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Welcome to Butuan City, the “Timber City” of the south.

Inland Resort ButuanThe name Timber became fashionable during the decades when logging was the main source of livelihood for many people living in the Agusan provinces. But over-exploitation and little to no attention payed to replanting tress makes many wonder whether Timber City is in fact a relevant name any longer.

Butuan City is also known as the oldest city in the Philippines, and for that reason, the city government is now trying to re-brand Butuan City as “The Ancient Kingdom”. It has been a trading hub since the 10th century, and there are many important archaeological sites found in and around the Butuan City area.

No matter what moniker is used, Butuan City, or Butuan for short, is home to approximately 300 thousand people. It is the administrative center and main hub of commerce for the Caraga Region, which covers the northeastern most provinces of Mindanao.

butuan_cityButuan is a medium-sized city. It does not have the same kinds of amenities one would find in a larger center like Manila, Cebu, or Davao, but it does have many of the amenities that other smaller cities in the Philippines may not have. There are several well-regarded post-secondary educational institutions. There are a number of hospitals and specialist clinics. There is a shopping mall. There are numerous hardware stores. There are a variety of restaurants and entertainment venues. In short, it is a very livable city. But livable to some is not livable to everyone.

There is a busy airport in Butuan that services flights from both Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines. Most flights are to Manila, but there are also flights to Cebu. Those who prefer taking the ferry can travel to and from Butuan via the seaport of Nasipit, which is a 20 minute drive from Butuan. The port of Nasipit has vessels leaving to many destinations, including Manila, Cebu, and Bohol. Driving to larger regional centers is also easy to do from Butuan. It takes approximately 4.5 hours to drive to Davao. It takes approximately 3.5 hours to drive to Cagayan de Oro. Both stretches of highway are well-paved and easy to navigate.

There are many small festivals that occur throughout the year, but the two largest in Butuan are the Kahimunon Festival and the Balanghai Festival. The Kahimunon Festival is celebrated every third Sunday of January and is similar to the Sinulog Festival in Cebu. Like the Sinulog Festival, the Kahimunon Festival celebrates the Sto. Nino. Kahimunon means ‘gathering’ in one of the local dialects, and the main activity during this festival is street dancing, with participants using colorful attire made from native designs and patterns. Participating teams of street dancers for this festival come from far and wide.

The other major festival is the Balanghai Festival. The Balanghai Festival celebrates the historical significance of the nine Balanghai boats that have been unearthed in the city. These Balanghai boats provide the strongest evidence of Butuan’s economic and cultural role in the ancient Asian maritime trade that dates back as far as the 10th century, long before the arrival of the Spanish in the Philippines. The Balanghai Festival is celebrated during the third week of May, and coincides with the feast of Butuan’s patron saint, St. Joseph. In fact, the whole month of May is loaded with events, and the city is very busy at this time, with many balikbayan’s returning home to participate each year.

Butuan has relatively few tourist attractions compared to other spots in Mindanao. The regional museum is one such site worth visiting. The beaches near the town of Carmen are also nice places to visit on the weekend.

Luckily, Butuan is located very close to other places tourists typically gravitate towards. Many visitors to Butuan take the time to go off and explore the beautiful beaches of Surigao and Siargao, or travel a short distance to visit the enchanting island of Camiguin, known as the Island Born of Fire. Surigao is only a 2 hour drive from Butuan. Getting to Camiguin involves a 2 hour drive, and a 45 minute ferry ride.

festivalThe cost of living in Butuan is not much different from many other medium-sized cities in the Philippines. House and apartment rentals tend to be fairly-priced, but purchasing land is usually a much more expensive proposition. All day-to-day living essentials can be purchased in Butuan, and more exotic or imported goods can be purchased during sporadic visits to places like Davao or Cagayan de oro. There are several major car dealerships in Butuan, along with an assortment of second-hand dealers. Appliances and furniture can be bought here at some of the more established retailers, so there is little need to bring such items from afar. The only thing really lacking in Butuan is a major mall like a Robinson’s or Shoe Mart. In the future, if such a shopping center were to open in Butuan, there would be very little reason to leave this peaceful, easy-going city.

I hope you enjoyed this brief introduction to my city, Butuan. Like many other cities in the Philippines, Butuan is a city on the rise. It is a historic city, but many of her residents believe that best is yet to come for Butuan and the Caraga region.

Hope to see you in Butuan some day!

Post Author: Martin (51 Posts)

Martin is an expat businessman based in Butuan City. Martin writes about business related topics here on LiP for those who want to engage in business here in the Philippines.

