Jay Alexander

the Aswang  King of Superstition in the Philippines

Aswang, Sharks and Cobras… oh my!

By Jay Alexander | June 27, 2018 | 18

Aswangs Philippine Superstition is Legendary Leaving sunny, arid California for the Philippines smacked of adventure and excitement, mixed in with a dash of anxiety and on rare occasions, white-knuckled terror. Please keep in mind; I’m 54 with a teenager’s thirst for seeing what’s around the next corner, but an old guy’s reservations keenly aware that it might bite back. Our situation is simple. We live on Leyte and the city is densely populated, however, the…

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Shipping Container

Our Container Story

By Jay Alexander | November 29, 2017 | 32

As some of you may well know, Emy and I just retired to Leyte, October 2017. Starting out in 1982, with basically nothing, our tendency as a young military couple was to accumulate. My wife is an extraordinary gatherer, not so good at letting go. Emy values absolutely everything… no doubt from having escaped abject poverty. Side note: she describes her childhood as having no toys, no dolls, no birthday parties or presents, and more…

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Mission​ ​Accomplished

By Jay Alexander | November 15, 2017 | 46

Hoping this article will be my first of many. I’m fresh off the jet… 10 days into my tropical retirement! I hope by sharing my experiences, you will gain a fresh perspective on making the expat transition. My Wife, a dual citizen (Filipino/U.S.) and I, a U.S. Air Force sergeant (retired 2001) married 35 wonderful years ago! Former Clark Air Base, Republic of the Philippines, was my first assignment out of Basic Military Training School…

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