I should reply to that asking for an increase.  I got the feeling since I was a new customer, I wouldn’t get it and I could understand that.  However, when I sent the email, I got a reply quickly asking me too call the same number I had just called.  I told them I wouldn’t be calling as that number told me to reply to this email.  They wrote back saying they would close the ticket in seven days.  I came close to telling them what they could do with their ticket but then I remember if I insulted a Filipino, I could be deported so I just let it go.

You may want to do a search on for Xoom Fraud and see what comes up.  I don’t think they would defraud you.  They have been around to long and I know people that have used them but say they are more problematic than they use to be.  Still there are a lot of  people complaining about Xoom.  But its the net, I’ve known competitors to post negative information about other companies that is totally made up.

My conclusion is that this company does not care about their customers, only one place has ever treated me this badly and that’s PayPal, I wont go into PayPal as that’s next to impossible for Filipino to use.  If that has changed, I’m sure someone will let me know. :)  Though I may try again, at this time I doubt I’ll use them again.  If you have a problem it seems to me you’re going to have major problems due to their extremely poor customer service.  Their poor customer service probably comes from being ripped off over and over.


Chikka is not bad for sending small amounts of money.  You can find it at and if you have a Paypal account you can use that to fund it.  It has become more complicated since I signed up for it.  I think now you have to pay for an ATM card.

Forex has a service that allows you to send yourself money.  They will call you to complete your application.  They claim no fees and the best market rate.  I signed up for them but they don’t trade online for the Philippine Peso, only by phone and they have a minimum of $2000 per transaction for telephone calls.  I’ve researched them on Google and found nothing but good things being said.  I just tried to log into my account and found my login is not working and I can chat with someone for assistance.   If your sending large amounts, this is likely the way to go.

Educate me

I’m sure there are many ways to send money to yourself or to someone else in the Philippines.  I know of a few more myself, Western Union is possible.  I know someone that had the FBI show up asking questions about why he was sending so much cash to the Philippines via WU.  That is likely the most expensive way to send money to the Philippines.  Certainly not for most expats that have come here to have a lower cost of living.

I would love to hear of things I can do better.  I’m sure some have used Xoom without any problems.  Someone may know how to get a usable PayPal account.  I can get money into Jessie’s account but we can’t get it out. :)

Your ID

Be sure to send it to yourself in your official name on your ID and they prefer that you use your passport.  Take a copy of everything as they may need a copy and they may not have a copy machine.

I want to stress again, to check with your financial institution and you should let them know you’re going to be out of the country so they wont automatically decline transactions and to find out if you need to setup wire transfers by phone before you leave.

Post Author: Rusty Ferguson (42 Posts)

Rusty Ferguson is an American Expat living in Bogo, Cebu.

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  1. Gary says

    This a very important issue – unfortunately I don’t have anything to add but I hope for some knowledgeable comments. Looking forward to your notes regarding RP IP.

  2. says

    Hi Rusty – I already mentioned this to you in e-mail, but I want to point out for readers that Feyma and I regularly get P20,000 per transaction at many ATM machines here in Davao. HSBC always allows withdrawals of P20k at a time, as does BPI. Let me add that we do not have accounts at either bank, we are using our US card from our bank account in the USA.

    I personally do not use any of the money sending services on a regular basis (it’s been about 6 or 7 years since I’ve used any of them). We rely regularly on ATM withdrawals from our bank account in the States.

    My only other recent experience with any of these services is that every month I receive cash from Google, Inc. through Western Union (Google pays the fees) as a publisher of AdSense.

    I use PayPal regularly too. It is too extensive for a comment, but I will write an article about how to get a working Philippine based Paypal account soon.

  3. says

    Hi Rusty – I just want to second the opinion of Remithome. I’ve used them for about 2 years now. We have a recurring payment sent each month, currently. I’ve always found them to be very helpful and responsive during the couple of times I’ve had unusual issues (mine not theirs). It helps that they have a US phone number (800 no less) AND someone actually answers the phone.

  4. Tom Ramberg says

    I am curious to know if I will be able to use my US based pay- pal account for money transfers once I am in the Philippines. Maybe the honorable Sensei Bob can enlighten us. My only experience with money transfers are from my US bank to my RP bank and this is at a cost of $30 regardless of the transaction size.

