Wasting My Time

I love walking down to the Bay of Bogo and sit on the dock of the bay!  Its a lazy place, often a nice breeze  even when there is nothing but still heat elsewhere. At night, often one can see  lightning in the distance which adds to the beauty of the scene.

Philippine Fisherman

There is a song I use to listen to regularly, its a melancholy song but I think of it often when I go sit on the dock of the bay.  I’ve turned it into something happy though, kind of an in your face to some of the folks that tried to keep me down..  In the end, I won.

Sitting on the dock of the bay
Watching the tide roll away
I’m just sitting on the dock of the bay
Wasting time

Sitting On The Dock Of the Bay. Otis Redding

Sitting On The Dock of The Bay

Seems to be a lot of Filipino winning the battle of life too as there are so many down here.  There are lovers trying to get some privacy in the wide open.  There are vendors selling their snacks.  A Filipino can’t be far away from their snacks.  There is music, sometimes, but not usually, too loud.  The music may come from a  young persons car, motorcycle or boom box. The wharf is about a half a mile long and wide enough for two cars to pass begins with a police outpost, the town disco and a double row of videoke bars

For me it is a productive waste of time.  A great place to recharge your batteries and prepare for the laid back pace of the Philippines.  :-)  Here are some guys playing basketball at the entrance of the wharf.

Filipino Playing Basket Ball

There are two main gathering places in Bogo City that I’ve noticed.  One is the town plaza or park.  Why there are not more pinoy there I don’t know, the Filipina are everywhere and they are often looking.  They are always looking good.  :-)

The other location is the Wharf at Bogo Bay.  There is one  in the heart of Bogo, there is another on the outskirts.  The one near the center of town is the one everyone goes to. They go just to hang out.  There are always people there.  At sunset there are quite a few.  I’ve spent quite a few sunsets there myself.

Lovers Trying To Slip Away In The Wide Open
Lovers Trying To Slip Away In The Wide Open there myself. I've walked down there late at night too. Bogo is a pretty safe place to live. Not much worry about being mugged, especially when there are so many others around.

I haven’t seen a sunrise, I need too do that but I’m not much of a morning person.  At least now that I’ve gotten used to all the confounded roosters in Bogo.  They used to wake me every morning.  Eventually though, I got used to them and they don’t bother me any more.  I don’t even notice them unless I make a point of it.

I’ve taken Juliet, my Philippine monkey there a few times.  We got her balut and she loved it.  I haven’t taken her lately, she’s a bit naughty.  Just last night she stole a neighbors cell phone!

The people like to gather around and watch her.  The balut is often quite warm when one first buys it.  Too hot for Juliet to handle comfortably so she’ll start spinning it in her hand causing the Filipino to laugh.  Once she grabbed my hand towel to help her avoid the heat.

Some of the guys want to touch her and get to close and I tell them mama-ak unggoy.  Monkey bite!  They often look at me as if the don’t understand but they always back up.  She might bite but probably not.  I don’t know if I’ll ever take her back down there.  She needs the stimulation but she may just be too wild to risk it.

The best thing to do down at the wharf is to watch the girls!  One huge problem in the Philippines is a serious shortage of girls in a bikini!  Girls here generally do not dress as provocative as American girls.  Still there are plenty of very pretty Filipina down by the wharf.  A single guy could likely do very well for himself there.  Though the plaza is a better place for this kind of activity.

One of the best things about both of these places, is that they are free.  In the Philippines, one doesn’t have too spend money to have fun.  We westerners seem to feel we must spend money to enjoy ourselves.  Its not true!

So, if you’re in the area, stop by and we’ll go do something productive.  We’ll waste some time together, we’ll watch the ships roll in and then watch them roll out again and better yet, we’ll probably find a few Filipina to watch too.

Post Author: Rusty Ferguson (42 Posts)

Rusty Ferguson is an American Expat living in Bogo, Cebu.

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  1. Danny says

    Hey Rusty,

    Nice article, is always relaxing to sit there and watch the water. Working and having fun on the water in the past, I do still love just being around it..and is twice as good if there are pretty filipina’s around to see. Rose already told me “I know you are not blind, just no touch!!”, I told her “deal”.

    Take care,
    Danny :)

  2. queeniebee says

    Rusty, when we get back I’ll meet you there… “That’s Dock of the Bay” not “Under the Boardwalk,” Right? ha ha

  3. Ed Griffin says

    Rusty, you make Bogo City sound like paradise for us single guys. I’ve had several filipinas who did not work out over the last two years or so.

    If things remain with my girl in Davao City, I may never get to see Bogo City. Knowing her, she would suggest that I visit there. But knowing what gem she is, I would bring her with me knowing that all that Bogo City has to offer is no comparison to my Rosemarie.

    Keep writing about Bogo City. I love hearing about it.

  4. queeniebee says

    Hi Rusty, I agree that you should write more about Bogo here. I think that where you live in the Philippines reflects on many of your attitudes and outlook. I think you’re just a Cebu kind of guy!

  5. imagine says

    The Bay Of Bogo looks pretty interesting. I had to earth google it, and take a peek. When ever you guys mention a place I use google to look. Then I open my electronic charts, and look. lolololol I just googled Bogo again, and there you are Rusty with your story on Tristan’s Resort.

    We took the bus from Cebu to the northern tip of the island on our way to Malapascua. Very pretty country side there in your area. The more I see the more I miss the Phils, and the more determined to get there SOON!…..i2f…John

  6. Lenny says

    Hey!!! I just spent 1 1/2 ours trying to find pictures rental houses anything about Bogo city and came up empty ?? Send me a few websites???