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  1. Paul says

    Hi Martin – A very interesting article, indeed! We’ll have to make room on the “To Do” list for a visit to Butuan and the northeastern part of Mindanao. Its size and tempo seems more to our liking :).

  2. says

    i once visited butuan and enjoyed my stay there. i also have a few college friends who are from that city.

    not knowing what to expect, i was pleasantly surprised with the pre-spanish history & the museum. the old church which holds a priest’s personal collection of ancient christian artifacts (including dolls & wardrobe that was saved from a supposed burning after they becomes worn out) was also a treat being a fan of history.

    lovely view of the drive from davao. we also stopped by some hiking trails & waterfalls near butuan.

    on a different note, i enjoy listening to the locals’ version of bisaya too. i find their bisaya expressions quite funny.

  3. Phil R. says

    Butuan is 68 km from my house well that’s what the sign says at the end of my driveway ..Nice to know ..i guess I’ll be coming to the city soon .abut a hour from me ..Maybe we can get together soon now that I’m settled in for the duration ..Phil n Jess

  4. Henry says

    Hi Martin,
    I’ve always wanted to visit another part of Mindanao and especially Butuan City. As my girlfriend lives in Bislig City, how far is that in terms of driving [from Butuan City]? I think Bislig has an airport, if I’m not mistaken. I don’t think I could handle that 5-6 hour bus ride to Bislig from Davao (hehehe).

  5. Erika says

    Hi Martin. I noticed you mentioned Carmen as a nearby attraction. I stayed there in April at the Kimberrey (formerly Kimberley) Resort. As you say, it’s a nice place to relax. I enjoyed walking on the beach, reading in a hammock and eating good food. Their cook is really good. I also took a trek up the road to “Jurassic Park”, a swimming resort. The resort is built into the hill/cliff and the water is clear blue. They have several different swimming areas to choose from and it’s a great place to spend the day (or night–I believe you can rent a room for the night). Unfortunately, I did not get to spend much time in Butuan as I was just passing through to get to other parts of Mindanao. I did, however, find some used books on sale for only 20 pesos at Gaisano!

  6. Randall Jessup says

    Hi Martin,

    Great article about your city Butuan. I’m hoping to visit there next year and have a look around. As you know my wife was in Butuan last month. I think she preferred the bright lights and shopping of the bigger cities of Cebu and Davao.

    I have a suggestion for your small business profiles in Mindanao series of articles. My wife mentioned that an Australian man has set up a water purification / bottling business in the Town of Mainit which is on the northern tip of Lake Mainit. If you’re ever travelling to Surigao City it’s worth the side trip to see my wife’s hometown of Mainit. It’s a surprisingly nice place.

  7. dan2vero says

    Hello Martin,

    Butuan City sounds great to me, and I plan on visiting there. Rose and I have a friend that lives there in Butuan City,and owns a internet cafe,that does quite well. It must be doing well, because she has expanded it twice now.
    Maybe we’ll see you when we get the chance to go….ingatz!!

    Salamat kaayo,
    Danny :)

  8. says

    Martin – For some reason or the other, I just now caught the fact that you’re in Butuan. My wife is from there, but neither of us has been back to the RP since 1998. Life just keeps getting in the way it seems. We’ve got to young ones nows too, so all the more life. :-)

    From what bit we’ve been told, things have certainly changed in many ways there. Still hard to find on-line resources for businesses there, though I’m sure there are many that I’m not finding.

  9. says

    martin i think the deal of the robinsons mall and the calo famialy was already done, meaning robinsons has already acquired the area of the calo family for the future robinsons mall. this is located near the aneco and the otis mall area. now it is a rice paddy. i think once the malls they are constructin in laoag city and general santos city are finished, they will start constructing the mall here in butuan . pls check the wiki on robinsons malls, butuan is already listed for future development. no news yet if sm city will follow also.

  10. says

    i think if robinsons enters butuan the existing mall now, gaisano mall, will improve thier facilities and servcies, it doesnt have any competition kasi kaya the services is so-so , the mallgoers will then have the chance to choose where to spend their afternoons, , now we dont have any choice but gaisano mall

  11. says

    sir martin somebody told me that u own and manage true brew is that right , true brew is really great, my friends feom cebu, davao and manila like to have cofee there

  12. ann says

    Hi Martin,

    I am really happy to know that there is a foreigner that lives in Butuan City. If you don’t mind me asking what of part butuan do you guys live? We have a house in Ma-on, it’s within the city proper, and I’m not really familiar with whole city because I live outside the country and didn’t really grow up there, our roots originated from Davao Oriental, but that’s where my family relocated, so we built a house there.

