First Impressions of the States

Welcome to America

So I’ve been here in the USA about 3 weeks or so now, and overall it’s been pretty cool, I’m not fully adjusted, but some things I’m somewhat used to now. One of the first things I noticed when I got here, the traffic. I’m used to the controlled chaos of Philippine traffic with everyone […]

A Mountain View


You know the feeling.  Every now and then, you just want a break from the norm, the routine, the day-to-day experiences and adventures that you’ve learned to master over your tenure as an island resident. A higher calling of new adventure, new experiences, and “getting away for a while” can certainly be a powerful motivator. […]



We’re sure in the depths of tax season – deep in the season.  Yet, most of my “work” is taking place on the telephone and not at the computer keyboard.  Client tax information is only trickling in this year, with most looking to take advantage of the overseas automatic two-month extension of time to file […]