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Do you have a million pesos banked

Do you have a million pesos banked?

By Jay Stainback | October 3, 2018 | 26

I have read a number of articles about how much money is needed per month to live in the Philippines. I have promised myself that I would not write an article about how much money a foreigner needs per month to live in the Philippines until I have actually done it. This article brings up a topic that I have not seen addressed, which I feel is even more important than how much money per…

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Iron Eyes Cody would not support the filipino culture of littering

Filipino Culture of Littering

By Jay Stainback | August 22, 2018 | 58

Littering in the Philippines Filipino Culture of Littering I love to go for walks in the countryside around the village my wife grew up located in Bohol. I always hope not to encounter the Filipino culture of littering. The lush green vegetation with the occasional brightly colored tropical flower is beautiful. When I get to a high place on a hill, I look out over the deep green forest. It has a river running through…

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Drivers give change correctly

Jeepney Code of Honor (Honesty)

By Jay Stainback | August 1, 2018 | 16

Jeepney Code of Honor “Bayad…Two.” I speak it holding up with my two fingers to inform the passengers near the driver to transfer my 20 pesos note to the jeepney driver. I intentionally say it to let the driver know that I do not need change. I try to only use coins and small bills 50 pesos and 20 pesos notes because making change is a problem for the driver especially early in the morning.…

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Did the Bataan Death March speed up Philippine Independence?

By Jay Stainback | May 29, 2018 | 27

Did the Bataan Death March speed up Philippine Independence? Memorial Day is a US holiday began to honor soldiers who died fighting to protect the freedoms enjoyed by citizens of the USA, like myself. It is not a day to thank veterans for their service with a handshake or pat on the back and a sincere, “Thank you for your service!” It is a day to: put a flower or wreath on their grave, say…

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Do you give your wife an allowance?

By Jay Stainback | April 27, 2018 | 61

“My friend says she owes her husband a lot of money from when she bought a ticket to visit her family in the Philippines.” my wife stated. I looked at her with a confused look and replied, “Is that even possible?” My wife and I share the opinion that when a man and woman get married they become one financial entity. As soon as my wife got a US Social Security Number, I put her…

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Filipino Heroes: Historical

By Jay Stainback | March 22, 2018 | 20

I have always believed that having heroes is beneficial especially for young people. In the USA, I feel that I was blessed with many historical heroes starting with the American Revolution which the USA won over England. How would heroes like George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson have been remembered had the rebelling colonies lost the war and the USA given its independence 50 years later? How would General George Washington been remembered if…

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