I have a number of services which I can offer you if you need some assistance that I have knowledge about.

Look at some of the Professional services that I can offer you.
Look at some of the Professional services that I can offer you.

Let’s have a look at what I have to offer:

Consulting Services

I can offer consulting services via telephone, in person, or via email.

I charge $100/hour for consulting services. Minimum charge is 1 hour.

Things I would be qualified to consult about:

  • Living in the Philippines
  • Moving to the Philippines
  • Philippine Culture
  • Business (in or out of the Philippines)
  • Online Business
  • eCommerce
  • Online Publishing
  • Offline publishing
  • Marriage and Relationships with Filipinas
  • eBay and Online Auction Sales
  • Language learning (particularly Philippine langauges)

On-site Services

If you have a need to get something done in the Philippines, I can take care of it for you in most cases. If you are outside the country, but need to accomplish something in the Philippines, let me know, and I can take care of it in a professional, business-like manner.

My fee for services like this would be that you will pay my travel expenses, hotel, food and incidental expenses while I am on the road, plus $300 per day for my time.

Investigative Services

PI_300Do you have a need to have something or someone in the Philippines checked out? My company, Pointman PI can take care of a job like that for you. We have investigated many cases over the years, and can do it in a discreet fashion for you.

If you have a Filipina girlfriend, it would be a wise idea to check her out and make sure she is sincere, and not playing games with you before you travel half way around the world and find out that she has been dishonest with you. We can check her out in a discreet manner, where she will not know that she is being observed at all. If you have specific needs in regards to such an investigation, just let us know.

If you are involved in a business deal with a Philippine Company, again, we can check them out and make sure they are on the level with you, and not just trying to separate you from your money. Let us look into the business before you make a commitment to them.

Bob’s Books

Expat Island Bookstore

Gift Services

WowPhilippines Gift Portal

I operate a number of websites dedicated to sending Gifts to your loved ones (or those that you hope will become loved ones!) in the Philippines.

WowPhilippines – A gift portal for sending gifts to anybody, anywhere in the Philippines. We deliver to any address in the Philippines. Deliveries in most metro areas can be completed in one day (sometimes less!). Deliveries out in the Province can take 1 to 3 days. You can always bet, though, that we will provide you with World Class Customer Service. That’s not just what we hope to do – that is our job! Owned by Bob & Feyma Martin for nearly a decade already!

WowDavao Gift Portal – Similar to WowPhilippines, but this site is specifically for gift delivery in and around Davao City.

Wow General Santos – Again, similar to WowPhilippines and WowDavao, but this store is specifically for Gift Deliver in General Santos City.

Wow Load – Want to send load, or cellular phone credits to somebody in the Philippines? We can help you at WowLoad, part of the WowPhilippines Group of Companies. We can deliver load for any cellular network in the Philippines. Load is sent quickly, electronically to your recipient.

Mindanao Security

Are you traveling to Mindanao? Some parts of Mindanao can be dangerous, while other parts of the Island are certainly “no go” zones that you should avoid for safety reasons. Bob is a long term resident of Mindanao, and also has been a student of Mindanao for nearly 20 years now. He knows where you can go in relative safety, and where you should avoid. Bob can provide you with a security assessment of your itinerary for travel in Mindanao, if you feel such a services is warranted for your trip. The charge for this security evaluation is $29.99. Payment is accepted through Paypal. If you click on the advertisement next to this text, it will take you to Paypal to make payment, and once payment is received, Bob will contact you within 24 hours to get the details of your travel plans. A security assessment report will follow within 24 hours.


My websites have a lot of viewers! There are literally tens of thousands of people worldwide who follow my activities and my life in the Philippines. If you have a product of service that has any relationship to the Philippines, or to Expat life, my websites would be a perfect advertising vehicle for you!

For all of my established websites (Mindanao Magazine, Live In The Philippines Web Magazine, WowDavao) I offer graphic banner advertising (125×125 pixels) for as low as $2 per 1,000 ad views. Minimum monthly purchase is 10,000 views, or just a small investment of $20 per month. We can take on larger ad buys of up to 300,000 ad views per month (per website) if that suits your budget and/or needs. We operate our own Ad Server, and can provide you with statistics each month on how many ad views we delivered, how many clicks, or most any other information that you may require. Contact me through the contact form below and let’s talk about your advertising needs!

For my less popular websites, particularly new sites that I am just starting out, we can give you ad space at a huge savings as a Charter Advertiser, and we will “grandfather” you in so that your rates will remain lower than our regular sales price if you sign on as a Charter Advertiser while the site is still in it’s infancy. Contact me for more details.

Free Advice and Information

In addition to these paid services, I offer a lot of free information for you to use at absolutely no charge! Here is a list of my free resources at your disposal, remember, Google is your friend, and you can search for the information you need on any of my sites:

Live In the Philippines Web Magazine – More than 1,700 articles on the site, a wealth of free information!

Mindanao Magazine – A wealth of knowledge and information about Mindanao. Here, you will find more than 7,000 articles full of free information about Mindanao! There is no better resource about the Island of Mindanao.

Mindanao Bob – This is my personal Home Page. Anything you want to know about me, you will find it free for the asking!

Auctiontopia – My site that is all about how to earn money in the Online Auction Business. A great resource, full of good ideas and tips about earning money online through Auctions.

WowDavao – My site that is all about Davao City. Looking for what to do and what to see in Davao? Be sure to visit WowDavao!

If you are interested in any of these services, contact me.



  1. Bob New York says

    Hi Bob,
    Any information you have furnished me with through your various websites and in private E Mail have always proven to be reliable, worthwhile and highly accurate. Your information continues to greatly enhance my visits to Mindanao and Iligan City.

    • says

      Hi Bob – Thank you very much for your nice comment. I have always strived to give accurate information when I know it, and to search it out when I need to do that. I am happy that you have always felt satisfied with the information I have provided to you!

  2. William Smith says

    You dont appear to have any links to your Cebuano learning material.

    Is it possible to get access to your study programme lessons.

    Bill Smith

  3. Jean says

    Hi, this is my first time to post on here, though no stranger to this website or sister website. I am a little unclear how you desire the name to be displayed, so pardon my ignorance in this matter im hoping it just enters it at the top by default. I have gained a bit from viewing your websites and as i have lived and traveled throughout the philippines, i might have a bit to add as well. Thanks for adding me as a member.
    I am an American due to confusion i have faced in my french birth name I prefer to be called J.R. my first and middle name
    Thanks again

  4. John B. says

    Aloha Bob,

    Going to staying in Davao for about 4 nights in Nov. time frame and will be travelling to Koronadahl to visit w/ Honey Ko’s family. Can’t seem to find much in the way of hotels or resorts in that area. Would you happen to have a suggestion. Mahalo, John

    • says

      Hi John – There are some hotels in Koronadal/Marbel, but to be honest, I don’t know the names. I lived in GenSan for a few years, and thus I was close enough that I never needed a hotel in Marbel.

  5. patrick says

    do you offer ways to send money there in the philippines?and what are your rates cuz other money transfer cost to much

  6. Ronald Rickard says

    I am looking for health insurance sites for living in the Philippines. If you have any recommendations please refer me to these.
    Thank you
    Ron Rickard

  7. adam hernandez says

    Hi may I have email of the guy u told me about before who helps with fiance and spousal visa ? Kevin bacon I think his name was :)

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