Where I Live, I'm not Entirely Sure…

Bogo City, a “city” with an identity crisis.  Is it a city or is it a town?  Two years ago, Bogo Town became Bogo City.  A special law had to be passed though as Bogo and several other municipalities were converted to cities even though they didn’t meet the income requirement of P100 million.  Bogo City is at only P50 million.  Once the exemption was granted for these cities, Bogo held a vote and the residents overwhelmingly voted to convert to a city and that was it, Bogo was now Bogo City. The vote was something like 97% in favor.

Golden Sunset, Bay of Bogo
Golden Sunset, Bay of Bogo

Bogo City Politics

In the Philippines, there is a pot of money that gets divided between all the cities in the country.  So, the other cities were now getting a smaller cut.  You can imagine how well that went over with the other cities.  The cities that did meet the requirements filed suit.  They held the law exempting the cities was unconstitutional.  The Supreme Court of the Philippines agreed.

The losing cities filed for reconsideration twice.  Both times the cities lost but with a close 4-5  vote, I think that was the way the vote came out.  There was only a difference of one.  The cities were talking about filing again but I read an article that indicated the Philippine Supreme Court would not entertain another reconsideration request.

The biggest impact for me is that Bogo City was planning on using the extra funds to develop a diving location just outside the city.  The mayor has said that is in jeopardy.  I don’t dive now, but I plan on joining the San Remigio Beach Club and take lessons there.  It will probably be another year before I can do that, if I can pass the physical.   I’m sure I  can find a doctor to make that happen but I don’t want to do that if it is really dangerous for me.

Bogo is Still a City?

Bogo is not accepting this very well.  Last month, it came time to celebrate the city obtaining its charter.  Last year there was a massive celebration on the first year anniversary.  I wondered if they would have another celebration this year.  It was scaled back a bit.  The fireworks were nowhere the same level they were last year, but that might have been because of the decreased funding.

Still they did hold the celebration and there was a banner in the town plaza that proclaimed the “Bogo is Still A City.”  Its hard to get hard news about the city.  There is no local paper, at least not one that is in English.  I don’t think there is one in Cebuano either.  Bogo has a lot of papers here though and a lot in Cebuano.  I would like to start one myself but I can’t do that without the help of local people and they don’t seem to be willing to risk that!  Too easy to make someone angry and that could go badly.

Bogo still a city though? Jessie said that perhaps the mayor is having a hard time accepting that Bogo is no longer a city.

Since the mayor says its still a city, I will call it a city too.  I’m sure they will eventually get it back.  Cities are required to have income of P100 million but Bogo has only P50 million so it has a way to go.  I wonder if everyone paid their taxes, they might reach that now.

Official Vigilante Group in Bogo?

We have a multi-cab  (a small truck like a Ford Ranger in the USA) that is marked as the Bogo Anti Crime Task Force that makes itself well known.  Seems like a great idea.  It usually has quite a few men in the back of it.  From time to time one can see it racing to some place in Bogo with the red lights flashing.

A few months back, I read an article where some authority, I think the Ombudsman for the Visayas but it might have been the PNP Chief, issued an order that demanded the Bogo City police chief provide closer supervision of the group.  The article indicated it was a vigilante group but at the same time it was put together under multi-agency funding.  The Philippine National Police was one of the funding agencies.  Perhaps that was limited to buying the truck.  It wasn’t very clear.  Not enough details in the article.

The article stated that there were accusations of the planting of evidence and harassment of those opposing some of the in power officials in Bogo.   It was also claimed that the group included wanted felons and convicted felons and the use of improper firearms or unregistered firearms.   The police chief was ordered to arrest those individuals!

Since that article, we have a new police chief, I don’t know why we have a new one or if it was related to that.  I don’t know what happened but there are fewer men associated with the task force now.  They were always friendly to me.  I always waved or spoke when I passed them on the street.

Since I’ve lived here, I’ve seen only a few instances of crime.  One involved a jail break from the PNP jail here.  One of those prisoners was killed on recapture in Daan Bantayan town just north of Bogo.  The other one was someone broke into a home of an older woman while she was in her home.  He was captured, the little old lady chased him down the street while yelling for help.