    I hope for our next visit we will be able to meet you and your wife. Actually, as I write this comment I told my husband that there are foreigners that lives in Butuan, he has only been in butuan once… I hope one day we will retire in the Philippines, after I convince him that’s its ok to retire in Mindanao and there’s a lot of expats that live in that area…

    Maayong Adlaw!

  13. Michael Embry says

    Hello All,

    I will be visiting Butuan on 14 Oct 2009. This will be my first visit and I plan on staying 21 days. Any suggestions on places to stay and visit? Eat?

  14. Allan says

    Hi Martin, I will Be in Butuan From Oct 21-24 2009, If you are in the area i wold love to be able to meet with you, and drop by your shop (True Brew Coffee) ? meting another Canadian in Butuan would be a nice tie to home. Maybe i could drop an email or a call to you when i arrive?, email me back let me know,

    Best regards,

  15. Martin says

    Hi Michael,

    I’m just curious — why is it that you want to move to the Philippines to make a living? Making a living or starting a business are means to an end. Trying to do so in a foreign country with a different business environment is a challenge.

    I find it is always helpful to break problems down into components and deal with them step-by step. If earning a living in the Philippines is a means to an end, maybe you need to start by figuring out where you are now, where you want to be, and whether being in the Philippines has anything to do with this.

    I’m not trying to sound negative, I just don’t know anything about your situation, so it is impossible for me to offer any insights to such a broad question as you have posed.

    I hope you understand.

  16. Martin says

    Hi Dianne,

    I have never come across a car rental company in Butuan. There are vehicles with driver for rent on a daily basis, but no self-drive vehicles like you might expect from Hertz or National or Avis. Many of the vehicles with driver that are for hire can be found at the airport. The prices are not exactly cheap, and you will need to pay for the fuel as well. Some drivers and their vehicles can also be found in front of the Almont City Hotel near the plaza.

    Hope this was helpful.

    • Jeff D. says

      Hi Martin,

      Do you know if there are van/s (with driver) for rent during HOLY WEEK from Butuan airport going to SURIGAO? I hope you can help me find out. And if possible would you know how much? Maraming salamat!

  17. says

    hi martin,
    nice to hear from you living in butuan city,,, you are most welcome in my home city.our barrio belong to butuan city,,named taligaman,where i was born. myself and my son were there for 12 weeks last summer,nearly everyday we were in the city gallavanting with friends and family..
    i am now back in ireland, as i married a loving, caring irish husband
    and we hope next time we will be backed in butuan, we will see each other.
    maayong buntag,

  18. Paul Smith says

    Hi Martin
    I will be making my third trip from teh UK to Butuan in July, 10, and will be staying for a month, I can certainly echo your sentiments of the city I love it. I am planning on spendding the first week at Dotties, then may stay with my wifes family for a few days then go to Camigan before my sister in laws wedding at the Cathedral on 28th July. We are then going to fly to Bahol (via Cebu) before returning to Butuan for a few days before having to depart, perhaps we could call into your shop while we are there.

    • Martin says

      Hi Paul,

      Thanks for sharing your post. I’m sure you’ll have plenty of time to visit your favourite spots when you return in July. Hopefully we’ll have a chance to meet up when you return this summer.


  19. Rhon Ferrari says

    Hey Guys Im planning to stay for good in Butuan City. But Imnot pretty sure how much is house for rent for 4 bedrooms and 3 bath. I dont really want to jump and buy a house yet. Do you think $2000 dollaRS /MONTH WILL SUBSIDIZE SPENIDING FOR 4 ADULTS.

  20. ligan says

    hi martin,

    im very grateful that there someone esp. a canadian national who has the heart and deep concern of my hometown..BUTUAN your great !!!

  21. anne says

    Hi martin!

    I am going to be living near the city for a few months soon and i have been desperately trying to find a decent fitness center which preferably offers yoga classes. Do you know of any? I’d appreciate your help.