  5. Tyleen Reynders says

    Can you tell me what would happen if suddenly your card didn;t work??
    Demagnitized or eaten or ???
    Where do you go for help??
    I am thinking of using my CDN ATM card the same as you do on your stateside accts.
    But what do I do if the card doesn;t work??
    We have HSBC here in Canada …if I used them as my CDN bank could I have replacement priviledges in the Philippines??
    This money and banking thing is one of the most important things I need to sort out before I move to RP.

  6. says

    Hello Rusty,

    I hope you don’t mind if I reply to Tyleen. I am also Canadian and have been living in Austria for 7 years after retirement. I use my CDN ATM card all the time to withdraw money. One time my cards (Visa and Bank card) did not work. A quick phone call to my banking service in Canada. They cancelled my cards and within a week I had new cards by registered mail, complete with new PIN. No problem. This was with CIBC bank.

    Also, I send money monthly to a friend in the Philippines by registered mail. I’ve been doing this for a year and half now and no problems. Just another option if you have a trusted friend in your home country.

  7. Henry says

    Hi Rusty,
    I’ve been using Xoom for a while now with no problems. Though I’m still new to sending funds to the Philippines, I would like more options just in case. Western Union was fine, at first, but their fees were killing my wallet. Not to mention their not-to-good exchange rate. Also, I had no problems with using my debit cards there. There was a local BPI branch near where I was renting. The bank staff was very friendly and helpful. Thanks for this informative article! :-)

  8. chasdv says

    Hi Rusty,To the best of my knowledge W/Union will not allow you to send money to yourself only to a gf/wife/friend,regards Chas.

  9. says

    Good rundown, Rusty. This is one of the biggest problems many will face.

    First, as I see Bob already mentioned, there are anumbe rof banks, BDO (my bank being one of them) that have withdrawal limits of 25,000 per day. I got 25K just yesterday.

    I have had trouble with Xoom, I don’t recommend them. My sister-in-law in Rhode Island saend money to her parents regularly with them, though, so they can’t be all bad. One issue that the company seems to skirt is, unlike Remit Home, Xoom is not licensed in all 50 states of the US. I might piint out your most recent issue may be the calendar’s fault and not Xoom’s, on the dates you mentioned all Philippine banks have been offically on holiday. Some mall branches and ATMs are of course open, but the bank’s ‘back rooms’ have bene closed 24 Dec through 5 Jan.

    I’ve bene using Remit Home for nealry three years now, they are regular as clockwork … one issue I don’t face is deleivery problems, I only send for deposit to my own bank account.

    Regrading replacement of ATM cards and credit cards here there is sometimes aproblem. I advocate before anyone come they talk to their bank or credit card issuer in advance and level with them. Some will handle your living here just fine, there are others who will refuse to deal with a Philippine address. I have a bank of America Visa that I use here three or foiur timne a year just to keep it alive for emergencies. I also have an AT< card tied to my US-based credit Union who knows where I live … I made arrangements with their security department before I left the US regarding my new residence.

    By far the ebst thing to do for me is to open both a peso and a US dollaraccount at alocal bank. First banking day of every month I deposit a personal check from my stateside credit union account into my Philippine dollar account. No fee for this with BDO and a few other local banks. They do hold the check for 30 days or more, though. About one month later that check ‘matures’ and the money is in my local account … I can pull out dollars over the counter (or almost always just pull out pesos at the banks quite competitive rate.

    The negative side is, you have to have a month or more living exspense in advance. The positive side to this is, there is no fee at all. To pay bills back in the US I cabn use the free online bill pay with my US credit union or use my PayPal account which is still US based. Bob had some pretty important advice also, i didn’t know PayPal requires me to have another account for the Philippines … think I’ll start moving my ‘riches’ from them into my US credit union account before i run afoul of their rules.

  10. says

    I’ve used xoom and it took too many days for the money to be transferred. I don’t use them any more. I just started to use Remithome and I haven’t had any problems.

  11. queeniebee says

    As usual, all really valuable money and banking advice from all of you. We have always relied on Western Union–one thing though, is that remittance rates have tended to vary from one Western Union to another so it pays to shop around.