Firey Sundset at The Bay In Bogo City
Fiery Sunset at The Bay In Bogo City

Someone did kill my first monkey which I reported to the police just in case there was more trouble.  I know I sure had to fight the urge to cause trouble if I could have found out who did it.  I think now though it was probably a kid.

Just last month, someone stole the brass fixtures from my front porch.  They broke it right out of the masonry.  Not a big deal but I was afraid they might come back and steal the cage that houses my monkey.  The broke out only a small piece of it and our neighbors said they would be back to get the rest.  Our land lady came by, took the rest out and had someone repair it the next morning.  I was on alert for a few days but we had no more issues.

That’s the kind of crime we mostly have in Bogo.  I know of nothing serious here in the year and a couple of months that I’ve lived here.  You can even walk down the street using  your cell phone.  Something you’d be crazy to do in Cebu City.  This Bogo City anti-crime task force is a curious thing..

The Lighter Side Of Bogo

Careful Mr. American how you pronounce that.  If you pronounce it like an American, you may be telling someone they are stupid.  One pronunciation means dull.  :-)  I had that happen at a bus terminal.  They were about to get angry with me until he figured out what I was trying to say!

The Cleanest and The Greenest

Bogo City has earned the distinction of being the cleanest and greenest city or town in the Philippines.  It has earned this distinction three years in a row!

Bogo is located in Northern Cebu along the Bay of Bogo.  Much of the city runs along the waters edge.  One of the nicest things I ever saw here was a guy sitting on the sea wall, playing his guitar with a group of banca (boats)  in the background.

smiling Pinoy Playing Guitar at the Bay
Smiling Pinoy Playing Guitar at the Bay

Last week I wrote about the Wharf on Bogo Bay and I can’t write about Bogo without talking about the wharf.  This picture screams Bogo to me.  Friendly happy Filipino.


I take a lot of pictures down in that area.  I just can’t help it, its such a beautiful place.  I didn’t think the picture above would come out well as they were quite close.  It turned out to be one of the best.  Just a quick snap shot.

The Catholic Church, Saint Vincent Ferrer Parish sits  in the heart of Bogo City, I can see it from my bedroom window and I can hear its bells ringing at 3:30am.  :-)  It doesn’t bother me, it rarely wakes me up.  Sometimes I know I’ve stayed up to late when I hear the bells calling people to worship.  To worship for Mass Of The Rooster.

Bogo has a diverse religious scene.  I live next door to a baptist church.  There are three more protestant churches very close to me.  Down by Bogo City Hall there are several more churches.  There are two Jehovah Witness Kingdom Halls in the area, one just around the corner from my home.

St. Vincent Ferrer in Bogo City
St. Vincent Ferrer in Bogo City

My favorite scene in Bogo is that of Jessie sitting on the dock of the bay with me.  Trying to get her to smile for a camera is hard.  So I just keep trying.

Jessie at the Dock in Bogo City
Jessie at the Dock in Bogo City

St. Vincent Ferrer Festival

The major festival in Bogo is the Saint Vincent Ferrer Festival.  It runs the entire month of May but most of the activity is the 27th and the last day.  Due to bad luck and timing, I’ve been unable to participate very much in that.  It is a huge event though.  A month before the event, my seamstress stopped taking new orders!  She was too swamped with orders for costumes for the festival.

There are several other smaller festivals during the year.  There seems to always be a barangay or barrio festival going on each week of the year.  That’s probably not completely accurate but it does seem that way.

Bogo City Night Life

Most of the night life also happens down at the wharf..  There is a disco, several videoke bars and my favorite, the BBQ by the bay.  On the other side of town, near the public market they have opened a second BBQ.  It too is near the bay but at the beginning of the bay.  There is also an area that  some refer to as “The Sin Strip.”  More videoke bars with lots of girls looking to entertain you.

Happy Times at the Bay of Bogo
Happy Times at the Bay of Bogo

We followed this gathering up with a trip to the disco.  I have not gone there in quite sometime but I’m thinking about going tonight.

