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06/07/2018 2:02 pm  

If you are moving to the to the USA from the Philippines, it is a huge move! We are here to help!

Anytime you are planning to make an International Move you will certainly have a lot of questions.

We have specific forums about specific topics like Shipping, Health, Visas and so on. However, there are always questions that fall outside of the listed topics.

If you have questions that don't seem to fall under the other forum topics feel free to ask them here. Live in the Philippines has been online since 2006. Bob Martin, the founder of the site is an American but has lived in the Philippines since 2000. We want to share our experience with you.

Others who have made an International Move to the United States are also certainly welcome to answer questions or share their experiences.

Got a question? Can't figure out where to post it? If it doesn't seem to fit elsewhere, then this is the place!


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