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If you’ve been following my articles, then you know that I have met, pursued and managed to use the U.S. immigration system to bring my fiancée to the United States. She arrived on December 24, 2009. Just in time for Christmas!

We spend the day with family, as I usually would have, only it was better. My fiancée at my side, and both of us happy to be together once again!

The U.S. K1 visa(also called a fiancée visa) is used to bring someone that you wish to marry, into the United States. The visa is good for 90 days. At which time, if you are not married, she is considered an illegal alien.(No, not from space) But, she would then be breaking federal laws which would mandate her immediate return to the Philippines. This means, of course, that we need to get married. The dreaded “M”. I would like to take the time, at this point, to inform you that I was single. Never married. Scared to death of marriage, and what usually followed… DIVORCE. But, with my choice in life, I had no reservations! She was the one I wanted, and I would fight to get her, and I would fight to keep her! We would be together!!! I WAS DETERMINED!!

The Cake
The Cake

So, if Christmas was this good, then New Years was even better!!! We became legally married in a civil service at the court house not too far from our home on December 31, 2009. Two dates that have meant a lot to me, and many others around the world for centuries, and now, they have even more importance. More meaning. More… everything!! Plus, I should be able to remember them! LOL!

Being a man, I know that the wedding of most women(American, and other s) is the most important day in their lives to that point. Some start to plan it from the time they are children. They envision what it will be like, who will be there, what their dress will look like, the foods they will serve, the music, the first dance, the father –daughter dance…. EVERYTHING. I don’t believe my wife planned on getting married in a simple dress in a court house. I wanted to give her that dream as best as I could though, so we did plan a little ahead. Before she left the Philippines, I sent her money so that she could have the gown of her dreams made to her specifications, and she could bring it here. Why? Because I love my wife. Plain and simple. And I want her to be happy.

May 2010 we were married in church, with our family and friends(minus those that could not attend) in a lovely wedding that we planned together. It was, I felt, very nice and a touching moment in my life. I don’t cry much, but I have to admit, weddings kill me. :)

So, as a man, this brings yet another date I MUST remember!! Seriously? Ok, we need to pick a wedding date and stick with one!! I can’t do two, not to mention, to celebrations, and extra wedding gifts! Just kidding. My wife is not like that. She would like me to remember the date, but she doesn’t expect anything on EVERY anniversary. She is a wonderful wife, and I am happy we were married.

So, now come the fun part(sarcasm)… more paperwork!! Guess what? We need to change her visa from a K1 to resident visa! It’s not just the paperwork, but why does this cost so much? There can’t possibly be this much cost in doing the paperwork!!! Change of visa status and check submitted, and bank account decreased by about $1000. Man… is she worth that much money? Ok… I joke a lot about this, and everyone needs to know that this is ONLY A JOKE! My wife thinks it’s funny too, so if you’re offended, please relax, breathe and read on.

Did I mention I’m cheap? Well, frugal. I look at things logically, and try to avoid paying where it isn’t necessary. To make a point, while waiting for my wife to come to the U.S. I looked into cakes for the wedding. I wanted a nice big one, with a cool husband and wife statue that would be nice enough to use as a house decoration. So… I checked into them at cake stores. $1,500 to $2,000!! When I came to and looked up from the floor, I thought… how can I make this cheaper? So, I took cake decorating classes every week for months. By the end, I knew enough to make our five tiered wedding cake. And.. it was delicious!! I was determined to have one that not only looked good, but tasted good too!! Wedding cake – Lessons: $150; Supplies: $200; look on everyone’s faces that I made it: Priceless!
I think I’ll continue next time with my transition to where we are now. So, until then, paalam, ingat, and God bless!

Post Author: Scott Fortune (65 Posts)

At the time of this writing, I am 42 years old. I’ve been married to my Filipina wife since December 2009. She is from the Province of Pangasinan, Philippines. I was born and raised in the Metro Detroit area in Michigan. I’ve worked in many fields throughout my short career, mostly in Architecture, computers, and law enforcement. I’m medically retired from the U.S. Government due to a back injury and look forward to our move to the Philippines. My interests here were yard work, guns, and hanging out with friends. But because of my back injury, I’ve had to shorten what I can do to just hanging out with friends. Not a bad thing when you’re retired, right!? Also, I’m sure I’ll find some new interests when I get to the RP. We don’t yet know where we will be moving to exactly, but I expect it to be on the main island of Luzon. I look forward to moving there, getting healthier, and experiencing island life.

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      • Scott Fortune says

        Oh… cake flavors.. We had a few:
        Cherry chip with a cherry glaze center, and Vanilla Cream icing
        White, with Vanilla cream icing
        Yellow, with a chocolate mousse filling, and butter cream icing

        I have to say the cherry chip, with cherry glaze center was awesome!! I did them all in a torte, so there were four layers per cake. The cake topper was bought special. It is made from ceramic and is now a decoration on our end table in the living room.