There is far more to say about Bogo than really fits into a single article.  I had a hard time choosing pictures.  There’s so many to choose from and so many words to write.

One thing I really like about Bogo is that it is so close to Bantayan Island and Malapascua Island.  Outside of the smog and congestion and rush of Cebu City yet close enough to get to Cebu City via the buses and if you have your own private transportation, you can get there faster.  As many of you know I’m a big fan of Bantayan Island, sometimes I think I should stop writing about it as it being a secret is a huge part of its attraction.  I have not been to Malapascua as it is geared more to diving than beaches.  It is however consider one of the best diving locations in the world.  Many come just to see the shy Thresher Shark.

The only down side I can think about Bogo City is that shopping is limited.  As a guy that pretty much despises walking around a mall looking at things I can’t buy, that isn’t an issue at all for me.  Its not uncommon for me to avoid Cebu City for four months at a time.

Sometimes I think of moving to a mountain town as the temperatures are much cooler.  Baguio has become expensive and is the rainiest city in the Philippines.  Valencia has a lower cost of living but is a hot spot for dengue.

I could live here forever.

Bogo seems to offer the life style I enjoy.  Laid back and I find it easy to entertain myself especially with a camera in hand.  Jessie was against moving here until we visited Bogo and then she fell in love with the place.  That love deepened on our first visit to the Bay of Bogo.  As we were waiting at the BBQ she said “I could live here forever.”

I love to hear from you so please comment!


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Rusty Ferguson is an American Expat living in Bogo, Cebu.

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  1. queeniebee says

    Hey neighbor, I love Bogo too. I have to laugh when you say that shopping is limited–you’d go nuts where we are. One thing that you didn’t mention is the great fish market, with the reputation of being the best in all of Cebu. The people there are very friendly and take pride in their seafoods. We’ve gotten all kinds of beautiful fish, crabs and especially wonderful seaweed varieties. Also, I’ve gotten a lot of nice orchids in Bogo, at cheaper prices than Cebu City. A lot of people have nice gardens and flowers there, and going up into the hilly areas, you see a lot of palm tree varieties that you won’t see in other places.It is very green. Hope you and Jessie enjoy and stay a long while.

  2. Paul says

    Hi Rusty – Bogo looks like a place to visit (for me, the provincial lifestyle draws me to residence). In Ilocos Norte, the “City” of Batac is having the same “can’t meet the P100M” probelm, reverting back to a town. Lots of hard feelings over that, including the natural distrust of Tagalogs by Ilocanos.

    So many places to see, so little time! 😉

  3. roy says

    Great pic of Jesse w/ her back bathe in the late afternoon glow. I can imagine the wharf as he hub of social scene in Bogo. It would be wonderful if you could take pictures of seafood catch in the market. But that would make you get up early. BTW, Rusty, what brought you to Bogo? It’s bec of you that I get to know of Bogo. Years ago, I tried to go to Bantayan but nixed the idea. I went to Badian instead. Nice post Rusty.

  4. dan2vero says

    Kamusta ka Rusty,

    Bogo City sounds great to me Rusty, I can’t wait to visit there myself. I am sure Rose will like it there as well for a visit that is, Maasin City is where we will be for a while. I too am very interested in learning how to dive, just never found the time to get certified for it. About 25 years ago, I worked for a man who did just that and he even offered to give me lessons for free, just would have to buy some equipment, and I turned him down because I was too busy..lol. Wish I had now though…we have some great dive sites near where I will be living as well in Southern Leyte, but I love the way you describe Bogo as well, and would love to see it for myself. Will have to come and try some of that BBQ down by the bay with you all.
    Oh and tell Jessie, she has a killer smile and the camera loves her, she needs to smile more for us here at LiP..:)

    Take care my friend,
    Danny :)

  5. John Rodgers says


    Take a warm jacket to Baguio. It can get pretty chilly in that area. Reminds me of home on the S.F. Bay.

