The Manila JCI’s Launch an Artificial Reef Dome Project on Samal Island!

A few months ago, me and my wife were invited to Palawan with the JCI’s from Manila to be the guest speaker at the launching of their Sea of ife Artificial Reef Dome Project. Once again we have been invited to Davao by the JCI’s as they are now launching a new Artificial Reef Dome Project which comes under their Sea of Life Project for this area and once again I have been invited as guest speaker!

The venue for the actual meeting itself was at the Hotel Vicente which I wrote about in my last article, a very pleasant place to stay.

Me giving my address!

All that I was told prior to the event was that I was invited but when I arrived I was asked if I could say a few words at the event. A few words for me, I can talk for hours if the subject matter is good and talking about Artificial Reef Domes is one of them subjects which I can talk about.

Ellie and Senator Zubiri.

The start of the event was a bit delayed which is nothing unusual here in the Philippines but the reason for the delay was that the Guest of Honor, Senator Migs Zubiri was just finishing up at another event and had to get across the City to us!

Receiving my Plaque of Apprecation.

Once the meeting got under way, it started with the usual formalities like the Singing of the Philippine National Anthem, an Opening Prayer and the introduction of the Guests and Senior JCI Members.

Signing of MOA’s.

A very good introduction to the work of the JCI’s and their goals was read out by one of the members and it made a lot of sense to me as they were really following onto what we had started in the Gen San / Sarangani Area with our completed 5,000 Artificial Reef Dome Project.

Guests and JCI Members.

I was the first Speaker and gave the reasons why we had decided to undertake our project and I also gave some details as to how the project had been completed so successfully. When I was asked about how we had managed to get around the Government Red Tape I told them quite honestly that we did not tell the Government about what we were doing, we just got on with the project!

Telling the Senator about the Shark on sale at SM Mall, Gen San.

Senator Zubiri spoke of his love of the oceans and really the environment in general and he well understood the problems that could easily slow down projects which were very necessary. He said very good things about our project and showed his appreciation for our efforts and success. He has hopes that similar projects will be undertaken throughout the Philippine Waters and if successful these projects will help to restore some of the ailing coral reefs around the shores.

The JCI Domes.

Some MOA’s were signed between the JCI’s, Senator Zubiri, The Government of Samal stating that they would carry on with environmentally sound projects in the future, I really hope that such things can happen for the good of future generations!

My favorite model with the domes!

Both me and the Senator were presented with Plaques of Appreciation, Sea of Life Shirts and very nice Solar Powered Flash Lights which I had not seen here before!

Everybody Happy!

The meeting ended with a photo shoot of the group with 2 of the Artificial Reef Domes which were ready to be deployed the next day in the waters fronting Samal Island so that means a boat trip in the sun to the deployment site which I will wright about in my next article!

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  1. BillB says

    Would it help to clean up Manila Bay if you were to put the domes in an area of the bay. I was just wandering if it would help. I’m not sure but I think the coral reefs are not found in to many bays that I know of. That might because of shipping traffic and such. Just a thought!!!!!!

    • Gensan Chris says

      Hi Bill,
      I do not think that Manila Bay is a place for domes as the waves and tides can be quite harsh up there, cleaning the rivers would help more i think!

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