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After two almost sunny days it’s raining again, I was on the Puter on Monday 13 Aug. (Or was I?) and when I finished and logged off, I stopped by my daughter’s room to check in on my grandson Jayden. He was as happy as a clam on a cool New England day, even though he was in Roosevelt Bataan, his home town.

My daughter on both June and July 13th had a party for Jayden on the first and second month anniversary of his birth. I shared my July 13th birthday with him, as Facebook has showed me that sharing was a nice thing to do.
While I was bouncing Jayden on my knee, I innocently asked if he was having Chocolate cake on his third month birthday, as that was my favorite cake from the Red Ribbon Bakery.

“Yikes,” shouted Ymir Thea, and her cousins Shay-shay and Bebe Clair. What the heck had I said or done wrong? Mayang (Lola-ah-young her grandmotherly name given to her by our granddaughter years ago) and Ate Clara came dashing into the room to see what that “Yikes” was all about. I’m still holding the baby but feeling like I just let the Chinese invade our purok without putting up any resistance.

They had forgotten it was August 13th, and our special little guy had to have his party. Okay I understand all that, but what had I done wrong? Why the 5 ladies were all staring at me, had I just dropped the baby? So now I’m plotting my way out of the room, and was planning on heading to the Man Cave and licking my wounds.

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But it wasn’t me at all, it was the fact that a trip to town was required to prepare for the gala celebration. Whew, what a relief, but I was still shuttled aside and the ladies went into a huddle and the Tagalog was flying out of the circle with such fury the curtains almost caught fire!

I’m still thinking Man Cave, just for self preservation, but I quietly side stepped and slid towards the hall and then went upstairs to read a book. This was a maneuver that had served me well during my shipboard days. Ten pages into a new chapter of my book and the room was full of women, plus one grandson and three dogs all looking at me. “What!” I cried, “Whatever I must do, I’ll do it post haste.”

Honey KO, Daddy MO, Tito Paul, and last but not least my sister-in-law chimes in with Brother Paul. All five are looking at me, but Jayden and the dogs remained silent, as they hadn’t a clue as to what they were there for. Money was all that was required of me, nothing unusual there. I shouted; “Money clip top drawer of my dresser!” That settled that and the room cleared, then a cloak of peace and tranquility closed over me and back to my book I went.

After lunch, my daughter and her two cousins went to town, and Yaya’s 1 & 2 were left to care for our birthday boy. Me, I took a nap. I decided to relinquish my right to have a beer that day, as I had to attend the party, and eat cake. I had come to the conclusion decades ago that cake and beer should not be served at the same party. Stick a candle in a bowl of pretzels and I’d be happy.

And now its supper time and we were all gathered in the kitchen, and the cake was unveiled, and on it was Written; Happy 3rd Monthsary Jaden Logan etc, etc… Monthsary? Was that a texting phrase, a new word that was coined while I was asleep, or just the sheer abuse of my mother tongue. But there it was in all its glory on top of the cake for all to see, believe it or not, each of the ladies could pronounce it the same way, whereas Jayden and his Lolo could not. I pointed out that Third Month Anniversary would be correct, even Third Month Birthday was okay, but nowhere in the English Language did the word “Monthsary” exist.

The discussion raged, over that particular piece of verbiage, I lost, as no one seemed to care about it but me, and we cut the cake, I took the piece with the offending word and ate it. It was good to my taste buds, and was no longer an issue.

Wasn’t that a charming little story about babies, family birthdays and such? Now it’s time for true confessions, or “Bless me Father, for I have sinned…” Its Friday 17 Aug. the party is over and life is back to normal, yes, it’s raining! I’m sitting at the Puter, scribing away and preparing my musings to send to my Fearless Leader Mindanao Bob, Saturday morning. (Yes I’m a last minute kinda’ guy, hell I’m retired.) I’m loading pictures of the party onto an e-mail to send to Bob, because after all this time I still don’t know how to post them on WordPress, (please don’t attempted to teach me how). When I notice both on my pictures and the pictures my daughter gave me, that the date was 12 July, and not 13 July as we all had thought. It was me, who got the day wrong that morning, but in my defense they didn’t verify it. So I open up every picture and cropped out the date, I can’t get into my daughters puter, I’m just hoping that she never figures it out.