    You keep making Bogo sound like a spot to stop. I remember somewhere along the road from Cebu to the northern tip. I saw a bunch of mast from sailboats. Can you give me any information on that? If memory serves me right it was just before Bogo, and by the way. How do you pronounce Bogo?……i2f….John

  6. David S. says

    Thanks for sharing your impressions of Bogo Rusty. What’s the cost of living there? How would it compare to say Davao or Cebu City? Is there an abundance of decent rental properties available? Are there any colleges or universities near the city? You mentioned a lack of good medical facilities. Care to elaborate? Have you found any good doctors locally? How far is it to the nearest metropolitan area (approx 200’000+ population)? Have you been able to find most of the goods you need locally or do you have to make pilgrimages to larger cities to complete your shopping list?

  7. says

    hi, we have a property over looking the ocean in tayud consolation Cebu our neighbor is a monastery . we can view the planes landing at mactan island. it is so peaceful and we have another property 5 minutes walk from that one that overlooks the rolling hills and nothing but green country and goats and carabao grazing in the valley below us!thats where i plan to grow old at!

  8. brian says

    HHmmmm next trip will have to check out bogo , you make it sound interesting. I’ve been from suthern tipp of cebu up to moalbol, cebu but have yet to go very far north.
    also: Valencia has a lower cost of living but is a hot spot for dengue.
    Rusty are you refering to Velencia located by Dumaguette?

  9. says

    Hi Rusty. Should I assume that it is hot there,much like Cebu? Do you have air con in the house? Sounds like you are looking for higher areas, for cooler climate. Are their mountainous areas that one can escape to for climate,close to you. I have some trouble walking too far. Are their taxi & trikes handy there? Otherwise sounds great, & maybe the heat just takes some getting used to, unless it is too extreme. Thanks Guy

  10. says

    Thanks Rusty, Sounds like you are getting it figured out. Thanks for the info. I think I’ll have to have a look for myself. I should be booting around there in a couple of monthes. Thanks Again. Guy

  11. says

    hi rusty,
    i haven’t been to bogo but it is my grandfather’s hometown before they move to mindanao after world war II. thanks for writing about the place and hopefully i will be able to visit and meet my relatives there. by the way, my grandfather’s name is Anastacio Alburo. i was told there are lots of Alburo’s down there. if you happen to meet one, say hello for me.

    yours truly,
    melanie alburo

  12. Ernest says

    I never thought that the english translation of “Misa de Gallo” would sound so silly. Great article there rusty. By the way i used to live in a small town(San Pedro, Laguna) that is so close to Metro Manila. I used to live in Laguna. Not much beach swimming there but lots of hot springs. And the agriculture products. Silly me, i’ve been living here for almost 30 years and i don’t know much about the place.

  13. John says


    Bogo City sounds like a wonderful place to live! Also, a story about you and Jessie sounds even more interesting.

    Great Article!

  14. erik cable says


    You got talent
    the photos are top notch
    I am a problem (more tan one)
    but where can I buy a cigar in CARCAR ?
    its a town south of cebu I think ?

  15. janice says

    hi im from bogo too.. live not far from the city hall hehehe maybe that old woman is my neighbor waaaaaaaaaa im in australia at the moment for a holiday…will be going home on september…i enjoy reading ur website its fun and my hubby likes to buy a boat maybe i can get some news here…thanks

    • Trevor says

      Hi, I’m trying to find a lost friend named Janice I met in Bogo Cebu about 5 years ago. I hope to return to the philippines in September and thinking about going back to Bogo. it’s a long shot that it’s you, but maybe you could help me find her? Bogo’s a lovely place but it was a bit quiet 5 years ago.

  16. says

    wow its amizing that place,i was there since when im still a baby till i graduate college in cebu but after that i move to singapore to get my business ad. diploma till i get married to a malaysian citizen.so now my home in malaysia which is ,im so happy when i saw your publish about my home town,now is already city.

