Citizenship Issues in the Philippines

If you have lived for a while in the Philippines the thought may enter your mind that you want to become a citizen of the Philippines.  More on that shortly.

Another citizenship issue is for those who are former citizens of the Philippines.  Many such people wish to re-acquire their Philippine Citizenship, becoming a Dual Citizen.

Becoming a Naturalized Philippine Citizen

Being naturalized in the Philippines is not easy or painless.  Firstly, under the Philippine law, to become naturalized in the Philippines you will be required to relinquish your former citizenship.  Part of the process of naturalization requires this.

On top of the loss of your former citizenship is the problem that it literally takes years to complete the process of naturalization.  I have a friend from Europe who has been living in the Philippines for 30 years.  About 10 years ago he decided to become a naturalized Philippine Citizen and got working on the process.  So far, as of 2017 when I am writing this, he has yet to complete the process and feels that he may have another 5 years of work ahead of him!  So, if you wish to become a Philippine Citizen, expect it to take a long time and a lot of work!

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Becoming a Dual Citizen

Firstly, if you are a foreigner who has been naturalized as a Philippine Citizen, Philippine law does not allow for you to be a dual citizen.

However, if you were born as a Philippine Citizen and later became naturalized in a foreign country you are in luck.  In most cases, through the Philippine Dual Citizen law you can file to re-acquire your Philippine Citizenship, and become a Dual Citizen.  You will be a citizen of the country where you were naturalized and at the same time you will be a Philippine Citizen.  As a former Philippine Citizen it is very easy to re-acquire your Philippine Citizenship and have the rights and privileges of citizenship in each country.

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