Ya know, I just looked at the calendar, again. Last week, I mentioned something about being half-way this and half-way that. Today, I see that the month of February is not half-way, but completely over. 2014 is already two months old, and time doesn't seem to be slowing down one bit. Here it is, time for this "half-way" full (or is that empty?) brain of mine to come up … [Read more...]

Driving Thoughts About Living in the Philippines

I recently wrote an article about getting ahead in the Philippines by backing up.  Just a simple piece about some of the reasons it is often better and easier to back into tight spots and an observation or two that foreigners and Filipinos alike are often not practiced and comfortable with backing their vehicles. As always the comments to that article provided a lot of … [Read more...]


Hurry up and wait has been my motto for so long, now I have to change it, at least, temporarily. And I have to admit, it's hard to get out of this gear I've been stuck in for so long. My last article was posted, but it was posted late as I tend to have been in hurry up and wait mode for far too long. This article too is coming a little late, but I’m going to throw in … [Read more...]

The Half-Way Point

No!  Wait, wait! This isn't about taxes.  You can stick around, can't you?  Maybe leave a comment, too? Plenty of half-way points have been reached and surpassed over this past month.  The big one, of course, is the half-way point during our stay here at home, before we go back on vacation to the States.  Officially, for those of you kind enough to be counting days or … [Read more...]

Trip to Manila

In my last article, I said going to Manila would be a waste of time and money, well, it wasn't, actually, it was actually pretty fun, and like some of you said, the experience I gain is also an added bonus. Actually, I was wrong about a lot of things, let me explain all of them now. First, I have said this several times over, I'm scared of flying, well, was. Yep, I'm no … [Read more...]

Tax Time – FUAQs

Note to Readers: This is a follow-on article to my two other income tax related articles of this year - Tax Time, 2014 Style and Tax Time Continues . . .. While I didn't intend to turn Tuesdays into "More Tax Articles Day" here at Live in the Philippines, it sure seems like it.  Mea Culpa!  We should be returning to some less boring / more interesting "stuff" next … [Read more...]

Tax Time Continues . . .

Last week's article, Tax Time, 2014 Style, was written in a Question & Answer format to provide answers to often asked tax-related questions. Unfortunately, there was only enough column space for just a couple of Q&As, selected from a virtual storehouse of such information. I feel it important to get some of this information "out there," before the income tax … [Read more...]

Tax Time, 2014 Style

Well, it's definitely a new year, this thing called 2014, and the cycle of life makes another revolution. It's one month completed all ready, too. Time is starting to zip by again and has brought us to another episode of  "Tell the Government how much money you received last year and how much of it are you going to send in." Yes, tax time is upon us once again. I can … [Read more...]


As you may remember from last week's article, I've rested up and recovered from all of the "what-not" of the "ber" months. Feeling much better and more active, I went out and tackled some leaky hose bib problems that have plagued us for a while. Talk about feeling proud!  I certainly felt a sense of accomplishment and well-being after replacing those hose bibs … [Read more...]

Rested Up!

Here it is, Saturday, and the LiP publishing deadline is soon to be upon me. I'm not sure of what topic will jump onto the computer keyboard for me but I guess I had better get to it and start pounding those keys. You'll remember last time, I was pretty well beat and in need of some rest. Today, I cashed in on all of those "I'll get some sleep later" checks that I wrote … [Read more...]

Just a reminder folks!

A few days ago me and Aaron went to the Department of Foreign Affairs or DFA to file for our Philippines passports. First time for Aaron to get a Philippine passport and a renewal Philippine passport for me. We've been wanting to go there since middle of last year, but didn't get around to it until end of the year. We know we had to be there early, I mean really early even … [Read more...]

I’m Bushed

Thank goodness the holiday season is over. No, I'm not the Grinch, nor Ebenezer Scrooge. I am nowhere near mimicking either one of those fellows, and I am definitely not related to them. Who I am, or better stated, what I am is TIRED! For those of you who are of a political mind, I must state that this article in no way, shape or form has anything to do with either … [Read more...]


Here it is, the seventh day of the New Year of 2014, and I'm amazed at how the "new" of this new year is revealing itself to me.  Now, many rushed right outside early in the post-midnight minutes of January 1st to get a good look at this new year.  Most returned inside with the complaint that it looked just like the old year. Trouble is, they just didn't give the new … [Read more...]

Supporting your wife emotionally

It has been a while since I have provided an update for everyone regarding the process of my wife becoming a U.S. citizen. It dawned on me a few days ago that I have been run through the ringer so badly with the process required to bring my wife to the United States, getting married, and then the whole process to get her the paperwork for her to become a legal resident, … [Read more...]

Feeling Strange at Year’s End

[wb_fb_f name="Paul Keating" id=""] It's the last day of the year 2013.  I should be in great spirits - all has been wonderful this past week and, for that matter, this past year. On Monday, December 23rd, Baket ko (Asawa ko)[my Wife] and I threw a tremendously successful "Merry Christmas Party" that was attended by over 90 family members, friends, acquaintances, … [Read more...]