  7. Boss says

    I like ur articles Russ, straight to the point lol. I think most of the men that come to the Pines is because of the Philippina. Not all, I met a British guy recently that came for a “mate”.
    My fiance says foreigners are obsessed with the beach! Well, we live on the beach facing west in Iligan and it has some of the most spectacular sunsets I have ever seen. I had the chance to witness two spectacular blood red sunsets, just amazing and I captured them on digital.
    I am working with the local kids to clean up the beach, I give the kids 10 pesos per bag to collect all the plastic bags, to date we have filled 23 ex-concrete bags full of trash.
    At the moment it is a dump site for plastic bags and bike tyres. A bloody shame really, but things are a changing albeit slowly.
    Soon I will be able to take the family for a swim LOL.

  8. John Rodgers says

    Something said to the point is a whole lot easier to understand, with less misunderstandings. Than sugar coating the real meaning of your words. When it is sugar coated people always seem to find a way to circumvent your meaning. lolol I have been given the same COMPLIMENT……i2f…..John

  9. says

    Its a fun hobby and Jessie isn’t to crazy jealous, she knows I wouldn’t do anything behind her back. Just not my style.

    But lets face it, we guys are an easy target for the ladies. And they know it too!

    Probably why our wives and girlfriends don’t like to let us out of their site!

  10. says

    LOL, I use to tell Jessie, when I get to the Philippines you may poke my eyes out.

    I suspect the girls take a few glances here and there too. :)

    Jessie use to go girl and guy watching, but she claims she has no interest now.

    I’m a lucky guy!

  11. says

    I really look forward to that. I hope you have time for me next time. Sniff Sniff. :)

    Perhaps we’ll get to eat down at the BBQ by the bay too. I went two nights ago. Sitting right next to the water, didn’t get hot. Jessie got a little cold and wanted to change seats with me so I would block the wind from her. I think sometimes she keeps me around as I’m such a good wind blocker. :)

  12. says

    I have written a lot about Bogo City on one of my cites, http://cebuexperience.com. Sometimes I forget that I can write about it here too as I’ve covered so much of it on that site. I don’t write as much on that site now, because I’m just not a prolific as Bob. I keep telling him I’m an Arteeesst and I cannot be rushed. LOL He just says hurry up. :) Dang slave driver….

    He actually gave me the idea for this one as I was having trouble thinking of something.

    I hope you come and see Jessie and myself. I hope Bob comes back and brings Feyma. I may get a chance to meet her this month. I hope so.

    Bogo is a pretty nice place, at least I think. Not all the conveniences of Davao or Cebu City but none of the draw backs either. The only problem I have with the place is its too freaking hot for a guy my size. I use to turn my aircon off at home just to try to help get use to the heat but I’ve pretty much scratched that idea now. I do have a little portable fan I can with me now. LOL Its battery powered. Sometimes the Filipino kind of shake their head. Hey I’m a gadget freak. So is Jessie, but with her I have to watch her she’s always taking them apart!

    When Bob was up here, he was amazed at how the girls did everything they could to get his attention. I saw his because most know I’m attached now and have given up trying. one problem though, one of the “girls” was a guy! There are a lot of transvestites here and many take hormones. Sometimes they look really good. Sometimes they will try to freak me out but I just play along with them, its all in good fun.

    Before the governor brought an end to the bikini contest here a transvestite was the master of ceremonies. She came on strong to me and some of the other guys too. A friend of mine turned blood red, again I just played along and said something like, “hello honey.” She left me alone after that. LOL

    There are some awesome women in the Philippines, not just in looks but they way they treat their guys. I’m so spoiled now.

  13. says

    My next story will be about Bogo, probably an indepth look but I never know. Sometimes I start out to write what I think will be s short story and it turns into a marathon. Other times, it turns out shorter than I thought it would. I never know.

  14. says

    I’m thinking I need to get them to build a board walk so I can get you under it. hehe

    Most of the things I have to say about Bogo, I’ve already said it elsewhere but I can try though.

    I plan to start writing about my walking in Bogo if I ever stop running these fevers. I amy be cming down with that dang flu right now. Hope not.

    In what way am I Cebu kind of guy, I take that as a compliment….

  15. says

    Pictures of rental units are going to be hard to come by. I took pictures of a few a while back but they may never have been published. I’m not sure. Here are some links for Bogo City. Each one of these stories will have something about Bogo and some will be about Bogo as its central point:



    If you spent an hour and half on those two sites and couldn’t find anything about Bogo you missed it. Bogo is all over those two sites.

    I hope that helps, dude you’re a little demanding. :)

  16. says

    I’m surprised the word Bogo alone showed me near the top on Google. BOGO is an acronym for buy one get one free and a search for the word alone usually gets me advertisements on those kinds of sites. :(

  17. says

    I do understand that trash. We have it here in Bogo too, there’s one area off the wharf that is disgusting at times. People always talk about wanting to live on the beach in Cebu City or near there. Not me. When I go to Bantayan Island, I see people throwing plastic bags into the sea. I see pump boat workers throw large bags of trash into the sea even while in port at Bogo bay. It breaks my heart. Jessie complains to herself too.

    My next article will have a fiery sunset in it.

    20 years ago or more a co-worker said to me “you have an amazing way of cutting through all the BS” I don’t think he meant it as a compliment but I took it that way anyway.

    Thanks for the compliments too. :)))

  18. says

    Its just me being me.

    Its not that great of a thing socially though. People sometimes I’m putting them down or disapproving in some way. I’m not, I don’t go that far most of the time. I’m very open minded so I often am not making a judgement but others don’t see it that way. When ever I’m diplomatic, I’m surprised. LOL

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