  22. Donny says

    Hello Martin,

    My name is Donny and currently I am living in the US with plans to move to the Philippines.
    The reason why I am writing to you is because I have full intentions to start a business or 2 once there. My Fiancee’s home town is Butuan City and I love it there myself. If you have ideas or interests about starting a business I would appreciate some insight. I believe I will make the move before the end of this year.
    My Fiancee and I also have plans to marry almost as soon as I arrive in the Philippines. We have known each other for almost 4 years now. I tried the Fiancee Visa route with no avail. I was injured and that caused my financial status to be less than what is needed to move my Fiancee here to the states.
    I look forward with great anticipation to live in the Philippines. I have been there several times with great visits each time. Truly good people live there. My Fiancee’s family love me as one of their own and I couldn’t be happier about that.
    Anyways, I would appreciate some inside advice concerning businesses in Butuan. I hope to hear from you soon.

    Thanks in advance,

  23. Karen says

    a little late on the comment but i’v only stumbled across this now… best place to eat has to be wiggols!! check it out if ye visit ppl, their special sauce is amazing!!

  24. Donny says

    Hello again Martin,
    I’m not sure if you were able to respond to my inquiry concerning starting a business in Butuan City. Anyways here’s a quick brief concerning my questions…
    I plan on moving to Butuan once I have everything finished here in the states. I’m curious as to the businesses flourishing in Butuan and what they may be. I hope to help the local economy by creating jobs. Being the Christian that I am, I’m all about helping others.
    My Fiancee is from Butuan City and I have known her for almost 4 years. We plan on getting married soon after I move there.
    If you have any insight as to what would best suit the economy concerning a new business and helping to put people of Butuan to work please let me know.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Thanks, Donny.

  25. anita says

    does anybody here who knows traveling by land from manila to butuan? how many days of travel? coz im planning to trip by land with my car..

  26. says

    Hi Martin

    I wonder if you could tell me which are the better areas to look into for purchasing a quality property for a foreigner in Butuan. I am looking for a quiet and peaceful place with security and some amenities within the subdivision.


  27. john culbreth says

    Wow, when did you guys move to Butuan and why?! I did not think you would ever move from Davao. My current GF lives in Butuan, so I should be seeing you in 2013. Hope that the family is well.

    • says

      Hi John. Nice to hear from you, it has been quite a while. We have not moved, we still live in Davao. I think you did not notice that I did not write this article. It was written by a Canadian who lives in Butuan. His first name is the same as my last name.

  28. Martin says

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for dropping by! When people ask me about Butuan, I usually say ‘it’s not quite big, but not quite small’. For some that’s a good thing. For others it’s not to their liking at all. There are many who prefer the bright lights and big city. And then there are others who prefer a much more isolated or secluded lifestyle. Butuan offers neither of those possibilities. It really is a medium sized city that is ideal for people who don’t like the problems of big cities but want some creature comforts not found in really remote places.


  29. Martin says

    Hi Macky,

    I’m glad you enjoyed your time in Butuan! Yes, for history and archaeology fans, Butuan has lots of things to discover. The regional museum is very good. Many private collections held by families in Butuan are also worthwhile taking a look at if you can arrange for such viewings.

    There are some small waterfalls and even a small hot spring located near Butuan. These sights are not developed at all, so finding them really does require a local to help you get to the places of interest. There are even operators providing tours of Lake Mainit these days — if my memory serves me correct, it is the second largest lake in the Philippines. So, yes, there are sights near and around Butuan that really are quite nice for day-trips.

    Speaking of local dialect, Butuanon is a local dialect which is a bit different from Bisaya, but very close. And Surigaonon too, has a slightly different sound to it as well. But Bisaya is the lingua franca in these parts, so if you know some Bisaya, you’ll fit in fine.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences on your trip to Butuan.

  30. Martin says

    Hi Phil,

    Yes, your homestead isn’t that far from Butuan! My wife made a trip to CDO yesterday, so she probably drove by or very near to your place. She reported that there seems to be lots of road re-surfacing going on in and around Gingoog these days. It should make for an even smoother drive in the near future.

    It will be good to see you some time in the future. There is a nice group of expats who meet every Friday, so if you choose to visit on a Friday, you can meet some other folks who live in and around the Butuan area. Most guys here are retired and look forward to visiting on Fridays with other people from abroad who have also made the Philippines their full-time or semi-permanent home. A handful of really great guys live in Nasipit, which is probably only a 30 minute drive from Gingoog. Gongoog is also near Carmen, where there are some really nice snorkeling and diving spots, not to mention some of the sweetest mangoes in the Philippines!

    OK, take care, Phil!

  31. Erika says

    Hi Henry. Bislig is the hometown of a very good friend. She says the airport shut down completely 2 years ago. You can take the Bachelor bus or a van to and from the airports at Butuan or Davao. We took the Bachelor bus from Butuan–going there it took us about 6 hours because the bridge at Hinatuan was down. With the bridge more or less repaired, it took us about 4.5 hours going back to Butuan. The bus ride really isn’t that bad–just take some good company and some yummy snacks and you are set. Give it a try.