  12. Phil n Jess R. says

    For fast money right now , western union is the only way sending from the states to the Philippines everything else is 3-5 business days or they can’t find ur city and make sure they have the right city when they send it .. so i will agree with Bob a atm card is the way to go , and if you need more then you do a bank transfer ….Just my 2 centavos worth Phil n Jess P S remember the new pin number they send you while you are in the Philippines , that helps alot when you are using a atm machine .. :) .. Phil N Jess

  13. Phil n Jess R. says

    Oh in reply to Tyleen Reynders you lay down on the floor and start kicking and screaming for about 5 minutes then you will feel better .. been there and done it …Manila airport a atm machine ate my card and i missed my plane, no money , no pay tax , no leave Phil n Jess

  14. Henry says

    Hi Phil n Jess,
    In case an ATM eats my card, perhaps I will invest in a backup card. I would panic beyond reason if I was stuck without money! :-(

  15. Ed Griffin says

    Rusty, Bob and others, I may have missed one of the comments to always record your card numbers and other pertinent information in case they are lost or stolen. It’s hard to call the bank when you don’t have your info or the bank’s number.

    From personal experience, if you are traveling as a tourist and do not have someone taking care of your lodging, I would not recommend visiting during Holy Week. It is difficult to find accomodations even at 5-star hotels. I’m not sure about the other holidays.

    I do know that I was grounded after finally finding only one 5-star hotel (no other choice) and only able to get very limited amount of funds from the atm or finding others closed for the holidays.

    It is no fun wondering what, where and how you will eat or how you will survive if the atms aren’t kind. Been there, done that!

    I can really appreciate the helpful comments of those that have experience there.

    Thanks a bunch!

  16. says

    Wow, I was out of town for a day and then slept all day today and I’m really behind…

    ATM cards: I recommend you have two bank accounts in the USA. I recently had an issue with one of my ATM cards and the bank insisted that it be canceled. I had a business account and I’ve just been using that ATM card while I wait for the next one to arrive which is going to take about three weeks!

    I think that ATM transactions are by far the most secure way of getting your money. It is just that for most of us, it is too expensive unless you have 50 gazilion dollars in the bank like Bob does. LOL For me, Remithome continues to be the best way. Dang hard to beat the speed of an ATM card. :)

    I’m going to have to try P20,000 though and that might change things. But I’m paying close to 10% when I’m limited to P10,000.

    Western Union, they have no problem with you sending money to yourself. I asked them that when I was on the phone.

    Paypal, Bob I’m glad you posted about EON. I had read once that it could be done and I couldn’t remember how. I would never leave money in a Paypal account. Paypal has an infamous history of locking an account and holding it for six months. I’ve had a couple of horror stories myself with Paypal. However, they are pretty much a must have. I use them only when I have too though.

    Xoom: If you run into a problem with a transaction Xoom is not going to provide much assistance in most cases. When I was dealing with them them, I commented to Bob they remind me of Paypal. After researching them on the net, I saw that many of their executives use too work with Paypal. It seems like if you find people that dealt with Xoom years ago, they love them. Xoom has probably been ripped off so much that they have taken a hard position that translates into poor customer service for the masses.

  17. says

    I asked my bank if I could get a second ATM card and they told me no. Of course, each bank has different rules. One thing, if you had a joint account that would get you two cards. :)

  18. says

    Ii agree, if you have the paperwork that allows you to open a bank account, by all means get one. Your not suppose to be able to get one on a tourist visa but I know of some people that have done so. I have not been able too.

    And I would get both types of accounts as well so that you can move money around based on which way the dollar is moving vs the Philippine peso.

  19. says

    Kevin, I’m with you, Xoom took over a week to finally get my money to me. The lower cost was whipped out when the pawn shop where I picked it up charged me about P300. Unlikely I will use them again. Something would have to go horribly wrong to cause that. But they did get my money to me.

  20. says

    Holy week is not the only time it is hard to get a room. Cebu has Sinulog Festival going on now. It is almost impossible to get a room around the 18th. The day of the big parade. i really want to go, that is a wonderful opportunity for an amateur photographer.

    There are some cool things going on during holy week too. Better for another post.

  21. says

    Phil, I setup a transaction with RemitHome on Sunday and picked up my money on Tuesday. It was actually ready on Monday. :) One day. I picked up around $1600 for about $35.00 and most of that cost was in my mind because they convert it at a rate that i consider to be too low. One peso lower than I would get if I used my ATM.

    Remithome has been posting several articles about why the rate is low. Their reasons are BS. They are making money off the exchange and they don’t deny it directly.

