Today, I would like to welcome a new writer on LiP, Phil Ruland.  Phil has been a long time Community member here on LiP, nearly back to when the site was born in 2006.  Phil moved to the Philippines a couple of years ago, and seems to be enjoying his life here.  I would like to offer Phil my sincere thanks for joining our team of writers on LiP, and continued happiness in the Philippines!  MindanaoBob

Well, I guess I need to write something that is interesting to the readers so I look like I know what I’m writing about?

Bob said it needs to be about the Philippines so I will start out with life here in Talisay. Talisay is a small community made up of mostly Philippinos and one foreigner that’s me. There is another person from Copenhagen that comes over once a year but he doesn’t like it here so he stays in CdO.

Truckin along with Phil
Truckin along with Phil

Talisay in on the northeast section of Gingoog municipality the last barangay before Magsaysay. It is has a small tribal community and the leader has a bamboo mansion on top a hill overlooking Gingoog Bay with the rest of the tribe living on the sides of the hill below him. Plus there is a larger community in the mountains south of here it is about 22 kilometers from the highway going south. My wife is a member of the tribe and her uncle is the tribal leader. He lives on the hill in the bamboo mansion, plus he has a house in manila and in CDO and one in the mountains at a place called Mt. Suoan it has a public school and a private school in which her uncle is the head of.

And of course I have a house there also I bought some land there too. I don’t really own the land it is all government owned but I have a piece of paper saying that I have leased 5 hectares of land in a place called Baboy-Baboy. It is about a 2 hour hike from the community up the river over the mountains and thru the valleys.  If it is raining it takes longer, very muddy to walk. There is no electric at the village still too far for the electric company. To run lines and no phones work (even cell phones) there,  too far from the towers.

It’s isolated from everyone so you have to travel back and forth by motorcycle or 4 wheeldrive, it cost P100 to go one way P200 round trip and that’s to the highway or to Talisay, more it you go to Gingoog.

So my first experience with off road driving was go to Mt. Suoan in a multicab 4×4 with my brother-in-law and my stepson. We got within 3 kilometers and sunk in the mud. Well that was a surprise to me, as I was told that everything worked on the truck. Well everything almost did just that we had no 4 wheel drive, just 1 wheel worked but that didn’t help us when the axel was sitting in the mud and the wheels were spinning. So when I got out of the truck and walked around it and looked at everything ,I put my foot on the spinning wheel it stopped and the other on started to spin.

I started to laugh it was funny here I am stuck in the mud in the middle of nowhere in a foreign country and of course it is raining, but I did bring a shovel .The jack was absolutely useless in the mud so We found some logs and we proceeded to lift the truck up high enough to get some stones under the wheels and the back up 1 or 2 meters then start all over again it took us 3 1/2 hours to go about 20 meters to get out of the mud going backwards then when I got to the hill it took 9 guys to push the truck up the hill.

Warm Waterfall
Warm Waterfall

We stopped some guys hauling logs out with motorcycles by the time I was able to drive my truck again it had cost me 900 pesos I gave each guy 100 pesos to push me up the hill took 20 minutes to do that.

Now picture this I am soaking wet covered in mud from head to toe about 98 degrees hot sticky and tired and I’m 60 years old and I did most of the work. I looked at the other two and said “hey you ready to go home now “and of course they said YEA. On the way home we stopped at a waterfall and washed up (the nice thing about the Philippines is the water is always warm) then I plugged in the usb and listen to Skinny Puppy and Ministry on the way home.

I never drove that multicab in the mountains again. It cost 65 pesos to fix a vacuum line that wasn’t working. That vacuum line was what put it into 4 wheel drive.

This was one of many adventures I have had since I’ve been here. Aren’t you glad you weren’t with me?

I hope you enjoyed my first episode.

Thank you Phil

Post Author: PhilR (9 Posts)

Being of sound mind (some people would give you a good argument on that, I’m sure, hee hee) and good moral person. (Only god knows for sure) I come from a long line of Irish. I was born and raised in Crossingville Pa.USA... went to school and until 1970 was drafted in 71 served 3 years in army ,stationed in Virginia beach, Virginia at Fort story Va. the post is on the beach half in the Atlantic and half in Chesapeake bay discharged in 74 then I bummed around for a couple years . I got a job doing construction work, joined the carpenters Union in 1999 and did it until 2009 when the economy went to hell in a handbag I retired and moved to the Philippines I meet Jessica in Aug. of 2005 on the internet visited her 2 times before I moved here. She had a house built in the winter of 2006-2007 started in Oct. and we were in it in Feb. 14- 07... I sold my organic farm in the states and moved here for good in June 2009 and been here ever since...So far so good... Nice weather and no snow too.

