The General Santos and Sarangani Bay Scuba Divers had a Christmas Party!

With it being that time of year once again we Scuba divers got our heads together and decided to celebrate the season with a Christmas Party.

Scuba Santa!

We had a primary meeting to try to get things organised and to my surprise we actually managed to achieve something before the beer took over. We managed to get pledges from some divers to supply things like, 10 cases of beer, 4 cases of soft drinks, one Lechon (Roast Pig) one Roast Lamb, Goat calderetta, Prizes for games, Rice, Garlic Chickens and several other dishes so food and drink were plenty!

Ellie working hard as usual!
Raffle Prizes!

The venue for the party was at Cambridge Farm so that made it easy for me as I would not have too far to stagger at the end of the evening.

It was very easy to contact divers because of e-mail, Face Book and text puts most people in contact with one and other so the date was set, Sunday the 18th of December 2011.

Drinking beer through a snorkel game!
Feeding the masses!

The whole day of the Sunday, several divers arrived to assist with the preparations like putting up Scuba Style decorations, Dressing Santa in Scuba Gear, Getting the drinks on ice, getting the sound system ready and so forth!

We planned the party for 6pm thus giving people until 7pm, the real start time go get to Cambridge and most managed that so by 7.30 the food was served and everyone got well fed!

Scuba Santa Had lots of pictures that night!
The Blind Fold Scuba Gear assembly game!

The food was plenty so afterwards we got started with the Scuba Party Games which are a bit unusual to say the least! The first game was quie simple sounding, it was just to assemble a set of dive gear onto the Scuba Tank which is not difficult for a diver but in this game the competitors had to wear a mask with the lenses covered so they had to do it blind! It was fun watching everyone fumble around but we eventually got a winner.

Some of the happy divers!

In between games we started the raffle, there were lots of prizes so most people got one. I got one but put it back again as it was one of the prizes which I had donated!

The second game was interesting, oll you had to do was drink a beer but you had to wear a dive mask and snorkel and the beer was poured into the snorkel and you had to drink it down in one go. The winner did it in 7 seconds, not me! One girl tried and got a beer bath!

Happy eaters!
Beer flowing well!

After more raffle prizes were handed out we had the last game which was a relay race with 4 person teams. all they had to do was run up and down the length of the bar but instead of handing over a baton to the next runner they were wearing Scuba Fins which had to be warn by each team member! That was really crazy but good fun.

Padi ate so many Lamb, Pork and Chicken bones to make her happy!
This is a Philippine Roast Lamb, Honest!

The final prizes were given out to the lucky winners, these prizes were pretty good really, a free overnight stay at Lemlunay Resort for 2 with breakfast, Free diving, Bottles of Booze and lots of scuba gear, nobody complained at all about the prizes and most people got something.

By the end of the evening everyone, about 60 people were full up in some way, some with food and many of us with booze but by the end of the evening everyone went home very happy and looking forward to the next excuse to celebrate something.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all from Scuba Santa! Ho Ho Ho.


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