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Many foreigners who are thinking of moving to the Philippines tell me that it will be an easy move because the Philippines is "just like" the United States (or Britain, or France, etc). Don't be fooled. 

What usually happens is that these people are looking at their vacation experiences in the Philippines and expecting that life will be like that. Vacationing in a place is not the same as living there! 

When you are on vacation for 2 or 3 weeks, the people will understand that you are not aware of the way things work. They will accommodate you. They will adjust their lifestyle to fit your needs. That is for the short period while you are on vacation.

If, however, you come to live, that is permanent. It is up to you to learn how things work. 100 Million people are not going to adjust the way they live in order to suit you! If you want to live a happy life in the Philippines it is up to you to adjust your own life to fit the Philippines. If you try to go against the grain and shun the way life is here, you will be in for a very unhappy life, and it is likely that you won't last in the Philippines for the long term.

Use this forum area to ask questions, or provide answers about life in the Philippines.

If you are new in the Philippines just ask what you are confused about. We have all been through it and our experiences can help you!

If you are a long time Expat, take some time to help the new guys by answering their questions and relating your experiences in the Philippines.

Let's build a strong expat community that is supportive of each other!


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