Since I know I’m safe divulging this secret information on LiP, only because of our special bond between LiP’ers. No one will ever bring it up my family, and I’m talking to those LiP Readers that have a beer with me on occasion, and get together for lunch. Because, remember I know things about you, and I’m always looking for a new subject to write and post on LiP. (LOL)

So my parting thought is; “If you really want to improve your vocabulary, make up a word!” It works at my house. “Monthsary, oh well!”

Post Author: Paul Thompson (314 Posts)

Paul Thompson; has resided in the Philippines since 1993, living close to Subic Bay. I’m married to a wonderful girl named Maria (AKA Mayang).Who is from Gordon Heights in Olongapo where she grew up with her Mom & Dad and seven siblings Our two daughters are both grown up and have left the nest, the eldest married to a wonderful guy named Chris, and they have blessed us with our granddaughter Heather Colleen Our youngest daughter and her husband Cecil have blessed us with a grandson named. Jayden Logan. I’m a retired U.S. NAVY Senior Chief after 22 years of active duty. After retirement from the Navy I lived for 7 years in Puerto Rico as a Night Club owner. Then Hurricane Hugo told me to find a new line of work, I was hired by Military Sealift Command and went back to sea in Asia as a Merchant Seaman for 10 years. After 30 plus years at sea I buried my anchor on a mountain in the Philippines and am now residing in Dinalupihan (or DinBat for short), Roosevelt, Bataan where we built our home. And last but not least, anything I writes will be pure "Tongue in Cheek "If anybody is offended, I'll lose no sleep over it, but here's a quick Mea Culpa in advance!

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  1. DONNA WEST says

    HeHe……this is a very cute and funny story and I am glad you shared some of your families great times and told us about your grandsons third monthsary celebration. Happy Birthday, again, Jaden.

  2. Paul Thompson says

    I think this Monthsary deal will be an ongoing thing in my house, but as long as I get some scrumptious chocolate cake from Red Ribbon, bring it on!
    I see you had no problem with that new monthsary word…(LOL)

  3. Rick Heath says

    My girlfriend started “Monthsary” from our first month. I have never heard of it either but she was smiling when she said it so I just kept my big mouth shut and said, same to you honey. We just had our 8 monthsary and she’s still saying it and smiling so all is good!

  4. Paul Thompson says

    So Monthsary is part of the lexicon of Taglish (Tagalog/English). In my history of being in the Philippines (Starting in the late 60’s) this was the first time I’d heard the word. So if your girlfriend and my daughter say it’s a word, who are we to disagree? (lol)
    Happy 8th Monthsary to you both!
    Oh, I just added it to my spell check!

  5. Loren Pogue says

    Rain, Chocolate cake, and a great family around you, that is living. That must be some cake to make you forgo SMBs. I always liked Chocolate with beer. Maybe that is why I am slightly larger than you.

  6. Alan says

    LMAO, Paul as I am sitting here laughing at monthsary my asawa asks why I am laughing. She then says that is a real word and they use it here all the time in the Visayas. I have been reading LIP for years and never saw it either. On a sad note we have lost our Paul here from Iloilo. Ex navy Chief and friend to many and still too young to pass, he was only in his forties. Made great chili and we will miss our “Chief”, Paul Agley, RIP.

    • Paul Thompson says

      In his 40’s, the man just retired! To our departed Shipmate I’ll wish; “Fair seas and following winds.”
      Monthsary could really be a word, but only here!

  7. RandyL says

    Well Paul, I guess the old adage “live and learn” applies to you today. The word ‘monthsary’ is actually a real word and is published in the Urban Dictionary as follows:

    An important day, very much like an anniversary, but it is celebrated in terms of months, as opposed to anniversaries which are celebrated in terms of years. The only difference is that there are only 11 monthsaries for a certain event, the 12th would already be an anniversary.