  22. justin says


    If on pension as most PI expats are theres nothing more easy than to open a account at a reputable bank in PI and fill out the forms to have your pension deposited either in dollars or pesos into your PI account. I know BPI and several other banks offered this and the banks usually had the forms readily available and money was generally in by the 3rd. The service was free and gave you bank exchange rates also.

    Drawback was the account was supposed to be in your name only, no atm etc but in reality they didnt really follow those rules very closely so was quite easy to have joint account with wife and ATM card connected to account money went in. If the make problem just leave pension account solo and open a sepperate joint account and transfer money into it once it arrives.

    Regarding Paypal, I agree and would not use it also as they are as you mentioned famous for putting holds on accounts .


  23. says

    I see your point Bob, I didn’t think about security. My use of the word gazillion which is not a real word may not translate very well into Filipino. Someone might thing it is a real number. You should just remove your name from that to prevent any possible future problems

  24. says


    It is not easy to open a bank account in the PI, at least that has not been my experience. I’ve tried twice but was told I must have an ACR card. I was told further that the Development Bank Of The Philippines, some what private, some what government owned or controlled (based on what I’ve been told, I have no personal knowledge) would be the most likely place to skip the red tape and let me get it anyway but they didn’t.

    My pension is from the Federal Government and I don’t think I can direct deposit into a foreign bank account. I looked into that but unless I dreamed it, which I might have, it must be US Bank.

    Hmm, lot of banks have offices in the US. Perhaps that would make it a US bank? I don’t know. Might be something to look into.

  25. Kevin K says

    Hi Rusty,

    I just came across your article. It is interesting but my experience with Xoom has been completely different. I have been using it recently and I am extremely pleased. Yesterday as a matter of fact, I sent $1000.00. I received an email confirming the transaction within three minutes of pressing the “enter” button. I received a second email notifying me the money was ready for pick up seven minutes later. This is the same as other transactions I have done the last several months.

    If you use your checking account info instead of a credit card the website says it could take a few days. I didn’t notice that the first time I used them this last August. I called them up, got a courteous response, and they changed the delivery to credit card response time, and told me the money was available for pickup while I was still on the phone during that five minute call. Xoom has never taken longer than fifteen minutes from the time I finish the transaction online to when my girlfriend can pick up the money at any bank in Cebu.

  26. Justin says


    I didnt have any problem opening accounts there in my own name and actually maintained accounts at several banks. I should add though that at that time ACR card was very new and not to many in the provinces bothered getting one and noone ever asked for one either.

    You should be able to open a account though as I believe theres no requiremt you must be resident to open account. Actually, Id estimate 85% of expats I knew did the “direct deposits” as is truly the easist and cheapest way to get your cash plus bank exchange rates where pretty fair in most cases.

    Out of curiosity, Have you tried opening account online? I ask because recently I saw where a filipino bank website gave option to open account online and if done that way they may not ask for your ACR , once open you could just go to bank and fill out form for “direct deposit” of your pension.


  27. Tom Ramberg says

    Question for Bob …….. Is Union Bank a Filipino bank? Do they have a dollar account? Do they have a location in Gen San? I guess I should have pluralized the word question. :)

  28. steve says

    Hi Bob,
    If I can stick my nose where it doesn’t belong for a second, I took Rusty’s comment as a joke when I read it and I’m glad you guys have gone through mending the fences here. My comment is this: My wife and I have discussed some of the items you have listed on your site before ( make more money than when living in the states, names of the schools where children attend, etc.) and we were worried for your safety from your own comments. Not meaning to offend, just a reminder. I hope everyone stays safe.

  29. says

    Thanks for the info on Union Bank. I will certainly look into that.

    Justin, I’ve tried to open an account a couple of times and was told no, no ACR card.

  30. Ken Green says

    Rusty, You should talk to BPI about having your Federal Govt. pension direct deposited. They use Bank of New York as an intermediary. I’ve been told that B of NY charges $3 for the service. I’ve been told that Social Security checks are usually available on the 5th of the next month. It might be worth talking to them.

  31. says

    Thanks Ken, that sounds like good idea.

    Maybe I’m not pushy enough Bob.

    I know of people that have been able to get accounts but most of the time they know someone. It happens all the time, I know. So far, not for me though. I will try some more. I gave up after one or two tries. DBP is well known for it but they wouldn’t do it for me. I told them right off I didn’t have an ACR card though.

