The Vicente Hotel Davao, A nice place to stay!

Over the last weekend me and my wife were invited once again by the JCI’s Manila for the launching of a new Artificial Reef Dome Project on Samal Island fronting Davao City.

We were booked into the Hotel Vicente, a new Hotel on Torres St that I had never heard about before but we were quite pleasantly surprised when we arrived!

The Frontage!

The check in procedure was very simple and the front desk girl very pleasant, they informed the JCI’s of our arrival and some of the members came to meet and greet us.

The Reception Area and Coffee Lounge!

We were taken to our room on the 4th floor in the brand new silent elevator, the room itself was a bit on the small side but had everything that we needed. There were 2 beds, a good sizeds flat screen TV with Digibox control, a very quiet and cold split unit Air Conditioner and a Bathroom and Shower with Super High Pressure Hot and Cold Water.

A Twin Bed Room!

The actual view from the window was not too good but the view to me did not matter as its the comforts that I like!

The Dining Room.

Breakfast came with the room and we were given a good variety of choices. There was brewed coffee with a free top up but unfortunately the cups were like eye baths so I needed 4 of these to kick start me into life!

The Lunch menu was simple but good also, it had a Spanish flavor to it and the salads were excellent. We never got the chance to have our evening meal there but I am sure that it would be good also. The food was not expensive at all.

The Bar!
A Single Bed Room.

All the staff had obviously been trained correctly as every move was being watched by my wife who was happy seeing the way they worked. Not only did they work well but they were cheerful also which makes for a more comfortable stay!

On the top floor there was a small convention center come party room which was just the correct size for the meetings and function that we were attending. This had Air Conditioning Outlets directly in the ceiling so there were no cold spots in the entire area which was good as these cold spots can be a pain if you are unfortunate enough to get stuck in a that kind of zone!

Ellie getting ready to go out!

The location was also very good as you are very near to the Victoria Plaza and the G Mall and even going over to SM was just over 100 pesos in a taxi, my wife dragged me over there to buy trees from the garden show there.

Ellie byuing trees which I had to carry!

Both in Gen San and Davao there are lots of these new small hotels being built and they are I thing pretty good value for what you get. The Vicente had rooms from P1,700 to P3,000 with free breakfast so I had no complaints about the cost even though I was not paying for it myself!

The Hotel Vicente to me is a very good place to spend a couple of days as it’s very clean and tidy with good staff and reasonable prices. You do not have to take my word for it, try it for yourself and I am sure that you will not be disappointed!


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  1. Jim Hannah says

    Sounds nice Chris; just what we’re looking for when we’re in Davao sometimes.

    Perhaps you’d do a post on the samal reef dome project; sounds interesting.

    Best regards,


  2. Brian says

    I know when I went to Davao my fiance had rented an apt. for us. When we go back most likely we’ll fly in at 6-8am after 24 hrs flying would like to find a hotel there were we can check in shower and get a nap. Does anyone know of a hotel in Davao that lets you check in anytime or early ? Most places seem like its 11am.

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