    I’m not making this up and you can check for yourself, or you can quietly assign your brother Dan some research. In any case, you better be cautious in the future and never question anyone in your family when it comes to any celebratory reasoning. As far as you are concerned, there should be 365 reasons every year to celebrate! 😀

    • Paul Thompson says

      I’m going to pass on the cake today as I’ll going to be full of Humble Pie, when I announce to the ladies that they were correct on the cake. My life as I knew it is now over!
      365 days to celebrate? Does that mean 364 Daysarys?

  8. DONNA WEST says

    wow, i am glad i have been forewarned that monthsary is really a word with a meaning. that way, i will be ready when my filipino/american grandchildren come along. I dont have a money clip with money in my dresser drawer but by dang, I do have a wonderful chocolate cake receipe and I happen to know pinays are inspired with cupcakes. I love chocolate too so monthsary, chocolate cake receipe and yummy cupcakes here i come. this is going to make my adjustment in the RP so much easier. hehe

    • Paul Thompson says

      Cup Cakes are starting to become a big deal at birthdays, my daughter Hanna brought one to the house for her sisters birthday all cupcakes on a 3 tier platform. It looked really nice, and the kids loved it. BTW, they stole your idea!

  9. BillyMac says

    Great story. I asked my wife if she knew what “monthsary” meant. She looked at me as if I were one of the dumbest creatures on the planet, and said, “Of course, it’s a day you celebrate once a month instead of once a year!”
    Been married to her for 32 years, and never heard her say or allude to the word that I can recall. You learn something new everyday!

    • Paul Thompson says

      I’m at a loss as to how many say people they know this word, where have I been, living in a cave somewhere? Here’s a fact that is for sure, both windows and Google spell check rejected it!

  10. Bob New York says

    I first encountered the word ” Monthsary ” on some of the Philippine facebook pages in reference to boyfriend-girlfriend relationships and by reading this article it verifies that it has become part of the vocabulary there.

    I have heard a few other good ones in my visits. I gave an electrical testing meter ( DVM ) to an engineering student as a gift. When the recipient of it touched the end of one of the test lead probes, the comment was ” Too Pointed ” indicating that the end of the test probe was sharply pointed instead of rounded .

    My first lesson in learning how to use a Cell Phone as can be seen and read here:

    to turn the phone on I was shown the appropriate button and told ” Long Press ” meaning to press and hold.

    WHen you think about some of these variations of the English Language, a lot of it makes sense after you give it some thought, and I find some of these words or phrases quite interesting and memorable.

    I have enjoyed chocolate cake at Red Ribbon when I have been there and I’m with you on that Paul, very tastey and sweet. Looks like you ate the appropriate piece for the occasion !

    • Paul Thompson says

      Hello Bob;
      I had decided years ago never to correct the English I heard spoken here; my reasoning was it only seemed to stop them from speaking it as they became shy. So if my friends like to eat shrimps, I eat shrimps. And if I want soup I’ll eat it out of a Bawl. They can cut the grasses, a Philips head and flat head will forever be known to me as a plus and minus screwdriver.
      And Red Ribbon Cake was worth the long flight to get here. But I know you long running love of Jollibee’s, but I had something new there a month or so ago, that surprised me, a hamburger served between two hash brown paddies, and bless me, it was good!
      A sign over a Philippines MacDonald’s: We are the number one selling Hamburger on Earth, except in the Philippine’s where we just can’t beat that fat Bee. (This is true!)

  11. Jack says

    Hi Paul, Jo (my wife) and I enjoyed meeting you and your wife last Thursday at Royal Duty Free. I know that you will agree with me that it was great to shop in a nearly empty store! Enjoyed our conversation and shared perspective on life in the Philippines – with the both of us having over 20 years in the Philippines. I agree and always have felt that you only need patience and a sense of humor to live a happy life in the Philippines. My slogan has always been “Lighten Up!” Missed you at Texas Joes for lunch. Maybe next time. Our best to you and your wife and family. Best Regards, Jocelyn and Jack

    • Paul Thompson says

      That was enjoyable for us also, I can’t shop and go to Texas Joe’s on the same day, as I like to eat at TJ’s then move to the patio (rain or shine) to have cocktails. Mayang gets upset if the frozen food thaws out. Me, not so much.
      Total agreement with you on the sense of humor, without it we’re doomed. I was thinking it was the Navy that showed me that.