  32. Martin says

    Hi Henry,

    I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that 6 hour bus ride from Davao to Bislig is shorter than the bus ride from Butuan to Bislig.

    Bislig has/had an airport/airstrip. It was in use many years ago when the PICOP timber company was going strong. Many of the exec’s used the airstrip if I am not mistaken. But today, I think it is either the bus or the boat if you want to go to Bislig.

    If you do decide to take the bus, I think it will head north from Davao to Trento, and then I think it cuts across out east towards Bislig. I have only been to Bislig once before, and that was via Tandag along the coastal route. There are some really nice beaches in Surigao del Sur, but it is not easy getting there.

    If you’re up for an adventure, hit the highway and enjoy, Henry! I think the coastline and beaches might make the trip worthwhile.

    Good luck!

  33. Martin says

    Hi Erika,

    Thanks for giving Henry some up-to-date info on the roads leading to Bislig. I’m glad they repaired the road, as the last time I took it, it was not at all an easy ride. Sounds much better now!


  34. Henry says

    Hi Erika,
    Thanks for the info! I will certainly consider this as I prepare for a return trip to the Philippines come April 2010. I just wish I was returning sooner than later.

  35. Martin says

    Hi Erika,

    Yes, those are the places that come to mind when I was writing about the beaches in and around Carmen. I agree, Jurassic Park is a great place for a day trip. The snorkeling in particular is very nice. I’m glad you found some good used books. One of the big things lacking in Butuan is a book retailer of any sort — used or new. Hopefully you’ll have more time to explore Butuan in the future.


  36. says

    Hi Martin and Henry – You are right, Martin. From Davao, the bus turns off the highway near Trento and takes some pretty rough roads to Bislig (dirt all the way, and very bad dirt roads). People often ask me if it is safe. I tell them that it is safe as far as rebels and such, but the only question is if your kidneys can handle the bumps! 😆

    A much easier ride to Bislig is to go further north on the highway to San Francisco, Agusan del Sur, then cut over to the coast from there, then back south to Bislig. It’s longer, but doesn’t take any longer, because the roads are better. Unfortunately, though, if you are on a bus, you have to follow the route that they take, and that’s the kidney killer route!

  37. Martin says

    Hi Bob,

    I can’t argue with your description! My lower back was pretty beaten up from all the bumps! And I was on a non-aircon bus, so it was very dusty too. I looked like I had a fine coat of flour all over me when I got off the bus. My seat-mate next to me was a fellow who was transporting his fighting cock with him. The cock sat on the floor next to me, right beside my open-toed sandals. Ha Ha Ha! I worried the whole trip that the rooster was going to bite one of my toes. Ha Ha Ha!


  38. Henry says

    Hi Martin and Bob,

    I guess there’s no easy (and less painful) way for me to travel to Bislig, eh? I was hoping to surprise my girlfriend by coming to her city. If all fails, I’ll have to settle with our “regular” accommodations in Davao City.

  39. Martin says

    Hi Henry,

    Yeah, it’s a tough call. I think on the one hand you would surprise her very much with the effort of traveling to Bislig, but on the other hand you would have much better accommodations and dining in Davao. Not to mention shopping. It all depends on how much time and adventure you’ll have and want on your next visit to Mindanao. Just be smarter than me and wear shoes or boots instead of sandals if you do ride the bus. Ha Ha Ha!

    Take care, Henry!

  40. Erika says

    Henry- I hope you get the chance to surprise your girlfriend. Just be sure not to mention her name when traveling towards Bislig. It’s a very small town and everyone going that direction seems to know each other.

  41. Erika says

    Martin- I don’t know what the road was like when you went, but it is still pretty bumpy. My friend just noticed one mistake I made–you catch the Bachelor bus or van at the Bus Terminals in Butuan or Davao not the airport. You can take a jeepney or a taxi to the Bus terminal from the airport in Butuan. Oh and the taxi drivers didn’t follow or call after us once we told them we didn’t need them. I’ve never seen that here in Manila. The snack vendors on the bus were also much less pushy. Quite a change from Manila and the other touristy spots I’ve been. I am sure I will be back in Butuan and look forward to exploring it more. The only question is when.

  42. Martin says

    Hi Randall,

    Thanks for your comments! Yes, your wife is right about the difference in size between Butuan and places like Davao and Cebu. That difference in size generally means more shopping, housing, etc. I think when you visit and do a tour of different places you will find that to be pretty accurate.