  17. joy says

    hi there.. i enjoy reading your website so much.. i get a lot more infos there about the city of bogo than anywhere else i’ve searched into.. me & my hubby lives here in daanbantayan which is an hour and a half away from Bogo City by bus, but we can get there in 35minutes by riding our bikes.. we are looking forward to moving down there, but we are met with the problem of finding a good but cheap place to rent (I’m kuripot, so I’m staying away from the rental advertisements in the internet that goes up to as high as 35K/month.. whew!.. that’s a little bit too much for me.. :-) ).. so i hope you can help us a little bit by recommending any place or area there, where we can start searching for a house to rent… thanks a lot and more power to you.. I’m hoping to be able to meet you & Jessie someday… I’m just as camera shy as she is, so i think we’ll get along just fine.. thanks for your time.. :-)

  18. jimmy says

    was in bogo in september with my fiancee who comes from there stayed at nalion resort had agreat time there very nice and quite place and the people there are very friendly i am returning in december for afew weeks

  19. says

    Found your blog as I was doing research on the Philippines as a possible final retirement location. Currently, I live and work in Indonesia, but eventually I may need to leave when .if the job goes away. I’m considering both Philippines and Thailand as low-cost areas (I will have to live on my Social Security retirement income). Was wondering about a few things that maybe you can help with. 1. Are their inexpensive rentals available near the beach? Is there a good beach? I like to fish from shore – is this possible? You say shopping in Bogo City is limited – I assume that does not apply to food and household necessities? Do you find access to Manila satisfactory? I ask because I have VA healthcare and know there’s a VA hospital in Manila. Thanks for any advice you can provide.

  20. says

    One other thing: how is the Internet service there, aside from the usual outages? Do you have broadband or dialup? Or worse, nothing?

  21. Robert and Jovelyn Smith says

    Hello Rusty: Thanks for the great read. Reall enjoyed it all. My wife and I wanted to move there but she was too close to having our fist baby at that time. Sjr is expected to labor sometime near the end of October….I wanted to take the opportunity to ask if anyone knows of a house that could be rented there in bogo..or anyone with any information that would kead us in that direction/ I am not rich but could afford to rent something decent, if it could be found between 8 to 12 per month range.

    Hope you continue to write about you observations and share with all your readers you good insights!

    Most kindly,

    Robert and Jpvelyn

  22. Robert and Jovelyn Smith says

    Hi Everyone: Ford anyonehave a lead on a house for rent in Bogo?

    Would like to hear from you


  23. says

    I think I don’t know enough about fish to know how good it is. :)

    No transportation so I’ve not been up in the hilly areas. Yeah there is a lot of things I could talk about. There are a lot of skilled bonsai masters here. And there are a lot of flowers you are right about that. I figured most of the Philippines is like that. They are every where.

    There appears to be a butterfly season too. For a couple of weeks they were every where last month. Still seeing a lot of them but no where as many of them.

    Its also the place you might pay 60% interest if you buy furniture on installment! LOL I think that’s pretty normal though in the Philippines though I didn’t see rates that high in Cebu City but I looked at only one place there. Generally, if you don’t live in the city they wont sell to you on installment at all. Just four more months and that will be paid off, just in time for Christmas. :)

    I’m glad you mentioned those things. I do eat a good deal of tuna from the local market, fresh though and not canned of course.

    This story was too long already so I just had to stop it some place. :)

    When you gonna come see me. :)

  24. says

    I saw an Orchid “farm” not too long ago. Its just past the hospital. I saw it on my way back from Bantayan Island. I’ve not been getting out much lately. Today was the first time in a long time I didn’t fall to sleep in the afternoon. I gotta check out that orchid farm. I’ve walked out that far or nearly that far once, it was three miles in total. I’m not up to that right now.

  25. says

    I hope to expand my visits around the islands in a few short months. For me, it has more to do with needing so many things that I left behind in the states but I’ll get there.

    I want to go see Valencia and Baguio and even spend some time in Manila so I can decide for myself. I’ll get my ACR card when I’m there.

    I want to take diving lessons and even go down to that place known as Davao. :) I just wish I had some of those aircons they use in the NFL so I can carry it around. Maybe I’ll get Jessie to carry it for me. LOL

    I really want to see the wood crafts around Baguio.

    Bogo is a very nice place.

