No mosquitos - an unexpected bonus of our new condo  


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21/07/2018 12:13 pm  

Hi Bob and all.

Like many migrants to the PI, I had to decide whether or not to go for a condo or a house, rent or buy. We were very close to buying a house here in IloIlo but the seller had a change of heart at the last minute. No problem, because we fell in love with a new condo complex, at the same time.

I just read Fabio's story and I feel deeply sorry about his experience - I have never had such issues as he faced; my wife was already well established in the banking and finance industry, a real career-girl. She is also a shrewd investor in land and real estate, and very independant financially. So I has no worries about us buying property - I was extremely lucky to marry a very honest lady, who was not about to take me to the proverbial cleaners.

Anyway, we bought the condo, using proceeds from my UK investments - after reading much on here I decided I did not want a monthly rent or mortgage - my modest military pension is now for our food, gasoline, utilities, and other incidentals, and sure enough if you take it easy the money stretches out just fine. My wife right now is a lady of leisure, catching up with her college pals here in IloIlo, but she intends to find a job soon, depending on whether or not I decide to take a position at Clark at the back end of the year.

Anyhow, we came back from my wife's parents in Antique province last week; I had a new collection of mozzie bites, despite careful use of "Off" repellant. The little devils love my blood.

We're getting this place ship-shape bit by bit; I adore the freedom of our own balcony, and the other night my wife remarked/asked "how come there are no mozzies here?" Sure enough she was right. we can sit out all night and not get bitten.

I think it is because we are on the 4th floor - there is dirty standing water within 50 metres of our condo because the complex is still under construction, but the critters don't venture this far up. I had never factored this into our decision to buy this place, but it is something LIP readers might want to take into account in the future if they are deciding on the type of property to get.


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22/07/2018 10:35 am  

Great observation! Yea mosquitos don't usually fly above a certain height so on the 4th floor you wont get bitten. On the third floor of our home in the PH we can also enjoy a mosquito free zone. We do proactively hunt down any standing water and report standing water to the baragay so they can come spray it but if you want  a sure fire way to avoid the little buggers, your best bet would be to seek the high ground.

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02/08/2018 1:11 am  

I sympathise with anyone having problems with mosquito bites. For the past 5 years I've lived in town houses and bungalows, and mozzies are a constant threat. Like you Roy, they seem to love my blood, so applying Off lotion is a daily routine morning and afternoon (I do like to sit outside). A 'lamok hunt' with Baygon is another regular routine, especially around the shoe rack - they just love settling in them overnight. Despite all this, four years ago I contracted dengue fever. I'd been working in the garden one weekend, and although I'd used lotion I guess I must have sweated it away. A few days later I got really sick, had the usual rashes and body pains etc. It was miserable, but I avoided hosptalisation and was treated daily as an out-patient. So your decision to by a condo seems like a wise choice. I still prefer ground level, so I guess I'll just have to keep subsidising the repellent manufacturers!! 


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