Thought I would try something a little different for this article.  So many times, when sitting down at the keyboard, I am stuck in the "todays" and the "tomorrows" and not paying any attention to the "yesterdays."  This time around, it's all about the yesterdays. Many folks I've chatted with, especially expats, lose themselves in a near-romantic way when speaking of … [Read more...]

The Aisle You Don’t Go Down

The Aisle You Don’t Go Down in the Grocery Store One thing I have learned from living in the US for many years was that you didn’t ever take your kids down the aisle in the Grocery Store called the Cereal Aisle. You know, that wonderful aisle loaded with all those colorful boxes of sugar sweetened breakfast cereals just brimming with tooth decay, disguised with … [Read more...]

It’s The Numbers

I just don't know. Could it be the moon's phase or some other astronomical phenomenon?  Is the old chemical imbalance inside my brain bucket acting up again?  Is someone out to get me?  If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does anybody care?  "What's it all about, Alfie?" Whoa, that last one was getting a little freaky for me, too. Plenty of … [Read more...]

I’ve More Time

As I was saying last week, I have more times than a clock maker's shop.  And as we venture further info this lump of time called 2014, a wide array of new and different times unfold before my eyes.  It leads me to wonder whether it was an ancient scribe or historian who invented a means to track it. Let's face it:  the intangible concept of time - the seconds, minutes, … [Read more...]

Chargin’ up!

Looks like there's trouble in River City.  Or should I say trouble in the City on the Gulf.  The Gulf of Davao.  Of course, what I mean is that there is trouble looming in Davao City. What kind of trouble?  Well, let's go back to 2008 and start at the beginning, where any good story should start. In 2008, the island of Mindanao experienced some serious power … [Read more...]

Marking Time

There are no more months to count. The first of many tax deadlines has come and passed. Christmas time, while seeming like yesterday, has been history for some time now, too.  It's now Easter time - there's always some "time" happening here in Nagsanga - and the calendars and almanacs proudly proclaim that, at least for the Philippines, it's summertime. It's also almost … [Read more...]

My Wise Old Friend (or “Que no pare la fiesta”)

It’s an odd concept for most people born in the cold climates to grasp, but an elderly man on the Island of Puerto Rico explained it to me while we were sitting on Playa Azul (Blue beach) sipping DonQ rum. He said; ‘Young Gringo, people in the northern latitudes think we in the tropics are lazy. But the fact is we have more time to get things done than they do.” He … [Read more...]

The Bucolic Life

Things here in Nagsanga - our barangay in Pasuquin - just don't move along as fast as the rest of the world.  If the entire world was a large Formula I auto race, Nagsanga would be the lone kuliglig.  Compared to Nagsanga, the "Land That Time Forgot" is on Daylight Savings Time, "springing ahead." Yes, things are that slow here.  But, it’s not a bad thing.  I, for one, … [Read more...]

Bits & Pieces

It's already Sunday afternoon and I haven't even started on this article (and many other projects).  The tax accounting business is keeping me busy. Well, sort of busy. Were I truly busy, I wouldn't be here poking at my tablet's virtual keyboard. As I hunt and peck, I'm trying to make the best of a tax season phenomenon - the time of famine or feast. At this time of the … [Read more...]

Got More ‘Net?

This is a continuation of last week's article about the trials and tribulations of getting up to speed with Internet-related technology and staying there. It's not being written from a professional standpoint - I haven't been in that profession for over 20 years and don't think I'll cross-over or return to it any time soon. I want it to be the words of a layman, written … [Read more...]

Does anyone need to use the CR?

Upon arrival to my mom-in-laws house I needed to use the CR. For you foreigners not “in-the-know”, that means bathroom. I had previously sent money to have the CR redone, with new septic, etc. but we stopped the construction about 1/3 through as there were some issues with communication about what was to be done, and quite frankly, a remodeling job is a big task. One that … [Read more...]

Day one in the Philippines

When last I wrote, my wife was out shopping… the fact is, she still is. You see, I’ve got a lot of articles to write, and plenty to time on my hands right now to catch up for Bob and you, the readers of LiP, so I’m writing a series all in a row trying to catch you all up on my trip here. I had explained that my finalization to come here went pretty fast. And that is … [Read more...]

Got ‘Net?

It's time for a change.  Time for a little twist - a tweak to the status quo.  It's time to dig deep, and come up with something that may be useful yet informative.  Time to take off the kid gloves, and put on the 18 oz. gloves to spar with an old nemesis:  Slow Internet Access. WHAT'S THIS ALL ABOUT? For the past few weeks, there's been a small crowd of people - mostly … [Read more...]


Recently Davao has started to experience a few brownouts. They have been very annoying, and once or twice, at the worst time possible (although, all the time is the worst time). The brownouts aren't just affecting us when it's our area's turn, but I've noticed that since these brownouts have started, our internet connection has been fairly unreliable, often dropping at the … [Read more...]

2/3 Down & 1/3 To Go

It's just so very hard to believe. Here it is, mid-way through March 2014.  The end of the first quarter of this "New Year" is now plainly in sight.  Time is blazing its way through the calendar, and it's not taking any breaks or making any stops to allow those of us, who are accustomed to a much slower pace, to catch up.  I can't speak for others, but I know that I … [Read more...]