The JCI’s Artificial Reef Deployment on Samal Island!

I have mentioned the invitation from the JCI’s Manila for me and Ellie to come as guest speaker to the Sea of Life Project in Davao, now is the time to actually start putting the Artificial Reef Domes in the water.

Big Splash as a Dome hits the water!

We left the Vicente Hotel at 8.15 an, should have been 7.30am but things got a bit delayed for a change and we drove to SASA Wharf where we would catch the boat to the Domes Deployment site.

Flowers from WowPhilippines
Ellie and the Domes on SASA Wharfe!

I was a bit surprised to see all of the 51 domes sitting on the wharf and not on a boat where they should have been by this time. Our boat was ready and waiting but most of the people in the party had not yet arrived! As it turned out we had 3 x 100 person capacity boats at our disposal for the trip for around 60 people and domes which was a bit much but no problem for me!

Ellie getting onto the boat! Nice Boat!

Two boats set sail for the deployment site while the other stayed behind to get the domes loaded along with the divers, once loaded, they followed.

Me giving yet another short speach!

As we were well ahead, we had a bit of a tour of the Samal Island Waters and once the Domes arrived we all met up in one place where we had a short program prior to deploying the domes!

Divers going into the water!

I, along with a few other people were asked to say a few words about the project and once the formalities were finished we headed of to deploy the domes but unfortunately instead of 51, only 10 arrived on site as the ships captain was afraid of over loading his boat, anyway, 10 is better than none.

First Dome Going in!

The site was marked with GPS and was supposed to have marker buoys marking the position where the domes would be deployed but this was not the case, To make matters worse, we were not allowed to drop the anchor as the area was in a Marine Protected Area so we had to reposition the boat after each time a dome was deployed!

Nice Boat!

With this being the first time that domes have been deployed in the area nobody really had any idea of what was happening and it took a little time to get the first domes in the water but after the first few the rest went in easy!

Ellie watching the domes being deployed!

Once the 10 domes were deployed we left the area to a place where we would have lunch, this created a problem as it was a very low tide and we had to wade into shore getting wet to the waist but I will admit that the lunch was well worth it!

JCI Members playing in the water!

After the lunch meal we took an east boat ride back into SASA Wharf and got off the boat at a local village. The number of children in this village was huge, I thought it was a special day or something but the local guys told us that this was normal!

I hope that these domes do not stay on the Wharfe!

I asked about the rest of the domes and who would deploy them and I was assured that the local JCI’s would make sure that they will be deployed in the very near future, I really hope that happens as the Coral Reefs really need assistance and domes are a good way to do that!

Keep on splashing them in!

Back at the hotel we got cleaned up and prepared to leave. We said our goodbyes and thanked the JCI’s for the invitation and then were picked up by a relation in a car and headed back home to Gen San. We had a very good and interesting weekend and are looking forward to assisting the JCI’s again on their next Artificial Reef Deployment as a part of their Sea of Life Project!

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  1. James Ogle says


    Nice article. Nice that it appears that someone is trying to rebuild one of the Philippines greatest resources, the ocean environment that surround the islands.

    A few questions just to satisfy my curious mind. What are the domes made of? I remember when I kept a reef tank that some people were making live rock out of calcite sand and cement. Are the domes of similar construction. Also how do the domes accomplish their task? Do they just provide habitat and cover for reef creatures or is it something else?


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