  12. Jade says

    hi paul, congratulations on yalls surviving the latest mothsary abeit dry. in my opinion the most complimentary adult beverage to choklit cake is SMB CERVESA NEGRA, a smooth dark brew with a hint of choklitiness – look that one up in your funk’nwagnel… i love that brew, in fact its so choklity you can even pass on the cake part. though wife Daisy would never pass on something from Deli France bakery, her fave place!!! though shes not a beer drinker she does have a sip or two of my Ceverza Negra now and then!!! we have always celebrated our montharys since our first meeting on July 2, 2001, though neither of us knwe the word. Congratuations!

    • PapaDuck says

      What a lucky kid little Jayden is. A birthday cake every month. Funny i don’t remember getting that when i was little. Paul i will never divulge your secret as long as you allow me to buy you and your family lunch and all the SMB’s you can drink when i visit in October lol. Have a nice day.

      • Paul Thompson says

        I’m looking forward to meeting you and Bruce this coming October, the weather should be good, but as I said I know many places with a very good roof. The sad part is Jaden never gets any of the cake. But I do!

    • Paul Thompson says

      SMB CERVESA NEGRA I seen it and thought to myself, wow, I should try that. But then I thought, gee what if it’d better than regular SMB, that would mean that I’ve wasted my life drinking the wrong beer? I just can’t go there!

  13. Jade says

    paul – “Happy as a Clam” a phrase found in more than one of John Prine’s song lyrics. He’s my favorite ‘sort of’ country singers. with his attitude displayed in his songs i think he would fit in well in the Philippines…

    • Scott Fortune says

      Paul, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your article today. I laughed at the Monthsary thing, because my wife swears by it and has used it several times. I’m sure it IS in an URBAN DICTIONARY, but so are a lot of “words” we would balk at. However, since this one is being used to celebrate the existence of one of God’s most wonderful gifts, I’ll accept it. :) And you know, even if it was a day early for the official celebration, I’m sure his existence is celebrated EVERY day in your house. You do always mention checking in on him. So, we all know he is much loved by you and everyone else!!

      God bless you all! I pray your rain let’s up there, and coem here for a while in the U.S. We’ve had a drought for so long.

    • Paul Thompson says

      Happy as a clam, is a prewar (WWII the big one) expression, used at Clam Boils on the Beaches of New England. (50 Gal, drum, seawater, Clams, Cohoggs Lobster, various veggies (Always Corn) and vast amounts of beer.) Then someone would ask; “Are you having a good time?” And you’d answer; “Happy as a clam, just before you passed out.”

  14. Paul Thompson says

    We are now in the middle of another storm system, and our drought is long over, I’m hiring kids to blow dry my grass between downfalls just to pretend it a nice day.
    My friends asked me when my daughter moved back from Singapore to have little Jayden, how I felt about that at my age. I had no answer. But I knew the answer the minute he was here at home, It felt right! I had built too big a house for just Mayang and myself, but now I know why. I also found that my 12 Y/O niece Shay-shay is living here pretty much full time also. I like it!!!

  15. Mark G. says

    I hate to admit it but my wife says ‘monthsary’ as well. Tagalish at it’s finest! I think I remember J.A.W.s using the term a few times in some of his posts. (BTW I haven’t heard from him on FB or LIP in sometime. I think I’ll look him up.) Congratulations to Jaden and the rest of the clan. I think a monthly celebration is a great idea, however to Lorens point, not very good for the waist line, hehehe.

  16. Paul Thompson says

    How did I make it this far and never heard the word before? Now the larger majority is telling me that they have heard the word before. I’m baffled over that.
    As for Loren, and cake, he’d rather have a Bubba Burger from Texas Joe’s with a beer back.

  17. alf says

    Hi Paul! It was a fun story to read. Well, the word “monthsary” has become part of Filipino slang. Remember that the Filipino language (is not limited to Tagalog) is a marriage of many languages – Spanish, English, Malay, Chinese, etc. Who knows, it might become an official Filipino word in the future. :-) :-)

    • Paul Thompson says

      I am pretty sure it is already a Tagalog word, as everyone seems to have heard of it, but me! (lol)

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