    Next time I’ll just go in and ask to open and account, hopefully they’ll do all the paperwork first and not want to have that just be wasted time. :)

  32. says

    Recently I attempted to send a little over $400.00 via Xoom for a hospital bill for my Fiance.

    I spoke to Customer service, had the money immediately withdrawn from my bank account, the next evening when i came in from the office there was a voicemail (on a Saturday of course) that said my Transaction was cancelled due to no verification.

    After a multitude of calls and 3 days back and forth with some Customer Service girl that said she would escalate it to the business office and they would get back to me when they could.

    I had to pay stop payment fees on the ATM charge, get it credited by my bank and then go to Western Union, it cost me of course 2 morre days of a hospital room for my Fiance to hang around there til the hospital would release her.

    They definitely want their money more than seeing you walkout feeling better it sounds,, hehehe

    In amounts of $100.00 or less it has always been fast and easy to use but they really cost me that day.

    I would rather pay more at Western Union than risk my money with such a poor customer service based company,


  33. Hudson says

    I send money to my fiancee everymonth using xoom, and i have yet to have a problem. It usually only takes a couple of hours for her to get the money. Also, when using my atm card there, i have found through trial and error that my card doesnt always work, but if I do a balance inquiry first, then withdraw money it does. Why? I have no idea

  34. Andy Wooldridge says

    Rusty I am glad I was home today instead of making money and and reading here on LIP. I was just about to send Josey’s weekly money using zoom for the first time. I know expensive sending weekly but if I send monthly, family finds out and it last 2 weeks. hehe Last time I was there I had her open an account at BPI so at least they would not know. She has two little girls that I try to take care of too. As to opening an account there I guess you are right. If you know someone. I took American Express checks with me the first time I was there and found it impossible to cash them. I guess when they say your money is safe with American Express they are right. You can’t even get it there. But Josey’s Aunt took me to BPI and I was able to open an account. Requirement to cash American Express Checks. Still have a small balance in account. And when I move there I will already have account. Her Aunt knew personally the teller or bank officer or whoever that opened my account. Did not know until I read this that it was not supposed to be done. By the way these are not people with money. 14 live in one very small home but they knew the right employee. Actually as to who you know, on the flight home, Josey’s neighbors nephew was security at Davao Airport so she was able to go with him and his Aunt through security doors while I went through extensive check in and be with me until my plane left the ground. Would not happen here in states like that. You just have to get to know someone that works at bank. hehe Oh thanks for this article, Josey usually needs the money fast than 5 days. And Zoom does advertise 2 hours to BPI.

  35. says

    To get the two hours with Xoom, I believe you have to use a credit card and they charge $40 fee if you use a credit card.

    I know one Filipina, considered her a friend, that works at a bank but she’s not your normal Filipina. I don’t find it pleasant to talk to her. She sees me as someone to make money off of. Personally I think she needs glasses. :)

  36. anne says

    What’s the western union money sending limit that doesnt need to go to the main office of western union? does anyone know? thanks, hope i get replies asap.

  37. says

    Hi! Everyone…

    Hi!… I just wanna know that if I gave my BPI account no. to my friend who live from other country, is it possible I can accept his money in my BPI atm card and do I need to wait, if that so how many days I’ll wait?… If he already send it to my account is it also possible that he can cancel it anytime?..

    And about my friend, how can he send me money? through what? and what is all about western union?is it really easy using western union? how? please explain..

    Anyone there can answer about my questions?.. thanks! 😀

  38. Dennis says

    I use Xoom all the time. When I do I send it only takes about 10 minutes and I can pick up my money. The first couple of times it took a few hours but now I use it 5 or 6 times a month and my money is always ready in the 10 minute time. Don’t send the money to yourself send it to someone you can trust and go with them to pick it up. I send it to my wife. I have probably used them 50 times already. On ATM machines I use BDO bank because I can withdraw $50,000 peso’s a day & Allied Bank because I can withdraw 20,000 a day. With Xoom you can send money in U.S currancy or Peso. I always send in U.S so then I check with the different pick-up areas for the best rate or I deposit in in my BDO account. I have both a U.S currance account and a Peso account. If you search around things are pretty easy if you do the research. I have been here sence May and I already have my Permanent Resident Visa and my Drivers Licence & my Postal I.D. Its not hard to do. hoped this Helps