  26. queeniebee says

    Hey Rusty, you can travel all around, but I have a feeling you’ll be back. The thing about Bogo is that it’s like a small city set in the middle of the province, with a real provincial feel, in spite of it’s size.
    I love Cebu so much…

  27. Queeniebee says

    Hi Roy, Badian is a nice place, also Moalboal is nice for diving and snorkeling. It’s funny, the island of Cebu’s geography and look is quite different from the north and south of Cebu City. The south is green and flat, with rice paddies in some areas and an rather old spanish feel. The towns to the north go mostly along the coastal edge of the island, much hillier and with some mountains too. No rice, but a lot of corn growing and sugar cane in Bogo.

  28. says


    I knew a guy that lived here and he lived in the same house I now live in. He was moving out and I had seen pictures of the place and liked it.

    I came up to see it and liked what I saw and so did Jessie. I’ve also had in back of my mind living on Bantayan Island and this got me closer to it.

    I’ve taken pictures of the Seafood at the market but I got it in the afternoon. :) I’ve posted them on other sites but I’m always needing ideas for stories and you just gave me one. :)

    thanks Roy.

  29. says

    Yes Queeeenie, well its been a while since I looked into it but they did. I want to get my certificate there then head out to Malapascua. :)

  30. says

    I call Jesie my ornery angel, trying to get her to smile when a camera is pointed at her can be difficult but sometimes I manage. :)

    I hope Bogo lives up to what I say about it. I think its a great place to live, even better for raising kids. I think that has a lot to do with Jessie liking it here so much. The kids love it too. Lots of friends to play with.

    I will look forward to some BBQ with you when you get here!

    Diving lessons wont cost you a fortune here, I never dreamed of doing it in the states, maybe it wouldn’t be as expensive as I thought it was but it probably was. You can usually rent equipment here too!

  31. Queeniebee says

    A big town I guess, with a lot of the amenities that foreigners might want, and a more “provincial” feel than other larger towns.

  32. Queeniebee says

    I’ve yet to find that orchid farm, but I think a lot of vendors around town are like middlemaen for them– you see a lot of orchid vendors around, especially on a sunday near the market.

  33. says

    I don’t think its the same one that use to be around, but I could be wrong. The one I had learned about before is not operating.

    They had more than Orchids. I’ve seen a few in the down town area but most of the time I don’t see them. When I’ve seen them, I was broke. ) The were selling them for about P200 on the street.

  34. says

    Hmmm I don’t know how to write how to pronounce Bogo but i’ll tr. Its NOT BooGo, more like Bago. If I think about it too much I get confused. Jessie is waray-waray and they are a warrior people and her accents are much sharper. It use to sound like she was threatening to stick a spear in me or something when she said it. LOL

    I’ve not seen a lot of sailboats. Only a few of them around and usually hand made by Filipino. I think I know where you’re talking about but its about halfway here. I can’t remember the name of that city. I trying to remember, I just don’t. Close to Carmon. All the little towns between here and Cebu kind of run together for me.

    Just not a lot of sail boats, lots of fishing boats. Hagnaya has a lot of larger fishing boats. Its right on the tip of Cebu. North of me. Its the launching point to Bantayan Island.

  35. says

    I send someone to Cebu City once a month for the few items I can’t get here.

    There is a hospital in the city. I have not seen a doctor here but I did see one in Cebu City a couple of times. I will eventually go to a doctor here but I just am so sick of them. LOL I need a relationship with one here. All my conditions tends to overwhelm doctors at first. Lot of minor things but a couple of potentially serious diagnoses and they kind of freak out at first. I also take a ton of medications. You do see a lot of ambulance headed south, to Cebu City when I make the trip to/from Cebu City.

    It’s about 100, maybe 129Km to Cebu City.

    I think its cheaper than Davao and I know its cheaper than Cebu City. I rent a large four bedroom home, on there levels, marble and wood floors for less than $270 a month.

    Spam and sugar free candy is about all I can’t get and often I can get spam. We have a Gaisano here which helps a lot!