    Lake Mainit is a very picturesque lake. I will be passing by it today as a matter of fact — I’m off to Surigao for the day and will drive along the eastern shore. The trip between Butuan and Surigao is a pleasant one, and only takes a couple of hours. The highlight for me is looking out at Lake Mainit from the tallest ridge when traveling from Butuan to Surigao. It’s very pretty, and the lake seems to go on for miles (which it does!).

    There are a number of foreigners who are in the water business. I also know of a Canadian who is in the water business here in Agusan del Norte. I think it is a tough business to be in given all the businesses that have opened up over the past few years. Competition is definitely fierce!

    OK, thanks again for sharing, Randall. Hope to see you when you visit Butuan in the future.


  43. Martin says

    Hi Danny,

    I do hope you get a chance to visit your friend in Butuan. I’m usually in town, but not always. Please drop me a line before you do visit and I’d be happy to meet up with you for coffee.

    The internet cafe business is a tricky one. Your friend must have a good location(s), and perhaps was one of the early birds when she opened. I’ve noticed that the businesses that have survived were ones close to colleges/universities, and they built up their clientele long before other cafe’s started popping up everywhere like mushrooms. It’s a tough business, especially since the average hourly rate is P15/hr.

    Have a great weekend!

  44. Martin says

    Hi Bill,

    Yes, I’m based in Butuan. There have been many changes that have taken place since you were last here. In many ways, life gets better every year in Butuan. More and more services and shops have opened in the city. Unfortunately you are correct in pointing out that there are few online resources for Butuan.

    Hopefully you’ll get a chance to return and visit in the future and see the changes for yourself.


  45. says

    Hi Martin,

    Yes, we do hope to one day get a chance to return. I’ve had some illness that has made it difficult as well. We’re working through that one day at a time however, so we’ll see how things go.

  46. Martin says

    Hi Romel,

    Thanks for sharing. It sure would be nice if Robinson’s pushes through with any expansion plans to Butuan. I frequently shop at Robinson’s in CDO, so it would be much more convenient if there was one in Butuan. A Robinson’s department store and supermarket would be a really nice addition to the current retail mix in Butuan.


  47. Martin says

    Hi Rey,

    Yes, Butuan has several gym’s for those who are into weights, training, and fitness in general. I can think of three off the top of my head. There are also other venues like martial arts studios that are not gym’s in particular, but offer programs like Tae Kwan Do, etc.

    Thanks for asking.

  48. Martin says

    Hi Romel,

    Yes, I agree, a Robinson’s mall in Butuan would be very good for the overall retail mix in the city. As you point out, there is only the Gaisano mall at the moment. The arrival of Gaisano has had a very negative effect on many retailers in the city center, so I suspect a Robinson’s mall would only worsen this. But for shoppers, having a choice of malls would hopefully result in competition to improve services, products available, etc.

    Thanks for sharing!

  49. Phil R. says

    hey Martin can you send me a phone number and address so I can come for a visit some time ..I would very much like to see you …maybe this friday ..if your not to busy….thanks Phil n Jess

  50. Martin says

    Hi Phil,

    I sent you an email with my cell number and address. Looking forward to seeing you this Friday!


  51. Martin says

    Hi Romel,

    Yes, you can find me most days at True Brew! I’m glad to hear your friends like to visit True Brew when they visit Butuan. If you happen to visit and see me, please be sure to say ‘hi’.


  52. Martin says

    Hi Ann,

    Thanks for dropping by! I think you’d be happy to know there are quite a few people from different countries that make Butuan their home. There is a quite diverse mix of nationalities that have taken up full-time or semi-permanent residence in the Butuan City area. Europeans, Japanese, Americans, Canadians, Australians, and Taiwanese are all here in small to large numbers.

    Hope to see you and your husband in Butuan some day!

  53. Martin says

    Hi Michael,

    There are a number of places to stay and go out and eat in Butuan. Everything depends on your budget I suppose. Many people coming to Butuan like staying at Dotties Place and Almont Inland Resort. Both are nice, and start at about US$35 a night. Cheaper options exist of course.

    As for food, there are many places, both local to Butuan and more national in scope. There are places like McDonalds, Pizza Hut, etc. There are also local restaurants that serve Filipino foods. There are also coffee houses and a few nightspots too. I don’t think you’ll have too much trouble finding someplace to stay of eat.

    Drop by and see me at True Brew Coffee if you have the time.


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