  39. says

    the thread is already long but let me get my five key points across

    1. INTERNATIONAL REMITTANCES – whomever you use, there is always three parts to the transaction (A) the sender and his agent on site;(B) the method i.e.,g wire transfer, bank, etc. and (C) the benef and how s/he exits the money.
    *** the agent on the sender side need to be registered by the money transfer regulator whether a central bank or whichever entity has been designated by the goverment. in this manner you know that the money will legitimately arrive where you want it to go
    ** the method defines the cost = wire transfers kick in exchange rates, cash float costs, etc. it also defines the speed for settlement which means how fast the benef gets the money
    ** the benef – typically exits the money through an agent except when s/he has access to a bank. the amount of maximum withdrawable amount is determined by the bank (ranging from P20K-P30K) per day via ATM or larger for over the counters where the benef has to present identification.

    2. IDENTIFICATION – is required by law in the Philippines whether you use an remittance provider or a bank you need acceptable identification. the only time they will not ask for an ID is if your a depositor of the bank

    3. FEES – are levied by agents and the network. in some cases this is a flat fee (specially for domestic remittances) or a tiered rate based on amount being transacted

    4. TELCO’s for domestic remittances = smart and globe both have domestic remittances products. for more information on how to use this check out the telco’s website. however, please note that e-money wallets can be created only for foreigners with ACRs

    5.DOMESTIC REMITTANCES – there are several options = over the counter/atms using banks, money transfers using pawnshops, mobile money using Smart Padala or Gcash Remit

    the best place to find out how to send money across the islands is the wet market… just look for a pawnshop they are all into domestic remittances now.

  40. says

    Hi Tom Ramberg – Under Paypal rules, you are not supposed to use your US Paypal account if you move here. You are supposed to open a new Philippine based Paypal account.

  41. says

    Hi Rusty – Honestly… I don’t know where you get your information. I don’t have that kind of money in the bank, and I don’t see why my finances would be up for public discussion. I don’t talk about how much money you have or anybody else does.

    The fact that I pay no ATM fees has nothing to do with maintaining a certain balance in the bank. I get that rate because of the type of account I signed up for 10 years ago with the bank. If I have $10 in that bank or $1 Million, the fees are the same. To be honest, I can’t remember the last time I had more than a few thousand dollars in that bank.

    Please, the topic of how much money I have in the bank, or any other person is really not up for discussion here. That is private information and is inappropriate for discussion publicly.

  42. says

    Hi Rusty – I just want to explain… when something like that is put in writing on a fairly well-visited site, if the wrong people see it, then it can become a safety issue. It could lead to my kids being kidnapped, etc. There are people who will do anything for money. Even if it is a joke, the wrong people can take it differently than you mean it.

    I am not angry, but also, it’s just not something that we need to discuss. I hope you understand.

  43. says

    Hi Rusty – Under the law, you can open a bank account in the Philippines, even on just a tourist visa. However, in practice, most banks don’t allow it. I know some tourists who successfully open a Philippine bank account, but most are unable. If you are a legal resident (have a permanent resident visa, etc), then it is easy to do.

    Indeed, there are several Philippine banks that have agreements with the US Govt to accept Social Security payments. I know that it can be done at Land Bank and BPI. Probably others too.

  44. says

    Hi Justin and Rusty – I know that you can open an account online at Union Bank (the Eon account). As a matter of fact, it can only be applied for online (not in person).

  45. says

    Hi Tom Ramberg – Yes, Union Bank is indeed a Philippine Bank. I am not sure if they have a dollar account, but I feel certain that they do, as almost every bank here offers dollar accounts. And, finally… yes, they have banks in GenSan, they actually have multiple branches there.

  46. says

    Hi Steve – Yes, I agree that Rusty was joking, and I always thought that. But, even such a joke can lead to safety issues, because not everybody will see it as a joke.

    Also, yes, I did say all of the things that you list. The difference is that I (and Feyma) get to choose what we say.

    Thanks for your input.

  47. says

    Hi Rusty – Yesterday, I had lunch with a friend. He is here on a tourist visa like you are, and he opened an account at Union Bank last year. He told me that they asked for an ACR card, but he refused and just kept insisting and pushing the issue. They finally relented and let him open the account. Your local branch may vary, but this might be a strategy for you to use.

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