        It was supposed to be a lot more decorated, but I realized I got in way over my head because I also did all of the flower decorations, including making my wifes bouquet, and the boutineers by hand, and all of the table arrangements as well. A LOT of fresh cut roses. Three red and one white per piece. I’ll include more photos if it is possible.

    • Scott Fortune says

      Abb, thank you! It was a lot of work, but I wanted it to be a LOT more fancy. It was still very nice, and tasted even better, I think. And… everyone got a REAL slice of cake. Not that tiny little wedding cake slice where you barely have a chance to taste it. Of course, sometimes, it is better NOT tasted.

  1. PapaDuck says

    You did a great job with the cakes and saved alot of money at the same time. I started eating cherry chip cake when i was a child, but its hard to find it in stores down here in Florida. Have to settle for cherry chip donuts at a local donut shop every so often lol. Glad you had a nice wedding that didn’t break the bank and your asawa got the wedding of her dreams. Take care and have a nice day

    • Scott Fortune says

      Cherry chip cake is a favorite of a friend of mine from work. During my classes, we always had to bake a new cake each week to decorate in class to learn new skills. Since I wanted mine to be perfectly flat, I would cut the “muffin top” off from the cake, and bring it to work for him to eat. We was always ungrateful about getting only the top(my favorite part), and complained. But… he sure didn’t leave any behind!! LOL! After class, I would bring in a whole cake for the guys at work to eat. When classes were done and I received my certificates of completion, they were all pretty upset… and a little bit heavier. :)

  2. brian says

    Good on ya, may u have many happy years!! I can’t resist my torrets humor Scott, and seems you have a good sense of humor so I’ll throw out my fav quote on marrige by Mark Twain:
    ” Marrige is a fine instutution…….for those who wish to be institutionalized” Kudo’s !!!!

  3. says

    That’a awesome you were able to make your own cake! I’m taking courses right now in Baking & Pastry Arts and I can tell you did an excellent job! When my husband and I got married he made a hazelnut torte (he’s a chef) and I made Mexican Wedding Cakes for our give-a-ways. It seems you are very multi-talented.

    • Scott Fortune says

      The courses were a lot of fun. I was always the one that the other students dreaded seeing their cake, ready to be decorated. It was always perfect looking. And I think they hated me, just a little for it.

  4. Gary says

    Congrats Scott. I too married my wife twice. First was the church wedding in Lapu Lapu City. I was never so hot in all my life. Just made the trip from Michigan. In fact it was colder in LA than Grand Rapids. Later we had the civil wedding. It took forever to correct Meriam’s middle name. Paper work can sometimes take a long time.

    For those of you THINKING about coming to the Philippines. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? This is a great country!!! The people are so nice.

    • Scott Fortune says

      I wiahs we had the wedding in the Philippines. For many reasons, mostly because it would have meant a lot more to her family than to mine. My mom would have been crushed, but nobody else really would have cared had I gotten married in the Philippines. Plus, I’m cheap… I could have saved a LOT of money. :)

  5. says

    VERY NICE little story thanks for sharing this. Before the wife and I were married, I was planning on bringing her here to be married under a fiancee visa as well. However thoughts kept going through my head with pictures of her family being sad that they could not attend, which made me make a very hard decision…… To get married in the Philippines where none of my family could attend, due to them being in the process of moving to the UK. So on March 6th 2010 we tied the knot at a beautiful and amazing beach front resort, our wedding had all of the trimmings, the amazing white gown, the cake, the red carpet and over 150 friends and family members, to help us celebrate the big day! As you said yourself it is one of if not the most important day in a woman’s life, and by marrying in the Philippines and letting her father give her away to me, not only made her day and life complete but made her families too. And I am very grateful for that. As I mentioned, the sad and painful thing was that my mother and brother were not there by my side on my very special day! However in retrospect I look back and see that there was no other way for me to do this, because at the end of the day I want my wife to be happy and what I did made her VERY happy, and my family understood and supported me on this and on my decision.

    Keep these great stories coming, and again thanks for sharing.

    • Scott Fortune says

      Your wedding sounds like the one I would have chosen had we gotten married there. I had been told that obtaining the visa for a spouce would take up to a year, and we wanted to be together as soon as possible, so we chose the fiancee visa. Only to find out later that they were running about the same amount of time. Hindsight is 20/20. If only.. Oh well, it went well here. :)

  6. A_Wind says

    wow you baked your own wedding cake? AMAZING. i’m sure your bride appreciated it even more. and that was sweet. and i’m more amazed by the price they put on wedding cakes…1500$? Christ. some of the best-looking wedding gowns here don’t even amount to that much!

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