    Bus trip to Cebu City is P80. I get a range of offers from cabbies from P1500 to P4000 to drive me here. It’s usually closer to P3000. I just take the bus though I did take two vans when I was moving here. They cost me P2500 each.

    There are several places for rent here in Bogo right now. Finding a smaller place is not to bad, but finding something as large as I have would probably not be so good. There was a furnished house, fairly new and about the same price at P25000 and it had an option to buy. Sounded great, but I wasn’t in a position to act.

    Now there apartments for rent. I think they are two bedroom. Called Solid Homes and I think the rent is P8000.. If you’re willing to rent a place not up to western standards, probably easy to find that. There is one of those available in my compound now. I’d like to rent it myself but I don’t need it. LOL I wouldn’t want to aircon it. It probably is not sealed that well.

  36. says

    Awww, I didn’t know which one. Yes, I’m talking about the one near Dumaguete.

    I think I’m probably not doing Bogo justice actually. I think its better than what I can describe. :)

    I’ve been only as far south as Talisay, not very far south at all. I understand it is pretty primative in many areas to the south? They have what looks like a nice diving school down that way.

  37. says

    Sounds like a couple of nice places and you’re closer to the city than I.

    I would think your also close enough for some polluted air. I was really disappointed with that when I lived in Talisay. Surprised too.

  38. queeniebee says

    If I can be of help, really it’s the emphasis on the word that seems to make the big difference– Bogo sounds like BoGoh, not BOhgo. Hope this makes some sense to somebody!

  39. says

    Look you, I’m already confused enough. :) Bago works for me but Jessie said you’re right. 😉 Close enough for government work. :)

  40. says

    There are some mountains around. I don’t know if there is anything up there. I went up to one but getting there nearly killed me after 100 steps.
    There is a religious shrine there. Mother Mary. There is another one near town that I haven’t been too with the same thing on it. I think you have to drive there.

    No taxi here yet. :( Plenty of triks.

    Its too hot for me but I like 65 degrees. Its not as hot here as it was in Memphis but the humidity is considerably higher. Cebu City seems a bit hotter but well, I like cold so what do I move? Move to the freaking equator. :)

    Right now its only 27C at near 5pm but that’s not normal. I don’t really know what the temps are here. Don’t have an outdoor thermometer and there certainly is not weather reports here. I’m a bit of a weather buff, always wanted a weather station. Might get one of these days. They are much cheaper now.

    I’m very hot natured, I don’t do well in the heat. When Bob came to visit he said it was hot. Its not uncommon to have 50% humidity in the city at the hotter parts of the day. Probably about the same up this way. People here say it is cooler than the city but.. Maybe… It does seem that way when I take the bus home from Cebu. Which is an adventure in itself. :)

    On the trip up from Cebu City you go up a lot of mountains, not huge ones but you don’t come back down as many so I think our elevation is higher but its still sea level here. :)

    Heck yes I have aircon. When we have a brownout, I go to Jollibee’s. They have a generator. Don’t get them a lot but too much. We were getting one Sunday a month all day brownout. They said they were going to stop doing that and they did for one month. But they hit us with one last month. When they did, I jumped a boat and went to Bantayan Island for a day trip. :)

  41. roy says

    Hi Queeniebee! That’s you? :-) We stayed in Moalboal & we swam at the Kawasan Falls. Is Badian then located in the north? I remember our trip to be mountainous.

  42. queeniebee says

    Roy I guess I’m talking about the towns going down the same side of the island. I’m not really sure about the Negros facing side, but we have family in Toledo City, which you can reach by crossing over from Cebu City and that route has a lot of mountains and deep valleys, so I guess there must some towns with mountains like you said.

  43. queeniebee says

    That’s me Roy… I’ve finally decided to overcome my shyness and get a gravitar! I kind of keep a low profile usually.

  44. says

    Doesn’t seem silly to me. :)


    Well some of us are happy with sitting at home and enjoying what’s around us, especially when we are under an aircon. :)

  45. says

    The only place in Cebu that you can get them is Filipino Kultura at SM Mall, at least that was true at one time. I think it probably still is true. They have a website. If you like, I can get them for you and ship them to you.

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