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  1. Neal in RI says

    Welcome, always good to read a article from some one new here on LIP.
    I hear you on “Nice weather and no snow” I have no interest in seeing another RI Winter.

  2. Donna West says

    Welcome to the blog. I really enjoy reading the unique stories from each authors own style of writing. It sounds like you will have lots of adventures to share with the lifestyle you have there. All I can say about this story is…..rain makes mud and theres plenty of rain in the Philippines this time of year. Looking forward to your next episode.

    • PhilR says

      Thanks for the review , Yes to that, I have a lot of fun adventures here and we haven’t had rain here for 4 weeks now getting very dry ..

  3. John Miele says

    Phil: All the time I’ve seen you commenting on here, I never figured you for a Ministry fan. Remember seeing them in Chicago at Cabaret Metro in ’88… crazy show. My guess is that it’s not on the top 100 in your neck of the woods!

    • PhilR says

      Hi John,thanks for the review.. My son turned me on to them ,I’m a acid rock fan ..I like skinny puppy too .. most people leave when I crank up the ministry hee hee 8000 watt speakers. When I came here i brought 25 gigs of music on a hard drive.. A blog on my music .. cool idea … Phil R.

  4. Jim Hannah says

    Hey Phil, welcome to LIP. It’s nice to see a few new writers coming on recently, and since you’re three years there, I reckon you’ll have a ton of great stories to tell. I look forward to them. Also, it would be great to see some pictures of where you are from.

    My wife is from a place called Magsaysay; not the same Magsaysay of which you speak but the one in Davao Del Sur. I think you sound pretty brave/adventurous to live there, which I admire, though it sounds as if your wife’s family have sufficient “clout” in the area to keep you safe.

    Good luck, and again, I look forward to reading your “further adventures”.


  5. Mike Coyne says


    Thanks for sharing a story I can relate to!

    Your story brought back memories and certainly made me laugh. In 1991 I met a guy in Manila in the lost luggage line from Kansas City. Turned out we were both going to Cebu to meet our future wives and were planning to stay at the Montebello Villa Hotel in Cebu. His future wifes family lived in Talisay. Mom, Dad and all 13 kids! We went there on the Jeepney to their wedding. Fun times.

    On another trip in 1995 we took the bus to Kawasan Falls in the southern end of Cebu. Is the falls from your picture the same one? It rained all day but being adventurous we hiked to the falls anyway. On the way back we were told the bridge we needed to cross to get back to Cebu City was washed out from the typhoon. So out comes my trusty guide book and we landed in Moalboal at a hotel / scuba dive resort. Just so happens they are having a birthday party and invited us to join in. Typical Filipino party with lots of great food. As the party went on the wind really began to pick up so we went to our little cottage. The wife fell a sleep and I looked out the window wondering if we would be washed away in the typhoon. Being from the Pacific NW this was my first time in a typhoon. Next morning we thanked our new found friends and caught the bus back to the city. When we came to the downed bridge it was a bit crazy with lots of shouting and pushing. We had to walk across wood planking to get to the other side. We caught the next bus to town. Now many years latter it is just another one of my favorite travel stories.

    Looking forward to my daughters getting out of school so I can escape this misguided country of ours. Maybe then I can join you.

  6. Mark G. says

    Welcome Phil!
    Looks like you’re having ‘More Fun in the Philippines! I’m more of a Black Label Society fan myself and my Filipino relatives don’t quite get it. They recognize some of the Metallica, Ozzy, Rush or Yes tunes but I start to lose them with Anthrax, Megadeath and Dream Theatre, lol. Thanks for sharing your adventures. I look forward to more of them.
    Mark G.

  7. Scott Fortune says

    Brings the “Yes sir everything is working, except the four wheel drive” motto. :) A part that was less than $2us cost you a painful trip. Typical trip for me!! LOL!

    • Philip Ruland says

      I was so use to things like this happening to me so It didn’t bother me very much . I just wanted to get out and go home ..Phil R.

  8. maria says

    welcome phil. thanks for sharing your life experiences here with all of us. so you live in the provence. some pictures with your stories would be nice to show how everyday things are done there.

    • Philip Ruland says

      everything is done very slow here “No hurry ” is their motto …but i do have some pics to put in ..glad you enjoyed it …Phil R.

  9. AlexB says

    Very nice amusing article, Phil. Hope we get to read more of your adventures (or should I say mis-adventures?) Mmm…maybe a video with acid rock music playing.


    • Philip Ruland says

      Santana’s – “Seventh sojourn” would work here hee hee. the video would have to be in slow mo …hee hee ..glad you enjoyed it …Phil R

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